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Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me w Rosemary Valero-O’Connell. This One Summer & Skim w Jillian Tamaki. DC Comics. Marvel. Surely Books. She/Her.

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Before I threw my wedding rings into the fire at the place I met my wife.The coat had been a wedding gift. I gave a…
Retweeted by mariko tamakiSo excited to have been able to work on this team, and with this character! 🥳🥳🥳 LAST CHANCE TO PRE-ORDER THIS SUND…
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@nidhiart are asleep post Crush & Lobo sneaky peeks from intergalactic dream team @marikotamaki @amancay_art
Retweeted by mariko tamaki🌈DC BOOKS FOR YOUNG READERS🌈 What's #DCPride without YA? POISON IVY: THORNS by @Kody_Keplinger & @sarakipin will b…
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @whatthe_shea @Gurihiru IT IS @MollyOstertag @nidhiart 100 What We Do in the Shadows! Also Brooklyn 99 @zoewhittall I mean what a dating profile right: Optometrist. Loves hiking. Thrillers. Looking for same.Grab your favorite boba & pull a chair up to the dim sum table as we celebrate #AsianHeritageMonth in this preview…
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @zoewhittall Maybe doctors and dentists are all just really into thrillers and they're hoping.
@McKelvie HAPPY BIRTHDAY! @yoshisquared Great so this is what I'm doing now for the rest of the day. @Jody_Houser So. Many. Layers. Of joy. @whatthe_shea @yoshisquared @amancay_art @TBonvillain No no! It's going to be FINE. Very "happily ever after" type… @yoshisquared @amancay_art @TBonvillain All i want now are these sneakers.Finally call to order Crush and Lobo #1 with a variant by me! Look at these girlfriends~! So cute!! (Don't mess th…
Retweeted by mariko tamakiToday has that very "but I just want to watch TV" vibe. So I am ordering granola as an incentivizer. Let's see if that works.I've seen such enthusiasm for #DCPride🌈 this week!!! Looks like this will also be a lot of folks' FIRST comic, whic…
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@VikBogdanovic @goodheart_jacob Can they be pink socks like the tennis ones with the little pom poms?⭐️ing these guys. By me and @amyreeder @marissadraws and @CommentAiry and for your trouble here is just ONE of the amazing covers for this comic. This one is by @Sweeney_Boo. EAT. YO… WORD FOR A TRUCK TO MOVE YOUR FURNITURE. 👯‍♂️🚚🏠's the full lineup for the 80-page #DCPride #1 one-shot, on sale June 8! More details:
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @amancay_art @DCComics @TBonvillain @CommentAiry @whatthe_shea @ConroyForReal Every piece of art I get for this boo… @amandaherzman 🙂OK so originally I posted the wrong name because I've had two coke zeroes today and normally I don't have any. This… IS THE BEST GF EVER last day to pre-order is 5/9! I Blue heart this comic. I Yellow heart everyone who worked… OBVIOUSLY IT'S @amancay_art who is the genius behind this art and this was a typo because I had two glasses of Coke Zero. @amandaherzman OH HAHA! WHOOPS! Sorry!Hey all! The last day to preorder Crush & Lobo #1 is this Sunday, 5/9! Check out the sneak peek of issue 1 in the l…
Retweeted by mariko tamakiDC Preview: Crush & Lobo #1 - Crush is working through stuff. She's totally not going to confront her dad Lobo. Rig…
Retweeted by mariko tamaki“Thor & Loki: Double Trouble” by @marikotamaki and @Gurihiru is a 10/10 comic and an absolute joy to read!!
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @justincomics Happy very belated birthday!
ENTIRELY late posting about this, but my Thor and Loki: Double Trouble comic series has ISSUE 3 out now. I love the… @VikBogdanovic I think of him more as like an angry Santa Claus . Like Angry Santa meets Dr. Robotnik. @JoanneStarer Fair.HOT BORAT! legitimately awesome thing is happening. YOU KNOW there's a big ol' database of comics creators of color right at your very fingertips? That it's consta…
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @jelajade @WhitLeopard Is it a Canadian thing because I def know it. @amyreeder @marissadraws @whatthe_shea I am ALSO so proud of this little story thank you for doing this little story with me!
This Harley/Ivy story by @amyreeder @marikotamaki @marissadraws and @CommentAiry has my absolute WHOLE HEART.…
Retweeted by mariko tamakiCan we just take a moment to appreciate colorist @marissadraws? You guys are in for a real treat. Also thanks to…
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No one ever hears Tears for Fears and thinks Not Now.
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @zoewhittall Yeah I feel like that was a bit much of a tell. Also that pink bike can't be fun on gravel roads.
The strange sound outside our window of people hanging out together... @VikBogdanovic Some of my favorite things in comics are based on "terrible ideas" @VikBogdanovic Ok so now that's what I'm calling him too. @ilanaslightly Have you seen On Her Majesty's Secret Service? It is AMAZING for how tight the shirts are alone. @louisvirtel OK did you know that in the 90's Steel Magnolias was the #5 most popular high school play in the US? W… comics #1039 cover
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @VikBogdanovic 🙂
SCREEEEECH @amancay_art @whatthe_shea @TBonvillain @CommentAiry
FESTIVAL OF HEROES. Yes. That's right. Coming soon. Get it while it's hot. @DCComics superheroes by me and Marcus T…
YES!!!!'t wait can't wait can't wait @amancay_art @TBonvillain @whatthe_shea !! Amazing cover by @AmandaRantsAlot and…'s past 5 but I'm thinking about one more cup of Gamma Burst Bean Juice. (Crush and Lobo #2 cover by…
Retweeted by mariko tamakiDark Detective #1035 by me and @Danmora_c with colors by Jordie Bellaire and lettering by Aditya Bidikar! Thank you…
DC July Solicits are out NOW so I finally get to show off our incredible CRUSH & LOBO #2 covers! 💖 Main cover by…
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @jedifreac @Gurihiru YAY!Interesting read abt steps an org took to root our racism in performance evals. They mention the “”halo-horns” e…
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @gracecellis I mean it is a lot of pie.This adjective of being “the second”isn’t one that should be put on Zhao. It should be put on the Academy. This is… @blgtylr Right?! @emilynussbaum Scripted anecdote is always better than banter @ill_iterate Oh we are going to have a discussion! @ill_iterate I’m just sitting here waiting for your hot takes!!I can be so fucking happy for Chloé Zhao and so fucking mad still that there’s only been two women who have won wha… like to think the second pic is a close-up of a lil pocket LaKeith hanging out on Regina's dress.
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @Sweeney_Boo 👉🏻😕 @ill_iterate Your only oscar tweet?“Nomadland,” a drama about itinerant workers in the American West, won best picture at the #Oscars on Sunday. The f…
Retweeted by mariko tamakiYou put the Best Picture at the end because it’s a bunch of people on stage. And you don’t get “oh he’s not here nevermind.” @Gwenda 😬 @KateAurthur Is Frances holding her coat?It is a weird choice to show the scenes they chose from the other nommed movies and the spit shot from Promising Yo…'s official! #Oscars
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @louisvirtel BahahahahahahHarrison Ford seems like someone who’s lost his temper about the price of apples these days.
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @emilynussbaum He brought a prop!Wow, we got a shot of “my wife Louise” without her being played by Emma Stone.
Retweeted by mariko tamakiI love how Youn Yuh-jung’s approach to this whole thing was, “Uh, thank you, it’s insane that I’m here but since yo…
Retweeted by mariko tamakiBrad. Pitt’s. Little. Ponytail.💕 @Ceilidhann It’s got this weird backyard wedding vibe.Tiny Batman wants to know: Why do the bad guys always have to hide in the sewers?
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @VikBogdanovic Aw. Tiny Batman!Laura Dern seems so approachable for someone who specializes in tantrums.
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @emilynussbaum You should see Another Round. It’s amazing.Holy shit I loved this movie. Seyfried just looked to camera and threatened to play teenagers for another 20 years
Retweeted by mariko tamakiOut this #NCBD! DETECTIVE COMICS #1035 By @marikotamaki, @Danmora_c, #JordieBellaire, @adityab, @claytonhenryart
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @claytonhenryart Thank you Clayton! 💕I drew the Huntress backup story in Detective Comics 1035. Written by @marikotamaki . Colors by Jordie Bellaire . A…
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@whatthe_shea @amancay_art @kharyrandolph
@ilanaslightly Whenever I see those classes I hang back to see the kid who's taking a "walk lap" - because that is the me of that scenario.Is it just because I've been bombarded by ads that I want to watch Mortal Kombat? Mostly because I want to see the… @KamoseMills Chicken plus whatever you want.Canadians fill out your PLR forms! writers of #graphicnovel, but didn't illustrate it-- how did u fill in the PLR form? For the % of share? 50%? #GN #PLR
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