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If you don't want to get sick: - wash your hands frequently - keep your hands off of your mouth/nose/eyes - get you… reminder to my non-Asian pals: face masks won't protect you from getting a cold---those particles in the air are… conference will feature plenaries by @BackwoodGoat and @marinaomi
Retweeted by MariNaomiCSS Conference Deadline Approaching! The Comics Studies Society reminds you that the extended deadline for submissi…
Retweeted by MariNaomi @lesbrains @GustavoArellano I love her and Madeline KahnI made this image for a Smithsonian API exhibit. It's available on t-shirts and pillows and prints and stuff ✌️ @lesbrains Eyeroll!The publishing industry is claiming that they are cancelling Cummins' dates because Brown people are violent crimin…
Retweeted by MariNaomi @drawman71 @iSmashFizzle I did not know about Dr. Sleep! @notbeforenoon I suppose birth is red-colored! @ellen_forney Great job, Ellen! You're an excellent public speaker! @notbeforenoon @pentimentos Yep! @MeisterJ Imagine this in mood palettes! 😍
@elmtree916 Those who feed us will receive shiny gifts! @elmtree916 It's a bit shimmerier irl. I just couldn't capture it, no matter the angle. Still, it doesn't compare to the gold shimmer!Noel is a lot sheenier using the nib--a lot purplier when it dried. Gold star is probably my favorite so far. I'm l… supremacy culture is: white authors whining about "being canceled" and then canceling their own events becaus…
Retweeted by MariNaomiWhat would it be like to look in the mirror and see what's actually there? day 12! @VanillaScott @iSmashFizzle Yes, although admittedly I couldn't watch the whole thing, it was so terrible. And Mr. King liked it! 😂 @stephycha Please put "best-selling" in your profile immediately! @iSmashFizzle The Shining (Kubrick version) was, imo, much better than the book. When I read the book after, I was… release from #DignidadLiteraria regarding CENSORSHIP ACCUSATIONS 👇🏼
Retweeted by MariNaomiSome in-progress photos of today's #inkyDays drawing: playing with sea star patterns and intertwining creatures. F…
Retweeted by MariNaomiWhen the pain you're profiting off of makes a lovely centerpiece.
Retweeted by MariNaomi @rgay @lesbrains Building a bridge to $$$$ @tugboatcity There are some great comics coming out of Oregon!"If the death of a black basketball payer doesn't make you realize a white woman can write about Mexican migrants, then what will????"
Retweeted by MariNaomi @lesbrains I knew it. @travisnichols Ha! @whitpiphi @jeaninecummins @Flatironbooks The idea that free speech only applies to the author, and that everyone h…
Retweeted by MariNaomi @ellen_forney Yay!Autobio a trail of termites (up) and a trail of ants (down), both protected by a row of their soldiers in a stand-…
Retweeted by MariNaomi @scalzi @PeteTsai It looks very much like a mustard-colored shirt I just gave Gary! @scalzi @PeteTsai I like your shirt! @aechjay ☹️If you ever catch me lazy-writing characters that are pure good or evil, feel free to put me out of my misery. @rgay 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I know I'm late to the party but... Parasite! 😍 I want more narratives like this, especially COMPLICATED CHARACTERS 🖤 @emteehall And an illustrious alliteration 💛💛💛
When you go to the comics museum and see comics by pals like @marinaomi and @nurse_nurse on display
Retweeted by MariNaomi @jamesmoore1278 @nurse_nurse 🥰WTF did I just watch! Where did all these snakes come from!! How did that little lizard get down there in the first…
Retweeted by MariNaomi @BethFishReads I'm so sorry for your loss ❤️ @Remember_Sarah I suppose if it were messy with human limbs... @candicetobin Figure drawing is extremely difficult and humbling. It's also super effective, and you can see the re… @MeakinArmstrong Sounded very LA to me! @candicetobin Also: try writing about some very uncomfortable experiences! (Keep in mind you don't have to share it with anyone) @MeakinArmstrong Oh ffs!YES PLEASE. 🙌🏽 @askbigrlz with @marinaomi @lesbrains
Retweeted by MariNaomi @bencomics 🤔 @bencomics Jeezus it takes me forever to thumbnail ☠️ @SaraRamirez @askbigrlz @lesbrains 😘 @candicetobin When I want to improve my own art, I try to get outside my comfort zone. Attending a figure drawing c… out to the white woman I overheard at the pool telling her friend, "You'd have to be an idiot to go to China… @NekoCase Oh those tadpoles! Following him now 😍 @PKhakpour Chicago's discography from the 80s. Something about the harmonization gets to me, even though I know, ob… you think another culture's food is "disgusting," I implore you to take a good long look at what you're putting into your own body. @squintables This is all very upsetting... @IvanBrandon The idea that he believes AOC is unintelligent is 🤯Wow I'm getting so sick of racist creeps @lesbrains Younger versions of me (people who find themselves in-between cultures) ... off-white maybe? @squintables Hell no @kevinczap You put on jeans... Going to the gym? 😘 @lesbrains I've pretended not to speak English before, and English is my only language 😅 @jamesjbarnett THE WORST, especially if you're misophonic 😵 @jasonshiga Ha.Pete is cute-ing it up 😍 @geoffcordner @lesbrains "It's not clear how much ordinary readers are being swayed by the controversy." 🤔 What's an "ordinary reader"?Top 75 of the 2010s by @RobCloughHighLo ?! An honor to see our books by @andsoluke & @mrjoshbayer on there, as well…
Retweeted by MariNaomi @andsoluke Manhattan but with smoky whiskey and no cherries. I call it "NY on fire!"
Who's in the box? @squintables Generationally appropriate, too! I recently flipped the bird at an LA driver and the wondered if bird-… @squintables Gen X gold! @sarahglidden I sometimes guide myself by typing in my text, decreasing that layer's opacity so that it's, say, at… new year! 🐀🐀🐀 @magneticrefrain Welcome back! 💞 @AmberTozer All my compassion for humanity goes out the window. I can't think of anything other than how to make it… regular New Year everyone! 🎉
Retweeted by MariNaomi @HeyEunjoo I can't look away! @skleefeld It was playful, but he blocked me!When I was 14 I broke my right hand lunging at my boyfriend's belly button. I had to wear a cast for what felt like… wrote a memoir... from somebody else's perspective? response as an immigrant and journalist to a book the industry crowned the great immigrant novel of our times: W…
Retweeted by MariNaomiScenes from a cat+dog household @marinaomi I'll write it....
Retweeted by MariNaomi @lesbrains I'm dying 😂(I'm kidding. I would never be so petty. But it's a nice fantasy.) @sawdustbear This is horrible! 😢Very eager to write her book a review if she ever gets published 😈 @Erinrwilliams2 I meant to just take a peek, and I couldn't put it down. Goodbye, entire work day! ❤️If you are a reporter in St Louis who wouldn't mind reaching out, please do so.
Retweeted by MariNaomi @hannahkgarden Welcome to the club of awesomeness! @hannahkgarden I removed mine when i turned 40, then brought it back a couple years later.This book is wonderful. @tylerzonia It's not Elavon who charges, it's the PCI. At minimum it's $10/month!! If you're not PCI compliant, it's almost $80 😵
@andsoluke There is no president.