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Horror addict since i was a child,and animal advocate,my 2 passions!And thats why im here for! No DMs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@JASETHE13TH @sluts_guts i loved it,i was waiting for a slasher season for a while. @WalkinDude78 yes :) @sluts_guts i disagree completely,i loved AHS 1984,one of my very fav ones. @Bobby51427156 thank you :)#OutAndAbout memories 🐼 Jamhour... Octopussy?🐱🐙 dog,how adorable 🖤 #TheShockingTruth The Shocking Truth is a compelling documentary series that digs deep into notorious… @Rob1987Big Thank you Rob,have a great beginning of the week my friend!😋🧹🐐💀🧙‍♀️🎃🖤🐼 @TheHorrorOfChr1 💀🐐🧹Claude Verlinde💀 #BlackPhillp amazing poster!🧙‍♀️🧹🐐 @SardonicApple45 only annoying people think its a good idea. @FatzSkinny @YouTube lol but he had such wonderful smile :) Kinda weird that i wasnt afraid of him at all,he sounde… @Bobby51427156 @StephanieHorror hell no,i hate spiders. @FatzSkinny @YouTube Thank you so much ♥ @LostNBrokened lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL! But theyre so cute,such lovely family!🐊! And even if im not having a bad day,nobody tells me to smile,fuck off!🤨 of my very fav pics of #ElizabethTaylor what an absolute doll 🖤 could tell its full moon tonight even before i checked,considering the amount of deranged creeps i saw out and ab… @miss_phibes me too and i still find it creepy.
Lazy Sunday 🐼 guys can laugh at me all you want but this movie still freaks me out,theres something about mannequins and dumm…'s Lot/Mr Barlow⚰️🦇🪦🩸🤨 @kittyLuvsHorror @evil_toast916 @PopHorrorNews @FewApples @CaledonianKitty @squizgigx @SEASiberts @FreddsCorner @Bobby51427156 thank you Brother ♥ @TommyDoyle47 I would only if they keep the Crypt Keeper :) @helshira_ @martycalabras18 i love the batties behind you too. @helshira_ @martycalabras18 glad to hear that my beautiful amiga ♥Favorite horror movie on this list? 🎥🍿
Retweeted by honeybadgerpanda @TommyDoyle47 Halloween H20! @Bobby51427156 im ok,just starting the day brother,how are you? @Bobby51427156 🖤 I wish i was that lucky. @BoughtVampir i heard its bad luck so no thanks :) @abhorrently_urs @RavenLunachick @kreepazoidkelly @queen_haus @Noor99312 @kinky_horror @ConnieJoJo2
Retweeted by honeybadgerpanda @Mr_Wolf_1982 lol i am ;) @BatQuinn5801 @BDC1288 @1carolinagirl @ConnieJoJo2 @DarthBill52 @The_Bandit1980 @LeeAssef @grendelvaldez @Jeff39381652 @Jamievoorhees6 @KNeddie @TCMaz1980 @SSeeley92 @1carolinagirl @Anya00586015 @LezGeek @levan_rachel @1NormaRP @LovesHaunted @LorettaGarfiel1 @StaceyBuzzActor @WillowGKrueger @JadeQuarmby3 @SEASiberts @RichardEarp8 @daviesaplegend nobody get us under control :) lol great video,thank you.#ShudderSaturday was pretty good! @svenfan87 @AussieGuy @WASAmatter @1AshleyLaurence @kinky_horror @kreepazoidkelly
Retweeted by honeybadgerpanda @BrandonRimes3 @svenfan87 @AussieGuy @WASAmatter @1AshleyLaurence @kinky_horror @kreepazoidkelly @Kellimaroney @blakeberginuk @stacee_sgotti @liifeofsaskia @QueenHalloweenW @QueenHalloween1 @kymwald @warwolf782 @Wilde4Poe @abhorrently_urs @RavenLunachick @kreepazoidkelly @queen_haus @Noor99312 @kinky_horror @ConnieJoJo2
Retweeted by honeybadgerpanda @Horror_Disciple @omar_syrinx2112 @thefilmbuff30 @crystalnapolit2 @Kellyrei007 @DerekRKing2 @Wrix2 @booksbyshauntae @GeorgeSchmidt67 @abhorrently_urs @RavenLunachick @kreepazoidkelly @queen_haus @Noor99312 @kinky_horror @abhorrently_urs @RavenLunachick @kreepazoidkelly @queen_haus @Noor99312 @kinky_horror @ConnieJoJo2
Retweeted by honeybadgerpanda @MASKEDMANIACXXX @omar_syrinx2112 @LovesHaunted @jessica32678922 @MzFrancesFX @1977chobson @Raiton08 @LAfromLINY @HorrorFanBitch No!!!!!!!!!! @Bobby51427156 thank you dear brother ♥ @FatzSkinny @Kerial12 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @JadeQuarmby3 goodnight brother ♥ @FatzSkinny @Kerial12 i guess i was born that way,i enjoy my dark thoughts. @FatzSkinny @Kerial12 lol no kinda slow hahahhaha but am i sometimes :) @FatzSkinny @Kerial12 exactly! @FatzSkinny @Kerial12 stephen king im assuming. @gotapulse thank you my friend :) @FatzSkinny @Kerial12 lol so true :)Goodnight my dear horror friends and fiends! Time to hit the coffin,and hopefully also time to have some dark twist… @Kerial12 @FatzSkinny it is but its worse to live a miserable life,thats my personal opinion at least. @Bobby51427156 🖤 @FatzSkinny @Kerial12 i have dark thoughts all the time,every day and every night,its just part of me,i accepted it i guess. @Kerial12 @FatzSkinny lol i see you hanging in there :) @Bobby51427156 lovely. @gotapulse lol! @FatzSkinny @Kerial12 yes,id rather see a ghost. @Bobby51427156 what a cutie pie ♥ @FatzSkinny @Kerial12 the hanging from the tree part is what i find freaky. @FatzSkinny @Kerial12 me too but i dont know how id react if i see a guy hanging from a tree to be honest. @Kerial12 exactly but degenerates hiding at the cemetery can :) @gotapulse im a morbid girl you know :) @FatzSkinny @Kerial12 thats actually horrifying.🤨 @FatzSkinny @Kerial12 lol do you mean the guy was dead? wtf? @Kerial12 im not afraid of the dead,only of the living. @Kerial12 Wish i could walk among the graveyards at night :) @Cassianjpk96 my day was ok :) @JadeQuarmby3 thank you brother ♥Cemetery fun ⚰️🪦💀👻 @SlaveOfGS But the angry panda from the cheese commercial is funnier to me :) @SlaveOfGS lol that panda is so funny,hes always been :)I love him 🖤 @svenfan87 yes,much better,the panda i like is very funny,its from an Egyptian cheese commercial :) fav panda 🖤🐼 And yes i know its not a real panda lol. @FatzSkinny Jodi Arias is cute but technically shes not a serial killer,she only killed her boyf :) @svenfan87 🖤 @FatzSkinny To be fair from all the male serial killers RR is the only one i find attractive but im kinda picky so :) @svenfan87 how freaking adorable ;) @FatzSkinny thats true,mostly all serial killers i find attractive are male,i dont know of any cute female ones. @svenfan87 what a cutie ♥ @FatzSkinny i guess i got tired of explaining that i know what he did was fucked up but i still find him attractive… @FatzSkinny Oh yes,some people attacked me on fb just for saying that he was hot,IDGAF! @Bobby51427156 lol its real love bro :) @BrandonRimes3 @AussieGuy @Felissa_Rose @kinky_horror @kreepazoidkelly @Kellimaroney @SetDarcyFree @badtechno #NowPlaying #PrimeVideo @AussieGuy @Felissa_Rose @kinky_horror @kreepazoidkelly @Kellimaroney
Retweeted by honeybadgerpanda @FatzSkinny Yes :)♥ AC/DC - Night Prowler (Audio) via @YouTubeHappy Birthday Richie wherever you are,probably in Hell.Thats where im going too for sure so well meet someday baby… @Bobby51427156 yes,i love it.