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Books: Pictures at a Revolution (08), Five Came Back (14, Netflix 17), Mike Nichols (21). Writer/columnist, @nymag/@vulture. Tweets, politics, errors my own.

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Graham has become so proud of standing for absolutely nothing. It's as if he suddenly thought, "What if craven spin… @LindaEmondNYC Yeah, I need more info about 29.This whole thread is like Xanax. @mikedolanindc It was truly a pleasure! Glad you're enjoying it.Reading this also clarified for me that QAnon won't burn itself out because it's rooted in an addiction to narrativ… is a very good story that strongly suggests isolation, loneliness, and accumulated disappointment in life as Q… @TerryTeachout1 I found it for rent on Amazon! It's...maybe not worth your time.This is probably not the best moment to announce that I just finished watching a 1962 Rosalind Russell movie called… @adambvary @joereid Take it up with Harper.
For anyone who needs cheering up today: The GOP spent $365 million to turn two Georgia Senate seats blue. 💰🚽😂Republicans spread this disease, and Republicans are going to have to cure it., these people and their COURAGE! It's like an all-gerbil remake of A Man for All Seasons."If it wasn't my job I would have done it for free. It was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insu…
Retweeted by Mark HarrisOne Night in Miami is on Prime and Promising Young Woman and News of the World are on PVOD if you want to have a ca…
One of the many horrific effects of the Trump years is that Congress is now home to wildly unqualified seditionist… itself is interesting enough to stay with. It's a very meta take on the Marvel Exhausting Universe, in… have now watched the first episode of WandaVision, which is 22 minutes long and a sharp departure from Marvel sty… has a new half-hour series called WandaVision but before you watch it you're encouraged to watch "Legends,"… I was on the phone with this week said "and cetera" to me three times this a thing all of a sudden? Isn't life hard enough?Listen to the last second--and I do mean the last second.'m sorry there won't be more High Maintenance (and this announcement feels very odd, like there's more to the stor… is talking right now. It's earnest and a little boring. I could cry with joy.So the people who want to cancel my marriage, my friends' citizenship, and every woman's right to reproductive free…
When sometime next week, the Qnatics pivot to "Biden actually died 8 months ago and it is his double who was sworn…'s so rare to see a sequel that outdoes the original. thread, my God. Staff meetings must be absolute hell.
UWS realness presumably meant "I cannot emphasize ENOUGH" and on one level, it is unsurprising that nobody in this tail-end s… new Trump video is the most "This you?" thing ever made. But beyond that, it contains this stunner of a botched… @KBAndersen I believe the formal name for that wing is "us."Credit to Donald Trump, who loves calling things "record-breaking" and finally broke a record.Gen Zers, please reach out to your idiot cousins."I don't know them." --Abraham Lincoln, watching"None of this would have happened if Black people would just stop complaining about cops killing them" is the heart… @BCDreyer @NancyDreyer I yield.This is very My District! should be a comma after "congressman," but in the spirit of unity and healing and moving forward, I ask you to ignore reality.So perfect that Ronny Jackson, the doctor who gave Trump some phony thumbs-up and then became a GOP congressman is… Jordan somehow brought Chuck Yeager and the moon landing into his anti-impeachment argument if you're wondering… your political base has a "might murder me" wing, this would be a good time to examine the path that brought you here.Finally: These are not the same thing., for the 1000th time, the Kael/Nixon quote is NOT an example of bubble thinking but of recognizing that bubble… you say when you know literally no regular humans: is the fifth Republican House member to come out for impeachment, citing Trump for a "pathetic denouncement of… you enjoyed our Studio System double feature tonight! Many thanks to @tcm for not using the part where I knock… Debbie. Debbie has never been to an airport. Debbie is in Congress. are all disgraceful, including Steve Scalise, a man so irredeemably craven that he got shot and still calls me… entitled, traitorous piece of shit seems 100% like the kind of person who would be rude to a security guard ju… We shouldn't depend on the complicit to do the right thing. On to impeachment. a break from our burning world? It's Week 2 of @tcm's Studio System and at 8 p.m. @aliciamalone, @kimmasters,…
@JamesSurowiecki @IChotiner @jbarro @chrislhayes @TPCarney It seems relevant that Barrett's entire (extremely short… man Tyrone Power was 20th Century Fox's answer to Errol Flynn. @MarkHarrisNYC explains how the star machi…
Retweeted by Mark Harris @pinotgrigino I don't disagree, but 50 or 60M Americans are affected by mental health issues, and treating it as a… 1. Talking about mental illness is not the same as excusing behavior. 2. Talking about mental illness is not… need to talk more about the overlap between Trumpism and mental illness. What if this woman had had a weapon?, the current NYT and Washington Post headlines tell one story: He knew. He didn't care. He still doesn't.… and I briefly intersected at the very beginning of our careers, at New York Woman magazine. She was dazzling.… @ChrisNashawaty Fantastic!This story is terrifying. And as we now know, or should know, the people who have been terrified all along were rig… make sure it's completely fair, the commission should consist of five people who committed sedition and five who…
Reserving judgment until I have rock-solid info on Fred and Ethel @selfstyledsiren If necessary, I am available to be quoted about the book as "someone close to the author."This comes out in 22 days and I'm 99% sure America will have calmed down by then and everything will be super-norma… cases in New York state hit an all-time high this week. would bet right now that this officer will be sitting next to Dr. Jill Biden at the State of the Union address ne…, "I wanna be President of the United States and if I can't be that I wanna be Mayor," is what a four-year-old…'m excited for him to unveil his universal basic four-bedroom apartment policy. @KellenCox I didn't say impeachment should be delayed. I was referring the Senate trial that follows impeachment, w… could be wrong, but I think a big Jan/Feb/Mar story will be revelations about the Trump-era trashing of various c… reason I'd be okay with a delayed Senate impeachment trial is that Biden MUST have a full cabinet confirmed imm… just want a country where I tweet all weekend about Netflix's Dream Home Makeover because nothing much is going o… gentleman makes some excellent points.
"Blue ribbon." Jesus. This is an embarrassment and a disgrace on every level. This video is not of the officer who was murdered, but of a different D.C. officer this lynch mob was attem… I don't have any way of knowing if this is the officer who was murdered, and that's not really the point.Almost unbearable to watch. Watch it. John Heilpern, a robust and contentious theater critic who knew how to tell good Kushners from bad. Here was hi… officer, who, outnumbered, thought incredibly fast on his feet and may well have saved the lives of elected re… is extraordinary. It was so close to being so much worse. this week, discipline of Cruz and Hawley in the Senate next week, investigations and evidence-gathering… revelations about this administration that will begin emerging as soon as it's out of power are going to make t… the interest of unity, healing, and cooling passions a little so that we can all move forward together, every si… you're afraid that your base will kill your family if you tell it the truth, maybe it's time for that freeze-fra… @emilynussbaum He had nothing to do with this! It happened in broad daylight which as you know makes it impossible for him to be present. @MrDanZak One uninterrupted shot."Equally irresponsible." From a quarantined Congressman who didn't live through it. is why talk of "healing" is obscene. This happened three days ago. It could easily happen again. We are not in… thread suggesting a plausible path to Josh Hawley's expulsion from the Senate.
Republicans controlled the Presidency for four years, the Senate for six, SCOTUS endlessly, the House until 2018. T… disease does not get to weigh in on how we heal from it. set this fire. It's theirs to douse. When they drag the people they lied to back to sanity, we can disc…, any discussion of how to find unity, end the partisan divide, reach common ground, etc. is wildly inappropria…’s painfully clear that the initial live tv shots we all saw, and may be all that many people see, didn’t reveal…
Retweeted by Mark HarrisNo one in media has done more to confuse, mislead, or stoke the paranoia of angry white people with the lie that so… all the legitimate discussion about how dark web madness and arcane conspiracy theories fueled the attack, let'… you haven’t been following this thread you should read it up to the IDs of these two zip tie guys. It’s incredib…
Retweeted by Mark HarrisFrom the police officer in that video who was seen screaming in pain as insurrectionists nearly crushed him. don't believe two-thirds of the Senate would vote to expel Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley. But I imagine that the votes…