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In case he tries to say I’m capping silky nigga hogging my setup cause he’s down money in Fortnite wagers 🤣 and his Pc not workingTomorrow
@KOT4Q Let’s go @KKonvy Let’s go 😎😎😎😎😎 @TJsBurner_ I put u onFree Adin
Lately my peace been more important than proving my point @NadeGrinds foul
But when I said it two years ago they said I was crazy DMX
Retweeted by AnnoyingTVI have no hate in me, it’s either all love or I don’t care @MarioHTXX ian gone lie...u gotta strong fan base bro...they stepping hard behind u💯
Retweeted by AnnoyingTV8.5k peak AGAIN.. 4th stream in a row + we just hit 7M Views on twitch y’all are going nuts !!!! Forever grateful l… DMXlets go
50 mins, popcorn readyIt’s finna be a movie to all artist or camps: don’t ask me to bump your shit if you not gon like my reaction 👍🏾 flexing on discord?????? So let me get this straight, you want me to pay $2000 for your mans bail that i don’t… learned kids never let anyone take advantage of a kind heart 👍🏾I paid niggas bonds and helped niggas at they lowest and now it’s fuck me 😂Bet 👍🏾 🤓 @isoqueenn You’re going to be alright, and when you get out your career gon be better than ever @angmaire Bra if u want me to donate Jus say that Angie @angmaire Wagerssssssss????hi
Squad up. Here’s our official roster for the @NBA2KLeague Three For All Showdown: ▪️@MarioHTXX ▪️@ZiggyZiah ▪️…
Retweeted by AnnoyingTV @wehateamara whoNot trying to be ~annoying~, but we may have the best roster for the @NBA2KLeague Three For All Showdown. 👏 Welcom…
Retweeted by AnnoyingTVFredo Bang is rocking with the Nation 🕴🏾 @wavgotdrip hi wavHavent streamed a game in 4 months, tryna be called an actual streamer instead of a twitch gamerThat’s no diss or subliminal to anyone, I just think people got things a bit confused when they see me around artis… not friends with NO u kno if a rapper come on my shit we gettin litty! W for adin
They jus be running off.. they running off w the sauce .... Big, and if they don’t believe in you dream bigger!Can’t treat me regular I don’t even treat myself like thatPeaked at 9k yall goin crazzzzzy luv y’all 🤍we lit in 40
@wehateamara 😘 @wehateamara I was being sarcastic, nobody care fr 💯 @wehateamara NO WAY REALLY!?Nah yall memes of me on tik tok got me weak lmao maybe I need to return to the app and grow a fanbase thereTonight we rise ceo family 🕴🏾 miss y’allWe been goin viral lately we got ugly god , baby keem & internet money tuned in... we finna go crazy this year ceo family 🤜🏾
To see streamers get along in this era makes me happy, too much tension for no reason beforeThankful for whatever left , whatever stayed, & whatever’s here right nowHappy Easter everyone 🤍
@koIIy U inspire me goat
@YungeenAce Tuff @craccbaby2 ????I pay attention to actions not words. I heard you, but I see how you coming @vercetties Ly2 gangLETS GOOOO 8k peak love y’all 🤍 KNOW YOU AINT GOOD FOR MESLOWWWW DOWNNNNNwe lit mins
Yooo! University of Kentucky "Hoops At Home" NBA2K21 tournament is back this year better than ever! Immanuel Quickl…’all reccomend me to best food spots in Fort Lauderdale areaTonight we discuss 😈 @wehateamara exactlyApril fools jokes still work? @angmaire These shits make your mouth dry asf
@pgcraiig Off Twitter hit me braOnly good music is gonna last... all that otha bullshit is here today gone tomorrow.
Retweeted by AnnoyingTV @ayasmiles2 energyI know the internet’s gonna clown him for this but all jokes aside he has loads of music that was way better than w… @pgcraiig I’d be biased to clown every other artist sales then try to cover up for someone just because of a friend… @pgcraiig I can’t tweet about any other rapper sales than not tweet about this I’m just being fair , doesn’t discre… can’t cap that’s HORRIFIC.. I gotta be fairI know it’s 4K don’t @ me 😔Delete , unfollow, unfriend, block , erase anyone who robs you from your peace, love and happiness. You don’t need… you lie that means you’re scared of somethingPeaked at 7.3k and cracked 2000 subs.. we litttttttt W stream yall love ya <3lets go
800 likes for stream 🤝WORD FOR WORD BAR FOR BAR! @ayasmiles2 Lmfaooooo lowkey factsNew Emotes designed by the best @slaughterish .. W or L? really need to fix my sleep schedulebaby jus hold on, baby jus hold on to meHuh Nation Takes On Miami!(new car + sneaker shopping) w/ SnaggyMo, Ex, ... via @YouTube
Nation x Chronic M&G Summer Tour 👀 @ayasmiles2 This u? @ayasmiles2 @KennyHoopz @adinross Let’s go 🤝 @ayasmiles2 run itI hate giving up on people I have love for but sometimes it’s best to do what’s for you
@saleenerz @slaughterishYou move funny, I move out your way. 🤝i crashed my car
@YooDeno Oh so you want it on april fools day?okay so when yall want this 30 day subathon... April What?Nice! #TikTok