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Marisa @MarisaBalkus Los Angeles, CA

Former live-action film exec now working in anime. Animated series producer @Crunchyroll Originals, past: @NewRegency. Views = my own.

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@rottenbananner the himbo we deserve ;;Mood, Indy. Mood.
Retweeted by Marisadid it work? now during the @comiXology Originals sale you can get: All 34 vols. of INITIAL D All 15 vols. of MARS All 14…
Retweeted by Marisa @e8144 Congratulations!!! @banannerbread Galo ThymosThis dad played a April fools day back to school prank on his daughters🤣
Retweeted by Marisa @banannerbread Idiots in fast cars who run red lights will always be idiots in fast cars who run red lights, I guess @Giancarlo_Volpe Thanks, dude @Ethanhamm Thank you...gonna need to drink some Chardonnay tonight.Nearly got hit and killed in a four car crash on my block. Would have if I had walked 15 feet further. Car that wou…
@myanimewaifu YESThis MFer WOULD come out on April Fools Day excited for the teams at Crunchyroll and WebToons who helped make #TowerOfGod a reality!!! I hope you are all celebrating today! ✨it's toshiro mifune's birthday so i am doing what needs to be done.
Retweeted by Marisa @sailorbee How cool!!!夜の女神といちばんぼしの女神 #創作 #トモビト
Retweeted by Marisa @wisalallen Leaf peepers is what we called them in NH!! I miss that sound 😭Thinking back to the time I was best girl ✨ @rileyroseCritch I LOVE IT OMGopen for a surprise. of the cage @softvillainy @michaelsheen I’m about to pass out @ this @Raichiyo33 I LOVE her personality coming though here!! AhfjngskWhen your friend can be a drag
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@OhHeyDJ Yuffie!Just realized that my completionist ass would have to play P5R for 10 hrs a day, 10 days straight in order to compl… calms the nerves like the eye of sauron
Retweeted by MarisaWhen cosplayers come together 😳
Retweeted by Marisa“You enter a large cave. The Orcs’ trail led you here. Now, before you lie three paths, one of—“ “i jump into the w…
Retweeted by MarisaFOR REAL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Retweeted by MarisaHey guys! My GoFundMe is doing great, but I've still got s long way to go! Please keep helping by sharing and dona…
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@sofiaealexander Always a Marissa, never a MarisaHello! I’m just curious what age range you all fall under. (If it helps, having this info could help me make a cas…
Retweeted by Marisakanamori/mizusaki 🥺😳
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Retweeted by Marisa金森氏好きすぎて夢女になりそう #映像研 #Eizouken
Retweeted by MarisaJohn Wick
Retweeted by MarisaPresident Trump today at the White House said to me: “Be nice. Don't be threatening.” I’m not the first human bein…
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@Bitterstaff felt this in my bonesAHAHAHA
Retweeted by MarisaAnxiety defined: The closer we get to the FFVII Remake release, the more death flags I feel fly around me every day…
Retweeted by Marisareclaiming my sanity🪓 The Barbarian 🪓 D&D Street Fashion Series. The Fit inspired from this rad outfit:
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Retweeted by Marisaよかろう!? #雪桜と松本城
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Retweeted by MarisaA thread of tits
Retweeted by Marisaムクっと起きてコンビニで朝ごはんを買いに行こうとおもったら外が凄かったのでカメラを持って行きました。 この頃、コロナ、地球温暖化、異常気象が騒がれてまるでこの世の終わりのようですが写真にすると美しいものですね。 全て縦写真です。
Retweeted by Marisa @Real_Kilometers Hope you get lucky and unearth some trufflesremember to FaceTime with your loved ones
loooool i love these cat videos on tiktok
Retweeted by Marisa mood thread courtesy of “The Tatami Galaxy” @heybrucewright At least I made it on 🥺 was the biggest fujobait in the history of anime
Retweeted by Marisa仕事外の絵はラフと完成違い過ぎるな。
Retweeted by MarisaFuture Symbol of Peace 🥦
Retweeted by Marisa @tomakel They brew lattes too?!Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with some #coronavirus inspired lyrics!
Retweeted by Marisacary grant looking angry while wearing a fur trimmed chiffon robe
Retweeted by Marisa @rottenbananner Punk, not goth!!! Big diff back in the day. Gang fights would happen over that shitWhy did I age into such a square? I was so coolMan. What I wouldn’t give to be a suburban punk teen in NH chugging warm Guinness & smoking KB in the abandoned tan… Argentinian dinner and they gave me extra chimichurri 😤 know a boss fight when I see one.
Retweeted by Marisa @NateMing Legit buying this based off the Vol. 1 cover. WHO IS SHE
Hey guys! There's a silver lining to all this! 🥰 with everyone on lockdown, the feral dakimakura are finally retur…
Retweeted by MarisaKey Animation: Isuta Meister (椅子汰) Anime: Black Clover (ブラッククローバー) (2019)
Retweeted by Marisatake one minute to look at this
Retweeted by MarisaAKIRAやろうぜ。
Retweeted by Marisa#FF7R ウォールマーケットで女子会🌸
Retweeted by MarisaOoooop! The influencers have snapped!
Retweeted by Marisa @banannerbread @Frubunny Remember how this vid captured the essence so perfectly only things keeping me sane in these terrifying times are my motorcycle and the ability to effect change. lucki…
Retweeted by MarisaMy baby sister is such a badass.
Mark Blum was such a great character actor. I adored him in “Mozart in the Jungle” and DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN. Rest easy.Mark Blum, a veteran stage actor who appeared in such films as 'Crocodile Dundee' and 'Desperately Seeking Susan' a…
Retweeted by MarisaPreparing for trouble ✨ #teamrocket #Pokemon
Retweeted by Marisa @largehotcoffee YES WE DOY’all legit made a monster.
Retweeted by MarisaVICE associate managing editor @meredithbalkus is a member of the @MasksForDocs moto crew in NYC, delivering #PPE t…
Retweeted by MarisaSARUMAN (kneeling before a Palantir): What is thy will, Sauron, lord of Middle-Earth? BURNING EYE: BUILD ME AN ARM…
Retweeted by Marisa @Danny8bit YES
Retweeted by MarisaAre you fucking KIDDING me??? is my new blinking man reaction gif @NateMing @NateMing This feels like an early 00’s FF forum post about to explode. DON’T DO THIS, NATEeggdog quarantine
Retweeted by Marisa"We risk our life every time we grab a garbage bag" @wpxi
Retweeted by Marisa @Gingerhazing EXCUSE ME 😍For more: As always, ask your doctor if this is an option — it is often overlooked and requires patient advocacy.And PLEASE, if you are a healthcare lobbyist or advocate, be vocal about home health care. This should not be a con… you’re on Medicare, see if you qualify Medicare Home Health Benefit, or otherwise, search for private companies…