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Comics Writer, est. 1995, self-publish AND perish. Straight cis male. Mexican-American. Email: markoliverstack(@)gmail - WEEKEND WARRIOR COMICS

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After some false starts and bumps in the road, I'm graduating college magna cum laude in early May with a BA in Sec… @endigodisaster Welcome! @Juliacartales I used to be fun!I will invent a new type of pasta for you.New reward tier: give us $3000 to finish funding us and I'll go show up at your door on Thanksgiving and thank you… @Juliacartales I read an issue of Warlord and decidedly did not read any more. @EmmettComix I had no responsibilities in my life! @Juliacartales I really loved DC in the 1980s relaunching its heroes with mature and interesting takes like Hawkwor… @Juliacartales There's a Meltzer in here I haven't gotten to, so there's that potential at least for now. @EmmettComix I've never had so much time and energy as when I was 21. @Juliacartales If it were, like, a curated playlist of a specific long-term storyline rather than an attempt at def… @Juliacartales There seems to be a very particular bias for the '90s to 2000s with the hand-off to Connor and hand… we can fund the Kickstarter by next Monday, I will absolutely film a recreation of this. bought some new clothes. #WalkingOnSunshine
Retweeted by Mark @ Young Offenders! on KSThis is still my defining work of art. doesn't include Jack Kirby's story where he gives Green Arrow an origin. No Green Arrow Year One, either. Which… choices of what NOT to include in this collection are fascinating. Ann Nocenti writes an essay about her experi… @leekassen I ditched my single issue copies recently, so I'm probably going to scoop all the trades up after a few nice paychecks.I finished reading Bendis/Sook/et al's LEGION OF SUPERHEROES today, and I'll be damned if that book wasn't incredib… @juliaereck Lil Nas X is so powerful.
@Juliacartales The library is the great social good we've actually managed to screw up the least in this country.Tuesday at 01:14
Retweeted by Mark @ Young Offenders! on KSI don't have a "to be read" pile. I have a To Be Read table. @uzionmain Katy Mae FistoWe have big ambitions that we're hoping folks can help us achieve:'re only trying to complete our first arc right now, but if we can keep going where I think we're going then I ho… also shows up in Young Offenders! #1 with the team's distrust of the government's A.C.T. Division trying to en… I was glad we could show hints of generational shift/conflict as Jane as a superhero is uncomfortable with her… of the ideas I really liked exploring in the Lark spin-off with @colthoskins was that at 16, Jane wasn't her fa… being a person heavily involved in fandom, this does support my hypothesis that the two main types of fan ships… @kirameks @ChaseMagnett I was so surprised that the show cut the gag considering how much they already did to rework William… crop on the first image.There have been exactly two Young Offenders! "ships" that friends have DM'd me about: really isn't an ideal way to be carried by a flying superhero with your sense of dignity intact. @EndigoMaster Miriam unexpectedly opening up a pit. @EndigoMaster I could see those dweebs buying tickets for a concert and not realizing the venue was 21+. @RamzeeRawkz I really dug it, but was so personally insulted by The Glass Castle's portrayal of addiction that he g…, I refuse to ever be tricked into watching anything from the people who created The Glass Castle (2017) again. @THE_Stefano_DLC In full Find Me Guilty mode. @Fishmas Gosh, seeing Blue Ruin for the first time really did feel like getting let in on a cool secret no one had heard yet.Erica Henderson is the most essential follow on this site not just because she's an amazing comics artist and illus… @LesWrite @frankee_white It's not NOT about... erotic... uh... fisting? @rays__helll I really liked issue one, but was totally struck by exactly how good issue two was. Y'all got somethin… one ever has any idea what is actually going to connect with people, hahaNot fishing for a compliment, but I will die being totally perplexed by how much people seem to like The Scent of M…! We have crossed 250 backers and are now approaching 75% funding. I'm not getting hype; I'm staying hype! worked through my anxiety of starting on chapter two and wrote about half of it while changing the pacing a… @THE_Stefano_DLC Gotta be two LA buds getting stuck in San Diego for a weekend and maybe crossing over into Tijuana for a bit.Someone should really pay .@MarkOStack and I to make the Pinoy/Chicano Buddy Movie of our dreams
Retweeted by Mark @ Young Offenders! on KS @dogunderwater This is a Noah Wiley appreciation thread now.Sometimes after watching a lot of Hollywood movies, I start to wish I could watch something starring perfectly norm… Offenders! has 15 days left on @Kickstarter to raise its final 29%. We're so close, and every pledge whether… @LongTallJodie There's a sick and deranged part of my brain that is still fundamentally curious about how exactly t… @Kalhuset Let's switch!Writing chapter one? Easy! You're just introducing/setting things up. Writing chapter two? Painful! Death! Now you…'m a teacher. I did years of schooling on adolescent development and I work with young adults who are going throug… Offenders! is raising funds to complete its first arc! To get pretty nerdy, we're exploring adolescent super… @ComicBookYeti @WellsAFP Thanks for the love!Who made Content Editor, @WellsAFP's, TOP 5 KICKSTARTERS OF APRIL list? And which comic made the coveted #1 spot?…
Retweeted by Mark @ Young Offenders! on KSYoung Offenders! has reached the halfway point of the campaign! We have less than 30% of the way to go with an endl… is gonna have the time of his life.
Retweeted by Mark @ Young Offenders! on KSLooks like Young Offenders! is gonna end the day 2 backers shy of 250, but what an incredible day! We'll hit that m… @johnsbernardo Hi! Sorry to say, but I don't have any print copies for sale right now because they're add-ons for m… @LesWrite @frankee_white @leekassen @RaeEpsteinOK @kayleerowena Y'all keep complimenting something I worked on and… read The Scent of May Rain by @RaeEpsteinOK @MarkOStack and @kayleerowena and I highly recommend it. Amazing a…
Retweeted by Mark @ Young Offenders! on KS @leekassen @RaeEpsteinOK @kayleerowena Thanks, Harry!
Young Offenders! is now only 4 backers away from 250 on @Kickstarter. To hit that milestone we just need 4 more p… innocuous question immediately becomes hilarious to me when followed by: "How come, Chief Willoughby?" @jamesdleech I actually directed the scene in Transformers 2 where John Turturro is under the wrecking ball testicl… @uzionmain Just this but with McDonald's bags this iconic scene was directed by a child?!
Retweeted by Mark @ Young Offenders! on KSWe're just 5 backers away from 250, and it would feel great to hit that milestone as our second week is coming to a close.YO! We're #crowdfunding to complete the first arc of our #superhero #comic Young Offenders! That's a lot of hashtag… during the summer between school years I'll replay all the DMC games.I really like the idea of a Devil May Cry game with a bit of a Souls tweak to the combat. Not a mainline game, but as an off-shoot.
Retweeted by Mark @ Young Offenders! on KSI love print, but I was on tumblr as a teenager so I know that a lot of people were introduced to superhero comics… @leekassen Getting the upcoming hardcover, I presume?There's also some more experimental stuff I want to do like creating anniversary issues for characters who don't ha… things keep going well with the Weekend Warrior Comics releases, I have two 80-page projects I'm really keen to… @riteshwriter This actually makes me think about how people call the first page of All-Star the perfect single open… @leekassen @letsgoayo Baby steps! Start with Once & Future and work your way out to non-Gillen books after that. @riteshwriter The Boys fascinates me because I was genuinely disgusted with the comic even as an edgy teen reading… @riteshwriter And it also leaves me feeling deeply unsettled knowing that the art created to fight fascism can be r… to belabor the point, but the digital archive also has over 150 pages of comics within the universe of May Rain… @DialHForHagai I agree! But I'm also someone who generally doesn't do narration because I consider myself to be a v… love when a book has the confidence to open with a splashpage that communicates the book in microcosm. I'm so wor… @riteshwriter @DialHForHagai Ritesh, kudos to you for using this page as a literal shit-post and for it also being… @DialHForHagai Gorgeous artwork, leading with character, humor coming from the juxtaposition of fairy tale whimsy a… @DialHForHagai Not my favorite comic, but this is maybe the best first page in terms of communicating the exact ton… Scent of May Rain was well-received by outlets like ComicBook dot Com and creators like Scott Snyder. It's the… Offenders! just punched past $7K, and now we are a mere 7 backers away from 250! Not only are we offering th… dad got to fuck shit up and figure shit out before he stepped on the world stage, but now you're being denied… is the kind of book I'd pitch by referencing the manufactured controversy around Malia Obama being photographe… have a whole 100-120 page book just bolting around in my head about where you take a kid who kind of grew up thin… cut from there to Jon in a 9:00 AM class extremely hungover (he's half-human so alcohol does do the trick for h… first page would open on a close-up of an diagonal/upside-down Superman shield and we'd pull out over the page… is a part of me that actively has to stop myself from blowing money on a fan-comic where Jon Kent is doing fl… @EmmettComix I think it's probably leaning towards the former.