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When I get into a good soldering groove I truly understand what Pusha T meant by “we all clicking like Golden State”
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]The vampire girl from adventure time:<3
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]I really don’t think I’m a Sagittarius I never relate to this shit is really untouchable @elevenpyres It’s not even close @marksnotnice him and moodymann e-z
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]He’s good but I don’t think he has the range compared to flylo tbh Lotus really is the best electronic artist of the last decade no questionVery into the idea of a custom bail could pay every single employee to stay home for another 6 months and probably wouldn’t even notice the mone…
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]Can’t tell if the underground fashion elitists hatred of Jordans comes from racism or bc their high school bullies wore them or both @gum_mp3 Craziest styleWe gotta upend this thing in media where the only black stories/movies/shows etc that get critical approval or take… a bunch of white guys on a podcast with “trap house” in the name not give it away
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]Yea ok I listened to the gecs remix album and that sound kinda aged like yogurt on a hot sidewalk as expected The… "Fashion's Studio 54 of the Instagram Era" 💀
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]I forget about these too much @YUNGMIGHTYMOSH gunna tell him no
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ] @singletary_john Might have to bc I can’t have my pace torpedoed like thisThe app just straight up missed a mile and a half BUTCHERED my avg mile time smh new Pop Smoke mural in Canarsie, Brooklyn is finished 🙏 Location: 8125 Flatlands Ave
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ] @mumblecomic Small“No you can’t use the good china until you properly explain the significance of elevated streetwear” - me to my fut… how it took a massive multi week nationwide social movement to get some of these brands to uhhh post a single black person on IGPharrell with the big bowl of cereal changed my life.
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]me when clubs open again
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ] @mishonson The lightspeed champion era was a wild timeI wake up sweating thinking abt those old Dev Hynes pictures
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]If I wasn’t so ass at warzone I’d do that more Should I do another stream soon are galleries “opening” back up? @MrStupididy No clue @singletary_john *MAPS @singletary_john They added a playlist w just the small naps I’ve been going IN @MrStupididy Can’t find any links tbhIt’s lite @MrStupididy Real collabDJ HERO DAFT PUNK MEGAMIX 1,2 U wouldn’t get it u had to be thereBro I can’t stop laughing at this @Rosehill1999 Consider me a fucking childBlack lace agate and of course the insane black star sapphire could be a sick outer space combo and Onyx are BEGGING to be made into some crazy cyber shit🌃👀 - to stop unnecessary late night snacking? Tape this pic to ur fridge’s talking about being at a music video shoot focus on yourself brotherI saw a teacher friend of mine post "I wonder how social distancing will work when we run school shooter drills in…
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ] @gum_mp3 Rhyme* smh @gum_mp3 Mach Hommys gonna thyme it w “devil or angel sent” or something nuts I can feel it @Rosehill1999 Tbf half of them I didn’t choose to go I was like 10 or under LMAORealized today I’ve only been to like 6 major cities in my life I’m trying to see some new shit
💎 💎💎“In event of life threatening disease: see Section 3B - ‘Why team pride matters above health’”I would pay so much to read what’s in there music is just a case study of “the body as a political location”
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]Thing I found out about 2 years ago is being discovered by other ppl 😡 w the telfar belt bape ape guy has to return but for ppl not wearing masksYea this is weird but how far off is it from the Carti fandom uoy ekat neht ",tops a wonk I" ,ekil eb syuG
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]Hey Siri, is it true that TikTok is farming my data
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]Shit looks like a pizza place from a bad 90s sitcom to generate dystopian panic but if it played come to daddy I’d probably cop my god lmaooo why u never seriously debated 2 different things bc one was 190 calories and the other was 200 don’t think we’re the sameI can’t get over those Birkenstock’s w the chain those shits crazy fr.
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]Literally all brunch boots at this point’m too annoyed to properly bust fits with this bc now I gotta deal w rearranging my whole room around this leak’t have a fucking moment of rest in this placeYeah another apartment update my ceiling is leaking water directly onto my pillow like Chinese water torture I real… how to explain it but every one of my theoretical enemies looks like him daft punk pendant is ALWAYS in the front of my mind
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]the daft punk helmet goes so crazy
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]All I’m gonna say is life hasn’t been the same since Makonnen’s career got torpedoed and I don’t think it’s a coinc… @khrkyo Tru and VERY tru they’re cute I can’t lie @NicoKartel He’s so photogenic like I don’t think I’ve seen a bad pic of himThe photoshoot I’m about to have once this Telfeezus belt gets hereGLLLLLLLLLLT BOW BOW BOW what sahbabii music sound like
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]Past work that’s currently in the front of my mind is about to wear the FUCK out of the Rick Docs lmaooo @GemsMuseum U see it @asantethetoad I’m SAYING @mishonson Air Hot Topics @gum_mp3 This smells like Los Angeles @choppa Or did something like this to the soles footwear, if I said looks 2 and 3 were fear of god, would you deny it?He’s on some other shit this season @khrkyo Idk Raf did cool shit to docs, supreme brought out rare models, I feel like slapping the megalace on a pair of 1460s is kinda lazyThe sand colored boots not the sandals those can go right to hellA little disappointing tbh but those sand ones are cool this is a winner must have issue
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]LEGENDARY images architecture here is amazing - DJIBOUTI
Retweeted by [ MarkSabino ]