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First of all... who edited this? This is amazing work.
Retweeted by MeninistI love the idea of re-naming the all-star MVP trophy in Kobe’s honour. 18 times he participated with 4 MVPs. Seems…
Retweeted by Meninist @SirajAHashmi Oh for fucks sake shut the fuck up @RepJerryNadler Ugh may God bless her #crushcancer @scottrmoore @Hibsta19 Also doesn’t matter if it’s a practice swing I you strike the balk it’s a strokeOver 200 wishes granted. Thank you for helping make life-changing wishes come true. ❤️💔🏀 #RIPMamba
Retweeted by Meninist @itsJeffTiedrich 3 emails? @brianschatz Yeah but nobody cares - especially today? @AlisonMorrisNOW Nakers? Never heard this before @SpeakerPelosi Hey guess what - especially today but no one cares about this @nytmike @maggieNYT
@Alyssa_Milano Great pictureDoc Rivers just completely broke down, this really hurts man. 💔
Retweeted by Meninist @Cody_Bellinger Wow @chuckwoolery 41 year old man dying is sad a child dying is tragic @chuckwoolery Ugh @Public_Citizen Cost to whom? @TheRealOJ32 Yeah you never know when your husband may cut off your head! @Lawrence @realDonaldTrump @RepAdamSchiff Oh for fucks sake you’ve finally gone over the edge @FrankLuntz @NPR There is no need for government funded news either radio or tv - we have 300 channels of competiti… @MikeCollierWX That looks like the return of Zhul @charliekirk11 AOC reveals she learned about environmental policy from Steven Spielberg and his teachings about ET and the green planet.
Retweeted by Meninist @charliekirk11 We have 5 living presidents - I think it’s a good idea that we protect them @Delavegalaw @MSignorile Whoa? Why is this a big deal? @markmobility @NewsHour And?
BREAKING: Senate agrees on compromise for witnesses. Bolton will made available for questioning if Democrats agree…
Retweeted by Meninist @WaldenE @EclecticRadical @RoKhanna You’re right there’s a big difference, utopia exists in this world.Every April @TVietor08 @AOC @BernieSanders But she got free health care right? @timkmak People love that kind of shit in a bar you must be very popular @SRuhle NopeThe Iowa Dad Is Wrong. Paying People Back Who Had Paid for College Wouldn’t Be Fair Enough. |…
Retweeted by Meninist @nypost @MorningsMaria @MariaBartiromo @dagenmcdowell More Dagen please @MikeCollierWX Oh no @patrickbalester @MSignorile @MSignorile So what? @johnlegend Oh John @alexsalvinews It’s awesome @BFriedmanDC Here we go @prayingmedic Seriously? Fuck her @mlbtraderumors Former @TulsaDrillers @SaintRPh @DanaPerino Wish I could like this more than onceBeautiful story @OfficialLivePD where is Sticks? @shutupjaya Bless your heart @RepAdamSchiff No one is paying attention Adam @RepAdamSchiff @MSignorile Yo Adam - no one cares @Alyssa_Milano @realDonaldTrump Awesome isn’t it! @madisongesiotto No @HillaryClinton Hey Hil - no one cares @AOC @LIUNA Why is carbon bad again? @SRuhle Hey Steph - no one cares @RepAdamSchiff You know no ones paying attention don’t you? @WaldenE @EclecticRadical @RoKhanna they’ve got him! Audio of him wanting to fire someone...the guy who made a TV show about firing people.
Retweeted by Meninist @BFriedmanDC So you want us to attack? Why not applaud the potus’ restraint? @chrislhayes Okay @momoftwocats Hopefully not a fan @thefishermon @RoKhanna You’re right - thank you
@NBCNews Honey Badger don’t care! He’ll damn well do as he please! @chrislhayes 41 dead - how many dead from flu?I can’t wait! @nicejewishgirl_ Okay I’ll vote for Bernie! @realDonaldTrump Love it! @KTULNews Awesome! @madisongesiotto It would be AWESOME! Everything would be free! @Alyssa_Milano Yes!BREAKING: Adam Schiff releases study that shows more Russians than Americans voted in 2016, calls for Hillary to be…
Retweeted by Meninist @maddow @SRuhle I still don’t get itWill Smith has better gun sense than most of you smh
Retweeted by Meninist @Santucci @lowclasshifi WHAT. AN. AWESOME. PICTURE! @tedcruz I’m lactose intolerant @WaldenE @EclecticRadical @RoKhanna Okay troll you’re right Socialism is awesome and has always worked great - thank you @EclecticRadical @WaldenE @RoKhanna It’s so ridiculous that it’s not even worth replying to @WaldenE @RoKhanna Heh? @Jinded @RoKhanna If you want your little house and all of your needs provided for you by an altruistic government… @Jinded @RoKhanna Well I wouldn’t give up my right - not freedom - to own a gun or any other of my human rights. Ot… @K9PC1 @Jinded @RoKhanna I have a passport and travel plenty but I don’t go to other countries and wish we were more like them @WaldenE @RoKhanna Better than the hundreds of thousands or millions who die under socialism @Jinded @RoKhanna You’d give up your freedom and liberty health insurance and free college?
@JohnKasich Time to switch parties John @HillaryClinton @KTULNews @tomselliott @GretaThunberg @Davos Enough of this child @JRubinBlogger @MSignorile Why the vote today would be the same as the vote taken at the end - this is just bs politics @BarstoolBrkfast @KatTimpf Great picture @OzzieFazou @BenEnglerBeer @JiveBunnyMuzik @DineshDSouza @SenWarren Of course it would encourage more debt why woul… @March_for_Life @realDonaldTrump Honey Badger don’t care @algore @GretaThunberg But you said Miami and New York would be under water by nowTulsa leads No. 22 Memphis 40-17 at halftime. Not a typo.
Retweeted by Meninist @CNNnewsroom What a fucking idiot @megynkelly @benshapiro A. There was nothing wrong with what you said B. RDJ was funny as hell and it was a comedy - funny see? Lighten up @BenEnglerBeer @OzzieFazou @JiveBunnyMuzik @DineshDSouza @SenWarren Just please read a book on basic economics, please @BenEnglerBeer @JiveBunnyMuzik @DineshDSouza @SenWarren Sorry you are unable to think for yourself @BenEnglerBeer @JiveBunnyMuzik @DineshDSouza @SenWarren Just explain why the government taxes? @AOC Yes they hate pregnant women - god you’re an idiot @HamillHimself Mark 2020 stop licking