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Love it or Hate it, definitely recycle it ♽

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@DanielMarkWest @YouGov Did someone mention ice lollies? #heatwave #loveitorhateit @J0hnny_L_ Love it? @superliams Purist! We love it 🖤 @nicolajones525 @alelerele @galen100 Just call us Marmite! @LeoEarthMonkey @Nigella_Lawson You'd be surprised! @FabFood4All We're open to experiment! @RedLionBarnes @AntonManganaro @Mck_Angus @jdswaine Ha! @Nigella_Lawson It's the perfect day for Ice lollies! What do you think of ours? #RecipeOfTheDay #heatwave @Rhys_Haywood ❄️ @Mereite Think of it as a savoury treat. @MimiCodd @ka1mar Brain freeze (sorry, it was tempting) ❄️ @Matthew03175321 Today is the day to try the chilled alternative. @KyshelIy Marmite spaghetti! @harryscode19 Please report back. 👌 @Dontknorightnow @bodsbr Love it or Hate it. @MargeDacre That's what they said about @Heston_Live bacon ice cream! @hegan_steve The magic of the yeast. @JohnIvorHolland Worth a try! Share you pics with us if you do! @terry_gill @Oscartoby2 @TheMonksYard Report back! @X0_Pokey_0X @katesproule @kevinlukemay @jillmenze @mitrasorrells @foxychops Marmite Peanut Butter? Marmite Flatbreads? Marmite cashew nuts? Or... Just Marmite? @paintycup Hot day alternative. #heatwaveuk @PacmanAndRobin @daz3001 @MrBarryLewis Who wouldn't? @Doggy71952673 @VickyMB1970 @oddjoe_ This has left you cold? ❄️ @gliddies @chelsian Well... anything is popsicle! @kentman43 @chelsian @lynx 🖤 @johnelphick3 Tag us when you do! @midorigreen Ohhhh.... @megakizz @Annabel33622679 Or pure genius. @MadeleineRich Love it or Hate it. @snnakepit OH yes. @_JessicaDavies Are you in? 🍦 @_katapple @BevJohnsonArt @gurdy01 Marmite. Water. Freezer. Bosh. @RodgerKendrick Mais oui. @Melkizadek Challenge accepted. @shells_twits @I_R_STEPH Today's challenge! 🔥 @NatalieSFergie @CarolineKidd_ or mere madness? #LoveitorHateit #heatwave @tatsie1973 @JaquieBrown Couldn't agree more. 😉
@pjaway @fatgazbo @Perlsgirl1 @Lucie_Fur99 Where do we start? The proof is in the tasting! @Caz_Bucket Never say never. @adibeasley @TheLabraDiva Table manners 10/10! @Osanguine_Cos @Mephistroc @amarhaak @Maggi_France La nouveauté Marmite Peanut Butter est terrible! @Pascal1Eve Welcome to the Marmite Peanut Butter appreciation club! @Mephistroc @Osanguine_Cos @amarhaak @Maggi_France Ah non, rien ne vaut l'original! 😉👌 @NatHoare True love. 🖤 @NonFictioness Happy day! @G_Rees99 @SupJess__ Crumpets at the ready! @JustinGriggs Hello Marmite family! 👋 @MarieMarie19781 We agree. 🥇 @steviepattisond We can assure you there is some. Are you a super Marmite lover? 😉
@emilybarkerhalo @Vegemite @andywash You had us at love... @andywash @jusrus @Vegemite Only one answer is right. THE ONLY ONE. @RussPurdie @FoodTrb @PotNoodle Top chef. @ModeratePeril You've got a few breakfasts covered! @johnelphick3 Ha!
@dandancameraman We wonder whether he likes Marmite 😉@Joshuaonomah10 @simon_higgens You certainly can't. @gunnadrinks @Philip_Walker The proof is in the tasting ;) @JonnyPerks Tik tok, tik tok... @hannahtherunner @_NatashaDevon Phew... All is forgiven. @Ste_Collins @walkers_crisps You can try another #MarmiteSpreadBetting 😉 @gurdy01 Ouch! Let's hope not then... @gracejt68 @walkers_crisps You can try another #MarmiteSpreadBetting 😉 @StewRuns @stusykes That's a lovely gesture. 🖤 @steve_evo We wouldn't advise consuming the product past the expiry date Steve. 😉 @_NatashaDevon @hannahtherunner Sacrilege. Accept no substitute. @Bradley_79 Which players next? 😉 @gurdy01 Extra time? @gjjuice That many? @graemesinclair 1 to go then... @PhilippaVereker @JuliaLeeAuthor Our pleasure! @stusykes Get on #MarmiteSpreadBetting 😉 @danquinton @walkers_crisps Sounds likely! @paulusher2003 Confident? So far so right.... but more time to go... 😉 @niallbirnie 🔥 @clockworkcodger Confident? @Blue_Tomorrow8 Is that your prediction? 😉 @danquinton @walkers_crisps 👋 You can try another #MarmiteSpreadBetting 😉 @johnelphick3 @walkers_crisps You can try another #MarmiteSpreadBetting 😉 @boro_in_madrid @walkers_crisps Cutting it fine! 😆 @mrsranting @walkers_crisps You can try another #MarmiteSpreadBetting 😉 @Ashley_Willis30 @walkers_crisps You can try another #MarmiteSpreadBetting 😉 @paulusher2003 @walkers_crisps No goals yet but you can try another #MarmiteSpreadBetting 😉