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I have suspended my own Twitter account in protest against Twitter’s fascism. I ask all my followers to join me now…  Biden is out of control.’t all rioters be treated equally? Unity, Mr. Fraud fact is President Trump did not make any calls for violence. Subscribe to the Mark Levin podcast and listen her… is exactly what’s taking place’s right. But nobody’s listening, least of which Washington and its media. this? Trump is to be impeached Soviet-style for not urging violence, then Kamala Harris must be impeached for openly e… These are ignorant, irresponsible individuals who continue to foment anger. There’s absolutely no circumspection or self-policing.1. I’m sitting at the airport having to listen to the outrageous, constant propaganda of CNN.  It’s truly a cancer… and her gang continue doing maximum damage to our country. So much for unity. It’s critical they be defeated…’m! celebrated riots, remember?  Should she be impeached next week? is Mrs. McConnell waiting until Monday?, shut up another in an endless list of media lies you this Sunday at 8 PM eastern! Obama calls on Big Tech to permanently ban Trump’s speech to America a few minutes ago
Giving voice to this outrageous allegation is appalling'm posting this on behalf of Dan Bongino: "I got locked out of Twitter for posting the Trump taped speech. As a re… has helped rip this country apart.  She’s a disgrace. kind of idiots storm the Capitol building and think they are achieving something? Subscribe for free to the Ma… true media, corporatists, and RINOs learn nothing people who own and work in the media are the people who need to read this but won’t who stormed the Capitol Building needs to be identified and charged.  This was just sent to me. in the mirror, DeCommio!  You're the one who targeted Jews In Brooklyn! read Meanwhile, it and their ilk claim they support unity and peace.  They provoke and fuel frustration, anger, and h… The Washington Post, which celebrates Black Lives Matter, downplays Antifa, and dismisses threats against Josh H… violence is to be tolerated! That goes for the Capitol building violence and the violence during the summer. Lis…
Why are pundits on cable TV trying to blame Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley for the breach of the Capitol Building?  Outrageous!2. And the media must be careful not to paint everyone with the same broad brush.  But make no mistake, the perpetrators must be punished.1. Those who breached the Capitol Building and committed acts of violence have done grave damage in many ways.  Thi… breaching the Capitol Building should immediately stand down. We don't know who these people are. That will…, isn't this reprobate saying he taped and leaked his conversation with the president? Jones is a great patriot constitution has been breached by the Democrats! Subscribe to the Mark Levin Show podcast and listen here. am appalled at the election of Raphael Warnock is a constitutional crisis THE DEMOCRATS MANAGE TO INSTITUTIONALIZE FRAUD IN DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION? JOIN US ON LEVINT…
I'll be on Hannity TV tonight at 9:20 Eastern. Please tune in!Our constitution was targeted and systematically attacked by the Democrat Party during this election. Listen now by… into the abyss corrupt media took the president’s comments out of context?  No way.  They’d never do that. Trump builds 450 miles of border wall! time is now! Street is a vile, self-hating, dangerous group of secularists who give cover to Israel-hating Leftists and Democr…, GOP establishment and your media, you’re dead wrong anyone surprised by George Will’s latest unhinged screed?  I’ll address it on radio this evening. is our last line of defense. Vote, not just for Georgia, but for the rest of us. Subscribe for free to the… He wrote another smear job the other day against a good man, solid conservative, and public servant, Russ Vought… Dana Milbank is a truly pathetic hack and a vicious leftist.  He’s so bad he gives yellow journalism a bad name.… said done, Governor Bernstein, leftwing clown kook site Mother Jones smears Tara Reade Devin and Jim! act, not for Trump
Ted Cruz will be on my radio show this evening to discuss the upcoming January 6 joint congressional meeting.Kevin McCarthy, leader scholar and part-time gastrointestinal expert Kevin Dumb at it again said Democrats are killing Minneapolis’s even worse than I thought.  Mike Lee working with Chip Roy.  Very sad.'s getting dumber with every post.  I've no idea what this NeverTrumper is talking about, but then again, nobody… Or, more likely, they will continue their insane war on the people who have been warning about this day for year… God forbid if we lose Georgia on Tuesday and, in turn, the Senate.  Maybe then Ryan, the GOP establishment, the… as they simply don't give a damn about confronting the individuals and institutions that have done this to our C… Instead, those patriots in Congress and the rest of us outside of government, who see it and have fought it -- a… This is what the Democrats strategically unleashed -- a massive attack on our electoral system pre-2020.  And no… is what it's going to take to get our country back ... but oppose every significant and yes, difficult, effort by citizens and constitutionalists to push back against… when the Wall Street Journal corporatist editorial writers trashed the Tea Party?  These NYC phony conse… Life, Liberty & Levin last night Aren’t you sick and tired of intellectually corrupt and politically weak lapdogs, who are delivering this Republ… and Biden lawyers and lobbyists. Not one word when Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution was intentionally subverted.1. Paul Ryan is back. And as is his typical style, smearing conservatives while posing as one. We heard nothing fro… It’s a pathetic gaggle of predictable big-government corporatist mouthpieces who are neither conservatives nor constitutionalists.2. This is typical of the nerds there, who used to viciously attack the Tea Party conservatives a decade ago for da… I see the Wall Street Journal editorial page and its “UN-Constitutionalists” are trashing the patriots who are s… and squad sellout to Eva Pelosi Times flunky Thomas Friedman’s favorite regime wouldn’t disappear Ma, would it?? respecting the selection of electors under the electoral college as a condition of them being sworn-in? Shocking… Let me get this straight. Chip Roy reportedly seeks to require would-be members of the House in 6 battleground s… The news media somehow not only count that as a Trump campaign loss, even though the campaign didn’t bring it, b… For example, in Pennsylvania, a lawsuit was lost in the state Supreme Court after the elected Democrats on that… The Trump campaign didn’t lose 60 lawsuits because it didn’t bring 60 lawsuits.  But this numbers game is an odd way to report news.Where and when was the Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 issues adjudication?  Which court?  Why did every Sunday news show ignore it?See you in a few minutes at 8 Eastern on Life, Liberty & Levin!
Join me tonight at 8 Eastern on Life, Liberty and Levin for a very important program! See you then! And Republican voters should take notes and remember, in the next election cycle, who should be replaced.  This… and at least speak out against what has happened, and insist it must never happen again, are contributing to the…