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Books: Pictures at a Revolution ('08), Five Came Back ('14, Netflix '17), Mike Nichols ('20). Journalist: @vulture etc. Tweets: Cheerful, curious, mad, serious.

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I am reading a crime novel from the 1940s in which one character derisively refers to a lesbian as "a Liz." Was tha… @jon_frosch "I'm so progressive about LGBT stuff that I can act as if it doesn't matter and concentrate on his white maleness." okay sure.WIthout collusion, I'm concerned that the only thing Democrats will be able to use against Trump in 2020 is literally every other issue.
@J_fassler @Hwy2Hysteria He also has to get past a lot of straight white men. I wouldn't worry that his path is going to be too easy.Well, well, well. Maybe it's NOT just a Twitter thing. at anyone saying the Mueller Report is going to affect the 2020 election. Come back on Twitter in a week and ha… @abrahamjoseph I think "one last time" was about 875 tweets ago.Glad we're moving swiftly to the "This exonerates him completely but you can't see it, just trust us" portion of the timeline.Whatever happened to season 2 of Mindhunter?I've been lucky to see a lot of good theater this year but the double debut of Jeremy O. Harris with Slave Play and…
@thegridkid Spelling Bee question: Why is TANTRIC acceptable but not PRIAPIC? I challenge you to answer this without blushing. @KellyABlanton Dammit, I was rooting for that horse to get a couple more hours. @cinementalist I think the ellipsis placement is movie-referential though. Like, Once Upon a Time in...The West? No… is Twitter's religious tradition, we will now observe 36 hours of refusing to accept an apology. Side fights abo… to Barbra Streisand, who served valiantly as Twitter's main character from 8 p.m. on March 22 to 5 p.m. on…
Retweeted by Mark HarrisAlmost every person I know in South Bend, Indiana is sharing stories like this about Mayor @PeteButtigieg & I’m not…
Retweeted by Mark HarrisNever get so famous you think everything that crosses your mind should be said out loud.Congratulations to Barbra Streisand on becoming Twitter's new main character! @coyotegoth Thank you--I loved learning about him and writing about him.VERY belatedly catching up with S2 of Dear White People and in the first episode students are discussing American d…
Reupping this from Jan. It's up to us. This very long report constitutes a two-year exploration of about 3% of what makes Trump a terrible presi… of us right now. always thought "hit send at 5 p.m. on Friday and then be unavailable" was just me. I am moved to see it become a part of history.The closest current race in @TheAcademy's March Madness Best Picture bracket. We should not be wasting time with th… up sleeves arranges desk makes list flosses does dishes checks Twitter clears throat rearranges desk cracks… @mattklewis Now do it with this map, in which only people vote, not mountains and fields. is nothing going on anywhere else in the Democratic presidential field that is as baffling to me as this. binged all six episodes of Shrill. 👍👍👍👍👍👍 And an extra 👍 for John Cameron Mitchell's hair.I have so many feelings about Twitter right now but if I could sum it up in one tweet it would be that talking abou…
If anybody ever starts an email to me with "I noticed you opened my email five times and...", they are out of my life forever.What? Is this a thing people do now? If so, goodbye. @petersagal Metaphorically!Screw any writer's guide that tells you not to use adverbs. ["American Sonnet for the New Year," by Terrance Hayes… @JillFilipovic Doesn't the history-making nature of his candidacy complicate him as a stand-in for imbalanced gende…
This is an enthrallng interview by a master of the Q&A, and one of its lessons is that if you go in knowing your st…“You want a social life with friends...” Still the best thing I’ve ever read about “work/life balance”:…
Retweeted by Mark Harris @Scimommy Yes, and I enjoyed it a lot--it's a very goodhearted show. @MrHoward Having to stand next to a war veteran half his age should do the trick. Also, remember, Trump has little… @MrHoward Uh, no, not unless he was dressed as a cheeseburger. @poniewozik Sure, that will happen in no time flat, and then we'll learn more about him. But right now, for my own… have absolutely no idea which Democrat I'm voting for yet. But I think this one is genuinely smart and thoughtful… I finished watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in case anyone wants to chat about it with me two months ago.Free Solo @parabasis It's really more for Ibsen. @parabasis Do Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor. @biscuitkitten @jwhite1811 Thanks for the endorsement!Well, I found him: The actor who was on every TV series ever made.
@chrislhayes So an in-studio reenactment is out too, I guess? can see it for yourself in this essay he wrote for @vulture, which captures with great honesty some of the e… friend @scottabridged is a frightening multitalent who went from award-winning theater critic to 2-time 2019 WGA… theater-adjacent recommendations for you: 1) The season finale of High Maintenance was one of its all-time grea… last four days were interesting for me. Not tweeting: Easy. Almost tweeting because something made me angry: Di… to share some fine news!
Taking a moment to think over what I put here and what I take from here. Back very soon!
This is moral leadership. @SeanPMeans He's strong--very present and alert and connected to the other actors and to the text. @KamBrothers I've seen stage versions as short as 3:20 and as long as 4:15 (not counting intermissions in either case).It's SO long--three and a half hours (and John Frankenheimer's 1970s version is FOUR hours)--and so reiterative. Yo…'m watching a 1960 TV version of The Iceman Cometh that Sidney Lumet directed. The image is soft and degraded, and…
Liking this candidate more every day. congrats to @heybonanos on his National Book Critics Circle award for this enthralling piece of work. Read it… @adammc123 The average price for a sold apartment in that building is $7 million. With all due respect, the bourgeoisie wishes! @AndySwift That was new territory.The AUDACITY of the final shot of last night's episode of The Other Two! If you're not watching, I urge you to catc… wrote about why Gunn's firing was wrong for @vulture last July--and revisiting this piece, I can't help but notic… is the right decision. keep snagging on "senselessly," as if there's no explanation for this. It is in Trump's interest to talk about an… must be a small tear in Sean Hannity because something got out. me politely suggest that "gay culture" is not the villain here. @elongreen That is my plan. @annehelen 17 months since the Jennifer Aniston/Reese Witherspoon series was announced.
@PaulSchnee hahaha, yes, I am! @BCDreyer @selfstyledsiren In the Heat of the Night of the Following Day for Night!Come on. Somebody be a hero. @FeldmanAdam In which case I assume Ron Silver gets 20 years. @JanetMaslin This was so much fun, despite my grim and fearful expression! (It's as if I knew...) On the bright sid… @davidehrlich [sorry, that should have been a period, not a comma). @davidehrlich This person has a small enough client list (shocker, I know!) so that to out him would make it easy f… got a snappish reply back basically saying that my affability confirmed his sense that I was not interested en…, here's a first in my career as a journalist: I asked an actor's agent if I could interview his client for a b… @comedyfilmguy Have other shows with similar ratings levels been renewed? We'll never know since Netflix doesn't re…"I never watched the show but blah blah blah representation is important" is as bad an argument as "We canceled the…'m sorry to see that Netflix has canceled One Day at a Time, a heartfelt freshening of an old-fashioned format. Th… is such great news. to Breitbart on how the left plays tough: "I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the…
Retweeted by Mark HarrisIt appears to have first been announced three months before Warner Bros. released L.A. Confidential. I'm all for sc… movie, announced today appears to have been in development at Warner Bros. for at leas… @jmkarmstrong Charticle only, please. @sternbergh "Please hit thumbs up...please hit thumbs up.... please... please... please...JUST DO IT! DO IT! HIT TH… OF GUILT: THE LORI LOUGHLIN STORY, starring Felicity Huffman GUILT OF ADMISSION: THE FELICITY HUFFMAN STO…
I want a billion dollars and also to break the back of all non-Trump media, says teenage boy who is not at all defi… @TVsGeorgePrax @chrislhayes Superbad intentionally put the word in the mouths of sexually insecure adolescent boys.… @chrislhayes May I add something? I cannot wall off Carlson's use of the word "faggot," in 2006, at 37, as performa… @CharlesPPierce @chrislhayes I believe George W. Bush referred to all of us as a "focus group" that he felt comfort… George Morfogen, a mainstay of HBO's Oz and a reliably wonderful, understated presence on the New York stage fo… @BretStephensNYT @DavidAFrench Does "faggot" count as an idea? If it does, maybe you could have a turn "rebutting"… @WomanWhoWeaves My father was long dead when I applied to college. My mother was a physician. But joking aside, the…, but ONE MORE CRASH killing 180 people and Trump is going to give the head of Boeing a VERY STRONG TALKING-TO.