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Muso: { Isola, Lost Architectures, Narcissus Pool} Middle Aged, Not Quite as Stupid as the average idiot, and White

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@LordGrimdark Dyson. The roomba is gone just wasn't good enough. 20 mins with the v11 and you're wondering how you ever used to cope.#Composers give us your best stories of rudeness/ignorance from our superiors. One of mine, at Air Studios, in fron…
Retweeted by TheCarIsOnFireAndThere'sNoDriverAtTheWheel @65dos @slip_rehill Looks like a competent leader in Labour... I'm surprised. Corbyn was too left wing, doesn't work.
@ManMadeMoon I often wonder if Rees-Mogg asked to be turned into a real Nazi..."Wanna play ball?"
Retweeted by TheCarIsOnFireAndThere'sNoDriverAtTheWheel @JaseHeeley @simonstalenhag On the watch state Electric State is fantastic @65dos To go with the UU Wreckage vinyl! I'm still trying to find a taker for my liver... @jetfury I've played that performance a lot. For anyone who hasn't seen Still Bill do so, you'll realise we've lost… to my beautiful friend last night - a lung doctor in the nhs. She said, while its a lovely gesture, instead o…
Retweeted by TheCarIsOnFireAndThere'sNoDriverAtTheWheel @BBC6Music A-Ha "Scoundrel Days" @BBC6Music Pixies "Doolittle" @BBC6Music My Bloody Valentine "Loveless" @BBC6Music Nine Inch Nails "Downward Spiral" @LongwellRecords Skeletor bumming the PM? @timetemple Maybe you don't have enough sax in your life? Oh yeah baby, yeah... cor now ai… by a day but Massively influential electronics engineer that has influenced your life.
If you're feeling a bit down cause of self isolation just cut bread into a hand shape and when it pops up in the to…
Retweeted by TheCarIsOnFireAndThere'sNoDriverAtTheWheelstay safe
Retweeted by TheCarIsOnFireAndThere'sNoDriverAtTheWheel @ShippersUnbound @carolecadwalla Where's the evidence of this? I think the only things he's been distancing himsel… @slip_rehill Show's social distancing is working. How about this... get some dye and drop it into some water and w…
@sdedition This thread is full of right. Grand Budapest is a goto feel good. "GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY BELLBOY!" @65dos reminds me of many people I've met in the last twenty years. At the root laziness leads them to lying about th… @LongwellRecords @AsimC86 Tiger King or Tory Party? @WiperAndTrue I take credit for my email last night! LOVE YOU GUYS! @tidalcycles Are people using this method for their music? May need to have the original algorithm as an option. :D… @PearlJam Gigatron turns out to be a great album. Easily their most complete solid "album" since Riot Act. Eac…
@LongwellRecords @invadauk Once I get me loafy arse out of bed will go and investigate which ones I've got. Think i… @LongwellRecords @invadauk Have you got any of the Hannibal releases? Keep meaning to pick them up. Can't remembe… @Mark__Lawrence More humour Mr Lawrence, The Red Queens War had me laughing a hell of a lot, and lots of other emot… @65dos You little teases I got all excited that it was already out! @HaZ_Dulull @primevideouk 🧐this was already on the list to watch, but you just triple recommended it.Very sad news... #GetWellSoonMichael, and this is why people need to be sensible. It's going to get people you love…
@Donnnnnnnnnnnna Black Spot, Twin Peakesque French thing. @jetfury @iamclintmansell Pi on vinyl? @Scott_LJ @guyverhofstadt Terrible terrible human beings. Makes you wish hell existed. @BBC6Music @65dos repressing. One of the most forward thinking bands of the moment.
Musical genius... His work will not be celebrated as much as it should be in these times. @jfreewright Same in the UK - those who believe in the ridiculous Herd Immunity plan... off you trot then. Prefera… @BBC6Music @piano__day @ErasedTapes @maryannehobbs @ErlandCooper @AphexTwin @WarpRecords @agnesobel @PJHarveyUK @Coldwar_Steve Nope... still can't find Wally... Except the Tory ones. @colettebrowne You were aware of The Daily Hate Mails existence prior to this weren't you? If you buy this filth a… @richardosman :O I met Mat years ago (Suede first time around - my partner was obsessed), and he's tall. This has g… @sloopcraigb Ha, glad someone else feels the same about this. There's some serious psychological warfare going on w… Note: I don't need a letter from the PM... @Julie87030954 @ChrissieGrech @SusanEacock Unfortunately most people could not work from home, and most actually ex… @ChrissieGrech @SusanEacock Block me! He's made continuously obvious bad choices, screws over the people, and he's… Where is the persistent cough Boris Johnson?
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@FlamingPines Is the above link ok? There's three things I've done since... they're getting... darker probably. Not… @shankers73 @RahenaRahman1 @terrychristian Many of us remember it in the 80s when it was atrocious before Tony got in. Your facts be wrong. @LizzyBain @terrychristian They are Psycho Patel is now claiming shes been trying to do this for ages. Suspect its… true. @DPJHodges @EmmaKennedy @domdyer70 It's a pertinent question. Just because there's some additional points doesn't m… @LordGrimdark Stand in the corner and face the wall... I had such high hopes... Such hugh hopes...Fucking Narcissist destroying people's lives over his tiny fucking penis. That blood won't wash off his hands, peop… @Telegraph Evidence or didn't happen, and is trying to divert attention for the claims made against her for unprofessional behaviour. @FlamingPines Are you after home recordings, or random found sound recordings? I've been slowly losing my marbles… @Idster65 To be fair... I've still got a lot on these to get through... now may be the time. :D Sooooo much. Did you get Red?Gove once again proving he's trying to play TemTem on a 386. Jesus wept... could you imagine the mess if he was the…
And 3 hours later... this has happened: @ManMadeMoon If you want music... @darrenpce Blast from the past! @LairdBarron Good video. Song is... bad.That moment when you realise you've left you're half read @LairdBarron on the desk at work and it's more on Kindle… @andertonsmusic @Isolaband @laneyamps 4\ So in summary DO IT!!! It's totally achievable. Our gotcha was the incons… @andertonsmusic @Isolaband @laneyamps 3\ Back in early 2000s when we started down the crazy Ampless route we had a… @andertonsmusic @Isolaband 2\ We've now gone back to amping for live: Nick didn't so muc… @andertonsmusic 1\ @isolaband recorded this entire EP ampless about 8 years ago: Both guit… @exchangebristol Why's Paul's screen all steeeeeamy? <cue Tina Turner>6 foot seven of Bristolian heaven!
Retweeted by TheCarIsOnFireAndThere'sNoDriverAtTheWheel @LongwellRecords Hey now, come on... we're Nhammers. We're a bit more special than those Bristolians. Why'd you thi… is brilliant work. Been watching idiots in the car park behind me not understanding what 2m's looks like doing… @carolecadwalla Kinda what happens when you put it into the hands of people that are obviously running a little short of intellect. @timmaughan He's late for the Cliche Bond Villian meetup again I see... @darren_lock Got into tidal cycles? Check out 65daysofstatic video on what they did for No Man's Sky. Good luck I'v… @jetfury ABANDON SHIP!Ah The height if entertainment... Put the yoghurt raisins in the other person's mouth while blindfolded. @richard_littler Damn autocorrect! Bruford! @richard_littler If Bill Burford isn't in your top drummers every week you're doing something wrong. Did you see t… @LairdBarron Is it one of those switch off the sound and watch? Read some things about him, sounds a bit of a wease… @BRyderJones Get a front line of the infected to go and cough all over the useless money grabbing weasels.
@slip_rehill Like a bear in hibernationWeird ass pictures of me and my cat... #blackcats She approves of the new @nineinchnails Ghosts. @slip_rehill Give her a big smooshy kiss. Need to organise another get together once this craziness is over.
@LairdBarron @ChuckWendig I love you... @OwnageIsOn @NoPunIncluded Think about how much smoke spreads... Best not to join the stupid. @NoPunIncluded You're allowed one walk a day... Therefore make it last all day... Needs a double Picard at least. @EmmaKennedy Have you met the Tories? Lovely couple lots of fun. Like lining their own pockets while dismantling th… @agirlcalledlina SQURL "Spooky Action at a Distance" Only Lovers Left Alive OST. @jetfury Urgh... Not a lot you can say to that. @DGMHQ Thoughts with his family and friends during this time. One of my all time great drummers, informed my taste…, Bill Rielfin is on many of my favourite albums. It was stunning to watch him with KC as part of the 3 drummer…
@EmmaKennedy Should be tougher sentencing for anyone involved in things like this. @walterwalk @sdedition An old boss (1999) introduced me to Neil Young, said avoid the 80s...boy was he right. Same with Bob Dylan. @WholeHogg @sdedition @CherryRedGroup Sheffield? Check out 65daysofstatic. One of the most innovative bands current… @sdedition Is that the one with Set Fire to the 3rd Bar? Fantastic tune.
@Mark__Lawrence The rampant narcissism in the world is staggering. The people are just Ants. Hopefully all writers…
And there it is. Worst fears apparently confirmed. Every single time you told yourself it couldn’t all be down to t…
Retweeted by TheCarIsOnFireAndThere'sNoDriverAtTheWheel @jetfury Where's the fridge to hide in?