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Asst. Dem Whip & State Rep for MIHD40 #Mileg • @elliottschoolgw Alum • Was: @eDipatState • @ECAatState • @USUN • Team @JohnDingell • ❤️s: @nba @TeamUSA 🇺🇸🇦🇲

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It’s a scorcher out there, but the team and I just wrapped up another shift knocking doors! Stay cool, 40th Distric… delivering postcards from educators in support of funding increases for education in the budget. ⁦@jimaxwel⁩…
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianAs Democrats, we believe we should be making it easier, not harder, for more Americans to have their voices heard o…
Retweeted by Mari Manoogian @skymon3k @jonathanoosting His husband is from northern Michigan! @jonathanoosting He has a very strong Michigan connection, so this makes sense.
@JasonRRae @DNC @TheDemocrats Can State Reps under 36 apply? 😊Just 4 MORE DAYS til our first $$ deadline of the 2020 cycle. We flipped my seat from red to blue in 2018 and need…
@RonnieCho Retweet. Like, mash that retweet button.For many years, I heard people tell me and my family “to go back to where you came from”. At first I felt clever, l…
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianThere is power in a union. #1u in Canvassing off tonight’s Clean Water Townhall. Thanks to @rosemarybayer for bringing this group together! Introduction…
Retweeted by Mari Manoogian#TeamMari is out knocking doors in West Bloomfield today and it’s been a blast! I met Mr. Greer who was so excited… @DJKoessler Midwest Mid Best.Weak sauce. @Mr_SandyTeach Oh it’s nbd. Just trying to raise awareness of the issue. a ton of disgusting comments like this in my mentions today. 😒
@JordanAckerMI I love that idea. @JordanAckerMI Live look at Beto prepping for the lottery: cracks me up that CNN is doing an NBA Lottery style live draw for debate stage placements.B: The baby, so beautiful. We love you guys. H: And how are the twins? B: They are not here. They don’t come on eve…
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianAn awesome, motivated crowd here in sunny WB at the West Bloomfield-Lakes Area Democrats Club annual picnic! So pro…”And when we drain those moral words from the way we talk about politics, it left spaces and cracks for the worst p…“We don’t talk about character or decency. We talk about authenticity. We don’t talk about spirit or love of life a…’s thoughts on patriotism at the end of the July 6 episode of Lovett or Leave It are so heartfelt and sm… and frustrated each time I read about a crash caused by distracted driving. @RepSheppard Rep.… on @ReliableSources “they’ve heard those words on the school yard...That kind of racism that America…'s been said before and will be said again. You ask yourself "how is the Prez struggling this much with this econ…
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianHe’s just like the ignorant kid in my 7th grade class who told me to “go back to Iraq” when I said something he did… 40th district delicacy. other professional athlete in US history has been asked more completely stupid questions over the course of thei…
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I’m often asked what I would like to see from presidential candidates. I want a candidate who views our state legis…
@cmclymer 💕Thank you!!Hey folks, my good friend Michigan State Rep. @MariManoogian is running for reelection as one of the youngest women…
Retweeted by Mari Manoogian"She said that she couldn’t think of any other tax that was levied on only one sex." 👏🏽👏🏽 YES Sen. @WinnieBrinks!…'s true @nickpfost and I have the photo to prove it! 😉
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianProud to introduce @SenGillibrand as her presidential campaign made a stop in Bloomfield Hills today. The road to t… Twitter buds become buds IRL 😊🙌🏽, Troy invites veterans to free wellness fair #veterans #vets
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianThe goal for high stakes diplomacy should be a little higher.
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianVenue filled up quick here. @MariManoogian is taking the stage now. She says she’s excited candidates are taking Mi…
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianIt’s nice, though, to get a preview of the Trump Presidential Library and Riverboat Casino Sponsored by DeutscheBan…
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianJames Harden x Russell Westbrook Reunited in Houston 🕺
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianThere is power in a union. #1u
Excited for stop 2 of our @MichiganPWC listening tour in Rep. @DonnaLasinski’s district! We’re working hard for… learning to thread tweets is like when the velociraptors learned to open doors in Jurassic Park.🙌🏽 dictators. Threatening war. Embarrassing the United States. That’s the #TrumpDoctrine. Reclaiming Ameri…
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianWishing a very happy birthday to a role model of mine, Rep. @ElissaSlotkin. 😊🎂🇺🇸
Confirming what we already knew: any benefit from the sale of this bridge is too good to be true.
Retweeted by Mari Manoogian @Josh_Sabo 🍿🍿🍿 @julietbecks I cannot. SO jealous. @RaviMGupta @arenasummit @danpfeiffer @davidaxelrod @amychua @davidplouffe @KatyTurNBC @JaneMayerNYer to the U.S. women's soccer team! We hope you'll come visit us here in Michigan and talk about how EVERYONE…
Retweeted by Mari Manoogian📣📣Paging @RepCambensy109! @Buccigross @freepsports Welcome to the district!"So...basically...when a woman kicks a ball it's a women's sport. But when a man kicks a ball it's a sport." 😂😅😂😅 cannot wait to tell my future children about this moment we are witnessing, where a team made up of strong, deter… the pocketbooks of Michigan ratepayers is a top priority for our office. #ConsumerProtection
Retweeted by Mari Manoogian📣 10 days to go until our first filing deadline of the 2020 cycle! Chip in $10 to help us reach our goal! >>> things in sports have ever been as much fun to watch as megan rapinoe's run through the world cup and then resu…
Retweeted by Mari Manoogian @JohnRussell99 I've got spidey senses for anything Armenian! @JohnRussell99 YES! Tweeted about her when she launched >>> @SenErikaGeiss @MIRepPadmaKuppa Count me in! I worked for the IOC and volunteered with the USOC in 2016 at the Rio… @JocelynBenson and I are inviting @USWNT to Michigan to celebrate their World Cup victory and discuss exp…
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Be neither sweet and swallowed, nor sour and spurned. ~ Armenian proverb
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianWhitmer signs bill to designate section of M-10 "Aretha Franklin Memorial Highway"
Retweeted by Mari Manoogian @taylorrharrell @KPG_ West Bloomfield has great schools too 😊. Lot’s of great schools in the 40th district 🙌🏽Happy Birthday John!
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianHonored to be hosting the listening tour kickoff in Troy of the Progressive Women’s Caucus with @ChrisGreigMI37,…
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@ScottNover Not yet! But the road to the WH most certainly runs through Michigan’s 40th district 😎 @ScottNover Pass the torch.Just announced: @DanaBashCNN, @donlemon and @jaketapper will moderate @CNN’s Democratic presidential debates on Jul…
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianWatching the #USWNT win the World Cup this weekend I was overcome with pride hearing the chants for equal pay. In M… on ‘em, Senator @GaryPeters. 💪🏽 @NBA summer league...I really appreciate the cameraman who cut to Flavor Flav, sporting his iconic clock,…
Life is better when you love your job and colleagues
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianPeak Mari Happiness: @Disney & @tigers & @USWNT 🙌🏽 😂🙌🏽⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🙌🏽 ⭐️ O ⭐️ R ⭐️L ⭐️ D C H A M P I O N S #OneNationOneTeam
Retweeted by Mari Manoogian⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for our team! #USA short hair isn’t a trend for fall, then I don’t know how trends trend....
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@heyadiana @banditelli It’s about to be your new favorite thing. @HayleyMilon @bour41 Aw, you guys too!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Low key this was @averyjaffe at Redcoat Tavern a couple nights ago. @HayleyMilon @bour41 This is so America.CLUTCH COCO! @cocogauff wins an epic tiebreak to take the second set. Watch the third set now on ESPN! #Wimbledon
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianCLUTCH. 🔒 15-year-old @CocoGauff comes from behind and forces a third set!! 🤯 #Wimbledon
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianTHIS IS INCREDIBLE
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianProtect wellness exams cervical cancer screenings breast cancer screenings birth control STD testing & treatm…
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianContinuing to celebrate America by watching reruns of 2018 gubernatorial debates with @averyjaffe 🇺🇸
@iknowthenumber I love that!Happy #FourthOfJuly from all of us at the Michigan Democratic Party!🇺🇸
Retweeted by Mari ManoogianHappy Independence Day, everyone! Here’s one of my most favorite memories from the 4th. We always had sparklers on… @golovashkina @averyjaffe When the good senator from Massachusetts comes through Michigan again, she must make a stop at Redcoat. 🙌🏽“I am never leaving the Redcoat Tavern. I love it.” — @averyjaffe of Austin via Los Angeles
This is the definition of state-run media.😳