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lesbian 'lovers' tear PENIS OFF son and behead him
Retweeted by Mark Dice @TheRealOJ32 @KrisJenner When are you going to admit you murdered Nichole Brown and Ron Goldman?Why is a teen magazine promoting prostitution to their 13-year-old readers? @TeenVogue Why is a teen magazine promoting prostitution to their 13-year-old readers? @ABC @GStephanopoulos Is George Stephanopolous a midget?
@robreiner That's why we call you "Meathead." @RepDanCrenshaw Maybe just get China and Africa to stop polluting so much. @TMZ What kind of brain-damaged people actually care?G.I. Joe Father's Day PSA what the liberal lunatics are trying to do to Father's Day! 📺VIDEO:
Stop wasting your time arguing with idiots on twitter and go watch some of my excellent YouTube videos from this week! @ArisLavranos @realDonaldTrump I just watched “Retaliation”Dear @brianstelter - the whole world is aware of the decline and fall of @CNN so I would suggest you spend your Sat…
Retweeted by Mark Dice @realDonaldTrump Zartan, is that you?
@Timcast Meanwhile YouTube allows MSNBC to post clips of Rachel Maddow showing off Trump's stolen tax returns, and… anti-Christian bigots at @Pinterest are actively searching for YouTube videos that discuss the leaked documents… @nowthisnews Calling abortion murder isn’t misinformation. @APFactCheck Associated Press fact-checked a @CarpeDonktum meme! hahahahaha! Jones’ son @RealRexAJones just joined Twitter. Mainstream media meltdown in 3...2...1... What’s up Rex!Gee, you mean the neocon warmongers may be lying? That’d be a first. and YouTube both cracked down on our Pinterest insider story. At issue were leaked documents, which journal…
Retweeted by Mark Dice @towell_sharon You have now! @RichDB214 The copyright page is accurate. It came out in 2019.Contrast this with Mark Levin's book still being #3 and it has been out for three weeks now. Jim Acosta couldn't e… @iAppsSoftware At least I'm not banned from England! @ColePratt88 Only cuz it's warm. @KelliAnn96 Awesome!I'm still treated like the red-headed step child of conservative YouTubers though, even among my peers, but hey. T… my book outsold Jim Acosta's, and I'm just a guy on a laptop in my kitchen making YouTube videos that average 1/… see a pile of books, Jim, but where are the customers? hahahaha Acosta's book has dropped off the Amazon top 100 chart and is now at 137. It just came out two days ago hahaha. @NotSara_Sarah @ponymom48 @NotSara_Sarah @ponymom48 From when it came out. book, The True Story of Fake News, came out a year and a half ago, moron. And when it first came out it reache… @ponymom48 Moron. @NotSara_Sarah @ponymom48 That's in a specific category, not of all books, moron.MSNBC can post Rachel Maddow clips of her showing off Trump's stolen tax returns and that's not a violation of YouT… Tech get rekt EXCLUSIVE: Facebook's Process to Label You a 'Hate Agent' Revealed
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@LoonyLefties No. But I did autograph the one I sent to little brian.This book is outselling Jim Acosta's. 😂 Acosta's new book isn't even in the top 100 on Amazon. 😆 The listing says it's #94, but it's not included on t… @realDonaldTrump I'll send in my resume. Looking forward to hearing from you.Burning the American flag is free speech, but burning the gay flag is "hate speech"? Always insane double standar… happened to "no human is illegal?" hahahaha thought Joe Biden would be the voice of reason among the Democrat candidates, but they were wrong. Look how… @CBSNews Who would have thought the only time Mark Zuckerberg would tell the truth was in a fake video?! hahaha @ericswalwell Will you still be bold, without the bold? @CBSNews What happened to "Illegals Welcome"? hahahahHahahaha! Everything liberals do ends up backfiring on them at some point in time. — @Pinterest silences pro-life content, bans @LiveAction, and suppresses Christian terms. New video from…
Retweeted by Mark DiceTwitter censored them too!
Here's the Project Veritas video YouTube censored about the Christian-hating @Pinterest company. just censored @Project_Veritas's latest investigation into @Pinterest, claiming it "violated" their privacy… @MattAmerican 👍CNN's Brian Stelter says concerns about Joe Biden's sloth-like demeanor are off limits and insulting, but... @SantaCarlaGuy @TPUSA @stclairashley @realDonaldTrump Just do makeup tutorials or something honey, and leave politics to the grownups.Just do makeup tutorials or something honey, and leave politics to the grownups. News: Twitter has decided that investigative journalism is in violation of their terms of service -…
Retweeted by Mark DiceYou make $174,000 a year. (Paid for by hard working American tax dollars). You don't need a raise, commie. Steven Crowder making fun of some sissy is the end of the world.In what circle of hell is this considered funny? tweets by Jason Mustian, managing editor of @someecards, for your investigation @brooklundy1 We are expectin…
Retweeted by Mark DiceSo this is what liberals consider humor, huh? This is Sodom and Gomorrah level degeneracy. @TheJuanWilliams 2017 called. It wants the Trump/Russia conspiracies back.
@enews Imagine being so dumb that you actually care about these creatures!Can Eric Swalwell Be Any More Pathetic? 📺 VIDEO: @Pinterest has now permanently suspended @LiveAction’s account (my account remains suspended), claiming our…
Retweeted by Mark Dice @TMZ What kind of brain damaged morons actually care?The War Against YouTubers Continues 📺 VIDEO: @ericswalwell We know sir. We just don't care.Eric Swalwell is the kind of guy who would remind the teacher if they forgot to collect the students' homework by the end of class.
@PhillyD Once again, Phillp is only concerned about being lumped in with YouTube’s “radicals” instead of addressing…
Today's front page of the New York Times. A full on assault on YouTubers. Story claims videos are "radicalizing p… @PhillyD @nytimes Seems Philip is only concerned about himself for having been lumped in with YouTube’s “radicals”…
@MarkDice WATCH: Clips of Oliver Darcy on Comedy Cellar April 2018 Podcast discussing Alex Jones & Conspiracy theor…
Retweeted by Mark DiceThe extent of the young man’s “radicalization” was dating a Christian woman and getting a job in a warehouse. Mean…
Retweeted by Mark DiceNext thing you know, he’ll start watching the Scotty Kilmer channel and learning how to fix his own car!“It was kind of sad,” said Zelda Wait, a friend of Mr. Cain’s from high school. “I was just, like: ‘Wow, what happ…"He began referring to himself as a “tradcon” — a traditional conservative, committed to old-fashioned gender norm… hit piece on YouTubers in today's New York Times. The latest wave of censorship is just getting started.… @PhillyD @nytimes Poor Philip. Too much of a coward to denounce YouTube's growing censorship and liberal bias over… poll! (It's a copy of someone else's. I thought I'd see how my followers respond, for comparison. I'm very curi…
Retweeted by Mark Dice @lacaliforniaguy @realDonaldTrump It's moron dialect. @realDonaldTrump But dah liberal media said muh avocados were gonna cost $20 a piece dis summa.
@JoeySalads Bro, most of your "prank" videos are fake. Your "career" was build on fraud. And I blocked you becaus… @DailyCaller you know... @BPELive @Uber @lyft Careful, they man ban you for hurting their feelings! @MSNBC @Lawrence STOP THE HAMMERING!Carlos Maza Is Trying to Take the Heat Off Himself for Livelihoods Being Ruined (Don’t Let Him)
Retweeted by Mark DiceTech Oligarchs treat Conservatives as peasants -Carlos Maza's Reign of Terror
Retweeted by Mark DiceVox Reporter and YouTube Censorship Advocate Carlos Maza Defended Antifa, Encouraged Political Violence…
Retweeted by Mark DiceRetweet if you agree with @KanyeWest!
Retweeted by Mark Dice @delbius Rule Number 1: Liberals Don't Have to Follow the Rules @vijaya Rule Number One: Liberals Don't Have to Follow the Rules.Rule Number One: Liberals Don't Have to Follow the Rules. @TwitterSafety Why isn't Carlos Maza suspended then, for directing his fans to assault conservatives by "Milkshaking them all"?