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Mark Dalgleish @markdalgleish Melbourne, Australia

🦄 CSS Modules co-creator, Playroom, Braid, @MelbJS 🍦 TypeScripter, computational designer, dad x4 ☕ OSS / UI / design / tooling at @seekjobs ✌🏻 Isaiah 53

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Whenever I spend too much time working on layout components, I start to space out.
@tdesseyn @unicornfinders3 @SirJakeShep @DKThompson @jamonholmgren @dabit3 @Aimee_Knight @DThompsonDev @itsmadou @alexandereardon I do actually like the name, by the way 😅 @itsmadou @alexandereardon e.g. "Compiled" (Sorry, had to say it)
@markdalgleish once told me: if you can't figure out your css layout, trying building it in lego. And now I use dis…
Retweeted by Mark DalgleishWith so many website designs being updated to feature large border radiuses, I'm finding them much more well rounded. @ohpointybird Sorry, reworded it.It's interesting to note that, as soon as a repo gets popular on GitHub, it suddenly has a lot of clones.I've heard a few people talking about that new Node alternative, but I Deno anything about it. @matiasvj Don't laugh, call an ambulance!At this point, a desk that doesn't let me adjust the height is something I just can't stand for.
@scottmled I think you just invented mobile apps.Lots of designers try to avoid modals, but I don't think they should be so quick to dismiss them. @iTMayzIII I can't tell if this is a compliment or an insult.I have a feeling when @markdalgleish makes a tweet about modals it's going to be over the top
Retweeted by Mark DalgleishSome people struggle to read Tailwind classes, but I definitely see the utility.I want to write some jokes about Android app development but I'm afraid I don't have any material.I feel like I should keep using lint-staged but I just can't commit. @walshy_____ @p0pmaker I was probably thinking more generally in terms of variable names. When it comes to compone… @walshy_____ @p0pmaker I'd say that TypeScript has played a role in this. With dynamic typing, the 'is' prefix help… @_jayphelps Nope.I was going to work on removing the outlines around buttons when you click on them but I'm having trouble focusing. @sarah_federman On the spot / when inspiration strikes.Our <TextField> component's "X" button wasn't blanking out the field. Thought I could figure out how to fix it but it wasn't clear.
I tried to use a graphical UI builder once. It was a bit of a drag so I dropped it.I accidentally let my Egghead membership expire. I guess I didn't re-member.
@markdalgleish Me: **types my code incorrectly** Typescript: *Tsc tsc*
Retweeted by Mark Dalgleish @andy__carrell You could say I've really been un-leished.When writing a library in TypeScript, I have to admit that sometimes the type checking can feel a bit generic.
jQuery taught me two really important lessons: — The power of good APIs. Compared to native browser APIs, the equiv… @jeresig Wow, congrats! Thanks so much for all your work over the years—it was a massive influence on me.When I tell people about frameworks built on top of React, they always ask me—what's next?
I want to create some touch interactions using our design system but I'm afraid it'll just be a token gesture.The trouble with hiring web contractors is they come with a lot of markup.
Our industry can be so back-end focused at times, CSS developers really feel the need to justify self.
Rediscovering the joys of late night hacking., this looks incredible.
@kripod97 Congrats!! 🎉 @meijer_s @APKoponen Not yet, sorry. Hopefully soon. @APKoponen Been extracting our layout components into a standalone package while supporting any CSS approach, even… some styles to Tailwind and discovered they've opted not to include classes for flex-basis—but it turns o… @sentience @michaeltaranto Example: @sentience @michaeltaranto Ah, my mistake. The text sizes used to differ across screen sizes in some themes, but no… @sentience @michaeltaranto I'm assuming you know our type scale is internally responsive? If we wanted to allow con…
@dev__adi We ignore all node_modules *except* our internal UI packages, effectively treating them the same as app c…
@jordwalke Wow, end of an era. Congrats 🎉
@honzabilek4 Right handed.
Found the first major issue with coding on a vertical monitor. I went to share my screen in Zoom and suddenly realised I'd be *that* guy. @nickonometry A little, but doesn't feel like too much. @swyx For that premium TikTok experience.Utilitarian design is often mistaken for bad design. What's the difference? The perceived quality of a bad design… like on my phone, very few things I'm doing benefit from having more horizontal real estate.After experimenting with a vertical orientation for one of my two external monitors, I'm starting to wonder—why don… talk: do you prefer the Explorer on the left or right side? 🤔
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@gdhuyvetters Interesting. I looked it up and found this—is this what you're using? @gabsprates @bibleproject Often I'd watch the corresponding videos as I finished each book. Really nice way to get… podcast with @markdalgleish talking about the high level aspirations of Playroom is great. Creating a high lev…
Retweeted by Mark DalgleishMissing meetups. Missing conferences. Missing travel. Missing coffee runs. Missing pub lunches. Missing Friday work… @ddedandara 15" laptop on the left, widescreen monitor in the middle, vertical monitor on the right. Monitors are both 27", 4K. @SirJuha I have the panel at the bottom because my editor is on a vertical monitor. @gabsprates @bibleproject Hey! Yep—why do you ask?
This sounds super promising 👀 like this for two reasons: 1) It feels like it makes my code the focus rather than the editor UI. 2) I can togg… tip: You can move the sidebar/file explorer to the right-hand side of your editor via View > Appearance > Mo… before break my dudes and i put out a killer episode with @markdalgleish on his open source tooling he has cr…
Retweeted by Mark DalgleishFirst day coding on a vertical monitor. Hey, this is pretty good.
Based on some of the replies, I think some people have missed what's special here. This isn't about individual comp… React renderer without any UI. At first I couldn't tell if this project was a joke or not. Giving it a couple of…
@LucasArundell Mostly just rolled our own. We dabbled with Bootstrap a bit, but that was before my time. @robinweser I like to have one context per monitor, e.g. browser on one and code on another. I just rotated one of… two things together give me Ruby on Rails + Heroku vibes—except it's React, of course—and I'm so ready for it.Noticed that @blitz_js recommends for full stack hosting. Anyone tried it? Looks really promising. @AussieFlem Same.The M1 MacBooks can drive a 6K display, so that's a pretty good option if you're in the market for it, but that's n… @joelatwar Not enough DPI.Luckily I didn't find out by buying one. Yikes.Just found out the new M1 MacBooks—both the Air and the Pro—can only drive a single external monitor. Only the Mac…
@tdesseyn Victoria had zero covid cases for two months straight, but we've just had new cases show up in the past c…'s been 2021 here for 14 hours now, so—happy belated new year! 🎉
You know an @TheUndefinedIO episode is good when you're smiling like an idiot through most of it. We are currentl…
Retweeted by Mark Dalgleish @oleg008 Based on my initial impressions—only if you've got it too close. @NatanCieplinski @oleg008 "Coding directly in the minimap" — I like that!
Prettier makes vertical monitors a lot more practical than they used to be. Apart from comments, there's no risk of… @a_wizards_ghost I have two 27" 4K monitors that were both horizontal, but I've flipped one of them. I also have my… to give a vertical monitor a try. It's definitely interesting being able to comfortably fit over 80 lines of code on a single screen.
This is the real genius of React's Server Components. IMHO React's success in the big leagues was due to its flexib… @EmilTholin All good, I didn't take it personally. As always with my humour, it should be read the way you'd hear a joke over a pint 🍻 @jordwalke This freedom to move code across these boundaries is genuinely what got me into React in the first place… @EmilTholin And that's being generous. @EmilTholin It's not news to me that I'm a third rate Jordan Walke.With Server Components, React has gone from a client-side library that can render on the server to a server-side li… @Rich_Harris @youyuxi Incredible.
To help him get to sleep, my son asked me to play some "Mario Galaxy sleepy music." Not only did I find it on YouTu…
@KaitlynHova So many great lines like that. It's funnier to me now than when I was a kid.Merry Christmas everyone 🙏Luke 2:8–14 KJV14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,12 And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.