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@TeamSynergy || twitch partner || nurse, degen, mod || 2x GOLD || @meiashes likes my fingies

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@woaruh omg are you soaruh from twitter big fan i actually just foll—LIVE RN greddy #62: LAZY QUICK GRIDDY BC IM DOING A CHARITY STREAM FOR PRIDE MONTH AND ALSO I HIT 7K FOLLOWERS ON TWI… are live NOW with a Pride Charity Stream, raising money for @tiltify's #UnifiedForPride campaign! Hosted by…
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@careertwitch happy birthday career 🥳 @neondzns @TeamSynergy welcome 🤩 @sccythe @TeamSynergy welcome 🥳 @Xanny923 @TeamSynergy welcome ☺️ @Glorinsz "flashing us" is close to "flashing for us," im sure he was confused :,)thank you for raids to keep up the mental ❣️ @PumbaKills @Pamaj @Miehki @Alaina_Z_ @fishychair @michelleeey_xo q in gold is so much fun, can't wait to do it again :) thanks for a fun, positive, non-tilted stream <333 @kxtieoh @MisfitsGG CONGRATS !!! @ejscouter @linaboyy_ we feel great about it @tinapahy this is the best way for you to find me wym 😭😭 @rusherton @TeamSynergy welcome ☺️ @ForsakenOrbit @Xeppaaa FELL IN LOVE WITH AN EMO GIRLLLL @dredizzle619 ??? @itsyeraa thank you @bubblesAU_ what @cereuliia pissing shaking throwing up @Yaza3k a part of me died recording and posting it ngl @h2nnyu moment of weakness my b @chief_keith916 HABSHABXJSHA @jessicahkim 🥰 you’re so pretty, got me blushing over here @hydmasti no @iAdrianAbad 🥸 i got hacked @woaruh it was never a phase @kalpyco I NEEDED THIS ENERGY THANK YOU 🖤 @KING_RIISK PLEASE 😂 @TeamSynergy what? @daphmommy STILL I’LL NEVER UNDERSTAND WHY YIU HANG AROUND I SEE WHATS GOING DOWN⬇️ @niceboypaolo new lows * @ayoMalikai 💀💀💀 save me @eveRyzoTTV @ them @RSolosW 😭 @eveRyzoTTV bro...this one is for @meiashes 💀 greddy #61: IM IN LOVE WITH AN EMAR GIRLLLL
@rusherton @TeamSynergy welcome 🥳 @m6lki @TeamSynergy welcome 😊 @TabsCutee @TeamSynergy welcome 🫡 @riseeFPS @chefhomiekwon my timeline has been blessedwould sell my left kidney for a shimmer vandal skin @riotgames PLEASE 😭 my whole brand is based on these mf unicorns @Kyrokana r u ok @RSolosW 🫡 @daimyoFPS it’s for the best … @Saderrrrrrr UHM HELLO ??? VAC VAC VACdaily griddy #60: it’s been two months… how many people would be mad if i stopped 🤨 @Yokai_Ray @chefhomiekwon dropped. @wahoooopunch 🗣 🗣 🗣 @chefhomiekwon i pass this on to my representative @jxrrelly @aloeson acceptable alternative 😌🥰 @ayoMalikai really put the AYO in ayoMalikai 😭 uncalled for @chefhomiekwon @marmieparmie cya 🧍🏻‍♀️
@daphmommy i get it 🤭 the only thing i don’t get is how i even ran the app as @daphmommy @RSolosW YES I EVEN TRIED REFRESHING THE WINDOW WHERE @RSolosW wait i fr have this problem too pls help @RSolosW I’m a W mod btw @RSolosW FACECAM YOU COWARD ! @Nighty10k HUUUUH @Xeppaaa @ForsakenOrbit H8RS @SUPERCAT1439278 this was mean and toxic… do it againdaily greddy #59: was comatose for a majority of the day, then we won our volleyball game, now im eating cheesecake will always be my favorite VALORANT agent! btw I'm looking to coach a raze main out there?!
Retweeted by synergy marmar ✨ @SoaRZephy valorant is pretty fun 🥸 @Liquid01hp @RSolosW VOUCH I WATCHED @RSolosW AND RANKED UP TO RADIANT IN ONE WEEK @TacThrowVAL @Saderrrrrrr i got a steam noti today and @kuhiroVAL @Toari_ @sonryaz @SUPERCAT1439278 @SkuLLyJai @eveRyzoTTV @betharonii_ @imboopie @crystalbobas @KaPauuuu @imboopie @RSolosW @xomoonemi vouch @marmarpits would never shit talk would simply like to hold handsand special thank you for the raids ❤️ @Toari_ @sonryaz @SUPERCAT1439278 @SkuLLyJai @eveRyzoTTV @betharonii_ you for a successful birthday / one year subathon❣️ had fun and really felt the love :,) special thanks to ev…
@9onty @RSolosW @TeamSynergy social media is hard @RSolosW @TeamSynergy wow your tweet looks so much more official than mine ggsIf you use code ‘Watson’ you’ll get 10% off! Go check it out! #Synergy⚡️ @TeamSynergy
Retweeted by synergy marmar ✨ @TeamSynergy @ARMAgg @samrWTF common @samrWTF W, these are so fire 😮‍💨if you're stinky, you'll get 10% off with code "Marmar" 🤭 @Laitilee it’s so pain 🥲 @y4mikunn @walqaw QTs 😍😂 @h2nnyu what the skye doin 🤨ascendant is different
Retweeted by synergy marmar ✨ @ctrrlz @Chloricc @reaIlymatt 🥲 @Chloricc @reaIlymatt i didn’t have my glasses on at first and it looked like the first word was mom @Jollztv @GhostGaming congrats 🥳 @itsnxla @Dynofps omg i know that guy ! @Pamaj majority of the comments didn’t even notice the buddy, im so jealous 😭 @Bello215_ not at all 😌 @_skag don’t cry 🦑 @ayaxowo 🥺 why does it hurtttt @Xeppaaa @ForsakenOrbit bro let me live, i said GREDDY @spi6rit when is it your turn 🤭daily greddy #58: feeling sleep deprived, delirious, and dramatic atm 🫠 @RSolosW 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 never a doubt5x God Squad 🏆
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@chefhomiekwon @TeamSynergy WYNERGY @gloomieval happy birthday goat 🥳thanks for putting me on 😮‍💨 @Pamajdaily griddy #57: currently doing my one year subathon and reading a kudoboard about you is so wholesome it hurts……
@Pamaj @RSolosW @Queach_ NT 😅 @RSolosW @alvarxz @zeldrisval @snarly_val @sinkfps this is the winning squad fr