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I colored a 12 page sequence in Detective Comics 1027 bw -> color process for one page. I've included the lineart,…
Retweeted by mariko tamakiI knew I had to recreate this iconic @MargotRobbie pic from Suicide Squad, when I had my young Harley Quinn Breakin…
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @Alex_Antone It does make it hard to dust @alex_segura Whoever gets the comic rights to this I WILL WRITE THIS COMIC @RosieMarx I mean, remember the apartment in this movie? The three cool older men living in an impeccable 80's cool… I was obsessed with this movie. Two what happened to Steve Guttenberg after this movie? Three, LEONARD NIMOY d… @RosieMarx ABSOLUTELY they must be gay. @TerryBlas Years. @definitelyvita Also how much extra hair do you think Troy had pinned to her head to create that solid ponytail?I have a small pile of papery things I don't completely understand or know what to do with on my wardrobe and my go… @TerryBlas I still feel mine's phantom anger.BATMAN! (dannnannaaannaaannnaa BATMAN!) With @Danmora_c and colors by @TBonvillain (heck ya) #Batman Preview pages…
Well who asked you to, Max?? Wonder Woman #760 is out August 11 and @ComicBook has a preview:…
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[Preview] @boomstudios' 8/12 Release: BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: Willow #2 by @marikotamaki, @NatachaBustos, Eleonor…
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @thetzechun For the snacks. @ryanqnorth Wow Canadian comics have taken a sudden and unexpected dark turn. @ill_iterate I mean, at least they sort of work.𝑵𝒆𝒘 𝒇𝒓𝒐𝒎 𝑫𝑪 𝑪𝒐𝒎𝒊𝒄𝒔 𝒏𝒆𝒙𝒕 𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒌! Wonder Woman #760 & MORE! @DCComics @marikotamaki
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@SYFYWIRE Obviously Canadian queer (who came out in the 90's) who hasn't played "Insensitive" in their head during a break up proba… @heathr @McKelvie Like IMMEDIATELY after I turned 40. I'm now in my computer glasses years.Gonna be a real @definitelyvita and HIGHLY RECOMMEND SOUND ON.
Retweeted by mariko tamakiSaw a good piece on The Today show this morning about non-white kids who have trouble finding characters that look…
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Want to add some magic to your day? Check out our BOOM! Chat with BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: WILLOW writer…
Retweeted by mariko tamakiIt’s my birthday and I request that you spend it listening to me on FOR THE GIRLS, an amazing podcast devoted to ga…
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Would you like a chance to win a signed copy of Displacement? I'm giving away 5 signed copies for people who donate…
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @gabydunn @zoewhittall @kacencallender @gracecellis @TerryBlas @losthiskeysman @grease_bat @katescelsa @gabydunn @zoewhittall @kacencallender @gracecellis @TerryBlas @losthiskeysman @grease_bat @katescelsa @AmberDawnWrites @MichaelVeeSmithBecause. I hate. This book.It’s probably too on the nose but I desperately want @yourewrongabout to do something about Go Ask Alice. Maybe too… Movie Line from this Weekend: "These are a dead woman's treats!" @gabydunn My dad had framed pictures of Picard and Data on his mantle when I was growing up and I'm totally OK with that selection.
@marinaomi I figured it was a thing flowers do? Or I'm not watering mine enough? @HassanOE We should all be reading @joeyalison @SinaGrace Happy birthday gorgeous. @musingvirtual @SoSplush I'm taking this sign with me. @engrpe @DCComics Thank you! @TomTaylorMade @JimLee @mikeljanin 😊This man is a whole mood .. Lmfao, leave me alone in the morning
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I can't unsee it. and it's terrifying.
Retweeted by mariko tamakiI didn't have the money to go to University, so my dad moved us to Six Nations so I could go to school. I got pregn…
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @marinaomi HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Also big 💖 to @mariejavins who is the reason Breaking Glass is even a thing and who brought @stevepughcom and I tog… @julieklausner I mean if we’re rebooting I’m pretty sure it’s Murder She Wrote that’s next in line. I appreciate that neither @Paul_Kaminski nor @ms_brittanyjean gives me a hard time when I call it the Invisible Plane.Editors esp DC and Marvel editors have saved me many times. They are the Supreme nerds of the comics world. So. Thank you. 💖💁🏻‍♀️💯🤜🏻💥And they were right. And they didn’t even say I told you so when I fixed the outline. They were so chill like that.… I handed in my outline I had Kara with 3 best friends because I had this track team theme. They suggested it w… appreciation post: When I first started working on Supergirl Being Super I was paired w @Paul_Kaminski and…
if you're looking to buy a non-Harry-Potter book to anti-celebrate JK Rowling's birthday, might I recommend my 1st…
Retweeted by mariko tamakiWe all know Tim Burton, but we should also talk about Caroline Thompson. The first movie she wrote was Edward Sciss…
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @Jody_Houser @capecowlcomics @JimLee @mikeljanin NICE!Congratz to @marikotamaki and @mikeljanin! Back to Press on Wonder Woman after one day of release!!
Retweeted by mariko tamakiSigned some Wonder Woman Issue 759 at @drcomicsmrgames if you are looking for a copy in the East Bay and are cool w… all the comics people who bought their Wonder Woman issues at @capecowlcomics im headed there tomorrow to sign t… @thatonequeen (Canadian) @thatonequeen Canadian dollar tho yes? @mikeljanin Nice.
John Lewis "knew that every single one of us has a God-given power and that the fate of this democracy depends on h…
Retweeted by mariko tamakiSomeday is the prison of today.
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@Iron_Spike Not to send you back down the rabbit hole but.... @Paul_Kaminski @mikeljanin @droog811 @ms_brittanyjean You. Are the best. @ms_brittanyjean @mikeljanin @droog811 @DaveMarquez @Paul_Kaminski You rule. @Remember_Sarah I mean. Peanuts in general.
@ryanghinds @jessewente 😊💖 @PaysonNathan @DCComics @mikeljanin @JimLee To me the best life is a mix of mundane and super :) @TanekaStotts YES!Legit action moves by @mikeljanin 💯 by Jordie Bellaire and letters by Pat Brosseau 💕!! #WonderWoman @DCComics @mikeljanin cover variant by @JimLee @MLPMediaFrenzy 🥳 @superherofanbo1 @AnnaOmmen YESSS @theaidenjames :) @SuperSevenFive Right?! @dianastroy Me too! @Omega_Legion Thanks!TOMORROW!!
@BrooklynAAllen is one of the best, most informative, most comprehensive, and most authoritative articles I've read on…
Retweeted by mariko tamakiPremiering today 2pm! I had the honor of moderating this inspiring chat with brilliant LGBTQ creators in animation…
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@mariejavins Thank you thank you I will miss having con breakfast w you this year!!
@bottomshelfbks @hirosemaryhello @01FirstSecond Aw!! @capecowlcomics @goraina Will sign copies this week! @lisabrowndraws @hirosemaryhello 🤸🏻‍♂️🎉 @kikuhughes @dezinpub @hirosemaryhello Thank you!! 😊🎉 @POC_Culture @princess_jem4 @ArchieComics @alex_segura @sandy_jarrell @TomTaylorMade @hirosemaryhello Thank you 🔪🔪🔪 @tanaford Back at you! @cd_clifford 🙏🏻🌸 @dezinpub @hirosemaryhello Thank you Kiara!!Raked through my archives to share these photos yet again. I still love this book as much as I did in these photos.…
Retweeted by mariko tamaki @NicoleJGeorges @hirosemaryhello @GWillowWilson Thank you! I’ve already said you’re an inspiration and a goal to be but heck I’m SAYING IT AGAIN! 😀 @BatmanFan_4Life Thank you :) @princess_jem4 @ArchieComics @alex_segura @sandy_jarrell Thank you for moments of DEEP CAT ATTITUDE 🙏🏻 @QianaWhitted @hirosemaryhello Thank you and to YOU 🎉