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Books: Pictures at a Revolution ('08), Five Came Back ('14, Netflix '17), Mike Nichols ('20). Journalist: @vulture etc. Tweets: Cheerful, curious, mad, serious.

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"I should get to do spoilers because I personally don't mind spoilers" and "Everybody shut up because I haven't see… @clmazin I've gotta say, that combination of camerawork and pacing and lighting and sound mixing in the last sequen… @clmazin Sorry it took me a while! It really is fantastic. Halfway through E2 I said out loud "How are any of us alive?" So...uh....thanks?I caught up with the first two parts of Chernobyl tonight and it is excellent: Bleak and punishing, as one would ex… @BrendanLemon Clearly I've been doing it wrong.
Just to start near the beginning: Cruising, Making Love, Personal Best, The Hunger... Not to mention more films fro… keep seeing this assertion--this one is from the NYTimes, linked to The Hollywood Reporter--and it's not even clo… @licjulie This makes me very happy!Truly excited to see this perfect match of actress and role. They've had this date from the beginning! that Lindsey Graham is a huge apocalypse queen and his war fetishism basically got him laughed out of the… @PAPPADEMAS This might be the night's best GoT tweet.I watched the final two episodes of Game of Thrones closely and I'm not an expert but the one criticism you're real…, for the moment when this marriage fully hits the rocks. @TheFienPrint That was just the end of Part II. We're still waiting to hear from HBO about a new season. @TheFienPrint I'm not familiar with what you're talking about.What was the last fan-culture phenomenon that ended in a way that satisfied the vast majority of its fans? Harry Potter?In my head, it ended with Arya checking out of Westworld, tipping the staff generously, and saying she'll be back next summer for sure.FUN FACT: The entire script for this episode was written in slow, painstaking calligraphy with sighs between each word.In conclusion... @johnwilliamsnyt Realistically, someone in the back should have yelled "Louder!""Before I get to tonight's finale, I should say that Game of Thrones is very personal for me. This show was part of… was an unexpected Westworld trailer. I will now fall silent for a time. @MattfDoyle You can come watch with me when your friends kick you out. @MattfDoyle "What happened to Diana Rigg? I liked her." @MattfDoyle My go-to: "Is he a Stark?"Eight seasons. 73 episodes. Tonight, once again, I will sit next to my husband and wait for the worst possible mome…
While appearing on Fox News, @PeteButtigieg takes aim at Fox News anchors Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham.
Retweeted by Mark HarrisIt's great that Elizabeth Warren passed on a Fox News town hall. It's also great that Pete Buttigieg did one and ca… is a pretty extraordinary series of letters to the editor in @nytimesbooks on Cynthia Ozick's review of Julie…
Retweeted by Mark HarrisOp-Ed: The Problem With The Degradation Of Social and Political Discourse In Our Country Today is some people who were mean to me on twitter
@claybryce But it gives me joy not to touch them. @tishdurkin I get that strategy, but I'd also say 1) Don't run in the general on day 1 of your primary campaign (ak… I think that's a huge and potentially perilous misread of a formidable opposition. And "Let's get back to the w… don't think this is cynicism on Biden's part. He truly believes that Trump is an anomaly, a wicked spell briefly… don't need my anger mirrored by a Dem candidate. In fact, I want a nominee who's more temperate than I am. But I… @tishdurkin I don't question his knowledge. I do question his stake. Also important to note that whatever else is i… @williamg1 No, he's explicitly NOT talking about that. He is contrasting a desire for AMERICAN unity with Democrats… having so small a stake in, or knowledge about, any issue affecting the American people that your big objec… has called for unity too, most recently in his State of the Union address. It means nothing. It's not an Amer… have never liked the end of a sentence that began, "Love him or hate him..."
@heybonanos And this one, for ages.'ve tweeted this before, but I live in a very large apartment building on the UWS with an extremely elderly popula… I liked Caine Mutiny, and now I'm getting a strong sense that I should try Marjorie Morningstar (thanks… was not bar mitzvahed, but a couple of years after my 13th birthday a relative gave me a boxed set of Herman Wouk… bucket of swill is so homophobic he held up an EEOC nominee that TRUMP wanted to reapppoint because she's pro-… @emilynussbaum I object to this tweet because you are erasing all the films that are openly boring.This one goes out to all my theater-loving Twitter kin: JEANINE TESORI! possible voice) my legs don't actually get that dirty @adambvary This feels like one of those things where a studio floats the name of someone who isn't getting the gig… @sternbergh It was Avengers: Endgame, wasn't it? @sternbergh What movie were they coming from when they were shot? Shouldn't we watch that movie first?sure, fine, please no origin story.
Note that the prop newspaper Trump's pretending he reads is the Washington Times, founded by Sun Myung Moon's Unifi… good for pleasure reading, neutral evil for research. is the model for the first post-Trump GOP nominee: Someone who advocates savage policies across the board… @parabasis There's definitely a "Well, what else am I supposed to do, NOT run for President?" vibe with some of these people.It's strange to see people here yelling at Dan Crenshaw along the lines of "Why can't you stand up to your own part… a a smart and tough-minded thread that only makes me want to see @staceyabrams run for Senate even more. @thegridkid I think you should go crazy and use an S. Just once!Yikes. I feel like someone should have caught this 😂 #onejob
Retweeted by Mark HarrisNow Watching (for the umpteenth time, with no regrets): @kurtsoller It shocks me every time I hear people who think of themselves as progressive say things like "But you c… @sarahw @parabasis @publicroad Not to mention the "um."
Right on! of luck. Resign. @DPD_ He was given two performances off--it was announced in advance.You really have to hate gay people to think this is okay. wife Stacy Title is more alive, more passionate, more brilliant than I can say. Amy Wallace’s beautiful piece in…
Retweeted by Mark HarrisI loved Fosse/Verdon tonight but hold firm to my belief that nothing involving Lenny Bruce was ever any fun.These people will never, ever, ever succeed in banning abortion in the United States. But they will kill a lot of women trying.Yeah. let's definitely keep talking about bipartisanship, that'll work.
This couldn't be happening to a more deserving organization. To every single NRA contributor who has flushed their… @JamesUrbaniak I am two months younger than you and I agree wholeheartedly. Tell me I'm the same generation as some… @SamuelAAdams @adambvary Not to prejudge but that 2/12/21 ROMANTIC COMEDY sounds like a NON-EVENT. @adambvary That 2/26/21 EVENT FILM must be fantastically strong if Universal already knows it can withstand the arr… Tim Conway. @dreamoforgonon A staggering amount of good can be done--and bad can be undone--under even the worst possible Democ… News Unveils New Slogan is a very interesting survey from @THR and I don't believe the results for a minute. People get very harrumphy… out: The Angels in America audiobook, performed by last year's sterling Broadway cast, w stage directions read… @mattzollerseitz The series finale is really violent and feels like they're rushing things tbh.I just read reviews, from 1965, of Flannery O'Connor's final short-story collection and now I want to fight a bunch…
@AKAthemurph Good luck? @jodyrosen @thehighsign This is my second biggest problem with it! @J_fassler Hal Linden in The Rothschilds!Mel Gibson is going to play the "sinister" patriarch of one of the world's most famous wealthy Jewish families in a… I was young I thought Doris Day was a movie star the world had eventually grown out of. Then I grew into her.… must read for #Veep fans: @chaneyj's deeply reported look at the making of the last episode and the final…"Do you want six almonds?"Veep finale: Astonishingly plotted, furiously paced, more savage than I could have dreamed down to the last line. JLD: Undefeated. @BCDreyer I'm speaking my truth.
"Finish him, Hulk!"I hope Pikachu at least said, "Thanks, that was great, I'll definitely call you." @parabasis Not feeling this one so much.I am I-don't-care-about-that-movie-that's-making-you-nostalgic-for-your-childhood-which-was-way-after-mine years old.A lot going on here, good use of 280. sad to read that Peggy Lipton has died. She was my idea of cool in The Mod Squad, and watching her 50 years late… @MrJoshCharles Nope, saw her--she opened for Hall and Oates! @AndyRichter Nope, I saw them at Radio City when I was still straight. I left afterwards with very large air quotes…
To everyone saying "Why do you all care so much?" I know it's been a long three years, but have you all forgotten…