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I didn't invent Facebook, but Carson Daly did refer to me as 'one baseball fan, Mark' on the Today show. I do cover the Washington Nationals for

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Don Sutton’s legacy is forever connected to Los Angeles, Atlanta and even Milwaukee. But he also left an important… to DC, President Biden and Vice President Harris.
Retweeted by Mark ZuckermanSpringer and Jays agree at $150M for 6 years
Retweeted by Mark ZuckermanOur heartfelt condolences go out to Mary and the entire Sutton family on the loss of Don. He was a phenomenal play…
Retweeted by Mark Zuckerman @richardjustice Syd.Thrift1873 @B_in_DC I honestly don’t know the answer to that yet, and I’m not sure the team does either. So much depends on ho…’d like to think the 45K fans who hopefully will be able to fill Nationals Park sometime this summer care about my…
Very much enjoyed getting to know Don during his time as an analyst at MASN in 2007-08, then catching up with him e… @chall77 No, he actually was traded to the Yankees in Dec. 2015. So he just missed out. @Britt_Ghiroli Looking forward to reading your work in your new role. Not looking forward to removing another name… addition of Jon Lester to a rotation already featuring three veterans who were subpar or injured last season co… next on @team980, @DNewtonespn to talk Marty Hurney as potential GM for #WashingtonFootball. 8:25--…
Retweeted by Mark ZuckermanWe have terminated Jared Porter this morning . In my initial press conference I spoke about the importance of integ…
Retweeted by Mark Zuckerman @CheeseTweeted22 Hey, he reached base twice in 13 plate appearances! Two walks! (One intentional 😬)Nationals have now added a power-hitting first baseman, a power-hitting left fielder and a veteran No. 4 starter. S… Nats appear to be compensating for the loss of members of the 2019 World Series roster by acquiring members of… @savanarola5 Bell can't become a free agent til after 2022 season. But in the bigger picture, they're trying to win… for the record … @MarkZuckerman called it. 😏
Retweeted by Mark ZuckermanIt's a straight 1-year deal, no option for 2022, per another source.Nats are finalizing 1-year deal with Jon Lester, source confirms @JeffPassan report. Still needs to pass physical t… don't need Lester to be an ace. With Scherzer, Strasburg and Corbin in front of him, they'd just need him to m…'s 2020 numbers (5.16 ERA, 11 HR in 61 IP) were gaudy, but he allowed 0 or 1 run in 6 of his 12 starts. When…
Jon Lester has always stood out as a good fit for the Nationals in their search for a No. 4 starter: Proven veteran… @Efowl4 Yeah, he and Kieboom "graduated" out of prospect eligibility.The Nationals do not have a top-100 prospect on this year's Baseball America list. @CarloOrengo24 Did you read my proposal? It specifically rewards teams for winning their division. @frank__dente Did you read my article? My proposal is 12 teams. And division winners automatically advance to the D… is reportedly pushing for an expanded playoff field again. Here’s a somewhat radical proposal for a 12-team for…
The updated story on the Nationals avoiding arbitration with their three biggest offensive stars: $8.5 million salary for Juan Soto, first reported by @Joelsherman1. Big - but expected - raise from his… announce they’ve agreed on 2021 salaries with Juan Soto and Trea Turner. So that’s it, no arbitration cases this year.Trea Turner and the Nationals agreed to a $13 million salary, avoiding arbitration, per source familiar with the terms.And by “next hour-plus,” I of course meant “next four hours-plus.” touted shortstop among Nats' 10 international signings - Byron Kerr
Retweeted by Mark Zuckerman#Nats assistant GM Johnny DiPuglia on SS Armando Cruz: “He’s a middle of the field guy that we normally look for. S…
Retweeted by Mark ZuckermanStill waiting for word on Juan Soto and Trea Turner, whether they settled on salaries or filed for arbitration.Josh Bell will make $6.3 million this season, per source. Was expected to be between $6 million-$7 million all along.The Nationals and Josh Bell have agreed on a 2021 salary, avoiding arbitration.We’ve agreed to terms with ten international free agents. #NATITUDE
Retweeted by Mark ZuckermanThis was tweeted with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th of Game 5 of the NLDS vs. LA. Moments later, the Dodgers rush… never seemed interested in bringing Suzuki back. So he joins Rendon in Anaheim, and Nats still need anoth… filing deadline has now passed, but I would expect a bunch of details about guys signing before 1 p.m.… about to experience #DifoTime deadline for players to agree to 2021 salaries and avoid filing for arbitration is coming up at 1 p.m. Wrote ye… baseman DJ LeMahieu and the New York Yankees are finalizing a six-year, $90M contract, sources familiar with…
Retweeted by Mark ZuckermanSource confirms #Nats sign 11 international free agents, including #5 prospect SS Armando Cruz for $3.9M. The list…
Retweeted by Mark ZuckermanTwelve years removed from the Esmailyn Gonzalez scandal, the Nationals’ Latin American program is thriving: Soto, R…
Arbitration deadline day could be especially complicated this year for the Nationals and three big-name players who…
Will Robles return to 2019 form on defense?
Retweeted by Mark ZuckermanThe additions of Josh Bell and Kyle Schwarber (and maybe more) were necessary. But ultimately the Nationals’ path t…
Answering your questions on the blog:’ve spent the last 10 months trapped in the house with my family. I would love a little solitary time!
Kyle Schwarber should bring pop to the Nats lineup. But will it be enough? @MarkZuckerman examines the Nats' new po…
Retweeted by Mark ZuckermanNationals announce a multi-year partnership with BetMGM that includes the opening of a sportsbook connected to Nati… current Nationals lineup has three guys who hit 34+ homers in 2019, another who hit 22 homers, plus two more wh… you’re shocked by this, you haven’t been watching the Steelers for the last two months.
Schwarber has "chip on my shoulder" as he arrives in D.C. - Byron Kerr
Retweeted by Mark Zuckerman @mdw1388 Yes, Miguel Batista with the all-time quote: “They came to see Miss Universe and they got Miss Iowa.”We are trending toward “Levale Speigner beats Johan Santana” territory here ...
@EMersch22 I’ve always thought he has the potential to do just that, but it’d be an awfully big risk to just put hi… Schwarber on choosing the Nationals, reuniting with Davey Martinez, bouncing back at the plate and why he’s be… believe @BNightengale first had details of the mutual option.That said, mutual options rarely get picked up. So the most likely scenario is still that Schwarber makes $10 milli… added aspect to Schwarber's deal with the Nats: It includes an $11 million mutual option for 2022 or a $3 milli…’t wait to get to spring and get in the grind with the fellas! Let do this thing!
Retweeted by Mark ZuckermanSchwarber keeps reiterating the Nationals were his No. 1 choice all along. And keeps reiterating his only priority… "I believe I'm a good outfielder. I'm going to make the plays I need to make." Also credited Davey for h… says he believes Soto is "the best hitter in the game, I really do."Kyle Schwaber on a Zoom call with us right now. Thrilled to reunite with Davey Martinez and join a Nats team he exp… Washington Nationals have agreed to terms with OF Kyle Schwarber. 🔗 //
Retweeted by Mark Zuckerman
Retweeted by Mark Zuckerman @MarcLancaster Fair enough. Truly one of a kind!The early story on the Nationals signing Kyle Schwarber for (as others have reported) $10 million: lot can (and probably will) still change, but this is potentially what the Nats lineup looks like today: SS Turn… is kind of an Adam Dunn-type. Low batting average, lots of homers, lots of walks, lots of strikeouts.Schwarber figures to play LF, moving Soto to RF. Gives the Nationals three potentially big left-handed bats (Soto,… are signing OF Kyle Schwarber to a 1-year deal, pending a physical, source confirms @dougherty_jesse repo… @abashuk Oh, you’re right. How could I forget the Chris Burke game! They showed that highlight nonstop all month.In honor of the WFT’s rare home playoff game tonight, a ranking of the 19 postseason ballgames that have been playe…
@dandalyonsports Interesting. Never knew that. @dandalyonsports Why was the ‘82 NFC Championship on a Saturday?
Retweeted by Mark ZuckermanA comparison of free agents Brantley, Pederson and Schwarber
Retweeted by Mark ZuckermanTrea Turner deserves to be recognized as one of the best shortstops in baseball. And soon enough, he’s going to be…
Everyone raving how great this trade is for baseball ... is it? Great for New York, yes. But great for baseball? Lindor is a superstar. And has the exact same career OPS (.833) as Trea Turner. to write this morning about a joyous event that took place in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol only 14 months…
@Mike_Ferrin @masnKolko And here I thought all this time you were the actor who replaced Wayne Rogers on M*A*S*H ...The Dodgers announced they’ve re-signed Blake Treinen to a two-year contract with a team option for 2023.
Retweeted by Mark Zuckerman
@BBK8_e Yes, indeed. The move to Rochester should make a big difference in this regard. @jaykaydee Fair point. Then again, can we even say with certainty there will be any regular season baseball being played anywhere in April? @jaykaydee I guess. But wouldn't they prefer to have those guys playing in actual games before calling them up?This would mean (among other things) that any players MLB clubs want to be available for a call-up the first few we…
The Nationals added Josh Bell on Christmas Eve. What’s their first roster priority now in the new year? is some high-quality football.
@masnRoch @dandalyonsports I know WFT is on a lot there, but I don’t think it’s mandatory. Ravens games are mandatory in DC. @dandalyonsports I would love to know the rationale for this. Why are Ravens games required to be shown in the DC m…
@JerryJewdy Oh no, you’re right. How did I miss him? Just added him to the list, thanks! @DMVClassical That’s way more than I remember about him! @Mike_Ferrin @masnKolko I just assumed that was at your request.