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#BlackLivesMatter A punk kid from Jersey. At play: @gobaeond he/him

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One of my favorite scenes to direct.
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Which #InsecureHBO character will say #entanglement first?
Retweeted by extremelyonline @TheBlackNerd Wicket in agreement. @TheBlackNerd Ok yes, I'm convinced. Samson. @TheBlackNerd Strong evidence @TheBlackNerd Compelling argument tbhHi Hi Hi x Hi Hiya Hi Hi Hey Hi Hi Hi x Hi Hi Hey Hi Hi Bitch
Retweeted by extremelyonlineWe still want justice for Breonna Taylor
Retweeted by extremelyonline @bisq_network it doesn't exist at all.There is no Coronavirus in Disney Land
Retweeted by extremelyonlineDear @Twitch These are our 休 劾h. Support 氣, we are your 休 恫唐劾恫.
Retweeted by extremelyonlineHeart if you were old enough to remember when Tweetdeck ran on AIR RT if you were old enough to remember when the Twitter API was open
Retweeted by extremelyonline @tonysheng 荊荊 @forssto That's what we're doing legit @TatianaTMac join me on @byte_app study
Retweeted by extremelyonlineWhen @cypheroftyr's truth makes it on my morning news catch up, it makes me super super happy! 伐伐 Seriously thoug
Retweeted by extremelyonlineBeen wondering why NY hasn't shut down or curbed domestic air travel yet.
Retweeted by extremelyonline @penelope_tg @habiba_gadalla @KariimAmr_ @NotionHQ @airtable I've been enjoying @coda_hq a lot. It's not digital paper but it's incredibly powerful @penelope_tg Lmfao she's ready for you @A_dmg04 @DeeJ_BNG @Bungie My friend & clanmate was called #racial slurs for wearing the #BlackLivesMatter Be Heard
Retweeted by extremelyonline @E_Rice_HuHa I've been looking for a new clan may I request some info on yours? You may now address me as Laird of Glencoe Tanya Colleen DePass. Yes, once I found out I could buy a parcel of land
Retweeted by extremelyonline @Fieldandfen @tanzinavega @soledadobrien Not cilantro, this. Culantro o Recao. Asian stores were the only places I
Retweeted by extremelyonlineHawken is a God-king that rides the line between his own self-indulgence, and serving the nation he built. A King o
Retweeted by extremelyonlineBut HOW COOL IS IT that touching two surfaces of the same metal together in space can cause them to weld BECAUSE TH
Retweeted by extremelyonlineIf you touch two CLEAN blocks of the same metal together in space, they weld! Atoms in solid metals move a bit. Tou
Retweeted by extremelyonlineWhat will it take for this country to listen to Black women?
Retweeted by extremelyonline @penelope_tg Kate made all of it. I helped with mise en place and assembly but she made this broth months ago and w @TheYelitsa Lmao I hear that inside my bones @TheYelitsa You right as hellI don't care what their marketing campaigns tell you: Using Canva does not make you a graphic designer. If I take
Retweeted by extremelyonline @el_frisi I have been incapacitated @capital_sb I wish @bisq_network had more liquidityFor an institution thats so hell-bent on everything being in English, they should probably learn it.
Retweeted by extremelyonlinedefinitely the best thing I've seen all day
Retweeted by extremelyonline @BoldBebo agreed but why for you?Don't talk to me or my bowl ever again. 唐 @rahbuhkeh Like you could stop meeeeeeeIt's ramen night and I want everyone to know.
FINALLYYYYYY god. THANK YOU. Each and every one of you for listening to our record. Thank you for buying bundles. Thank you f
Retweeted by extremelyonlineim sad ingmar bergman didnt live to see this
Retweeted by extremelyonlineby popular demand, heres some stuff youll see on byte very soon. comment liking/replies more control over yo
Retweeted by extremelyonlinedont let that guy have the number one app tell your friends to download byte
Retweeted by extremelyonlineHello, adventurers. We are making Quest free for public school teachers. Additionally, if you run an after-schoo
Retweeted by extremelyonlineWhich #InsecureHBO character will say #entanglement first?4th month of lockdown is like
Retweeted by extremelyonline @Imani_Barbarin wow this is massive for you!!! congratulations!! 踢踢Yall...I have HUGE news!!! Ive signed with #PresentPerfectLiteraryAgency to represent my first book If I Were
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Retweeted by extremelyonlineAnd there is is. Beat for beat, just like I predicted. This is adding insult to injury. The time to act was when Or
Retweeted by extremelyonline @Dayhaysoos @KarimaDigital 100%Going LIVE in about an hour with another installation of our Creator conversations series. Today we're talking with
Retweeted by extremelyonline @TatiaMelendez @NolitaCannoli @NikkiTirado @tanzinavega 予予予 @TatiaMelendez @NolitaCannoli @NikkiTirado @tanzinavega That's what I gotta start doing for my rice batches. Just g @NolitaCannoli @NikkiTirado @tanzinavega No you're right I just haven't bitten the bullet @Bitcoin_Vegan @lopp i could talk about this with you for hours. the entire crypto space is full of dog whistles @Bitcoin_Vegan @lopp hooooo boy you hit the nail on the head with that one. the entire crypto space is like this, covertly and overtly @NikkiTirado @nostalgicuItra Badia has never let me down!!!Covid has sped this up
Retweeted by extremelyonlineWow. They honored the law.
Retweeted by extremelyonline @Dayhaysoos are definitely "haters" out there, but sometimes you really gotta consider the feedback. Are people you respe
Retweeted by extremelyonlineTurns out that today, not yesterday, is my double op-ed day. Here's my piece for @VICE on the Trump administration
Retweeted by extremelyonlineAdobos that won't let you down! Apoyemos las verdaderas marcas locales:
Retweeted by extremelyonlineI have gotten about 30 texts, several DMS and messages, plus @ replies, asking me, did you see what CEO said? This
Retweeted by extremelyonline @NikkiTirado @tanzinavega Srsly idk what I'm gonna doand i dont want the world to see me cause i dont think that theyd understand
Retweeted by extremelyonlineOk @begin - despite not being able to type your domain first time, every time... "being"? anyone? This is the smoot
Retweeted by extremelyonline @Ghadaaax Why not meeeeeeDamn maybe they'll start seasoning their food STEVE IRWIN EVER DO TO YO BITCHASS @STINGRAYS?
Retweeted by extremelyonlinethis is really really bad.
Retweeted by extremelyonline @ItzHunnieB__ @TaelurAlexis 踢返賤踢返How am I supposed to even live my life A shame. Dont care how good the beans taste though. Bye bye.
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Black people, GET INTO TECH. Now. Not tomorrow.
Retweeted by extremelyonlineSIGN THE PETITION FOR ELIJAH MCCLAIN!!! NOW !!!
Retweeted by extremelyonlineTwo of the BEST pieces of BLM content I saw last month was the talk around Black representation and Black experienc
Retweeted by extremelyonlineJuly 1st.
Retweeted by extremelyonline @TheBlackNerd Would. Watch. @LaceyKesler oh yeah ill follow you for this tweetHome made cheesy gordita crunch, tri-tip w/ sauteed rainbow chard & scapes, meatball hoagie, arrolladitos de repoll @MindofSnaps im a relatively new follower so it is just such a breath of fresh air to see how you use your platform, thank you When we talk about the need to work actively on being anti-racist, its bc some of the racism within us/our systems
Retweeted by extremelyonline @Ohthatflo @alex 弘弘 Def doesn't apply to my G600 tho; I just don't know how I can go back to playing games without @ParissAthena @ScottKirsner @BostonGlobe @BTPipelinea+ subheader
Retweeted by extremelyonlineWhen the content doesn't align with the message.
Retweeted by extremelyonlinehe's not wrong
Retweeted by extremelyonline @ny_indivisible @fienixtaranova Word!!!!Tech is not neutral, nor is it apolitical
Retweeted by extremelyonline @LoveAndShalom Chronological feed or nowhere @fienixtaranova Completely. The #CancelRent movement in NYC has been heating up these last 2 weeks or so as landlor @LawrenceHarmon Me shitposting instead of working
Retweeted by extremelyonline @alex @Ohthatflo Oh hell yeah this is way better than what I said @Ohthatflo @alex I typed like 3 tweets but deleted them all. I can't put my finger on it. It's not any one thing, i