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Kick off the weekend with some good vibes from @J_RODshow and @logangilbert22. Check out the first installment…
Retweeted by Seattle MarinersYou love to see it. 💍 Congratulations, @S10Bird and @mPinoe!!
New auction is up and includes this 3 Run 💣 from @jp_crawford Other items include: ⚾️2020 Game used balls from LA…
Retweeted by Seattle MarinersIt has been an honor to work with @MakeAWishAKWA in creating incredible memories and life-changing wishes for 35 ye… and @TheDaveSimsShow joined the director of @NegroLeagueFilm, Lauren Meyers, to discuss the film, as well… pitchers. Zero hits. #TBT 🎥
🔥 IT’S TIME 🔥 The first episode of #VibinWithJROD is going down on our YouTube channel right now. @J_RODshow is j…* @J_RODshow has entered the chat * No, but seriously... he's literally chatting with fans right now on our YouTu…
Retweeted by Seattle Mariners"I’m super proud of the guys. I tell them often I love them. I tell them often I'm proud of them." Kendall Gravem… pm‼️🎥✨ tune in!!!
Retweeted by Seattle Mariners @joshualeclair1 @J_RODshow @logangilbert22 Right here!’t miss the very first episode of #VibinWithJROD, premiering today on our YouTube channel. 👀 @J_RODshow &…“I like you Julio but you’re not cutting my hair.” 🤣🤣🤣 @logangilbert22 joins @J_RODshow on the very first episode…
Retweeted by Seattle Mariners @AshyVandross @KLew_5 @CohnReznick You love to see it. @kitteehawk57 @simplyseattle @KLew_5 @CohnReznick 👏👊We have re-signed Kendall Graveman to a 2021 Major League contract. #TrueToTheBlue More Info:…🗣️ @KLew_5 hive assemble! Vote for Kyle to earn a spot on the 2020 All-MLB Team. debuts tomorrow! 👀 @J_RODshow & @logangilbert22 ⌚️ 3 p.m. 📍 Julio wil…🚨 WHOLESOME CONTENT ALERT 🚨 was a catch for the ages. Go vote for @KLew_5’s grand-slam-robbing snag as your favorite moment during the… the very first episode of #VibinWithJROD tomorrow at 3 p.m. on our YouTube channel with special guest…
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@BarrTJ @MarcoGonzales_ 😎How good was @MarcoGonzales_ in 2020? This good. ⤵️ @bryand85 @MarcoGonzales_ That's so great! We're glad you received the hat and happy to see that big smile. 💙💙💙Offense, defense, pitching... (my) oh my! Here are some of the best moments from the 60-game sprint.
.@MarcoGonzales_ took his game to another level and was dominant this season. Read up on how he became our ace and… Day is one week away! Don’t wait another day and send in those ballots. 🙌 You can still register to vote… in to @710ESPNSeattle at 9:00 A.M. today to listen to @Mariners manager Scott Servais chat with @dannyoneil an…
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TikTok on the clock, but the party don’t stop... Follow us 👉 this morning, the @Mariners announced the coaching staff for the 2021 season. Former MiLB pitcher Trent Bla…
Retweeted by Seattle MarinersMonster Mash. #KLew4ROY, the #Mariners have announced their 2021 coaching staff. Trent Blank has been promoted to Bullpen Coach & Dir…
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Did you get your ballot yet? Don’t wait, mail your ballot early! #VoteReady You can still register to vote 👉… fast. 😱🥺 Adorable Content Warning 🥺 Congratulations to Tim and Amber Lopes who welcomed their daughter, Dallas Isabel Lo…
Quality over quantity. The starting rotation finished with 25 quality starts this year, tied for second in the Am…️⃣0️⃣6️⃣ off the bat… nbd for @MarteNoelvi.
Retweeted by Seattle MarinersIt's one week until Halloween and if you’re looking for some ideas for your pumpkins, we have you covered. Downlo…
#Mariners roster moves: · Taylor Guilbeau, LHP, claimed off waivers by Arizona. · Gerson Bautista, RHP, cleared wa…
Retweeted by Seattle MarinersToo smooth. 🤫 best is yet to come. Scott Servais thinks @TopSheff42 is just getting started., the #Mariners claimed RHP Domingo Tapia off waivers from Boston. 63 of the 80 pitches he threw in 2020 were…
Retweeted by Seattle MarinersI’m ready to take your questions, let’s get it! Send your questions using #AskEmerson.
Retweeted by Seattle MarinersOur first-round pick in the 2020 #MLBDraft, @EmersonHancock_, is taking your questions over on @MsPlayerDev. Send…“He’s our point guard. He’s the guy who I want the ball hit to.” Skip weighs in on @jp_crawford’s game.
Evan White put the league on notice from the jump. a mission.
Retweeted by Seattle MarinersABSOLUTELY!! @jp_crawford
Retweeted by Seattle Mariners“It’s as good a first base defensively as you’re gonna see in the league.” Scott Servais has some high praise fo…🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Retweeted by Seattle MarinersThere’s a reason J.P. is a Gold Glove Finalist. 👀 is so deserving. No substitute for hard work! @Mariners @MLB @ESPN
Retweeted by Seattle Mariners @JP_crawford is so deserving. No substitute for hard work. @Mariners @MLB @espn
Retweeted by Seattle MarinersYes sirrrrr. Congrats brodie @KLew_5
Retweeted by Seattle Mariners @txnyg @RawlingsSports 😎😎😎 @trvorXX @KLew_5 @MLB_PLAYERS That'll be on November 9th. @StupidNerdGuy @KLew_5 @MLB_PLAYERS It's a big deal to get selected by your peers. We're thrilled for Kyle. 👏 @paultmcmillan @KLew_5 @MLB_PLAYERS 👀All he does is flash the leather. @jp_crawford is a @RawlingsSports A.L. Gold Glove Finalist! about a rookie season! MLB Players have voted @KLew_5 as the AL Outstanding Rookie for the 2020 Player Choice…
Retweeted by Seattle MarinersNot bad for a rookie. 😏 Evan White earns a spot as a @RawlingsSports A.L. Gold Glove Finalist! it to the trophy case. @KLew_5 is the A.L. Outstanding Rookie award winner, selected by @MLB_PLAYERS. Ichiro’s birthday by revisiting the greatest moments from his legendary career. #TBT 🎥… birthday to one of the best to ever do it, Ichiro Suzuki! 🐐, the #Mariners made the following roster moves: •Nestor Cortes, LHP, outrighted to Triple-A Tacoma •Carl Edw…
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Justus Sheffield, big coffee guy. He’s in the right city. ☕ @TopSheff42 sat down with @JenTalksSports during Mar… had it working this season. Read up on the lefty and how he put it all together. 📰… fall ball aesthetic. 📷
Retweeted by Seattle MarinersArt Warren has been claimed off waivers by Texas. Read:
Retweeted by Seattle MarinersDefending against the spread. @KCPubHealth | #WearAMask
August 12th, 2015. Kuma was on the prowl. 🐻 Relive Hisashi Iwakuma’s no-hitter 👉 A.L. Rookies, Justus was the top sheff. 👨‍🍳 is running out on our latest auction featuring Game Used items from 2020 including this Ty France RBI double.…
Retweeted by Seattle MarinersThank you for the memories, Hisashi Iwakuma. Best of luck in your retirement! 💙 good-looking swing from any angle. @Taytram24 | #TrueToTheBlue
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Flu season is right around the corner. Get your flu shot today! @KCPubHealth |, the #Mariners made the following roster moves: • Seth Frankoff, RHP, outrighted to Triple-A Tacoma. • Joe…
Retweeted by Seattle MarinersThe bar has been raised! 🔥🔥🔥 Download our new Halloween stencils right here 👉 @BubblyOne21 @M_Hanny17 This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥!The range, the throw, the pick. *chef’s kiss*
Two of Seattle’s finest showing some love for @KLew_5. The one and only Ken Griffey Jr. Joined @DangeRussWilson t… Mo Dunn Day.
Carve out some time and take your Halloween decorating to the next level with our brand-new selection of pumpkin st…’s your last chance to bid on great @Mariners items while supporting a worthy cause in @USONorthwest’s virtual au…
Retweeted by Seattle Mariners @JBirdOHappiness @cookandsonbats @Sameye1 And the crowd goes wild. Legendary! @baseballelisa 💙 @ughalexxx This kind of dedication will not go unappreciated by us. Bravo. 👏 @NSportsline 🤔👀🙌 @VWLWiffle 👏👏👏 @thedecalodon A king. @JackAMeissner Big time! Keep it up! @gbarker1980 Amazing, say hi for us!! 💙 @rightside74 @CarolineFrolic 👏👊 @JKurtti37 uhhhhhh YES!!! Congrats, Jesse! @KyleGehler Even better than we imagined, so wholesome 🥺 @Arcadieos @nitemere11 yes yes yes @HunterPorton WOAH, congrats! Big things happening. @MarinerHwife @irliteach we're proud of you! @mariners_luke now that's a GREAT week 😉