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("MAR-sick-anz") The Guardian - 50 Best New Artists 2020. Pre-order/pre-save our debut album 'Ursa Major'🎈 MGMT:

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@nurasound You lovely lot 💛💛 who wouldn't want to win those headphones @nurasound Thanks again for being a part of it, guys! ❤️🎈
🎈AMAZING SCENES! Shout out to Rainchester for kicking off the first date of our #FakeTour in style last night. If t…🎈Anyone else an absolutely sucker for life hack vids? Them marketing algorithms got me exactly where they want me.… @Mr_Jimbob @SpotifyUK @Grandaddy @afflecks_palace @DeclanMcKenna @jesskempartist @SemisonicBand @wearejames @alt_J @kazlark @Talkboyyy @RadioKC @calvalouise @1darrenjennings @nurasound @SteepletoneUK @Blackstaramps @110Above Cheers Darren, appreciate it! 110 above is one… @110Above 💛 miss you a lot, can we just come and run round the farm for a bit🎈 Here are the lyrics from the recent track we did with @Talkboyyy . I wrote it whilst making a vegetable soup one… this, check out @jamesoldsmall of @Marsicans and Chris from @_CatholicAction chatting about…
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@anorwichfan Too right ❤️🎈🎈Prize 4: an ultra-rare vinyl test pressing of 'Ursa Major', signed by the band. Only 5 in existence! 5/🎈Prize 3: an ace @Blackstaramps FLY 3 mini-amp, portable and battery-powered! 4/🎈Prize 2: a cool AF @SteepletoneUK Discgo record player with built-in speakers and bluetooth output! 3/🎈 Prize 1: an pair of awesome Nuraphone headphones from @nurasound! (RRP £349.) 2/🎈MASSIVE ALBUM PRIZE DRAW! One lucky person will win a signed 'Ursa Major' test pressing + @nurasound headphones +…🎈PODCAST TIME. James chats to Chris from @_CatholicAction about the new @EmptyDaysClub indie collab + what's going…📢 NEW #TTVPODCAST EPISODE 🎉 with @Marsicans + @_CatholicAction who have never spoken before but thanks to TTV are n…
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@F3Lollipops @BBCArchive Just watched now, superb. Thanks 🤘🎈RIGHT THEN... we're sick of not being able to play live so we're gonna head out on a #FakeTour this week. Our van… HAPPY BIRTHDAY RINGO XXXX🎈I'll be celebrating Ringo Starr's 80th birthday by rewatching his outstanding performances in Japanese TV adverts.…🎈 @scott_mills @Chris_Stark this pub tour is absolutely brilliant. Jackie 💛💛
🎈 WHO REMEMBERS GLASTO 2016? James does! 🎪 a dream this interview was!! So excited for our new series ‘Centre Staged’ your perfect destination for discov…
Retweeted by Marsicans🎈TOP TIP: Always take preparation for the show seriously. Be a professional onstage and off. 👌 📷 - @soundofapeach/…🎧#NowPlaying @EmptyDaysClub – One More Thing To Do You're hearing members of @Talkboyyy, @Marsicans,…
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🎶😍💃🏽WE’RE BACK BABY 🕺😍🎶 @empilbeam has trekked all the way over these beautiful green Yorkshire hills to bring the…
Retweeted by Marsicans🎈CAN'T BELIEVE our debut album is out next month! Buzzing to share it with you.🕺 🐻>><<👈 in to The Sound Lab now on to hear These Days (Interview at b…
Retweeted by Marsicans🎈Anyone know what Orange Jim is up to these days? And what morse code is Oli tapping out on the table? Is it cry fo…🎈Anyone else having nightmares?😱
@itsbillies Yessss, miss playing this one live 🕺 @Talkboyyy @EmptyDaysClub @NHSCharities an absolute pleasure to have collaborated with @Marsicans on what is the first release of @EmptyDaysClub 🧡 GO L…
Retweeted by Marsicans🎈More like y-ESME! 👊 >><<’ve been thinking... every time there’s a world crisis the music industry are first to respond. Charity singles or…
Retweeted by Marsicans @RYAN_PIGEONS Marmite on toast straight after brushing my teeth. Can’t believe I’m even writing those words down bu…🎈'ONE MORE THING TO DO'. @Talkboyyy supplied the music, our James supplied the words + vocals for the first track f… @xsnoizemusic 💛💛 thanks you lovely people @MattyPaulo Lol, not bad that lad#LetTheMusicPlay :: Our compilation vinyl 'What's Going On?' to #saveourvenues w/ @PEACE4EVEREVER + @littlecomets +…
Retweeted by Marsicans @crylightning505 Missing that live :( @MadisonDevaney @fulfordarmsyork 💛💛 @EsmeBarnes2 Ooooh yeahhhhh
🎈LET THE MUSIC PLAY. From the biggest stages to the smallest, they all count - and we're in danger of losing them.…
I tried to make an aeroplane joke once... It didn't really take off. #woefuljokewednesday 🛩️🎈'THESE DAYS' STRIPPED. Check out a more intimate version of our new single, filmed pre-lockdown by the awesome…
Retweeted by Marsicans @original247rock 💛 @MysticSons 😘😘 @CheapThrillsTCT @onegreat_song 😍🧡 One Great Zine: Issue 1 is now available for free via Issuu 🧡 Read the full magazine online now:…
Retweeted by Marsicans @NoahdollarBill @SodiumFilms Nice one, Noah - thank you! ⚽️🎈'THESE DAYS' STRIPPED. Check out a more intimate version of our new single, filmed pre-lockdown by the awesome… a little chat with @Marsicans 🎶
Retweeted by Marsicans @BethanMcConnell Also one of our favourites 💛 such a fun day @dorabutfashion @SodiumFilms @kelseyjbarnes A lovely chat. And thanks for some good questions 💛 @kids_saturdays 💛💛
🎈NEW MERCH is here! 'Ursa Major' tees have arrived and are being sent out THIS WEEK - including those bought as par…🎈VIDEO PREMIERE for an acoustic version of 'These Days' we did with @SodiumFilms. Check it out! ⚡️ chat w/ @Marsicans vocalist @jamesoldsmall about the video for a stripped-back version of #TheseDays, premiering…
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NEW: Our second July compilation is out NOW, celebrating the best new indie, rock & alternative music from around t…
Retweeted by Marsicans🎈COVER GIRLS. We're very honoured to be on the front of Issue 1 of 'One Great Zine', a new music magazine brought t… @onegreat_song @DreamWifeMusic @frankturner @hindsband @luckynumbermus @beanstoast @connorpizza @parisyouthband @amytxylor @devontheplace 😘
🎈This time 4 years ago I would have been in a baby wipe frenzy, trying to get the mud of my one pair of jeans befor…
@safesoundspace @soundofapeach @laurenkatie true angels getting what they deserve @Marsicans 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Retweeted by Marsicans🎈BUT WHO WINS the Rock God Pose-Down? 💁🏻 📷 - @soundofapeach.
🎈BUZZING that 'These Days' has just been added to @MTVMusicUK's MTV Rocks playlist this week, alongside @BiffyClyro @haystumbo @wethegriswolds @larkins @BlossomsBand 🎈Oh Hayley! 😘 @MTVMusicUK @BiffyClyro @awolnation @AliceMerton @babyqueen @E_E_ @JackGarratt @metronomy @ThisIsPVRIS @the1975 out this week's MTV Rocks playlist featuring... @BiffyClyro  @awolnation  @AliceMerton  @babyqueen  @E_E_ …
Retweeted by MarsicansThe ultimate bands for the summer are up NEON VINYL now. Featuring @Marsicans, @wethegriswolds, @larkins and…
Retweeted by Marsicans @philytaggart🎈HAPPY @HAIMtheband WIMP2 DAY 🎂
Here we gooo! A compilation vinyl for the #saveourvenues campaign, with a collection of unheard B-sides, demos & l…
Retweeted by Marsicans🎈#WHATSGOINGON? We're proud to be part of a vinyl-only release for the #saveourvenues campaign, ft. unheard tracks…'re delighted to release the first ever issue of 'One Great Zine'! Our debut issue features 48 pages of in-depth…
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Yesterday I accidentally swallowed some food coloring... The doctor says I’m ok, but I feel like I dyed a little… @gary_lancaster @ianjones115’t stop playing this @Marsicans @gary_lancaster
Retweeted by Marsicans @ianjones115 @gary_lancaster 🤘🤘 thanks man @Midgetx_x That does make a bit more sense. Now stay safe, Kara! 🎈 @Midgetx_x may today be a 'not falling over a bun day' 🕺🕺🕺
2020🎈4 YEARS AGO we played our first show outside the UK, in Amsterdam. What a wonderful, wonderful place that is. 🇳🇱🎈YOU MAY WISH to join @EmptyDaysClub. 🤔 @wearellovers @SpotifyUK You dudessssss 💛💛💛
🎈When you hit a bum note and your bandmate notices... 📷 - @admjwood. @vee_t_a What a lovely day that was 💛