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@brunchandbutts OMG DRAG HER TO FILTH!earth is cancelled
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷 @kenny_benj @TheDailyShow WHATTime to be KING! HER IN THE WHITE HOUSE
y’all > you guys
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷 @treeaston 😍😍😭😭😍😍 @meow_lix I’m dying @maggiebutler7 Why does it feel so much longer @markschuman Great plan!When was the last time Milwaukee has seen the sun? @reido_bandito I could not believe!!They have Russia. They have billionaires. They have a network of Conservative propaganda media. They are ready. Unite. Cavass. Vote.We Dems can all bicker and fight until this primary is over. But last night I got a slap in the face that the other… SENT ME! let’s just elected @ewarren. K thanks. @JacobbRyann @dban30 @itsSHANGELA Pics or it didn't happen!When is @taylorswift13 doing a drag show at @ThisIsItMKE? @ewarren has put **$11 million** into down ballot races across the country. Pass it on. #PresidentWarren
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷 @phagnano Good morning nano! @bolinthomas You can’t tell that to a Drudge Report bing viewer.Progressives: Pete moving right after getting money from billionaires means he’s a republican and can’t be trusted.… who call liberals snowflakes do NOT like being called privileged. How dare you say that lib! They are offen…, y’all: watch this glorious moment when Elizabeth Warren schools this dude and then donate:…
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷 @GraysonBurnette Absolutely yes they are. The Conservative party is the trump party. Good night. @GraysonBurnette They are the same. @treeaston Yup. Tonight I heard 1. Pete is far left. 2. Trump was innocent cause you can’t prove he extorted Ukrain… was a reminder that conservative media is teaching over half of America that facts are incorrect.How do we get more women to run for president? Elect one for president. I'm ready. #CNNTownHall
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷Tomorrow, I’m introducing a plan that takes every dime Donald Trump is spending on his wall, and diverting it to fi…
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷Oh she came to play! I was told by a conservative that Pete Buttigieg is far left. So maybe let’s not vote a moderate that will… Warren taking down billionaires and fighting for the working class.
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷 @amikewhite WHY ARE THEY LIKE THIS
@DisneyDragon We are safe. And yeah... things are happening here. 😬Can’t wait to look 18 and all y’all unfollow me. @jbouvier @phagnano Breathing is overrated
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷 @misterjench Oh @BoBayerl @AUStinAirport I’m a mid-sized airport. Fly into me. @phagnano Oh it IS @Ltpietrzak I saw dolphins!! @JimboRomano They came and SHOUTED BLUEI had literally just swam with dolphins in the wild!Forehead goggle marks are a badge of honor. #swimmerlife More: @AlexHamilton_88 I dodge PP canvassers and I work at PPJust felt like reminding you all that, during the government shutdown last year, the Consumer Financial Protection…
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷I must say that I’m very surprised @ewarren isn’t performing better, and that’s even before these debate performanc…
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷Straights love grunting & mumbling while peeing in the bathroom. @geoffrmoore Iconic momentSince Sunday night, starting at 10:30ET, we've raised $170,608 for Elizabeth Warren. Amazing.
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷Nevertheless she persisted.
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷Me and my Anxiety & Depression it Taurus season yet? I need power. @ShadupJoe are we rewatching Glee?RT if you believe @ewarren is the best candidate to fight for the American people. 🙌🏼 #DemDebate
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷 @mymorningangie @ewarren You’re THRIVING
I love all the liberty green profiles that followed me after my drunk donating to @ewarren tweet. Hi loves!Gay characters in every @Disney movie that is promoted as having the first ever gay character. American Samoa Arkansas California Colorado Maine Massachusetts Minnesota North Carolina Oklahoma Tennessee…
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷 @MarkPochow VH1 Charm School, but for Cats (2019).
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷Vh1 charm school but for cats. @mebstudios Oh they’ve peed in clean clothes. That started at age 3 @SenGillibrand Miss you! @JacobbRyann @RuPaulsDragRace @ThisIsItMKE Yeah most likely!Is year 5 the time when cats just decide “fuck YALL. I’m vomiting in your bed.”?I’ve done a lot of dumb things in my life but getting expensive luxurious white sheets while owning two cats was ab… saying goodbye to my tiny baby 401k cause Trumps crashing the stock market. Warren says Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand regularly check in on her:
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷 @introvertgay Circuit routines should be illegal @jakelgiles Watch it will be a completely different version.CANT WAIT TO HEAR THIS SONG IVE HEARD! days until @RuPaulsDragRace. It’s the only thing keeping me alive.I am circuit queen who needs this know some of y’all need this 👀
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷RT if you’re a #WarrenDemocrat. ✊🏽✊🏿✊🏾
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷 @IKEAtkinson How about we try just no president? Everyone is annoying me. @dwhitakerNYC K but I’ve already been dealing with this issue for a month. I feel like I could have full blown kidn… someone please explain to my why my primary doctor says “get into a specialist ASAP” but ASAP to a specialist is 1.5 months?...Congratulations @nykolikoslow for making Wisconsin history! #lgbthistory🏳️‍🌈
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷Damn the Russian number bots are increasing every day. @muzzeltov @SenGillibrand I was just thinking about her @prettygoodphil Stop it Phil @kenny_benj Good! See you tomorrow for our selfie. @kenny_benj Do you want the Internet to explode down?! @TheJoeRoy That is correctThere was a senator I met years ago when I was an intern at a non-profit and it was a terrible interaction because…
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷 @bobertAH09 WE MAKE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.THIS FUCKING THREAD @bingomilf QUEENS SUPPORTING QUEENS @bobertAH09 DO IT @GreenSlime1999 @StevenMLaFond @ewarren DAMN IT @bobertAH09 IM READYMy Loves 🥰😍🥰
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷 @GreenSlime1999 @StevenMLaFond @ewarren Donated to @ewarren first and then we will sign the paperwork. HAS AN AMAZING DIGITAL TEAM! JEALOUS IM NOT ON IT @ewarren GET HER JADE!
Retweeted by Mark Pochow 🗽🩸🦷