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Can their punishment be taking their damn Twitter accounts away? @MilenaRodban @dandrezner Too late, the administration is bringing the afterbirth of the USSR (untenably corrupt Ru…
Retweeted by Matt DeMello's Cosmic Online ExperienceMe: Opeth is dreadfully boring and only pretentious goobers like them. Metal Twitter:
Retweeted by Matt DeMello's Cosmic Online Experience[during sex] me: i want you to hurt me them: jodorowsky's dune will never get made
Retweeted by Matt DeMello's Cosmic Online ExperienceI'll outlive them all.
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Mistakes are often good ideas that take a long time to pay off.
Retweeted by Matt DeMello's Cosmic Online ExperienceIn a bloody coup, poptimists have seized control of Guitar Centers nationwide and are executing any customer who do…
Retweeted by Matt DeMello's Cosmic Online ExperienceEminem: “Snap back to reality” Everybody: “Oh, there goes gravity” Midwesterners: “Ope, there goes gravity”
Retweeted by Matt DeMello's Cosmic Online ExperienceSlate: Omarosa deserves not one exhale of your precious breath. Also Slate: @jcMenendez Painful breakups, social alienation, drinking. The National just adds hangovers and hindsight (and pianos).
Retweeted by Matt DeMello's Cosmic Online ExperienceLittle known fact: When Blink-182 turned 35 they spontaneously turned into The National, the Blink-182 of adulthood.
Retweeted by Matt DeMello's Cosmic Online ExperienceCan someone give Dick Cavett a show again so these guys can snicker SAT words at each other from different couches? @gwtallent I see what you did there."I'm dumb she's a lesbian I thought I had found the one In a French-ass restaurant Hurry up with my damn croissants…
Retweeted by Matt DeMello's Cosmic Online ExperienceReally bummed. I liked this show a lot. also everyone, too. @Steven_Hyden But she's no @RStevieMoore
@Chri55yBaby This needs to hurry up because the universe is getting shittier by the minute. Pls and thx. @Jewelvocado That's literally all the fun of Catholicism. @jonathancristol Everyone knows that's code for not using this god forsaken website for like one whole day. So Than… have a weird feeling pitchfork is going to give some asshole a think piece on how Limp Bizkit or Creed wasn't irr…'m not here to tell you low art can't be great but I feel like we need to stop scraping from the bottom of the ear… with Crystal Skull and the existence of aliens but I imagine IJ's world is just that cooky and magical to begi… did this. This woman is a true American hero. @Amtrak Uh... not sure who you paid to tweet this deformed snake but hopefully you pay the engineers who make your trains more?Ugh. Wow. This is hard. know I'm the only person who feels this way but it'd be nice if @netflix stopped making new shows I have no atten… thought this was the racist watch dog acct for a second and I was still going to go with it. the dipsticks @Heritage... @Heritage This is so stupid on the surface, I can't believe you people make enough money to feed yourselves writing… @Heritage Good god, how many times must you people self own?2015: “The President of the United States rushes across the stage like a stage hand to adjust the podium step for..…
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@nickpwing I would point that the 'someone else' portion of the chart looks (appropriately?) like a hand giving the middle finger. @ElSangito This is a thing she's been widely scorned for since. @swin24 Also the book for very different but symbiotic reasons.She READ the words "communist Japan" which says something not just about her intelligence but the untelligence of t… living your life thinking any of this could be true about someone with 3 wives and well-documented connecti… @Geniusbastard There are equal pitfalls in music we're atill grappling with. Lennon, Page, Bowie...What we forget is, Winston Churchill - widely admired among the world's academic authorities on the US civil war wh… @yaffanyc @WorldPolicy I thought CNN doesn't approve of the OC? (Forgive me, haven't checked out their written cont…'m really glad when I worked at @WorldPolicy, @yaffanyc was such a vocal champion of both AP Style and the Oxford… @tj_fitzpatrick In other words, I admit I deserved it. But you didn't. @tj_fitzpatrick The difference is, I was an asshole who was actually breaking the rules and embarassing the station… first two sentences. THAT is why conservative - and liberal - oligarchs claim the press has a leftward bias.'We didn't go to Dallas, 'cause Jackie Onassis said that it ain't safe for Catholics yet...' George had a lot mor… @lfitzmaurice "For SURE and ..." would have landed better.Also when Mariah dies all you a-holes are going to call her the greatest ever over the whole New Year's 2017 fiasco… but the utmost happiness, peace, sobriety, and fulfillment in a much quieter life. Even for a weekemd where I a…'d by Pitchfork - still hasn't gotten its due from the so-called blog intelligentsia. One day it will, I'll shar… while fans may be bewildered to learn he's taking a step back from that life, to me it makes perfect sense. I fe… for which I don't have much to show for it. Something I love about Max's music is its ethos that zig zagging is… as he would have been to do so. In the ensuing years I'd become more aquainted with his craft, particularly (wh… they discovered what I had done, the heads at the QU radio station quietly and appropriately shunned me from n… top of me having no sense of decorum whatsoever, Max could probably tell I didn't really know his music either.… can't say I was any kind of superfan of Say Anything when this happened. Though I hated 70% of emo at the time an… men's bathroom in the student center waiting for Max to finish his set. When he did, I shamelessly baraged him… was assigned to cover the concert for a journalism class, and the day before, my professor went on a nice, loquac… today is an abundantly shitty day for music, I want to share a story about what a class act @maxbemis is in l…'all better treasure Diana Ross while she's still alive, gdi. @BarronsEduc @cspan @BarackObama Yeah I'm not claiming any offense or chastising you. Just thought it was worth not… the next worst thing about Aretha dying is Trump will tweet about it to steal back the news cycle. @cspan @BarronsEduc @BarackObama She famously hated this performance and I'm not sure she'd want to be remembered b…, yes we all do. @BelBivDeVeau Struggling with it, bc obvi it's a minefield. @BelBivDeVeau I'm trying to write music that reflects (I guess a la Modest Mouse, Good News-style) on how these att… @BelBivDeVeau I think a lot about that era, how guitar-based music shaped me with this bullshit atheletic attitude… for the record, my sister was indoctrinating the softball team with AMAZING hip hop. Lauryn Hill, Wu Tang, Big… @BelBivDeVeau And I mean, you don't have to read Lester Bangs essay collections to know that punk writ large has al… the record, the person who made this mixtape was one of the biggest pieces of shit I've ever encountered in my… fact. My introduction to emo was a mixtape circling around my sister's softball team titled "I don't know about…
Holy shit, @jack. This is a legitimate call to arms. Alex Jones telling people to get their weapons and block the l…
Retweeted by Matt DeMello's Cosmic Online ExperienceI'm actually team n-word tape matters. His diaapprovals are at 56% (QU poll). Everyone who says they don't matter i… this is all over, can we start holding George Takei etc. to higher standards of content aggregation?Millennials: Apologizing when they show up late for work due to a terrorist attack., I JUST got over the vapid stupidity of clickbait that was the emo non-revival. Now I have to live with numet… is not capitalism this is extortion.'s Long History of Cooperation With Ruthless, anti-Semitic Dictators
Retweeted by Matt DeMello's Cosmic Online ExperienceHad I encountered @TheRickWilson's writing or @JohnBrennan's tweets in middle school, my vocabulary alone would hav…