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@SRuhle @SenBobCasey @MSNBC Are people still staying home? @madisongesiotto It’ll be pretty cool but not as awesome as watching the Democrats explode 10 minutes later! @KTULNews #TermLimits @realDonaldTrump #wheresjoe? @RexChapman AwesomeIt's important to learn about the natural world around us.
Retweeted by George Burger @rickhasen @chrislhayes As long as it takes to elect Biden!!!!! @YouTube Are these low carb?Additional debt, even at low rates, must be repaid. And more debt means more repayment. Servicing government debt c…
Retweeted by George Burger @john_sipher @Scaramucci YES!! The main stream is rioting in the streets we all know this @Scaramucci #wheresjoe?
@cnnbrk Sad story @marklevinshow @TexasKimberley And no one died of AIDS they died of pneumonia or something else - you’re not ignora… @KamalaHarris But it wasn’t no knock - did you listen to the AG? @RexChapman 1972 Olympic basketball team? You think that was okay? No - we should never accept cheating @SarahLongwell25 @secupp I’ll respond as a former Republican - I can’t believe you fall for this shit every time he does this @secupp Hook line and sinker - nice going S.E. @DevinVandriel I’ve been out of the game for a long time but this can’t be accurate can it? @RexChapman Why was he so grumpy all the time? @SarahLongwell25 @secupp He loves to trigger people like you and you fall for it evet timeThis is a must watch. A gay Palestinian American comes out swinging for @realDonaldTrump. My friend @Hazem_F is o…
Retweeted by George Burger @JoeBiden Grief and anger? Did you listen to the AG? @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden Mrs Harris can we ask you a question? Just one question please? No Um okayTRUMP AINT LEAVIN
Retweeted by George Burger @chrislhayes Um this is Israel and that not part of our country - Trump is POTUS, you know that right? @cnnbrk Well that seems badMorning Joe is a show for liberals who lie about their IQ at cocktail parties and whose greatest fear is that anyon…
Retweeted by George BurgerCongress never reduces spending, even when times are calm and prosperous.
Retweeted by George Burger @chrislhayes So we have flattened the curve right? @RexChapman We both like basketball isn’t that common ground? @allinwithchris @chrislhayes Chilling @GregoryEck So angry @DKaplanWTAE @Alyssa_Milano I guess people could just show up and vote in person @chelseahandler @Alyssa_Milano Or just go vote in person @StevenBeynon Why would police ever need to wear camo? @gatewaypundit @Cernovich @joehoft @JackPosobiec You said rioters but I think you meant to say peaceful protesters @nypost @nypost Fascists @marklevinshow Shits getting real @marklevinshow Huh wonder why? @MrAndyNgo Peaceful fire though @MonicaLewinsky SAY HER NAME!!! oh and why did her boyfriend shoot at the police after they announced themselves be… @gilbertjasono @BFriedmanDC Well I’m all fairness Biden’s answer was just Donald Trump @stillgray @GregoryEck Someone’s going to hurt that skinny kid @PeteButtigieg How many justices did Bush pick and which years? Huh? Yeah @SlushyWx @jamesaydelott So beautiful I miss the UP @BFriedmanDC Oh he’s serious we should be very alarmed! @ByJoshFiallo Someone needs to stand up and pop a knot in that kids head
@Beth_Alize Sadly won’t be @nypost But climate change @CarmineSabia @Beth_Alize @DonaldJTrumpJr @EricTrump They didn’t care that he got a prostitute pregnant why would they care about this? @TheView @CaptMarkKelly How do you know which Kelly would actually be serving in the Senate and which would be in space?I’m planning a rescue mission. Who’s in?
Retweeted by George Burger @314khalea Oh I gotta get oneOops @MarryLohnson @morganisawizard @Bencjacobs A good Democrat just like her husband @varrichione Well what does Joe Theisman think?The National Catholic Prayer Breakfast will present an award to Attorney General Barr for “Christlike behavior” tom…
Retweeted by George Burger @KJRH2HD So just giving up basically @Cardinals @ShaneCompany Great catch @sammyhagar @JohnWMcCarthy Well if he’s decent @KyleHooten2 @Cernovich @AndrewKerrNC @DailyCaller Nothing to see here - move along @DailyCaller @Cernovich Um no they won’t, just like they don’t touch Biden’s racist past @cindymccain @MonicaLewinsky Well if he’s good and honest...EXC – Democrat Vernon Jones: Trump Did More for Black Americans in 4 Years Than Biden Has in Over 40
Retweeted by George Burger“In a second term, I will provide school choice to every parent in America.” -@realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by George Burger
Now this is cool!’ll never look at the Left the same after the smearing of Brett Kavanaugh. It wasn’t politics, it was pure evil. A…
Retweeted by George Burger @nypost @nypost That place looks awesome @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden Do you just talk about your feelings or do you have a plan or advice on how the US could be doing better? @ClayTravis @realDonaldTrump Is there nothing he can’t do? @nypost She’ll find something to complain about @KatiePhang @RexChapman Or was it 200,000,000?All heart and hustle. Left it all out on the field. Gotta respect it.
Retweeted by George Burger @AsteriskTour @MattWelch @amfonte @ChiPartyAunt 💯 @MSignorile 💯 @MSignorile No of course not - no one is “for” these things @nypost Classic Stanley Cup game @TeamPelosi @MonicaLewinsky Well that’s part of it @ColumbiaBugle @Cernovich @scottpfeil @holcombOKBLITZ @thurmanthomas His hair looks like shit #growitback @EricTrump @realDonaldTrump @Mike_Pence @IvankaTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @LaraLeaTrump Yeah but what are Harris Biden doing?Trump ending his speech and dancing to YMCA - that’s the most MAGA thing ever! @GooseGanderMom @RealJamesWoods Not reallyWhen the vodka settles in one half of your brain... #OneEyedJack
Retweeted by George Burger @lenadunham You ever considered cutting back on carbs? @nypost She could probably divorce him for a lot of reasons @ColinCowherd Monte Cristo? @RexChapman Well there’s two sides to every story @TheView @neiltyson Wait science will tell us who to vote for? @FOX23 Is that 3 - no no there’s 4 of them, bless their hearts @KelemenCari @GuyThompson_Esq Biden should put Obama on top of his list that would motivate his base @RepThomasMassie But what if they want to trade your guns for a pair of shoes? That’s works right? Get all the guns…
Can’t “buy back” something that was never yours.
Retweeted by George BurgerIf you think Democrats will keep a “promise” to not pack the court if GOP pass up this once in a lifetime chance to…
Retweeted by George Burger @HardballChris What were her last words? @SXMProgress @MSignorile @MaryLTrump I wonder when was the last time they’ve even seen each other?