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Books: Pictures at a Revolution (08), Five Came Back (14, Netflix 17), Mike Nichols (21). Writer/columnist, @nymag/@vulture. Tweets, politics, errors my own.

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@FilmNerdDave Not any more. that Lachlan Murdoch is doing more to destroy this country than any single media executive in America and… @ellataylorwrite And longs for 1852.The obit he deserves. (Thread.) it like it is. thought Trump would wait another month or so before going full Klansman, but no. pause for a moment to take this in. would be helpful if every white man who wrote a story or a tweet explaining that Kamala Harris is a "safe choice" would post a selfie.
Democrats in disarray! @davidfolkenflik There but for luck goes every single one of us.leaving Twitter now, bye @davidfolkenflik Dude.FINALLY, a Harris makes good. @RickieSamson @vulture @abrahamjoseph I don't think anyone will guess mine, but you never know......check out @sarahw's reconstruction of a flop I'd never heard of, Paris Is Out! people! This week @vulture is running Stage Dives, a great 5-part series on Broadway's most fascinating flo… isn't a single thirsty journalist with an "I have it on good authority that..." followed by an unsubstantiate… it burned. It all burned down and there are no police, just people on every other corner who have been empower… @jhoffman I have eaten the [redacted] that was in the icebox and which you were probably saving for breakfast etc.
@ErikLundegaard @sternbergh It gets rough by season 8. @sternbergh On The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda had a pretty sister who got married. She was never mentioned or ack… @sternbergh [quietly slides my pilot script and series bible for POTSIE AND RALPH back in the desk drawer] @TheLivingMJ Very strong feeling that you were a One Life to Live guy!While the president tweets about college football, please read this story about actual human reality. @DavidPoland And watching Elaine May count silently to ten...I laughed out loud. @DavidPoland I think that's in part because with the Smith/Caine story, Simon was trying to do Noel Coward. But I a… @DavidCRooney1 I can't recommend it except as a kind of jolting document of...not even that era, but that particular kind of comedy.There are 3 plotlines (out of 4) in California Suite that no movie could (or should) use now. And the fourth featur… that PERRY MASON is over, I await HBO's new dark drama about a Prohibition-era New York union organizer who wil… @RealDHandelman You'll have to see how it plays out in the book! @RealDHandelman HER edict!I cannot think of an odder "Jane Fonda x3" festival than the Criterion Channel's Barbarella, Fun with Dick and Jane…
@KBQWrites It does "industries."One thing I love about the fictional small cities in daytime soaps is that they all have an international airport,… @sarahw There are a lot of endnotes and an index and a bibliography! But yeah, it's about 600 pages of book.Update to this tweet: I am VERY VERY happy to share the news that Mike Nichols: A Life will be published on Feb. 2, 2021. More info to come! @KenJennings And in the other direction, Milk Duds. @TracyInfield Not to worry! I'm sure it'll work out okay.If you actually like that tweet, we are permanent friends.IMPORTANT GAY NEWS: I'm watching the 1954 Star is Born, and when Esther wins her Oscar (there are only 4 nominees),…
Honestly, I know it says "Sara realizes she's in trouble" but based on this, it seems clear that Tamara, Pete, and… is the summary of an episode of a TV show that's streaming on Amazon. @kevinddaly @selfstyledsiren It's cool that Bradley Cooper presented!Speaking of, I heard this exchange yesterday on the street: Woman: Put on a mask! Man (grinning): I'm comfortable t… could have coronavirus under control in six weeks if we did what this op-ed suggests. Our unwillingness to do so… can all move on with other aspects of our lives because Twitter will not make a better contribution to this day. the CW's worst new superhero show. workers need disaster relief. white president is doing it so I guess it's okay now.
Someone very smart said to me today, "I think we're going to have to live like this for another 12 to 18 months," a… @nickconfessore ...because they say "Don't come near me."My dog put so much thought into trying to solve this today. @aoscott American didn't do this! I'm taking that as a win. @ScottFeinberg I want it absolutely clear that I am not old enough to remember this! @ScottFeinberg I'm not sure, but I think it was a one-shot? Like, Xerox agreed to be the sole sponsor and so it got… @ScottFeinberg That was a very strange movie--it was an anti-drug-trafficking drama with an all-star cast none of w… @DineshDSouza I mean, maybe in prison, but not elsewhere.
@secupp @NYDailyNews Biden or Trump will be president. Pick the one who's better for the country. And consider that… that the people on the right who are doing this are the same ones who have been braying about "the mental… closely. Anybody who talks about Michelle Obama's "low-grade depression" with contempt is, I am going to say… you slap a label on them, like Gen Z, it suddenly reads as "Ah, here is an important paradigm shift." But if y…'s the thing: It's interesting to know what v. young people like. It's less interesting to know what they hate,…, generalizing about generations is dumb, pitting them against one another is counterproductive and ageist, and… will announce this in mid-October even if it's made of Tang and rat poison."Bored young people hate this thing or person that you like" is not an interesting story genre to me, and it does n…
Multiple members of the staff of her show have been accused of sexual misconduct. "Fully support her" in what? The… critics I know are not thin-skinned enough to be miffed by this dopiness, but the "pittance" argument is an ug… from the Ministry of Silly Talk:, scientific, medical, and epidemiological reality IS a thorny "logistical issue."
@thehighsign @BilgeEbiri Please enjoy the half-drained Solo cups and vapor trail of rage I leave in my wake! @thehighsign @BilgeEbiri Yes! I am pro-theater! And pro-movies! With that I will butt out, with sincere apologies for butting in. @FCardamenis @BilgeEbiri @thehighsign I know you have to be aware of the absolutely scrupulous attention paid to ma… @BilgeEbiri @thehighsign No, you didn't. I'm just saying that "movies won't be movies anymore" is more forbiddingly… @BilgeEbiri @thehighsign ...just as if you see a film in a mostly empty theater with low light and a damaged screen… @BilgeEbiri @thehighsign I'm not saying theatrical isn't the ideal. But there are already huge classes of people ex… @BilgeEbiri @thehighsign That they were still plays, with the inherent properties of plays. And movies have their o… @thehighsign @BilgeEbiri More than half of the movies I grew up were on television. I truly hope exhibition comes b… @thehighsign @jpliskin There are so many movies you can't see any other way. @thehighsign @KPSull But less than two adults and a kid would pay for tickets in many (most?) cities. At least, I i… is emphasizing that they see this as an anomaly, but the entirety of movie history is "anomalies" turning in… is going straight to Disney+ on Sept. 4, at a super-premium of $29.99 that I suspect a lot of families w…'s strange to see responses along the lines of "Hahaha you idiot he has no self-awareness." Do people still not k…"Good news! We've found something for you to do where NOTHING can go wrong. You just have to read this..." @zinoman @vcunningham @Paul_R_Elie She's one of my favorite American writers and I felt enriched and challenged by…'m just here today to see the exact moment when he realizes how that interview went.Coming tomorrow: "Did you see how that Austrian tried to trip me up?" @fleckryan1 At least that guy could play an instrument!I mean..., he is STUPID. It's not the only thing he is and it's not the worst thing he is, but this is quite a reminde… @Thirdmanmovies It's "wroted."
There is nothing quieter in the universe than the 15 seconds after I hit "SEND" on a story and just sit at my desk staring.Nobody remembers that pre-coming out, the sitcom Ellen was a revolving door. Seems worth revisiting. thing nothing is going on in Texas right now that requires the attention of a Senator. @franklinleonard Right, as if Hollywood needs one MORE level of risk aversion.I would like to see more discussions of pieces of pop culture as problematic-AND: Problematic AND interesting, prob… @jeremyoharris Damn it, I really wanted "he's my upstairs" to be a new thing.Very interesting thread here about writing plays and the pressure to be productive. @Glenn__Kenny "We Don't Need To Talk About Kevin--He's Fine!"Most days when I wake up I check to see if he's still alive. Today I didn't have to.
How do Democrats not have a declared winner in #NY15 six weeks after the primary?