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After 1 rally today in NH, Pres Trump shifts back into high gear Monday with plans for 3 rallies in must-win Pennsy… Trump puts his Coronavirus “immunity” to the test chatting at Maine orchard store with mostly maskless support… a display of pumpkins, Pres chats with supporters on visit to Maine orchard. He lost Maine by 3 points in 2016… signs a pumpkin at Maine orchard. “It’ll be on eBay tonight,” he says. Also used visit to make a campaign pitc… Trump pleased with the turnout for him at the apple orchard store. “I thought we’d have like five people, we h… Trump is visiting a family apple orchard in Levant, ME. The visit unannounced to press, but many supporters go… Trump arrives in Bangor ME for an unspecified reason. Press pool asked if VP Pence should come off the campaig… a 1½ hour campaign speech to supporters in NH, Pres offers up one last fist pump as he boards Air Force One t… a chatty mood, Trump tells NH rally the long story of how he negotiated the price of the next generation Air For… slams Biden as “the shutdown candidate,” ridiculing how he would respond to the pandemic. Also says Biden wou…’s right. That “would be a story,” if he had voted yesterday for Joe Biden.Trump tells NH rally about voting in-person yesterday in Florida. Says they asked for ID and he showed his passport… understatement of the day: “I don’t’ think he likes me too much,” Trump says of Biden. “I don’t think he’s a… record numbers of Coronavirus cases, Pres again delivered his COVID-19 mantra, “we’re rounding the turn” on… Trump quick to needle Biden about “putting the lid on,” meaning he’ll have no appearances today. Trump enjoys… Force One taxis into position at Trump campaign rally at Manchester/Londonderry Airport in NH. Pres narrowly lo… limo pulls up to Air Force One for Pres Trump to board on campaign trip to New Hampshire and Maine. He… Sec Adviser Robert O’Brien urges Americans to “get out and vote” as a way of demonstrating to foreign adversar… Chief of Staff Mark Meadows says doctors have cleared VP Pence for campaign travel, despite positive Coronavirus… a two-day campaign trip that took him to 5 rallies in 4 battleground states, Pres Trump boards Air Force One… It was too hot earlier today at a rally in NC, but at nighttime event outside in WI, Pres Trum…“I got credit for being nice,” Pres says of his performance in Thursday’s debate. Said he was “more aggressive" in… his 6th visit to must-win Wisconsin this year, Pres tells supporters it’s “looking fantastic” for him there,…
At Ohio rally, Pres downplays danger of Coronavirus. “I had it. The First Lady had it. And you get better. We got b… seeking to associate Pres Trump with the return of Big Ten football, even the video screens on either side… short of shouting “touchdown,” Pres Trump began Ohio rally hailing return of Big Ten football. “Because I… day after Sudan agreed to normalization of relations with Israel under US auspices, @SecPompeo announced $81-mill… Administration Official says Pres Trump showed his passport when he went to vote today in Florida. Later, at… addresses NC supporters for 61 mins, and twice complained about the 81° bright sunshine at his outdoor rally.… calls for Voter I.D., but says Democrats don’t want if beause “they want to cheat. “Can’t play games,” says Tr… using North Carolina rally to reach out to Native Americans, specifically the NC-based Lumbee Tribe, which he…“You know why we have cases, because we test so much,” says Pres Trump in response to the surge in the number of Co…“I was surprised he did that actually,” says Pres Trump, poking fun at supporters in their cars at Biden’s campaign… Trump takes the stage at rally in Lumberton, NC. This is his 11th visit to this must-win state this year, 18th… Force One wheels up from West Palm en route Pres Trump’s first campaign event of the day in Lumberton, NC. To b… boards Air Force One at Palm Beach Intl to begin 3 state campaign swing to must-win battlegrounds North Caroli…“I voted for a guy named Trump,” said the Pres after casting his ballot in early voting in Florida, his official st… Trump arrives at early voting location in West Palm Beach near his Mar-a-Lago residence to cast his ballot in… Trump has arrived at his Mar-a-Lago resort for the night. He’s looking forward to casting his ballot in Florid… hails normalization of relations agreement he announced today between Israel and Sudan. “Peace in the Middle E…“Ya hear Joe last night? He made a big mistake,” says Pres Trump of Biden’s call for an end to the oil & gas indust…
“Get out and vote,” Trump tells supporters at The Villages, pleading for the votes he needs to win Florida, which w… sought to counter Biden’s criticism of his handling of the pandemic. “You’re gonna have a vaccine and “it’s g… had kind words for debate moderator Kristen Welker. “I thought I got treated very fairly” by her, he told FL r… uses Florida rally to play a political ad from Bernie Sanders primary campaign against Joe Biden, charging he… says he’s looking forward to casting his ballot tomorrow in Florida, “even if I have to wait on line for two h… called it one of the “most stunning moments” of the debate when Biden said he would do away with the oil indus…“Had an exciting night last night with sleepy Joe,” says Pres at Florida rally. “I think Joe Biden proved last nigh… One hovers over crowd at The Villages in Florida coming in for landing at first of two rallies today in this… Force One wheels up from Andrews as Pres Trump begins last 12 days of his reelection campaign. He has two ralli… Trump leaving the WH on 2-day, 4-state campaign trip. He’s targeting must-win battlegrounds Florida, North Car… announcing the normalization of relations agreement between Israel and Sudan, Pres Trump said he thinks there ar… his performance in last night’s debate, Pres Trump thinks he was more effective in the first debate, but concede… uses Israel-Sudan deal to take swipe at @JoeBiden. “Do you think sleepy joe could have made this deal?” Trump… on the conference call, Israeli PM Netanyahu called the agreement with Sudan “a glorious day for peace.” He s… Oval Office, Pres Trump on conference call with Israel and Sudan announcing a peace deal between them. “This is… surprise on the morning after the debate, @PressSec says Pres Trump is “in a great mood.” She says he’s “very ha… Trump formally informs Congress the US will remove Sudan from the US list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. The… the pandemic, the WH still plans to host trick-or-treaters on Sunday afternoon. WH statement says all visit… up from VP & Mrs Pence after casting their ballots in early voting this morning at home in Indiana, consider… home in Indianapolis, VP & Mrs Pence cast their ballots in the 2020 election. “Great honor,” said Pence, “and gr… hands, Pres & Mrs Trump walk back into the WH from Marine One after final presidential debate. Trump says he plans to vote in person Saturday while in Florida. He had defended using absentee ballots to cas… Trump on his way back to DC, then his side of the debate continues Friday. He returns to the campaign trail ta… careful what you wish for. Moderator Kristen Welker says she’s looking forward to a really “robust” debate tonight.It’s less than an hour to the Debate. Does anyone really need a countdown clock?
What you need to know about the Debate: Biden. Trump. Moderator. Mute button. 90 minutes. Followed by endless discussion of its impact.After checking out the Debate venue, Pres Trump is at his hotel for a campaign fundraising event, expected to raise… he get to see the “mute” button? From the airport, Pres Trump motorcaded (as a verb) over to the Debate venue… & Mrs Trump greeted on arrival in Nashville by cheering supporters on the tarmac, separated from the Trumps by… Force One arrives Nashville. On the flight, @AlyssaFarah evasive on whether Pres Trump tested negative for Coro… Force One wheels up from Andrews to Debate City Nashville. & Mrs Trump emerge from the WH to board Marine One on their way to Nashville for tonight’s debate. They waved… thing cable newsers running a countdown clock. It’s so hard to know when it’s 9PM/ET..@CBSNews statement:
Retweeted by Mark KnollerDespite “significant policy differences,” Larry Kudlow urges Congress to act on the stimulus programs it agrees on,… Pence arrives at Joint Base Andrews to board Air Force Two for campaign trip to Michigan and homestate Indiana.…’s peek inside Marine One shows @PressSec, wearing a mask, conferring with Pres Trump, without. weary, Pres Trump waves to press as he returns to the WH from his rally in Gastonia, NC. He’s on the road a… signed bill today that requires Federal judges in criminal cases to issue an order confirming the obligation o… a final appeal to his NC supporters to “go out and vote,” Pres Trump ended his rally speech which ran 1 hr 17… urges supporters to watch for 3rd quarter GDP just before the election. “Just watch it,” he says, citing predi…
Baby at Trump rally gets a bird’s eye view.“They hate it when I say it,” Pres Trump told NC rally, but he said it anyway: “That pandemic is rounding the corne…“He’s gonna take the stage and take the fight straight to Joe Biden, and I can’t wait,” says VP Pence on what he ex… indicates that US outreach to Assad regime has been fruitless. "Our ask is that the Syrians release Mr.…
Retweeted by Mark KnollerAir Force One takes off from Joint Base Andrews on campaign flight to North Carolina, a must-win state for Pres Tru… leaving the WH for his rally tonight in NC, Pres Trump offered new criticism of the Debate Commission. “I think… Trump commutes lengthy sentences of five felons, including a woman serving 27 years on a drug offence and anot… words they live by at the WH: “The President will do whatever he sees fit to do,” said Larry Kudlow, telling re… Pence arrives at Joint Base Andrews to board Air Force Two on a two-state campaign swing to battlegrounds New Ha… the Capitol, Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett holding individual meetings with GOP Senators in adva… says $200 Rx discount cards will be going to over 30-million American seniors and will be in their mail box… that @senatemajldr has the same priorities as the President, COS Meadows tells reporters that if there’s… Meadows hints Pres Trump ready to raise corruption charges against Biden in the Debate. “Even if the moderator…“He didn’t walk out,” says COS Meadows of Pres Trump’s 60 MINUTES interview. He says Lesley Stahl “came across more…“I am optimistic,” says WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows of reaching a deal with @SpeakerPelosi on a stimulus package… back at the WH from PA rally. Didn’t stop for any press questions leaving or arriving. On Wednesday, he’s back… urges PA not to believe Biden’s recent denials he would ban fracking. “It’s always what they say first,” says…
Despite increasing numbers of Coronavirus cases in Pennsylvania, Pres Trump tells supporters to “get your Governor…