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take everything I say super seriously. I’m never joking.

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Retweeted by rissa @ThompsonDTyler I’m playing fortnite“Do I look like a sweat to you guys” “Idk what a sweat looks like so no” “oh well you’re like the definition of a sweat”if someone gifted me 1100 subs in one night, i would literally fix climate change
Retweeted by rissa @chrismelSchleeb yuh @ThompsonDTyler @ThompsonDTyler I sure did @ThompsonDTyler Remember when I threw up on the side of the freeway @caitnicole__ @AnnissaStenger I didn’t end up drinking anything else bc I got hella busy 🤪 @hailiebarber men dont deserve rightsmy grandma and I did a valentines photo shoot with her dog
Retweeted by rissa @cermetsmash the fact that I don’t own any-I say this as I stare at a PILE of clothes but they’re uglyAlso before anyone asks me where I’m going/why I’m going/what I’m doing when I’m there I have absolutely no answers…’m going to australia in less than a month for two weeks and I have like two pairs of pants and three shirts what the fuck am I gonna do @caitnicole__ Girl what’s your fn name! I play too lmao @BlobMarlz Mine did @caitnicole__ @Flebeb Agree 1000%This is the best playlist I’ve ever come across that isnt one of mine bye @rybreadisntdead Thank u 🥺🥺🥺🥺Also I talk about this tattoo more than any other one I have bc it’s my most meaningful one 🥴What’s your song that you’ll never skip I think mine is mr brightside I don’t think I could ever physically bring myself to skip itok tea but also whoever the paper was for posted it and I got it tattooed hehe @casualchams Ur a god @casualchams some spice is fine but I’m talking the kind of spicy where you pour sweat and cry bc it’s so hot @wildmodmel I lack brain cellsI just forgot I’m 22 @cermetsmash Mmm coping is not what I’d call my daily actionsariss @cermetsmash see I don’t have those either but
@Gmusic99 look I had to say what I had to say gmusic @vuInerablegomez ok u get half points @Flebeb LMAO @vuInerablegomez I will yell itWhy the fuck do people like to eat extremely spicy food and then be in pain the entire time they eat it and then ha… @chrismelSchleeb a small child is behind u @GabbieHanna ok but did you see brendons bro @tanamongeau NO IM AT WORK @SAM_CHAMS U DID that!!! @mzpanicmusicfan Precisely @mzpanicmusicfan I forgot about this pic whew 🥴 @AnnissaStenger I started with an energy drink @ziarre_ HAHAHAI came inside and my manager said “you missed **** and the dragons” and my response was “trust me I did not”
Retweeted by rissaGenuinely just saw my coworker walking and pushing a stroller..... with her lizards inside.
Retweeted by rissaI don’t remember exactly what it was that this man did to make me so angry for an entire semester, but I can assure…
Retweeted by rissa @snitchery wait how I do dat @emmuuhh_ OW @SAM_CHAMS you got it dude! prayin 4 your nips though, I heard some guys chafe during runs @ThompsonDTyler sooooo yes?Looking at my drafts and these two are directly next to each other. Nobody wants to be in my brain. I drink a ton of caffeine tomorrow at work just to see exactly what my body can handle as a fun experimentToday I found out that I’m 5’5 and not 5’4the way she nodded (sfbuff IG)
Retweeted by rissabyte was fun while it lasted
Retweeted by rissaI’m sad that I’ll never be able to achieve my biggest goal in life, which is to pet every single dog.I cried “I miss when Rihanna did music” Them: “ok”
Retweeted by rissa“I miss when Rihanna did music” “ok”rising from the dead just to tweet this godly shit thank u
Retweeted by rissaSomeone commented on my YouTube video “you both have massive foreheads but in the opposite direction,” and fuck the…
Retweeted by rissaactually once i get a whole face transplant then its OVER ☝🏼
Retweeted by rissaonce i get an ass, get eyelash extensions, get a nose job, microblade my eyebrows, get lip filler, and dye my hair its OVER for you hoes
Retweeted by rissaSaw this on Facebook and immediately thought of @TheBasementYard @JoeSantagato @DannyLoPriore🥺🥺 true love
Retweeted by rissa @ZackCloudHall @panicstweets Make me one thanks XX @Flebeb oh my godfuck
Retweeted by rissaI’m watching the last season of series of unfortunate events and I love kit so much if something happens to her I’m throwing hands
Retweeted by rissaoop looks like someone was sad about this pic of my cat when she was a baby 🥺
@Advil Why are people liking this rnif I was able to enter every restaurant and see this I’d be happy
Retweeted by rissaMy coworker has beautiful flawless clear skin and I asked what she uses to wash her face and she was like “umm some…
Retweeted by rissaare u kidding me @uriesdiary who said that lmaoooooo the delusion @PanicAtTheDisco who’s responsible for this I hate it @PanicAtTheDisco what the fuckI just found a white lighter in my moms car we gon die today ladiessaid it a billlion times i’ll say it again there are no new dip n dots we are eating down a reserve made over a decade ago
Retweeted by rissateachers that takes points off of participation grades based on how much students speak in class are the bane of my…
Retweeted by rissa @ZackCloudHall @caitlin_vro0o0o Oh fuck dude, I’d easily pay 200 for thatNeed @tanamongeau scuse meHigh end makeup is rarely worth its price point, there’s almost ALWAYS a dupe. OKAY COOL SO ITS GENERIC VIAGRA’m sorry what the fuck is going on here @_bellaamariee okay @_bellaamariee so @_bellaamariee y que @_bellaamariee ok so goAvril Lavigne Music Midtown Billie Eilish Music midtown (with travel and accommodations it was easily over 600) age I was when the show premiered?