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this show has aged phenomenally lindley manuel miranda @USEFUL_lDlOT LMAO @USEFUL_lDlOT it all cancels out and just makes you normaldrivers in LA will see rain on the forecast and be like aight I’m bouta cause a 300 car pileup
@freshhel happy birthday queen!! @onlineirl_angel wait this is SO funnymoms will be like i have $1.2 million in kohl’s cashlike 😭😭 and my friends? we’re random as fuck! we will literally just go for a hike 😭in the studio developing some new tweets for you guys very excited to share what i’ve been working on 👍 @nikkibitching @benicetome @Jarahme see you soon 🤠 @lurie_john i loved it, john. great work 👍 @mariokartdwi shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you'll die the most agonizing death imaginable in the vacuum of space
Retweeted by alexa @leftistthot420 I’m always saying thisol boy flew too close to the sun @KokonutRum meeee @DemonsFurysword stop.when this is all over I’m giving apartment keys to all of youi like to drop hints that I’m rewatching sex and the citycharlotte should be the main character! not carrie! sorry! @songforacarter don’t we allno, high keymen are low key gaythis city taxing me 35% on my weed order like i won’t start doing meth @bjbjonez coulda snagged from a construction site @jodieegrace @kelllicopter i miss it 😭😭 @kelllicopter when you see me walking around weho with a vodka water you’ll know nature is healing @instashartt wtf wrong with u man @cotetorie it’s convenient but very easy to lose it all, double edged sword @Jarahme it’s actually for writing algorithms to impress girls but i guess art is also an optioni miss going out on a friday night with only this
@amazonpay not your raggedy assno one tell bernie amazon used him for a meme we have to keep his heart healthythey’ve got Major and Champ, joe’re asking for basic human rights, joe day on twitter there is one person the goal is to never be that persondoesn’t even matter bc I’m not going outside anytime soon @willforthrill kind of you to sayjust gave myself the worst haircut of my life @ethnicohioan this just reminded me that back in 2014 i went to a kygo show in chicago and for absolutely no reason… a paper cut on my scrolling thumb, posters worst nightmare @Carlie_Meyers hello 😍 @pienar 🤝organizing with my coworkers at the dick sucking factory to demand better sucking conditionsi hope bernie is getting his bag from all of this and investing in self preservation for 2024this mf ——> 🤠 is my boyfriend and i love his crazy assResponding to some emails and listening to @tinselcitypod pretending that my friends are actually here with me.
Retweeted by alexaI forgot the name of the guy in ratatouille so I called him ratatouille’s monster
Retweeted by alexathe next man who tells me he can’t commit is getting his ass beat idgaf I’m 26 @classicallyabby abby you got the whole squad laughing @FeelingEuphoric i swear it was the only time i’ve seen anyone famous @thyholygemini apparently they hung around thirsty crow a lot and i hope they still do post covidshe was with clairo but not importantthinking about how we saw charli xcx at an empty bar the weekend before we went into lockdown @theestallion we love you meg ❤️will probably do my biannual watch of confessions of shopaholic (2009) soon @PiercesPastrami whatever she’s going through is between her and god @Snoopy he don’t missi would never call the cops on anyone even if i was getting murdered that’s my businessi am listening to your podcast on my stupid little evening walk @tinselcitypod
Retweeted by alexa @pienar @tinselcitypod your support means everything to us muahi just think it’s interesting how yall had the time to flood the internet with bernie memes but were nowhere to be…’m sorry but thanks to a certain feminist no one is allowed to use the phrase “emotional labor” from now on @hannahcarps it’s so funny @martinsifr we love to hear it!
@jodieegrace i don’t wanna spoil it but maybe check back after episode 5very excited to finally drop our first episode today we had a lot of fun making this and i hope you guys will have… hate podcasts but @mariokartdwi has great taste in movies so this should be good!
Retweeted by alexa @tenseagulls thank u 🥺when you rt me just know i print out your avi and put it under my pillow that night @benicetome i won’t forget this act of kindness when we’re looking for pod guestsmy Very Cool friends started a podcast so if u like movies and cool things give it a listen‼️
Retweeted by alexano one: me: that’s right!my funny and insightful friends @mariokartdwi and @PiercesPastrami have a podcast! give it a listen to hear them di…
Retweeted by alexa @Roysenotes @PiercesPastrami what you did back there shows what a real friend looks like @UdeDude i would go with my mom and get hot chocolate @nikkibitching hearing that story was the hardest i’ve laughed in monthslisten to my cute friends talk and maybe even reference a childhood tale of mine
Retweeted by alexaand as a 7 y/o it’s like okay hold up you mean to tell me this woman who means so much to me and who spends 8 hrs a… first thing that tipped me off about this country being on some funny shit was in second grade when we used to… @postsmodernism that’s right @tinselcitypod there gonna talk about movies
Retweeted by alexa @themeredith @TheEpicDept we’re too hotwe’ve named lin manuel miranda the first official “enemy of the pod”
Retweeted by alexa @TheEpicDept i still consider never watching it one of my greatest winsif i haven’t been replying to your texts today it’s bc i just noticed i turned text notifs off not to be confused w… @AOC @jules_su i would like to see it @TheLanglois mind your own business @cottoncandaddy wow thank you i will not let you down @cottoncandaddy here’s another: beating around the bullet let me know your thoughts @jesawyer thank u I’m always open to constructive criticismjust came up with this: two sides of the same swordsmoking a bunch of weed and inventing new idiomseverything is about sex except sex not really sure what the hell sex is aboutnever forget what they took from us don’t like when non mutuals try to riff with me that’s only for my 900 closest friendshaving a baby would mean a huge lifestyle change i wouldn’t be able to keep my six rusty nails scattered about on the floor anymoreThey’re asking for their money, Joe
Retweeted by alexaThis is a rude, dismissive, and frankly unacceptable response from our local government as our most vulnerable resi…
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