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@Tim_Burgess Thank you so much for having me 🥰 @tonykiewel I miss youuuu!Thank you everyone for tuning in - hope you enjoyed yourselves! Thank you @davidwrench and thank you so much for ha… feel exactly the same about you. Such a great time in our matching outfits drinking red wine and bouncing around… song always felt like the last song. It conjures an image of pushing a paper boat out into the sea on a warm s… @tonykiewel 😍2/2 I think I collapsed on the sofa and just managed to get a solid take without throwing up before I had to go and… I remember recording that final acoustic hint of a riff incredibly well. I had a big night out (partly… human friend: happy Pride everyone 🏳️‍🌈 this song is all about being true to who you are and accepting yourself… lyrics are quite hard to make out on this one but ‘hold on, I want to be newborn, reprise of the child, I’m tir… Then there’s a sense of release when it comes flooding back in, like a massive exhale #TimsTwitterListeningParty1/2 I really wanted to capture that feeling of claustrophobia by having these expansive cinematic ‘verses’ envelopi… it felt incredibly cathartic to sit down and channel all my fears and frustrations into a piece of music #TimsTwitterListeningPartyhold on: 1/2 this song is about feeling overwhelmed and suffocated by depression, I got into a bit of an emotional…'So keep a cradle warm for me, I wanna be somebody’s baby' is so fucked up and so cute at the same time… is winning lyrics on this chorus really make me sound like a complete asshole, hopefully the guitar riffs slightly distrac… undone: oooh that bassline, she’s a naughty giiirl. So much fun to play, especially alongside those sassy litt… song really came to life when @davidwrench whipped out the theremin at the end - alongside those trippy mellot… time hunni a conventional ride is basically just good old fashioned hetero sex. Yes I coined the term myself but feel free… of my favourite records of all time I think it was one of those late night moments of inspiration and I found it hard to try and capture it again.… ride: 1/2 so I actually fully intended for this to be an instrumental. I had the intro and verse guita… here are pics of @jessica_batour and @MarikaHackman on drums #TimsTwitterListeningParty
Retweeted by Marika HackmanI like the little ear break this outro gives to the record, that harmonised bass riff bringing that horizontal warp… she was very helpful @MarikaHackman When I saw you live before all *this* kicked off you told a story about asking your mum for euphemisms?
Retweeted by Marika HackmanSome more contenders for my favourite lyrics here - ‘under patriarchal law I’m gonna die a virgin’ and ‘I dig for l… was @jessica_batour! I always scrap as I write and never end up with leftovers, that is a cowbell. #TimsTwitterListeningParty solo: when you think about it it’s quite strange how few songs there are about masturbation considering how ma… I’m too much of a control freak to enjoy improvisation but we had some fun chopping up bits that we’d recorded… We had a little wigout sesh at @Konk_Studios, where @davidwrench, @jessica_batour and I improvised over the loo… here are some studio pics I took of @MarikaHackman
Retweeted by Marika Hackman @Tim_Burgess My favourite gifThis is my favourite drum beat on the record, when the high hats shift emphasis on the chorus ooooooooh baby #TimsTwitterListeningParty @DrEmma_76 It was my idea 😬2/2 coming out of a long term relationship means losing contact with family and friends who you’ve been really clos… my love: 1/2 the idea behind ‘send my love’ is that it’s a phrase which you end up saying all the time after y… @priyaphadtare Played some fifa and soul calibre during lockdownThe hard part was having tomato juice poured all over me whilst standing in the street. That stuff really stings th… repeatedly slapped in the video was actually much easier than I thought it would be, except for one particula… I actually did a guitar solo #TimsTwitterListeningParty @alexxabooth @Tim_Burgess Wouldn’t mind getting my mitts on @davidwrench ‘s theraminThis is a Kathy Acker quote which also inspired some of the sentiment behind INWYA #TimsTwitterListeningParty @gonnabeokaybaby @Tim_Burgess I tend to get video ideas as I’m writing the lyrics and the artwork usually comes once it’s a complete projectIt was nice to start with such a simple bedrock and then have so much room to play with different riffs and harmoni…'m not where you are: 1/2 out of sheer laziness/writers block, I set myself the challenge to write a song around f… the last ‘we won’t go back’s, David and I stood across the room and recorded ourselves shouting it at each othe… remember we used @davidwrench’s massive beast of a synth (David what was it called?) to double the bass in the ri… first time I’ve faded in the drum beat and my god it brings me so much joy. #TimsTwitterListeningPartyThis was a write-it-in-an-evening kind of song. It started off with the simple opening riff on the guitar & I just… @alexxabooth @Tim_Burgess Nope! I like to leave things as a moment of time and not get hung up on the small things2/2 She’s so visceral with the words she uses to describe sexual encounters and it was very refreshing and absorbin… I think I felt empowered to use such direct sexual language from reading Blood and Guts in Highschool by Kathy… GO DOWN ON ONE ANOTHERall night: I had the first incarnation of the pre-chorus lyrics on my phone notes for about six months before I wro… @davidwrench 😍‘I’ve got BDE, I think it’s a venereal disease’ is a strong contender for my favourite lyric on the record. #TimsTwitterListeningParty @TobiasCotton I wanted to do something brave and raw and unabashedly natural to reflect some of the themes on the recordMaking the video for this was so much fun, I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to physically smash up a photoc… @YousefSm @Tim_Burgess Too long. Much too long2/2 then I was like well nowwww I should write lyrics taking the piss out of myself for trying to write pop songs.… one: 1/2 so this was the first song I actually wrote for this record...I was having a bit of writers block and… @mollovesyou @Tim_Burgess I actually had the chords and bass line for any human friend for years before I finished itI love the way it sits against ‘the one’ on this record. It feels to me like the part of the journey where you’re o… @Tim_Burgess Hit me @alexxabooth @Tim_Burgess All night!2/2 I remember finishing it and then plugging it into my big speakers and bursting into tears when the harmonies ca… I recorded it on my Apple headphones microphone into Garageband at my kitchen table in east London. I had only… @matiekccabe @Tim_Burgess I loved the whole process! I know that’s a cop out but it was exciting from start to finishwanderlust: I actually wrote this song before I even started making I’m Not Your Man, but decided it didn’t gel wit… @AutumnVRose @Tim_Burgess It just felt like a natural shift and a growth in confidence @mag_pie342 @Tim_Burgess It’s from a documentary about children in care homes and it’s a direct quote from a kid ta… @MySongHAIM Come undone! It’s a real work out for the arms @transgressiveHQ 🤬In 10 minutes we’ll kick off with Any Human Friend - thank you @Tim_Burgess for having me - feel free to ask me any… I’m taking part in #TimsTwitterListeningParty @Tim_Burgess - we’ll be playing Any Human Friend starting at…
Thanks to everyone who tuned in - you can watch the launch party, with lots of other fabulous performers, back in f… is tonight - tune in from 7pm 🏳️‍🌈 thank you for having me @AmnestyUK #PrideInside #Pride2020
Thrilled to be taking part in @AmnestyUK's new Pride event, Pride Inside. I'll be playing some tunes from my bedroo…
Tomorrow we're taking part in the @LoveRecsStores event! We're up at 2pm, streaming from our YouTube channel - feat…
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excited to be taking part in the fabulous @Tim_Burgess listening parties! join us listening to Any Human Friend on…
Highly recommend listening to this great new podcast about the queer experience of having kids. 🧡🧡well done…
DIYsolation Festival this evening! I’ll be playing some tunes from 8pm GMT over on @diymagazine Instagram. Bring…
@thebigmoon Ohhhhh baby
Getting to grips with houseparty @JellyDenniston
very happy to be involved in this year's @RSDUK - you'll be able to get a limited edition 10" of the Any Human Frie… TONIGHT !!! 🎉🎉🎉 O2 Kentish Town Forum 🤯 Doors - 7 @HuskyLoops - 8 Super Spreader - 9
BRIGHTON 2NITEEEE!!! Concorde 2 Doors - 7.30 @donothingband - 8 Mackerel Hackerel - 9 📷 - @jackkirwin
BIRMINGHAM 2NIIIITEEE! MAMA ROUX’S Doors - 7.30 @talkshowband - 8 The Hackstreet Bois - 9
NORWICH 2NIIIIITEEE! The Arts Centre Doors - 7.30 @donothingband - 8 Angry Floating Head - 9
CARDIFF 2NIIIIIIITE! The Gate Doors - 7 @donothingband - 7.45 Balrog Hackman - 8.45
SHEFFIELD 2NIIIITEEEE The Leadmill Doors - 7.30 @donothingband - 8 Justacoupleofgirlshavingfunonthegrass - 9