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Books: Pictures at a Revolution ('08), Five Came Back ('14, Netflix '17), Mike Nichols ('21). Oscar stuff: @vanityfair. Tweets, politics, and errors my own.

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@Breznican It's my band name. @GuyLodge @jasondashbailey It's a tie-in timed to the release of 2 Woke 2 Serious. @GuyLodge @jasondashbailey I am staying out of this because it has taken me a week to recover from being called a "… need at least two of you to write attention-grabbing "#Actually Parasite Is Bad" hot takes before I believe it can win Best Picture. @froomkin I assume it was his refusal to free those women from their NDAs. @froomkin I am also very curious about the unelaborated-upon "I'm going to call the candidates and ask them a few more questions first."Five, four, three, two, one: I count down the likeliest best picture winners for @VanityFair. (And reserve the righ… @theferocity Yes, the deputy editorial page editor. You can start watching this at 45:00 if you have Hulu to see ho… first item is the one that startled me. For weeks this has been hyped, implicitly, as a collective decision of… things you would not know if you only read the NYTimes dual endorsement but didn't watch the Hulu special: 1.… @VanityFair Will make a final decision on which two movies will win Best Picture at the top of the hour.Posting a new piece on the Best Picture race for @VanityFair tomorrow and I revised it three times in the last 36 hours.Is everything an awards show now? @benschwartz_ You should see All Quiet on the Western Front."What an interesting endorsement. In light of that, I'll have to reconsider my own position." --nobody in the histo… @selfstyledsiren And not a wasted minute. (Okay, MAYBE Bill's monologue explaining what theater is could go.)
@adambvary @davidehrlich ignore this person @davidehrlich This is completely adorable! [polite pause] Your baby wants you to alphabetize those DVDs.David Caruso and the Wicked Witch of the West made a 30-second movie together. @areelofonesown I didn't say I was sad.I don't miss Harvey at all, but I'm just taking a moment to acknowledge the absence of whatever Judi-Dench-as-Sojou… @DPD_ which is that a soldier in action or combat doesn't experience "war" as anything more than the immediate thre… @DPD_ 100% disagree. The device forces you instantly to confront the fact that the action of the movie is going to… @DPD_ I would not call a movie whose entire arc of action is a soldier on a desperate mission to tell troops not to…“It doesn’t sufficiently explain that war is bad and pointless so it might give the Dumbs the wrong idea” Is every… think 1917 is a very good movie. It's one of six of the Best Picture nominees that would make my personal top 25… number of people explaining how terrible 1917 on Twitter this morning tells you exactly how quickly it's ascended in the race. @SamuelAAdams You'll get it as long as you follow it up with this immediately. don't think we have a lock for the Best Picture Oscar yet, but we certainly have a frontrunner, and given how aty… the winner is [of course] 1917. @PeterGleick Not for a very long time. I'm going to try to watch this whole collection.Thanks to the several people who have told me it WAS shot in a mall! Amazing. But then they leave and...this happen… Guild of America award to be announced shortly. Hope: Parasite Expect: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Will… @simonsaybrams Really? I had hopes for that one!At 11, I loved this, bc of brief nudity, Michael York, Farrah, and a premise so sellable that Warner Bros. has spen… the less said about No Blade of Grass (1970)--prescient environmental apocalypse premise but hooooboy. Now… @mattprigge I made it through about 45 minutes of No Blade of Grass. I'm trying to find something nice to say about… know, like you do when some idiot flushes the toilet 15 times.
@JohnRossBowie I have seen most of them, but not that one, and I'm really looking forward to it. @dreamoforgonon Seriously, good wishes to you on this journey from a non-matrilineal half-Jew. @dreamoforgonon Complaining.I dove into this today with Westworld (1973) and it was a somewhat rough start. I had forgotten that it is an entir… @CurtisIP1 @Piscesboy69 The point isn't whether it worked or what the letter said. It's that even 45 years ago ther… @LangfordSamson Mostly the special effects. @evewrites @JanetMaslin I suspect the signatories were chosen pointedly. Burstyn, Carroll, and Rowlands all became… didn't know this amazing bit of Oscar history.
@OscarRunnerUp @chrisvfeil @BrandonStanwyck @CaseyLeeClark @codymonster91 @aliciamalone I would like to thank all o… @franklinleonard @JanetMaslin Yeah. This was absurd and intellectually dishonest and he handled it well. @GuyLodge @alissamarie I used to hate the argument that if someone didn't like what you liked, it must be because y… @GuyLodge Do we even know they're by women? Someone must have helped. @alissamarie @GuyLodge The exhausting effort that this would require...the mental gymnastics of, "Well, that was aw… @GuyLodge This very movie!! What is it about Little Women?! @Glenn__Kenny lol no--it's not a name I recognize or anyone I've ever interacted with. @dean_frey LOLSomeone just DMed me and accused me of lying about liking a movie, which is a first.This is a very big deal and a major victory for the WGA. yes, rebranding a film company "20th Century" in 2020 seems bonkers to me and, from what I hear, to many people… on a historical level: The era of 20th Century Fox movies--begun in 1935 when Twentieth Century Picture… @scottabridged Moviemaking really is about selecting the right giraffes. @timcarvell His own. And no, I can't demonstrate it.1966. Mike Nichols, busy directing The Apple Tree on Broadway, gets some news from Herbert Ross, the choreographer… @zinoman I wish this were running longer. So glad you dug it too.Fellow Criterion Channel nerds: There's a '70s sci-fi collection of movies up now that is very much my thing and mi… is a great thread! Goal for 2020: See as many movies as @PhilipLord does and still get my work done. imagine a bunch of drama series creators today are very happy to hear that Watchmen is one-and-done, thus moving… @amyjgreer Maybe this piece will help? I wrote about it here. who says "You liked that? I hated it! Tell me why it's good!" has ever wanted you to.
@FifiEnnui Masterpiece. Here's a short thing I wrote about it a dozen years ago. @gidglick You might just be bro-curious.Journalists are often rewarded by their bosses for coolheadedness and unflappability, for not "taking the bait." Bu… this play last night and could not agree more, on every count.'s completely acceptable for a journalist to say, "Don't be rude" or "That's a cheap dodge" or "Stop evading the… @rachsyme @davidlfear I am available for this. (Llama sold separately.)The bottom 3 are, to various degrees, not my thing. But numbering a list like this always makes it look like you're… @ZachSpound It has ascended to heaven on an old tire.Ranked by personal preference: 1. Parasite 2. The Irishman 3. Marriage Story 4. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 5. Li… @jack_hamilton Same, honestly.Is this what being cancelled feels like?Hi. In case anyone who knows me sees this, I am alive. Not quite sure what's happening here!
Zoe Kazan on her grandfather's legacy, in response to a press conference question about HBO's adaptation of The Plo… @katiewalshstx @VanityFair The minute this one gets a Best Picture nomination, I'm on it! @sepinwall Not familiar with itShocked to see the negative reviews of Dolittle, cannot imagine what went wrong. @MJSchulman @TyleKurner @parabasis Explain. @MJSchulman @TyleKurner @parabasis Yes! I have had this conversation! Me: "You live there! You've been there for 10… guess it's as good a day as any to say #Warren2020. @TyleKurner @parabasis No, I hear you, it's not exactly...a LOVING portrait of the West Coast. Just not as brutal a… @TyleKurner @parabasis I don't even think THAT's ire. I think it's amusement and/or bemusement. And for all the lig… (and if you don't recognize the site, nah, I'm not linking) only debate tweet: They are all fine or better, the worst of them is fine enough, the alternative is four years… @BensOscarMath @franklinleonard Impressive work, and amazing thread yesterday! @thisisweber @franklinleonard It’s a shame that the sequel, The Day That Was Even Longer Than That, was never filmed. @franklinleonard This is such an interesting question! No idea, but here are a few I can think of: Dunkirk, Munich,…
@DPD_ Please don't make me start rooting for the deranged passenger. @DPD_ I'm very glad you're okay and that the last thing you saw in life wasn't The Two Popes. @Karaszewski Thanks so much! @AwardsDaily Anyway, not trying to pick a fight, and I sincerely appreciate you tagging me so I could see this and… @AwardsDaily As for Little Women, you'd have to check w/ Tom O'Neil, but I believe Ronan was on predictor lists mon… @AwardsDaily To believe in the value of diversity is, in part, to understand that when you broaden your world to em…