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First ten Premier League games points tally Solskjaer 26pts from 30 Lampard 20pts from 30 Rodgers 19pts from 30 Mo…
Ed Backs Ole for Years to come! I'm LIVE
Retweeted by Mark GoldbridgeThis is why Champions League qualification is a dangerous obsession. Great to qualify but do United, Arsenal etc re… Card for Chelsea right or Wrong? I'm LIVE is this Davies for Bayern? Absolutely star tonight. What a player!If Mount goes to the Euros over Maddison or Grealish Southgate is a pratGame Over! I'm LIVE is World Class! Could have shot himself and produces a wonderful assist for GnabryCan Chelsea Do It? I'm LIVE Backs Ole for Years to come! I'm LIVE @Izzy30520117 Yep on That's FootballOdd flex....I've openly said give Ole till May and hope we get top 4. On the other hand I'm not going to ignore we… time we go on a little 2/3 game win run, it’s like everything is forgotten and Ole is the man for the future.
Retweeted by Mark GoldbridgeRemember what they did to Spurs in the Autumn Rory....hope you get a result though🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 denim....haven't seen that since the primary school disco in 91. And that kid that wore them got expelled This The End! Going For Goldbridge is back
Retweeted by Mark GoldbridgePires better than Giggs🤣 Been smoking too many of those organic cigarettes pal. Brings up Giggsy's brother in the… questions to any non-United fan followers. Are you genuinely concerned United could be laying foundations f… call should start with "We're hundreds of millions of pounds of debt!" and it should keep playing on the minu… saying signing Bruno is an important step in the right direction.....The club briefed the press last summe… @Lakshkataria7 It's unfortunate you can't discuss football without being a prat. But here's quick maths for you. 5… an agenda is it to prefer a younger, faster McTominay....Everyone knows Matic has been good but the clean sh… fans thinking Poch is a done deal.....Woodward wants Ole to stay as long as possible. Because he's cheap and… @UnitedStandMUFC The REAL reason United fail. This man is making the decisions and he's a bank managerIs This The End! Going For Goldbridge is back to United moves closer @UTDChris17 Playa De Las Americas. Was good for three days but then it's got very repetitive at the same bars. Not…,000 tourists at Tenerife hotel 'are quarantined' after Italian holidaymaker tested positive for coronavirus... S… ridiculous will it be for UEFA to ban City for two years but then they could easily win it this season? Makes a… @UnitedStandMUFC Seen United playing well with Bruno and wants a piece of the action. What a surprise lolGoing for Goldbridge back today! Get your non-football topics and questions below
@utd_Jack_ We've played a back 5 with Matic more. Of course we've conceded lessPeople quoting this tweet saying "We kept a clean sheet against City with Matic" like De Gea didnt have a Worldy, t… fans burning their West Ham scarvesSalah 90+4 Mane pen 90+12 3-2 Liverpool incomingJinx powers are legit't even pretend Liverpool won't win thisI'm LIVE 2009 United sold Ronaldo to Real Madrid for 80 million. What would he go for in today's market at the same age?… teams Fear Martial! It's The Goldbridge Breakdown
Retweeted by Mark GoldbridgeMatic has been good but if we're real it's time to get McTominay and Fred reunited for Everton. Because Matic will… @UTDReds11 Robbie is clear to be fairW saw the light tagging me about what a difference Bruno will make to United like I haven't been saying it for a year
Retweeted by Mark GoldbridgeReally enjoying watching United now Bruno has arrived. BUT it will always be the season we screwed up because the b… @Jaack Oxtail @rioferdy5 me neitherReal Talk? It's way too early to say Ole's turning a corner & maybe he's the right man. Watford were bad. Chelsea w… @AriNandi3 @B_Fernandes8 And? @B_Fernandes8 Where we eating tonight?People need to stop comparing Mason Greenwood to Van Persie. At Mason's age Robin had played 17 games for Feyenoord…"amazing talent" Brandon Williams: “We've showed that we can also play together & I love to play with him... we all… teams Fear Martial! It's The Goldbridge Breakdown are Arsenal fans are in this thread? Top 4 strikers with most shots doesn't include Aubameyang. I'm a United fa… free. When you know you knowTop 4 strikers with most shots in Prem this season Jimenez 12 goals from 91 shots Salah 14 goals from 84 shots… Mason Greenwood goal is going to look like am RVP goal because he's got a delightful left foot. But it's time…
Watching MOTD 2 Maguire Anthony Martial Fred Luke Shaw All flops apparently.....
Retweeted by Mark GoldbridgeMatch of the Day 2 and chill for the first time since 2012 @ArsenalAtHeartt Nah, we can walkI don't even have to rant when we concede anymore because most of the time it gets disallowed lol @McGarriglerory7 It's not even that. It's that prospect of it being taken away while they check itSaddest thing about VAR is every game I watch a goal go i in I don't enjoy it as much as I have the last thirty yea… the best fancam in football! My guilty pleasure every week to be honest To Save Ole's Job! I'm LIVE
Retweeted by Mark GoldbridgeArsenal up to 9th!Bring on Everton next week. Keep another clean sheet and we'll score at least two against their defenceNot sure how Everton haven't got a draw here? Big win for Arsenal but not really what Everton deserveNot sure there deserves to be a loser in this game?Andre Gomes back playing in the same season he got that horror injury! "Some" players wouldn't be back until it suited themFair play Arteta! Arsenal all over Everton this halfThat Everton defence is shit.....How do you concede a goal like that when the cross is so telegraphed it's got a stamp on it @utdcarlos @DonMartinelli @RiZzyUTD 11th @RiZzyUTD Rent free they say. Yet they search for United fans tweeting about their team when their team is playing...Actually hope Everton don't win this simply because they'll be two points behind us and play us at Goodison next week.Oh and Leno is shit a game! Everton equalise in added time of first have added timeGood game this Arsenal Everton game. Neither can afford to draw if they want a chance of top 5 and they're playing like itAubameyang scoring because Martial is lolGot to say....What a goal by Arsenal. Saka cross is World Class and the finish lovely. Class is class and that was a lovely goal to watchHarry Maguire Anthony Martial Fred Luke Shaw All flops apparently.....Sporting got robbed for Bruno lol! He'll be worth 100 million by mid MarchThat has to go down as an assist for sideshow Bob in the Everton goalAnthony Martial has 10 goals and 3 assists in 21 games Aubameyang has 15 goals and 1 assist in 25 games People sai… To Save Ole's Job! I'm LIVE Martial is lazy....three in three. Top classVarchester United lolTwo holding midfielders is the problem. No runners from midfield makes it easy to defend againstLuke Shaw saving us already. Terrible startBailly dropped for Lindelof! I'm LIVE McTominay is back but I'd play Matic. What's happening to me!Right! We don't leave this say without 3 points from Watford. No more slip upsTyson Fury take a big fucking bow! One of the most complete boxing performances I've seen! Wasn't even close! Took Wilder apart
What is the point in the recorder? Teach you how to play three blind mice on it as a kid whilst sounding like you'r… will play Thursday't wait up for that but it's always better than getting up early time is the Fury fight then? @UTDHarveyy Tap