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@nelliekillian @stephendcone Chaotic!!!!Having a GREAT DAY’ve been on David Geffen’s yacht this whole time @carolineavenue Someone posted a cover with Ben Affleck in DOGMA on it and I almost died @carolineavenue I’m grossed outMarie Exotic!!!!!!! mood my screenplay, directing my movie
Showing my appreciation of New York Cinema @intothecrevasse Happy to obligeA new low Rappaport is just playing himself @tylrmntg He understands optics so wellJada is soooo good in BAMBOOZLED @shinbowi3 AHHHHMark Ronson and @kristenyoonsoo are the only DJs whose sets I wanna live stream during this period of chaos and uncertainty @OkieFilmmaker @Bitchuation Good call!New Dua was part of the stimulus package @MsBelleBath I’d risk it all for Mark any day of the weekSame @karenyhan @Bitchuation I love when Damon plays the villain!!! He doesn’t do it enoughOkay, more TIGER KING casting: DIRECTOR - @Bitchuation McConaughey as Joe Meryl as Carole John Lithgow as Howard… in loser, we’re listening to the first great pop album of 2020
Retweeted by Marie BardiElgort has been on the Corona Lifestyle Wave™️ for YEARS, we’re all just catching up about him - probably thriving in quarantine was the highlight of my day Jim Shea aka “The Yank” aka “Irish” in TIGER KING is a villain but I prefer “scheming gay cowboy” as an archetype to “murderous aging Facebook hippie”I can’t find any supporting evidence for this alleged RAIN MAN tag line anywhere, so I’m choosing to just go with:…“Tu-MERE-ick”Seeing Angelo get kicked off last night was the boost I needed during these difficult times @intothecrevasse The “yokels” are actually quite smart (or at least they think they are). It’s a lot about hubris,… @dylan_hf This means a lot coming from you!!!!Travolta’s gotta play Doc Antle in the Tiger King movie
After all of this is over I’m definitely going to see billy at the garden. Life is too short!!!
Retweeted by Marie Bardi @residenttween Maybeeeeee
New Dua Lipa absolutely slaps!!!!!!! @carolineavenue Ugh RIGHT??Not holding anything back now, I’ve got nothing to lose!Nose rings (not studs) and foot tattoos gross me out, I am SORRYDay 4 on the island. Running low on food, having to make some sacrifices in order to survive....
Retweeted by Marie Bardi @davidehrlich best one yet
@mynameiskeely Wait was there an update?? @davidehrlich It's like I'm talking TO Asa @davidehrlich oh my god that's me talking
COINCIDENCE???'m so cute! my boyfriend’s Nintendo account because it’s his switch, so friend him (but it’s me!): Friend code SW-8367-7427-7104Performing backbreaking labor in the hot island sun, pulling clumps of weeds from the ground, all so I can repay my debt to Tom NookOne of my first jobs was as a "paintball geek" on the boardwalk. Ten hours a day, seven days a week, in the middle…
Retweeted by Marie BardiFilled out the census for my household today!I miss the MTA
Retweeted by Marie BardiRuin me!!!!!
Happy birthday to the baddest bitch in the game @carolineavenue 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 @dangerfishback Two too many Aidens in my life at the moment tbh"DEBI MAZAR HAS CORONA," she just screamed @davidehrlich Ummmmm REMOTELY put on the Bruce Springsteen musical first job lol
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@heavier_things CK and I are watching the Bruce Springsteen movie now!!My dad has a dog, so he has to go outside to walk her. These people don’t have dogs. They’re CHILLING like the Nati… like three separate couples all huddled next to each other on benches....what the fuck is WRONG with these as… just sent me this photo from the outside of his building on the Williamsburg Waterfront............ cooper's face as he's forced to listen to sean penn is priceless
Retweeted by Marie Bardi @mimbale I stopped watching this season after that episode 😬 the weight stuff was too cruel IMO
imagine being named Gal and your breakout role is a character named Woman.
Retweeted by Marie Bardi @ecareyo So happy for Bella and her team!!! @cmasonwells @ScreenSlate @FlyedCollie Would have been so cute...boys “indefinite” night in !!!I gave him that Paddington!!!! For real, though, these Asa videos are keeping me going ❤️❤️❤️ I played 7 hours of LUIGI’S MANSION 3 and made the Alison Roman shallot pasta, big day for Bardi @ScreenSlate Are @FlyedCollie and @cmasonwells quarantining together???
@cinematrans Two milkbones an hourMy dad sent this photo into his office to show how he was “working from home”’s a critic respect my privacy at this time ANTM angle
Retweeted by Marie BardiI’m a gamer now, me & gooigi are sucking up ghosties hehehe mom also found out that she went to Episcopalian bible study last week AND WE’RE CATHOLIC.My 92-year-old grandma is annoyed that she can’t go to the hair salon this week, like....
@ScreenSlate Canary in the coal mine“We’re dykes, we’re pissed, and we’re not leaving until we get results” - Kathy Griffin in her iconic guest starring role on SVU @davidehrlich Thanks, this worksDecided yesterday that I was going to use this time to watch SHOAH, and today I find that it is impossible to stream SHOAH anywhere.The discrepancy in who gets tests and who doesn't in this country is going to lead to some real Bastille Day shit, I swear to god @colleenkelsey “Video unavailable” 😖I’m depressed @ReelSpotMonkee @BrianFormo These gals are mentally ill!Can’t sleep! @adam_piron The Vietnam conversations are fascinating in thisFeeling really lucky to live with someone I love (Colleen)CARRIE did not prepare for quarantine, has no food, no toilet paper. She whines the entire episode until Big shows… is desperate for a booty call but none of her regulars want to risk virus transmission. Starts an OnlyFans… finds it difficult working from home with both Steve and Brady around. Gets frustrated, but the episode end… Corona Edition CHARLOTTE is a toilet paper and bean panic shopper. Realizes that she went overkill on her st…
Young Kim Cattrall just told me to giddy the fuck up!!!! had me watch SINGLES for the first time last night. So glad to be a millennial and not a Gen-X woman who h… thinking about Bob Iger stepping down from Disney two weeks before ONWARD flopped at the box office, MULAN got… Bradshaw, the original “I’m baby”I have no room in my life for any more “corona buddies” okay!!!