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@boardie5 I'm really sorry, Alex but there's no stock around your local area. Thank you, Katie. @JanCherryJovi There should be a promotion code box, Jan. Please let me know if you're unable to locate this and I… @skp20040 I'm really sorry about this but I will make sure our Buying Teams and suppliers are aware of your comment… @HannahNahal I'm glad to hear it Hannah! - Conor @French_Fancies That's no problem, if you explain this to the customer services desk in-store my colleagues will be… @jbw781 I will see if I can help, Jason. Pop me a DM by following the below link with your order number, full name,… @liverbirdjoy I'm sorry to hear this Joy. Please pop me a DM by following the below link with your order number, th… @gavzuki Hi - if you could let me know the barcode number I can check this for you :) Thanks, Chris @MaryFlegg Thanks for the feedback, Mary - I'll pass this on to our team to look into for the future! Thanks, Chris @domola1 Hi Dom, would you be able to take these back to a customer services desk in-store? My colleagues will be h… @wayne386 Thanks Wayne, I've let the appropriate people know - Conor @fozzyjev Hi Alison, unfortunately, it doesn't look like we have any immediate plans to get more of these :( - Conor @MicknJennynToby Hi Toby, I'm sorry you're unhappy with our shoes. I've passed your feedback onto the team - Conor @helenrothers Sorry for the disappointment, Helen. The service is still available, just some stores have met their… @TheVicarAgain Sorry for the disappointment. I'll feed it back for consideration and review. Thanks for flagging it with me. - Melissa @LucyTrueloveArt I'm sorry this has happened and I will make sure our Food Team and suppliers are aware of your com… @Sheltie_Dreams We do have a few aftershave gift sets but we're not selling that particular one this year, Sheltie.… @cazza2312 Hi Caroline, I'm sorry to hear you've had a difficult experience. Could you send me your full name, emai… @itssammiejayne Please, could you send it back by using your returns form if possible? Our colleagues can look into… @MikeeP1981 Hi, this is something for @MandSBank - Conor @bearbarnes Hi Claire, unfortunately, our snow globe gin has been flying off shelves. Our last delivery of this was yesterday :( - Conor @lottylovejoy There's some in our Marble Arch store! - Conor @LindaMac1 Thanks for the feedback, I'll make sure this gets across to the team - Conor @freakfire Hi Helen, they'll be coming into store on the 14th! - Conor @iamsamgould Did you manage to see one of our colleagues in the end, Samuel? Thank you, Katie. @jemmaballinger We have now sold out, I am really sorry, Jemma. - Katie. @emmoff37 Hi Emily, could you let me know which store this was in as well as the time of your visit? They offer is… @boardie5 If you let me know your postcode I can check stores closest to you - Conor @MrMcAP sure our Relevant Teams are aware of your comments so our colleagues can keep these in mind for any future… @MrMcAP I'm really sorry we have not responded, your first tweet doesn't seem to have come through to us. I do unde… @JadeCC Apologies, Jade :( Please DM us a picture of your receipt/barcode and let me know your email address so I c… @vikkibw Hi - please speak to our team here > 0333 014 8111 so this can be looked into for you. Thanks, Chris @PippaSundquist Thanks Pippa, I've let the store manager know that Andrew has been such a star! - Conor @Tori_EAlexander I’m sorry about this. Please can you PM me your email/postal address and phone number, so our Food… @MountainsBeer I have a really useful link that should help you with your questions, Jeremy but if there is anythin… @wayne386 Oops! Thanks for making us aware of this - could you let us know where this was taken? Thanks, Chris @toskita Hi Tam, I'm very sorry about this. Could you send me some more information and your contact details in a D… you know someone who loves mojitos? Then we think our Grow Your Own Mojito Hamper is MINT to be! It comes with m… @hellomissjordan We can arrange VAT receipts once you are 100% certain you are happy with your order. Thanks :) - Melissa @MrsEmmaEdwards Preston would be your best bet, but Southport and Blackpool are showing stock too. These are subjec… @gilkes1975 Apologies for this, Gillian - I'll pass on your feedback to our Food team so this can be looked into fo… @Redlottie Hi - unfortunately we don't have a confirmed yes on this, our team are aware and fingers crossed our nex… @MissButtler Oh dear Lucy, I'll let the store know they might need to provide maps 😉 - Conor @LucyRobins1 Please could you pop us a DM with your email address and an image of the barcode on the packaging. - T… @VixRubino Hi Vittoria, sadly, this isn't currently available - so sorry! :( @Niki46447948 I'm really sorry about this. Could you bring this back to the store so that we can have our food team… @TheBritishPsych Hi Craig. I'm afraid hampers or any other food items cannot be delivered to any stores. They are h… @SamTheFoodFan Oh dear :( Could you send me a picture of the barcode or receipt for this item in a DM? - Conor @esallyjohnson Thanks for your feedback, Sally - I'll pass on your comments to our team so this can be looked into… @kindness1983 I'm glad to hear we've been so helpful, I've let the store manager know so that Angie can hear your kind words! - Conor @Tori_EAlexander If it's more convenient, please post the hair and packaging to our address, including your contact… @Tori_EAlexander I'm really sorry to hear this, Tori. Please keep hold of the hair and packaging for now and return… @FeargalHogan So sorry about this :( I'd like for our Food team to get in touch with you directly in regards to thi… @JanCherryJovi Hi. Please can you send us a photo of the offer you referring to? It may be that its for regular foo… @ChatEverton Hi there, does your 'mate' have an image or a product code of this cardigan to DM us with? We'll have… @MyKomment Thanks for your feedback - I'll pass this on to our team to look into for the future. Thanks, Chris @gulrohit Hi, we offer a range of different fits, lengths and sizes so that everyone can find a suit that fits them… @lottylovejoy Hi Lotty, we'll be getting more in soon, have a check on our website in about a weeks time and they should be there! - Conor @MsLauraTeeee Hi Laura. I'm afraid we don't have any confirmed plans as of yet, but if you'd like to let us know yo… @SarahsSentences Me! I knew, and I absolutely share your pain, Sarah. Other people - they'll never understand! Hope… @ds2hogs Hi, I'm so sorry about this. Could you please send me any further details you have about this in a DM, as… @robynplummer Sorry to hear this, Robyn. Could it be the dessert plates have been sent in another delivery? If you… @MLC_83 We’ve already taken action to remove 1,000 tonnes from our business and have phased out 2,700 tonnes of bla… @LynneTurner So sorry about this, Lynne :( Have you been able to place your order since your tweet? Thanks, Chris @MLC_83 Hi, thanks for your feedback. The issue of plastic is really important to us and our priority is to remove… @ianphilthompson So sorry about this Ian. Please can you DM your contact information and a copy of your receipt if… @yrh47 Sorry about the queues Ray and hope you haven't been waiting too long? Has anyone said what the cause of the… @Linzipoos Sadly we just couldn't produce enough of the product alongside our suppliers to meet the overwhelming de… @reham_george I'm really sorry to hear this, Reham and you're certainly right to expect better from us. I've fed th… @Linzipoos I am really sorry you've been unable to get hold of a bottle so far. There was a very small delivery mid… @fozzyjev Hi Alison, please can you tell us the code of the tights you're talking about so I can look into this for you? All the best, Jake @jemmaballinger Hi Jemma. So sorry to say this but unfortunately, we've now sold out of the gin! :( @EmilyRMill Sorry to hear this, Emily. This means that the product is ready to be collected in 2 days, but the stor… @ms_KLHardy A small selection of these will become available from the 14th onwards :) - Jake @70sJan Hi Jan, it sounds to me as though one of the pairs is faulty I'm afraid. Please return them to your nearest… @itssammiejayne Hi Samantha, I'm sorry about this. If you'd like, our colleagues in-store will be happy to have a l… @_TomHolland So sorry to hear this Tom. Please use the link and send us a photo of your receipt or the barcode numb… @Sheltie_Dreams Hi Sheltie, Which ones are you referring to, do you have the product numbers for these items so we… @ItsBesia Hi Elka, You can use a gift-card in the food hall :-) Thanks, Brendan @boardie5 Hi Alex, I've looked into this for you and unfortunately there are no current plans on bringing this item… @Dani_S_Hunter Hi Dani. This will still be fine to eat. With regards to price reductions, that is down to the discr… @captainsooks @Nicki_Chapman Sorry about this Niall. Please can you DM a copy of your receipt or the barcode number… @switchsaveshare Sorry you were disappointed with the facilities Cat. Please can you let me know which store this w… @emmoff37 Hi Emily, Sorry to hear this :-( It gets really busy this time of year when ordering so you will experien… @LindaMac1 Hi Linda, I've had a look at our current offerings and I see what you mean. Our Buying team love hearing… @lucywritesfood It definitely is, Lucy! I can only speak for M&S but commitments similar to this form the bedrock o… @laura_rose_1987 No worries, Laura :) Thanks, Chris @LucyTrueloveArt Hi Lucy, I'm very sorry about this. Would you be able to send me a picture of this product's barcode? - Conor @Bexitcockup Hi Andrew, we're getting more stock of the jacket in black around 14 December and the burgundy one 28… @bohemianstephen Sorry to hear this. Please DM us your email/postal address and the number on the bar code of the p… @French_Fancies So sorry about this, I understand your disappointment completely :( As this was put through in stor… @Sparklingclaire Hi Claire. Items in the calendar are measured by weight so while it may look underfilled, it shoul… @hellomissjordan Hi - you would have to do separate transactions so they can be sent to different addresses :) Thanks, Chris @louisatasker Hi Louisa, I've just checked and we're not getting any more in. If you DM your postcode, I'll see if… @Gcl101 Oh no - sorry to see this. Please, can you let us know if you bought this online or in-store? If you bought… @AngharadWatson Very true and very well spotted, Angharad! It's too late for us to change the packaging although ho… @lilitheexplorer "For Artistic Endeavour.......10 points!!!!" @ItaliasenzaI Hi Talia. We have 2 bake at home white loaves on the system but neither of them is gluten-free and th… @crisphobbyist Thanks for the feedback and score! Glad you and your mum enjoy them :) @quesarah15 Hello Sarah! We don' have a restock date as of yet for this online :( But if you send me your postcode…