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Marissa Louise @marissadraws misty woods of oregon

Colorist: Hex Wives, Grumble. DC, Albatross, Darkhorse. Eisner Attender. Bible coding to Moby Dick. she/her

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@_Lutz @TiffanyTurrill Soft shapes are thousands of years old. We're just having a rival in pursuit of fun. @DylanNDREdwards Hehehe heh you remain a prince of my heart Dylan @Jody_Houser O_o @VinceUnderwood happy birthday :) @VinceUnderwood The money or the aesthetic? Or the very special combination of both? @ironkodiak You can't expect them to use adults when the babies are so soft! @kirkvanlund Nice way to make another 5k! @GSpeziani Haha could be! @georgembenson happy birthday :) @ThereWillBStars Ohhhhh! I know that stuff haha. Ouch @lianakangas Haha I only deal in curses @myrkitty Wow that's cool haha
@Robert_Hack This is my new pick up line. I'm sure it will go over just as well as crush a crab with my bare hands and wiggling my eyebrows @marissadraws No. No thank you.
Retweeted by Marissa Louise @AdlaiM @AlexPaknadel More room for more sins baby! @ReberVision @PeteColors That's great news :) I haven't heard of any new comers getting a good rate out them or a n… @TiffanyTurrill This one is the most upsetting yet for some reason. And I love yellow @AlexPaknadel @AdlaiM Yes. Moment by moment, couch by couch, we change @ReberVision @PeteColors I definitely agree that 50 is too little! And if you figure out how to pry more than that… @ThereWillBStars O_0 what is glass wool? @jamiegambell @cheryllynneaton It's made of suede. It's very dusty for sure @AlexPaknadel Good gravy baby @marissadraws
Retweeted by Marissa Louise @daire_lawlor Maggots have rights tooi wanna be nestled in a Hutts tiddies
Retweeted by Marissa Louise @AdlaiM This is very good! Thank you for sharing with me :) @the1stSpectre It's breaking my brain and I live it for that @AdlaiM Is this a dune reference? @TiffanyTurrill @TiffanyTurrill Keep going!!! I'm loving this @AmyCringeneck It's true!This couch costs 5k and looks like a worm know it's hard to break in, believe me, I've been there. Reach out to other colorists, they'll help you. You don'… be suspicious of people asking you to do rush jobs with no experience. Sometimes they are looking for some… @ShephardErika @gavinpsmith She'd love thatNow, I'm not going to say you have to do x or y, your style is your own. But before locking in your colorist to dar…, line artists, just a little thing to think about: If you stack blacks a d near black grays on each other that… @gavinpsmith Haha one of them took a big chomp I gotta fix. They are cute though. Sunny needs a job though. She has too much energy @gavinpsmith @Treestumped Thank you Tree 💕❤️❤️💕 You help so much!! I'm so glad we can do this for people! @MichaelGarland @DeanWhiteColor @COLORnMATT @TBonvillain @SotoColor Thank you Michael 💕♥️💕
@jeremyhachat Nate was very sweet. He was excited I was excited and made me an errands list :DI'm so excited to run a chore by myself for the first time in FOUR YEARS!! I didn't have a car living rurally. So… @thom_monk It's great! Tamra showed it to me. One of the many movies I'm happy she did :) @thom_monk It's a weird thing I noticed but then couldn't stop obsessing over. Even CELLAR DWELLER has great nightgowns @cjkaminski @hanselthelost @definitelyvita @backthatelfup Always happy to oblige!Happy birthday Don Mancini, I can't wait to start a podcast rating nightgowns in your movies. I appreciate the eye for detail. @hanselthelost @definitelyvita @backthatelfup This is what I text Hansel every morning. I don't know how he could miss it XD @Marc_Deering Thank you Marc, I very much appreciate what kindness you bring to Twitter! @definitelyvita Love you friend ♥️ @MrTylerCrook @chalkyheart Yeah! Of course :) I'll have to find them again but I'll always share @MrTylerCrook @chalkyheart And a bunch who are going to be thrilled!! I've been watching live art house concerts on… @MrTylerCrook @chalkyheart Although... They do have to issue statements not to harass other players, so... Man, wha… @MrTylerCrook @chalkyheart There is a series called hermit craft and they often end up doing very long involved sto… @TonyGregori Why would you root against the bills??? :( @MichaelGarland @nickfil @joelbartlett @dearbhlala @Treestumped @djcolorscomics @FalynnK Yeah but they are only beh… @jordantboyd It's a great movie. A lot of great movies fail though. I don't know why
Happy colorist appreciation day! I'm so thankful to be part of this wonderful, thoughtful, humble, kind, giving group of people!!The countdown is on for The Sensational Swan #Kickstarter Each day leading up to the launch, we'll highlight some…
Retweeted by Marissa Louise @nickfil @joelbartlett @dearbhlala @Treestumped @MichaelGarland @djcolorscomics @FalynnK Haha it is 12 hours before… @WhitneyEpi Please and thank you! @WhitneyEpi Do you see places that we can break this cycle? What can a lay person do to help break the cycle?8/ Health inequities didn’t start with #COVID19, and we are seeing vividly that an efficacious vaccine won’t magica…
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:) I should be designing my closet today but in hooking up my speaker system because it feels more immediately gratifying! @OhColeman @FredCStresing I know what I think I do, but I'm not sure that's what I actually do. But I also recogniz… @OhColeman Definitely secondSlowly taming this demon with love, patience and boundaries! MAN WHO CAME DOWN THE ATTIC STAIRS by @celineorelse published with @Archaia Buy: Good…
Retweeted by Marissa LouiseNot a bad way to find colorists 😘
Retweeted by Marissa Louise @beckycloonan @TiffanyTurrill I like sob to an embarrassing degree in front of every Delacroix @TiffanyTurrill Oh yeah I totally advocate for crying in front of paintingsdoes anyone have a favorite figure drawing channel/ virtual session? I'm looking for one primarily focused on short…
Retweeted by Marissa Louise @steve_lieber I am! Man my phone has lost its mind though haha. It's always autocorrecting things in bizarre waysOH MY GOD I AM SO CLOSE TO OFFERING FULL SCHOLARSHIPS TO 60 BLACK ARTISTS! I just need 9 donors of $25 each and so…
Retweeted by Marissa Louise @geardrops Oh nooooI've probably me tío Ed it but I'm enjoying reading MINISTRY FOR THE FUTURE because it's giving me room to grapple… @Trungles @yoshisquared I was gunna say Yoshi & @TaliaMirai cause I never see them XD Opposite sleep schedules @DaryllBenjamin @PhillipKJohnson @mikeljanin @daveLsharpe @BrandonEaston @val_delandro @beckycloonan #Superman #WorldsAtWar @PhillipKJohnson @mikeljanin #JordieBellaire @daveLsharpe @BrandonEaston
Retweeted by Marissa Louise @ZakKinsella It's very relaxing! @sandy_jarrell @finalfuryk @ZackDavisson @jeffparker @GeekintheCity @RobotJQ @Jody_Houser @craigrousseau @ZakKinsella I'm for it @sandy_jarrell @finalfuryk @ZackDavisson @jeffparker @GeekintheCity @RobotJQ @Jody_Houser @craigrousseau what he does best, escape. Mister Miracke @brandoneaston @val_delandro @marissadraws #davesharpe #futurestate
Retweeted by Marissa LouiseStarting on Monday (1/25)! If you’re interested in learning to color comics, this is the original & best virtual co…
Retweeted by Marissa Louise @losertakesall movie is wild. Dolly Parton movies always have a lot of twists I don't expect!Watching Joyful Noise and I love this drama @DeLesslin No sweat :) but if you have the names of those books/articles handy I'd really like to read up! @backthatelfup WATTAM!! I love it! @DeLesslin This is a lot to think about. May I ask you questions later once I think about it more? (I know you're s… get fucking stoked on other folks succeeding.
Retweeted by Marissa Louise @DeLesslin What are some strategies people use to deal with this?Oh boy what to say ... KABOOM!!!! #PS4share
@MarySueSays It's cool, I'm an expert and I got it al seperated super quick :) @Adaser Those are pretty close in cooking times though right? @Adaser Really?! Even sushi and long grain? @backthatelfup I'm not mad because this was definitely an attempt at being helpful.... Or I did it in a fugue state… was a wild ride, but Spell on Wheels: Just to Get to You has arrived at long last! Details & ordering info:…
Retweeted by Marissa LouiseRemember when people were saying that person mixing rice in AITA was fake? Haha. I know it's real