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The Bouquet Residence, Lady of the house speaking..

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@PublicBenjamin @architecturehub It does shimmer!! You’re so right. Heat haze!! @PublicBenjamin @architecturehub It’s fantastic, isn’t it? Spent quite a long time in front of the Bathers at Asnières in the NG @PublicBenjamin @aflashbak I don’t know why it’s so beautiful.Art Lovers Recreate Georges Seurat’s Famous Painting
Retweeted by MarieIrving Penn : The Hand of Miles Davis, New York, 1986
Retweeted by MarieStonehenge under snow, 1947 by Bill Brandt. This is easily the best photo of Stonehenge that I have ever seen.
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@re_Claire Pretty polish though @shewithcapitalV Is this fucking witchcraft? @re_Claire Can I both love this and hate it at the same time? @Hockeyfrilla Again... wish I could RT @Hockeyfrilla Knew you would 😍 @notgavin Oh!! I’ll have a look then. I ❤️ the original @notgavin I saw this advertised... is it a series? @shorthairylegs 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 @shorthairylegs Depends which way you were facing 👀 @shorthairylegs Out of Sagittarius’ backside. 😍Incredible 😍 Son House, gone 32 years this week. Here he is performing “Death Letter Blues” in 1967 at age 65.
Retweeted by Marie @CrockettForReal’ll walk right into another dads house and change the thermostat idgaf
Retweeted by MarieWTF am I seeing? Is #Maureen actually speaking or is the hubby a brilliant ventriloquist? #barnsley #GMB
Retweeted by Marie @DianePe23337706 Nope... naked apart from a little bit of pepper. @mynameisgill Sometimes you’re so very Scottish. I ❤️ it. @mynameisgill Can you not remove the skin and flatten with a hefty chopping board? @baldandglasses Fanks!☺️I’m having a black pudding sandwich for breakfast. It’s Friday, after all.
@Jenga_Ninja It’s still in the fridge... mocking me. “Smooth Pickle” Stay alert. Always read the label @LittleHollyWags You’re welcome. It’s a lovely head.☺️ @Jenga_Ninja I don’t like the look of this... however it did remind of the jar of Branston pickle I bought recently… @LittleHollyWags What a beautiful face you have @KeithMinge That’s a relief. I’m hoping you shouted “GOLDEN HOUR!! QUICK- TAKE THE PHOTO” Ruddy marvellous @notinaboyband We are due some, surely. @KeithMinge I love your photos, mate @Hockeyfrilla Hahahahhaahaaaaaaa @Hockeyfrilla Gosh I wish I could RT this @ViolasDisguise @comet24 @NickGill_Comms Such a wonderful idea. @400FootGhost @shorthairylegs @mand_brun @VimtoTime @WickedVintageUK Cartoons in the ‘30s were dark. Extremely dar… @ViolasDisguise @comet24 @NickGill_Comms That is wonderful. Besos to them.🥰 @VimtoTime @400FootGhost @shorthairylegs @mand_brun @WickedVintageUK It’s YOU, that’s why!🎃 @400FootGhost @shorthairylegs @mand_brun @VimtoTime @WickedVintageUK This is fantastic knowledge... is it the same… morning. Check this out. Photographer Mikhail Kalinin captured this Blue Tit singing and the cold made it’s so…
Retweeted by MarieHalloween Eggs
@drhingram 🔊🔊 #Parenting done right
Retweeted by Marie @Hockeyfrilla Oh gosh.. yes. I’ve spent far too long looking longingly at photos of people that have “Wrapping Room… @shorthairylegs All the Meeps
2020 these drawings are just wonderful
Retweeted by Marie @Hockeyfrilla @katesaunders13 It’s the best, isn’t it?Dream barking. 🥺 @cleodontchaknow It’s alright... tbh, how anyone could consider a contestant on UC as being any less than genius ne… @cleodontchaknow Ummmm, I said nothing about weakness.😬Henri Cartier-Bresson
Retweeted by MarieWeegee
Retweeted by MarieIf a vaccine for COVID-19 becomes available, we’ll have to deal with the anti-vaxxers spouting shit and refusing to take it, won’t we?
I'm into vanilla sex, by which I mean you have to use a knife to scrape the seed out of me.
Retweeted by MarieI always feel sad for the person sat to the left of the team captain on university challenge. @Roseyanny Holy shit @gazeeebo64 No one wants to see those anymore, Gary😂 @shorthairylegs @GordonRamsay Hahahahaahahahahahaaaa @shorthairylegs @GordonRamsay 😃😃😃😃😃 @Mafer1ck #ButcherChop 😍😍😍 @Mafer1ck Maf, it’s the best winter warmer. I’ve made it with pork, steak, venison, pigeon, and even with a Beef Wellington.This is a @GordonRamsay recipe but I added the nutmeg as it gives it another lift.. (fight me Gordon) and I cooked… @innerpenguin Thank you!! Enjoy!!Reduce the cream down, serve. Enjoy.🥰 wilted cabbage to the pan and top with double cream. This is food with love. If you don’t want to add double c… pop your cabbage in a steamer for a few mins just to wilt can come off the heat for now as I bought dinosaur pork chops and they’re nowhere near ready yet. May have som… browned, now bung in your cubed pancetta @Mmelulu Ooooohhhh fab facts! This is a Grenache, Carignan, Syrah blend and it’s actually sensational. @Mmelulu Oui... it’s delicious! @spamnugget A handful of Maltesters™️It’s at this stage you’d have a large swig of this and perhaps a flick through a copy of Good Housekeeping or some… heat and keep an eye.. the celeriac soaks up quite a bit of oil so you may need to give it another glug. You… your pork in the oven!👀High heat, olive oil, celeriac!😃 Black Pepper and a little freshly grated nutmeg. No need to salt it just yet, you…, oil and salt skin of pork.😍 and remove the hard stalky bit from your cabbage then roll and slice., peal and dice the celeriac then pop it in a bowl of cold water.. it browns really quickly so keep it in wate… who wants a recipe? Well, tough.. you’re gonna get one! Creamed celeriac with Savoy cabbage and pancetta se…
@Hockeyfrilla @HRWright 😂😂😂 oh well, I’m not going to even mention the missing apostrophe in “dont” @Hockeyfrilla @HRWright You do know we were pals from the age of 4-17, right?😬 @Hockeyfrilla I’m * FUCK IT @Hockeyfrilla I hate that it’s become fashionable to dumb things down. I hoping it’s an intentional typo. @Hockeyfrilla I’m desperate to get my big red marker out on the spelling/grammar mistakes @Hockeyfrilla ¿Que?I have always loved a window, especially an open one. ~ Wendell Berry
Retweeted by Marie @shorthairylegs Hahahaaa glad you’re back on Terra Firma safe and sound @shorthairylegs BE CAREFUL @shorthairylegs 🚨 TOOLBELT KLAXON 🚨 @claireahall I guess that’s understandable. It may not last as long on the skin either, but I guess it’s better tha… @claireahall Blimey, you didn’t hang about!! Is it good? @moodvintage Not even close to finishing lol 😂
Retweeted by MarieDiana Ross finishing a rib, 1980s.
Retweeted by Marie @idlewildgirl Right... job for next weekend. Thank you!! Hope your one goes well @idlewildgirl Thanks, love! Yeah, I’ve got a new tin of Danish oil so I need to get on with it. I know I’ll not dam… @idlewildgirl Mine is in desperate need of this.. I’ve never sanded mine though. But the oil alone is making it go…
@Ursula_Fergus @stxllion @LouisWayne91 Nice, love. Nice.Please remember that you are loved! 💕
Retweeted by Marie @Ursula_Fergus @LouisWayne91 @stxllion Oh love. You’ll ace it!! 🤗