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@RoryMSpence I wis da same. Why not just show five minutes o each date. What's with da terrible format and how cont… you're a contestant on Sexy Beasts. After several dates you pick your match - Walrus. They rip off their mask…
@EdinsNicestBoy @BarrelComedy If it's after da 13th August then I'll be doon in ed! @sheltielisa Fever dream o' a Mandela effect. But yeah I think aboot this at least once a month.
@AManComedian Ha ha ha things I've noticed: - happier - more energy - also feeling awake - brighter colours - horn… @AManComedian ARE COLOURS MROE VIVID? I swear I saw colours I had forgotten. I swear on all da gods. @craigzielinski Hiyi, yea so this wis a present fae my brother, he had been living in Aotearoa fir a couple o years… sweet, soundcloud is actually relevant. Check this oot: For anyone interested in da band I wis playing in back… so much fir all your shares! Some facts aboot this bass: My brother found it in da dump in Shetland. A fr… @rossisacoolguy Here wis me thinking you had lied on radio @bendigaydfran This this aaaand this! #SquatInHolidayHomes @MsKrystalEvans @BBCSounds @marknelsoncomic @lauralexx @rossisacoolguy @desmclean Dream team! @dysnystaxis Oh man I wish! @GordonBrownhour @Robbotron Oh yeah I wis going to visit second hand shops and markets fir weeks. Oh sweet you live… @joe_jsx13 They also stole my fiddle, which I wis gutted aboot cause I would play it whenever I wis homesick... alt… @jdmorrison71 Yeah back in da Beef Cleaver days. @annwitbrock He mostly paints, wait paintings? HA ha I am not an artist sorry 'paintings'. He does do some instru… @brydoncheyney Maybe if they had, they would have learned that denim and leather brings us all together, then retur… in 2014, in Amsterdam, I wis robbed. Pretty much everything. Including this bass, my brother painted, da front i…
@1030 I'm on twitter now fir my daily hit o Fred. @otterjotters HOLY CRAP IT"S ALL HERE> @peachisoo @LilNasX Haaaaaa this comment! @peachisoo 👏👏👏👏👏After losing my phone I thought I lost all my pictures. Then I found a bunch in my messages I sent to my Mam. Cheer… @EdinsNicestBoy Yaaaaaaassss! Let me ken if you want any pointers for your application statement! @rcjuk1988 Fortress? Yes please! @rcjuk1988 That wis so much fun last night! Also a lot less terrifying together. I also expect to face death when on my own.I would like to recommend, whilst I'm not able to stream: @bexchat @EdinsNicestBoy Two wonderful streamers, fell… am so sorry, still no voice and until it's better I can't stream. 😭😭 I am so vexed-bloody laryngitis! Ha ha ha a…
Doing a set in da heat fir @funnywomen just now along side a great bunch o' comics. Come fir a watch here: @1030 I wis gonna move more into Twitch fir income, wonder if I can just encourage Patren and Ko-fi over twitch donations?
@mesallyann This is so true its funny and hurts and I'll get nothing fir da pain @JennieFlint Oh woah after a deep clean. Euuurgh! It just shocked me that apparently it is spreading three times fa… them their freedom they said. They will be responsible they said. During a pandemic where we're all meant to… @Llmilktray Yea I think some folk read it like I didn't want folk to move here. Which is not da case at all. So t… @1030 This has brightened my twitter feed beyond belief 🥰 @tattooedselkie I've not seen this yet. Do I want to? @tattooedselkie O no @marknelsoncomic Btw I didn't vote fir it. That is not an 'oops I did that' fuck, but a 'this is fucked' fuck. @marknelsoncomic Fuck @gracealan Not that I ken of as yet. There are hooses being sold to folk out with Shetland afor they even go on mar… @craigbirnie82 Love me some tourists! And folk who move here. But to da holiday home buyers... They are a different kind o person. @marajoyloves Mara 💕💕💕 I hate this opposition you face just for being your amazing self. I wish I had better wirds…*your. Fuck sake marjolein. Don't give more reasons fir folk to come at you.Because '2nd homes/holiday homes' is flying ower some folks heads: I believe when you choose to make Shetland you'r… billionaires, here's comedian Gary Little heading fir space. Do us prood Gary: really hope da newest series o Shetland on da BBC includes wir police cleaning up da mean streets o' Lerwick, mop… @machfrequency Hiyi Ben, you're not wrong. Although I don't mean to be xenophobic hence adding that other tweet. Fo… @simongerman600 Shame it's missing Shetland and for how long we still spoke Norn.
@bollotix @peacelovingcelt @c_johnes OK I guess you are trolling now cause I never said it wis ok fir anyone else?… are live now with your Monday'ly dose o' improv comedy with @Billykirkwood, @mc_hammersmith @StuartJayMurphy Gar… @bollotix @peacelovingcelt @c_johnes You don't get it at all: A) Funny tweet, but with a point as to how folk feel… @peacelovingcelt @bollotix @c_johnes Yea and then industry like cafes, shops, restaurants become seasonal, less bus… I'm telling an Orcadian story tonight aboot Vikings and magic! Come fir a listen: @bollotix @suspicious_bag I said in my other tweet folk moving here is a good thing-I clearly state that this is an… @bollotix @jamiemacrae___ Hiyi, Shetland has no lack o' young people, but we are increasingly running oot o hooses… @marcus_twitch @kimmacaskill1 No sure but it minds me o @shaetlan_rose's film poem: @tompearce49 Yea and da need to be there to help your neighbours. One o main bug bears o holiday homes is folk not… @LaurenceMcCan14 Yea! We have da 'Simmer dim' in summer nights where da light fades but it never gets truly dark. I… just to clarify: Folk moving to become part o da community and make their home home here. That's amazing! If… @rcjuk1988 Move up full time you coward! Ha ha imagine real life Shetland Minecraft @rcjuk1988 da dream!Hiyi looking to buy a second home or holiday home up in Shetland? Here's some handy and free advice: Fuck off. @Kate_Baker Oh no Kate! Wat @TheRhymnocerous @Kate_Baker Once seen cannot be unseen
Shetland Wird o' da day: Mön / Gloamer And a peerie bit o' a story on taboo wirds in Shetland (when at sea). @kappacat Ah I would say if you're living here definitely join in. I think it's great when folk come here and get i… note: just incase anyone has da wrong idea. I'm happy to be part o Scotland. I like this country. This is j… voted fir: Firstly: I love Scotland, and we're in no way oppressed and I ken this happened in da past etc. T… @weedando Ha ha yeah I want to ax a question to idder Shetlanders and Orcadians and just praying folk don't see it as an argument! @cfdeaton A person fae Orkney. Beautiful islands between Shetland and Scotland and share a similar history as wis. @punkistani93 Oh that soonds like an amazing idea but I wis interested in hearing Shetlanders and Orcadians views.… have a peerie video I would like to post on Twitter, aboot a discussion o' how Orcadians and Shetlanders deal we… @rossisacoolguy Got a new phone. Cause o my large screen view I thought we were gonna get some belly button. Pleas…
@Willduggan Oh nah it's Fair Isle we wear up here Will! But bring da sword that soonds cool. @Willduggan Aw cheers Will! 🥰 @GCMerlot I'll try summoning something but fiver bets it's even more wind. @HopeOverDespair Chill Nico @_zomg @Lenniesaurus .... Yoink! I'm gonna be using this. Cheers!Scotland, maybe if you shared some o' that sweet, sweet heatwave with Shetland, we'd all be sitting comfy. @ashleystorrie Suppose it's like someone just saying "You are off." And fir me, it is usually when I am genuinely b… @ashleystorrie Genuinely though it is weird, like I feel it crosses a boundary, cause it's not content related. Sec… @ashleystorrie I'll trade you. @ashleystorrie Ahhhh I get these and I feel da same. Im guessing mostly fae men? Cause I get them only fae men. A)… @TonyNicol3 Same instrument? @AlastairCaplin Ahhhh camera flip. Shows how much I noticed I just thought "swore my amp wis on da other side o da room" @MrApollo Cheers! @marcus_twitch Cheers!Shetland Wird O' Da Day: [I have no voice] Sorry fir da lack o' these videos due to lack o' voice. So instead here…
@faithless0000 @FernBrady If anything it made me love St. Anger in a way I can't explain. @DarrenConnell87 Darren! Yas! I always cut my hair in da garden. So good. No sweeping and slugs don't like crawling over it. @marcus_twitch I should've put Doric. Then Italian. @wj_voice So true! @the_analyst_nz Tbh it would have been hilarious if I'd put Italian. Shouldve thought faster. @chrissychlapp Ahhhh love you on Tiktok so glad to find you here as well 💕 @FernBrady And my favourite: Some Kind of Monster @FernBrady Jiro Dreams Of Sushi @ThatJuanGuy19 Oh it is. But I have to wonder if I'm da troll* cause all I want to do is make jokes back. * In Shetland: trowDon't get caught up in Twitter discourse. Don't get caught up in Twitter discourse. Don't get caught up in Twitter… @Chickpea200 @AndyEMorrison @Oftheforest2 @FacundoSavala Cool so Gaelic then Hindi then Scots then Nynorn then Fren… @NigelSheppard17 @SoNowUknow2 @FacundoSavala @AndyEMorrison Nigel Wird o' da Day: ganfer I'm not sure what idder folk call this. Do you have a name for this apparation? T…