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People are getting out of our cities or getting brutalized Pelosi and her stormtroopers...
Biden VP contender a Marxist crackpot “fact-checkers” are libs anti-Semitism pervasive in professional football and basketball? In other words, RINO Hagerty’s dossier on Sethi is dressed up as news. Shouldn’t the headline be that Hagerty g… Free Beacon runs this Hagerty-supporting last-minute hit on Sethi about a $50 donation in 2008 with a blaring re… (that’s what they call themselves), et al, prove yet again they’re a bunch of out-of-touch clowns Left’s totalitarian purification idiot Communist Party USA endorses Biden for President Tennessee, GOP Senate primary contender Dr. Sethi condemns Fauci.  Good for him! violation of 1st amendment and content regulation.  Where’s the ACLU?  Where’s the media?  Where’s LeBron… how Jim Acosta and the other media clowns don’t mention that Wasserman-Schultz had the same concern about m…
Portland police, arrest this bastard!’s fantastic new book, Live Free or Die, discounted by 34% on amazon if you act now. This is the most important… smearing a Yale expert, won’t even let him finish his points, BDS professional sports, as we’ve urged for weeks.  That’s the only way.  Drop them. right. The truth shall set you free!’s outstanding new book, Live Free or Die, his first in 10 years, is 34% off on amazon if you purchase it now. … interview with Sean Hannity, in part His book is terrific. Mediate hate Trump machine in full attack mode, media, and Hitler
I hope to see you in a few minutes -- 8 PM eastern -- on Fox with my buddy Sean Hannity, for a terrific full hour i… join Sean Hannity and me tonight on Life, Liberty & Levin at 8 PM eastern.  If you can’t watch Live you can…
Retweeted by Mark R. Levin8. They and their media mouthpieces are exceptional demagogues, and the Republican establishment still does not un… They will change election laws, kill the filibuster, pack the courts, expand the bureaucracy, subsidize their po… And should they win the presidency, win the Senate, and hold the House, it is they who've no intention of relinquishing power.5. and the political exploitation of the China virus, the Democrats have become an extraordinarily dangerous force… From the Obama administration's abuse of power in 2016 and the beginning of 2017 (including multiple FBI and int… Just as they have never accepted the outcome of the 2016 campaign, they intend to continue their cancerous strat… This is a cynical and vile propaganda campaign intended to undermine the president should he win, should the ele… For the last several weeks, the Democrats and their media mouthpieces have instituted an unrelenting campaign cl… join Sean Hannity and me tonight on Life, Liberty & Levin at 8 PM eastern.  If you can’t watch Live you can… appearance on Jesse Watters Show them up!
Sethi v. Hagerty in Tennessee Levin on Fauci on Fauci How dare they paint on public sidewalks when the mayor paints on public streets. Meanwhile, convicted criminals… The new justice — only leftists can paint their slogans on public streets and sidewalks.  They can burn, pillage… peaceful Marxist terrorists burning bibles, the Republicans are so self-destructive. Obviously, mail-in voting is problematic on many empirical levels. … 8 PM eastern, my big interview with my buddy Sean Hannity on Life, Liberty & Levin! Please don’t miss it on Fox!Nevada’s Democrat governor ramming through mail-in voting because it’ll help Biden Romney is getting creepier by the hour Pelosi, nasty old lady Tapper continues to humiliate himself you, Jonathan Isaac. And God bless you. kneeling in NHL abuse, and we’re paying for it
How does Fauci get away with his role in the massive mishandling of the Swine flu, yet he is held out as expert on… Pelosi funding anti-Semite’s campaign and crooked Cuomo, lowlife, lifelong apologist for communist China Calabresi’s op-ed is so dumb, but the crackpot left and Trump-haters love it.  And that was its obvious purpo… does a far better job reporting on Jim Jordan’s effort to pin down Fauci, lib media’s favorite bureaucrat conservatives rallying around Dr. Manny Sethi in Tennessee GOP Senate primary Owners of America for Dr. Manny Sethi In Tennessee Karen Bass a reminder of Google’s power and their desire to defeat President Trump now this brilliant practicing physician has been fired!  Sue the bastards!, very sorry to hear this. RIP, Lloyd Marcus. Shaq and others say vote, they mean vote Democrat, right? Isn’t what this is about? I’m disappointed in him.… appearance on Hannity Democrat-controlled DC Court of Appeals Is about to jump into the lawless abyss in the Michael Flynn case.  OUT… fraud here, move along
I'll be on Hannity tonight at 9:30 Eastern. See you then!Totalitarians Blitzer, sickening coverup for communist China news, Herman Cain has passed away. RIP, great patriot.  I’ll save my thoughts for radio.Why won’t Fauci talk to this Yale expert about the science behind hydroxychloroquine use rather than going on endle… read for Tennesseans in particular.  Hagerty is a disaster.  Please check this out from The Federalist. These are truly ignorant frauds playing to their mob. Media conspiracy nuts, politicizing medicine, censoring doctors, banning knowledge.  I understand abortions are…’s in your court, LeBron. You defended these thugs. Trump promotes free speech Trump promotes school choice Trump defends suburbs from federal government/leftist takeover Democrat Party and their media support the rioters Pelosi is seriously demented. Turning into a cartoon character.’re getting scammed with all this massive deficit spending Fauci Suit
Democrats and their media target the suburbs for permanent control of Washington doubt, Hagerty will blame his conservative opponent Dr. Manny in TV ads paid for by Mitch McConnell’s PAC. disgusting NBA, leaking to the Democrat Party-media from the politicized Roberts Court Trump says no to Biden’s radical takeover of the suburbs! I’m appalled he has turned on the president, promoting endless attacks on him by the corrupt media and lunatic… I was approached to promote a new unauthorized book on Matt Drudge.  I will not.  I’m not interested in promotin… is now the enemy of the people Democrats and their Big Tech buddies Party leftwing propaganda outlet, Daily Beast, continues its personal attack on black doctor who dares to endor… Pelosi’s a nut job's a disgusting CNN attack Interference: Google Purges Breitbart from Search Results out Greg Gutfeld’s new book - The Plus: Self-Help for People Who Hate Self-Help video has been banned by Facebook and Twitter