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Mark Dalgleish @markdalgleish Melbourne, Australia

🦄 CSS Modules co-creator, Playroom, Braid, @MelbJS. ECMAScript addict, JSX designer, meme dad x3 ☕ OSS / UI / design / tooling at @seekjobs 🍦🇦🇺✌🏻

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@aerdemekin I understand. If and when you laugh, just let me know. @DavidKPiano Really had to think about this one. @twiwdev is coming today, I'd appreciate a follow 🙏 😅 I'm adding a few new segments: 🟡 Roast my app/idea: you…
Retweeted by Mark Dalgleish @thingopoly I'm not qualified to answer this question. @DavidKPiano @BenLesh Looking forward to this!
Developers: We need 100% test coverage. Developers when their own money is on the line: Most tests aren't worth it.I made a meme @markdalgleish
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Ask not what your design system can do for you. Ask what you can do for your design system. @baumannzone @dan_abramov @samwalshconz Working together. What a novel idea. @ColbySieber Good point. @codervandal @mxstbr @ReactConfAU You're allowed to approach me. Not sure why you'd think otherwise. Would be cool to chat 👍 @samwalshconz Design systems, in our industry, are about defining your design rules in reusable code. Our industry… this actually makes me feel better. @d3portillo @Waseem99 @ReactConfAU Also first thing in the morning. @mxstbr @ReactConfAU At least a week's notice would be ideal, but I'm sure we can be flexible to accommodate. @codervandal @mxstbr @ReactConfAU lol what? @mxstbr @ReactConfAU Wednesday, March 11. @mxstbr @ReactConfAU If you come to Melbourne, maybe we could slot you in at MelbJS? @mxstbr @ReactConfAU Yeah!! 🙌 I'll be in Sydney from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday morning. @kentcdodds You're so patronizing.🎉 Excited to announce I'm speaking at @ReactConfAU. (Also excited to announce my new name)
2020 React encounters a mismatch between the client and server during hydration
Retweeted by Mark Dalgleish @jongold @dan_abramov People who work with computers and have siblings are the worst. @NateMatykiewicz Arial. @NateMatykiewicz This is funny enough that I'll forgive the use of Impact. @markdalgleish
Retweeted by Mark Dalgleish @andrewtfluck It's definitely something that we could support, just a question of whether we'd do it or not. We don… @andrewtfluck Not natively, but in our view, if you use treat to make atomic classes (as we do), the need to extrac…
@philipardeljan You're one of the good ones.Now you see why we think it's funny when you call it a spec.When a designer sends you their form mock up. @candeira This level was my life. @thekitze @reactacademy_ Still funny. @ScriptedAlchemy No, this isn't a meme. But it's important.Some really exciting work going on here by @ScriptedAlchemy, aiming to make independently deployed webpack builds "… @blacksheepcode I demand royalties. @markhench I can't believe JS is still a thing. I wish I could write all of my app logic in HTML attributes. @markdalgleish Woah you're famous. (Open Collective newsletter)
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@jongold 4/4 obvs.After listening to this for the 3 ½ times to get my head around everything that was said. I now believe that…
Retweeted by Mark Dalgleish @palashkaria @adamwathan @fullstackradio Yep, that's right, that's exactly the API we have. @v1rtl @MaTrost @arkosphilos I don't condone violence. @arkosphilos I only make fun of things people use. @AbolitionOf That's what's so good about it.When you learn React. that aren't memes are weird. It's like, don't you know memes exist?When you're sitting next to non-developers at the team lunch. @KentorThames @kentcdodds Correct. If only there was a way to use both approaches in a single project.
When you put a console.log inside your reducer. @acemarke @dan_abramov It means a lot to me.Started from the <Button />, now we’re here
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@ephemjs @aweary @ReactAmsterdam +1 for that beer and burger place. @muditameta Sure, this is good, but I value quantity over quality. @al_ameen_ak
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2020 into a javascript interview but the water bottle is a healthy knowledge of .reduce()
Retweeted by Mark Dalgleish @swyx You can configure Android to swipe back from edge now, by the way. @vamshi_codes Tough crowd. @Maplethorpej No, that's not it. I'm saying it's generally a good idea to unfollow me.
@shellscape Seems to have worked out.I'm going to war with @markdalgleish 🔥
Retweeted by Mark Dalgleish @AbolitionOf brb migrating my design system from React to InVision. @jon_neal @satya164 The simple fix is to not use any of them.This is your weekly/monthly/annual reminder that CSS Modules and CSS Modules are 2 different things. Either we need…
Retweeted by Mark Dalgleish @dym_sh Uhh, I think we might need to have a chat. @freiksenet Doesn't seem like a winning move, but sure. @a7sc11u @adamwathan @aarongarciah @fullstackradio Sounds cool. @MorganGeek JS-in-YAML @telmo That's fair. @ivorsco77 @Maplethorpej Unfollow. @BaharehHa @telmo That's the one.Don't worship JavaScript developers. Worship Jesus.In case you missed it yesterday, I was lucky enough to talk to @adamwathan on @fullstackradio about how we manage l… @shaonkabir8 @dabit3 @ladyleet @BenLesh @AdamRackis @DavidKPiano @benmvp @swyx @mjackson @housecor @samerbuna @andrewingram @adamwathan @fullstackradio We're all in a bubble here. This stuff is most definitely not common knowledge, in my experience.People say that, over the long haul, TypeScript speeds you up, but that's actually not true. If you never refactor… @chris_beef @shrutikapoor08 @dan_abramov @dabit3 @swcarlosrj @kentcdodds @ladyleet @BenLesh @AdamRackis our design system doc site with the latest version of playroom. Starting to use snippets to showcase compon…
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@chrismarx I actually agree with that scroll of truth though.🚀 New @fullstackradio is out! I talk to @markdalgleish about why your components should never have surrounding whi…
Retweeted by Mark Dalgleish @babacarcissedia Already done. @josericaurte
@round Same.