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Mars. @MarsinCharge BKNY, USA

Writer rep’d by @draper_claire. I made a cool hashtag five years ago (#BlackoutDay). 1/3 author of Girls Can. Writer’s room at @strongblacklead. 🖤

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@ShXtWizard Thank you, I was very proud @camarye No~~~ @T3hmaj3stic12 Nope!If you know from Tumblr, don’t say anything. 😂Got turned into a duck (Polymorph spell hit me🥴) during today’s session of D&D and ran full speed into a wall to kn… @yeehawgrandlaw CHILE! What is up with us? @quasimodonuts pls 😭I am never prepared for the last key change in Thong Song.Oh nvm I can’t count. I thought she said “two hearts beat inside me” and forgot to count her heart ansksjsksksjsVICTORIA MONET IS HAVING TWINS?!It really does suck how much paying my rent shifts my entire mood. Can’t even vibe the rest of the day because I’m… where's my money me: That's OK now because we have a new president. A president who recognizes we need to depend on science
Retweeted by Mars. @Steph_I_Will I need more money and it’s cold!!!!I love making my friends laugh 😭🥺I love that people used to practice entire dance routines with their friends for the club *just in case* the song c… many untagged Mandalorian spoilers make me not wanna finish a show I started two days ago. 💀 @BrookeObie Oh nooooo. All that history!!!So many people I like probably have me muted. 😭 @ashleykatina3 Acting OUT @ariesconceptss This was in middle school but I went to a performing arts high school and also did state chorus so..........yeah :/I once sang I Should Have Cheated to boy who was my “boyfriend” because he sat with another girl at lunch. The theatrics of youth.Shaun King wouldn’t survive old school Tumblr beef. When your whole business was laid out for the dash to see.
Retweeted by Mars.push & pull
Retweeted by Mars.Ugh unhappy with everything I’m making right now and feeling like I’m working a lot but producing very little and m…
@iconickbeauty It bangsTo cleanse the TL
Retweeted by Mars. @WrittenByHanna Lmaooo he said he was kidding in the original comments but is he thooooo?Happy “Jay-Z is old enough to be your DAD. YOUR FATHER.” Day to me.It does make me giggle when people completely reject the idea of Sh*ri becoming BP as though it makes no sense beca… would be a really chaotic but effective school teacher.There are some guys I call Schrödinger’s Hot Guys because they’re just hot enough to be hot but just funny lookin e… be clear, I wish for even the people I do not like to be protected from anti-Blackness but I don’t have to like… am decidedly *not* rooting for everybody Black. @jagerbott Hard to see them as heroes now 😂I was just saying I haven’t been able to watch a Marvel movie in months (which is rare for me) because I’m so distr…“I think for myself!” says the person who is internalizing harmful and incorrect information because of a YouTube video.When are the auditions for Princess Shuri?Me and someone’s son in 2022
Retweeted by Mars.Yes, I have been peer pressured into watching. Yes, I *may* be having a good time.I have seen more sand in Star Wars than stars. Did they not call it Sand Wars because then it would just be Dune?Ah like here I am! Yes! Survived the worst of you! And smiling every day in spite of! And there you are, consequenc…, it’s petty but don’t y’all giggle at things like this sometimes?Thinking about how the harm that was done to me bounced back one hundred fold to the people who harmed me. @kaludiasays @mandoades I—
@kaludiasays AjsjjdjdksksjsThe Kevin Bacon game but with Twilight.My mom just said “HBOMaxing and Relaxing”. So that’s where I get my copywriting genius from.Chaos and vibes and it’s not a career but he’s damn good at it. Balance.I aspire to be the same style of musician as Jack Black tbhI can’t believe we’re never going to movie theaters again, dang. @yedoye_ X-Men arc where Gambit and the Queen of England fall in love.All jokes aside, this is literally how my parents learned how to use they/them pronouns so to my fellow ranters, ke… @ignaciaismay N.K Jemisin was right. That borough sucks.I love that my family is like “ah, Marissa will have a long-winded and educational rant about this issue” and actua…, when you cry it’s just the shampoo :)))))If you feel really bad, try washing your hair. It helps. @HaScaCosplay Some of my best work tbh @BlackMajiik It’s gospel!!My friend reminded me that I text him this and y’all are so lucky I never became a youth pastor
Nicolas Cage walking down the street with his son
Retweeted by Mars.Nicolas Cage lowkey being a fashion icon tickles me to no end.How do I manage to be so productive and not productive at all every day? 😭🥴 @Steph_I_Will We love the barter system!!!Positions being in my top played of 2020 even though it came out last month.......and I still don’t know the words......pls @tnwhiskeywoman AHHHH YAYaaliyah’s ‘rock the boat’ meets @rihanna’s ‘work’. 💞 (yes. i was the one that made this years back 🤣)
Retweeted by Mars. @BrookeObie Did he actually write it himself???? Brb adding “a better writer than Former President Barack Obama” to my resume.Outside of the fact that I simply do not agree with him, excerpts from the Obama book aren’t actually appealing to…, saving meme videos without having to @ the bot myself run through y’all’s this_vid links like the Tomb Raider @Dinnerisyou Oh, I mean I don’t like to Spotify app so I never use my account hahaUnfortunately, the Spotify app stops me from being where the people are for another year end.Tipsy by Chloe x Halle tops my Apple Music replay for this year. I know that’s right. @courtgarrettco Barely!! @KaylaAncrum YOU ARE AN ICONIn honor of #GivingTuesday I want to encourage all of those who are able to donate DIRECTLY to Black women and LGBT…
Retweeted by Mars. @DrMaDMo And when Twitter tells me they’ve been suspended? The best.I really need my hair braided. I miss box braids. @MrBenibo Getting v tired of the culture of celebrity surrounding them both tbh but also grateful it’s greasing my… love reporting and blocking bigots.Oh so now the “Yes We Can” man is going to preach to us lmaoMotion to bring the snappy slogan “Okay, boomer” back. wish I had a new pots and pans set and also a cast iron. I keep thinking about frying chicken.BYP is searching for a part-time social media manager to support daily operations and coordination of the social me…
Retweeted by Mars. @SemiAngelix Lolol I’d make you chicken instead
@udontwantmyname It’s about reclaiming our spaces and our hobbies from here on out!! @SamsterJr I want what they have tbhWait my food really bangs, I might call a press conference @SheIsHansson Thank yooou 💖One day, I dream of making it for a dinner party. Let’s cross our fingers.Yes, I leave the tails on because I am a sinner and it helps me not overcook the shrimp, don’t cancel me.Alfredo belongs to me now, I’ve stolen it from the Italians. It’s MY comfort food and they cannot have it back. would say it takes real talent to simultaneously be team “I have all on my own” AND ridiculously sheltered but I… missing my best friend today. @taylorcrumpton Yo the way I’m doing the same thing rn and just thought this 💀 @AllimayNicole Mmmmm Cream is mine but I do like Kola over PineappleY’all really chose wrong wooooowit was the flowers placed perfectly onto my eyelids for me
Retweeted by Mars.Ya know....five minutes after I tweeted this, I saw someone so happy it brought me to happy tears so.... There’s a… @TheElliotPage Beyond happy for you! 💖💖💖💖💖💖This year robs us of so much joy. On paper, I have had the most “successful” year of my life. But when every day f…