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martha waters @marthabwaters Chapel Hill, NC

author of TO HAVE AND TO HOAX (4.7.20, @atriabooks (US) / @eternal_books (UK)) | librarian, snack enthusiast, travel aficionada | rep: @tayhaggerty | she/her

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@deannaraybourn deanna. what is happening.
@nickofthebooks nick, this made my day! fun fact: sophie DID NOT EVEN EXIST in the 1st draft of the book, i invente… my response to stress is to act like a fucking rockefeller because i just put together an instacart orde… @kate_mi i say enjoy while it's good! my advice to everyone with outlander is to stop after book 3 (it works well a… @kate_mi my friend and i lasted 3.5 seasons before giving up. (incidentally, that is also when the books start goin… true today as it was in 1817. (i had to think for a solid minute to remember what year the book i'm writing take… @deannaraybourn i still have that striped shirt and almost wore it today 😂 i also feel lowkey stressed at how close… @deannaraybourn i was just yesterday going through old photos i had tweeted, in search of something, and stumbled u…
@faithpray7 i really love the season of styx malone by kekla magoon, it's a GREAT (diverse!) boy book. pay attentio…
news! i'm so excited to partner with @booksofwonder for the WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU virtual launch! on april 6th at 6…
Retweeted by martha waters @khilliterate the only one i have read so far is the rakess but man i loved that book. scarlett peckham is a genius… @DailyJulianne ha, hooray! that does seem to be the general consensus 😂 @susanleewrites thank you!!!!!!!!! @rlynn_solomon thank you!!!!this is fine this is normal 😂😂😂 she did 😂pondering the likelihood that my cat walks into the middle of the frame while i’m doing facebook live storytime fro… @hannah_jojo @Austenprose 💕💕💕
@eternal_kateb @NetGalley that "1 week and 6 days" countdown hit me hard 😂 [cue breathing into a paper bag]Today we’re #WaitingOnWednesday for TO HAVE AND TO HOAX! This debut laugh-out-loud rom-com by @marthabwaters is out…
Retweeted by martha waters @sharonabraham thank you!!
@deannaraybourn @hrcastor OH GOOD we can spread the blame around 😂 @deannaraybourn oh, thank you! i apologize in advance for the fact that it involves someone faking a deadly respira… @KaitlinJOlson on the bright side, if we never leave our homes ever again, it won't matter if duolingo teaches us useful things! 🙃 @CEllisWriter i'm going to buy like 10 bottles on my grocery run this weekend to ensure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN 😱 @deannaraybourn if it's any comfort, i arrived at the library today to realize that the plant i have successfully k… @CEllisWriter i ran out of wine over the weekend & felt irresponsible going to whole foods just for that so my frie… @ByKellyDuran thank you!!!! 🥰 @deannaraybourn he did feel pretty guilty, though. gotta take care of that baby! 👶🍞 @deannaraybourn my friend forgot to ask someone to feed his while we were in portugal for more than a week last yea… @2020Debuts thank you!!! @LisaBerne thank you!!! @hayleygarner11 i am! but i'm turning it in next week so it will be out of my hands for a little while before revisions @khymatos thank youuuuuu! @Arielle_SCBKBLG thank you so much -- i am too! @khilliterate kaitlyn oh my god @garnetmorgue ahahahaha thank youuuuu 🥰🥰🥰 @romansdegare thank you!! 🥰that is the goal! 😂 @jaydee_ell oh definitely, i can channel my inner mitch no problemo @halley_sutton i am also looking forward to that day as it means i will have actually finished writing it 😂 @lansingkm thanks kate!! @IndiaHolton ahahahah no this is amazing 😂🥰 @xsophiehoughton thank you!! @marisakanter thanks marisa!! 🥰 @camloond that is the hope! 😂 thank youuuuu! @jaydee_ell jen serious Q, would you like to come finish writing it for me 😂🥺 @Arielle_SCBKBLG my feelings exactly! 😂 @FlyleafBooks 🥰🥰🥰 @rachkmc ahhh thank you!!! 🥰 @colleenisbooked me! toooooooo! thank you!!! @sarahvtompkins yay, thank you!! @rosereywriter thank you!!!!! @BarbaraConrey thank you!! @hayleygarner11 diana & jeremy! 😊 (but everyone else will be there to offer their oh-so-helpful commentary, of course) @sbaileybooks thank you!! @hannahorens thank you hannah!! @jaydee_ell thank you jen!! 🥰😭 @meganrudloff meeee toooooooooooo ❤️❤️❤️ @apolloviolet ❤️❤️❤️ @IndiaHolton thank you india! diana & jeremy really wanted their story told, so here we go... 😂 @evie_dunmore thank youuuu!!! @rosiedanan 🥰🥰🥰it's a weird time, but i have good news? if you've read TO HAVE AND TO HOAX & asked me if any of the other characte… it, if i have to live & work & release a book in this apocalyptic hellscape, i am going to have french toast f… @UnderwaterLance congrats to you too! and yes this is considerably more apocalyptic than i was envisioning when i l… @xsophiehoughton @AtriaBooks so glad you enjoyed, sophie - thanks for reviewing!
@LadyHawkins rachel. MARCH 31. 😭 if i get this done i am buying myself a fucking pony. (or something less weird.) @camloond SAME. last week was a nightmare but apparently my brain has decided that hermit quarantine life is fine a… @nicwillwrites yupppppppppp @JMHSMissLam thank youuu! @bentleydonb thank you!and please help support our wonderful local bookstore! I've had like 12 tabs on their website open on my laptop for… @marisakanter puffin is going to be my costar for my ig live, taking notes over here rn 😂 @KaitlinJOlson best day! i was in my car when i got taylor's voicemail & i nearly rear-ended someone! never listen… @marisakanter i juuuuuuuust said this to someone!!Stay safe, stay at home, plague something something forlorn sorrow.
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@CEllisWriter thank youuuuu hopefully it is a light & fluffy distraction from... [gestures at entire world] @susanleewrites i am too! and i am sufficiently concerned about, you know, THE WORLD that my debut anxiety has gone… year ago today i got The Best Phone Call Ever™️ from my agent to tell me that we had an offer on my book. that… @nickofthebooks i'm so sorry, nick 🤗went on another 10-ft-apart walk around my v quiet neighborhood with a friend today; we were complimented by an old…
@marisakanter i run 3-4x/week and it is INCREDIBLE for my mental health... but i have an old knee injury & don't ru…
tonight my friends who live in an apartment nearby and i went on a social distancing walk around my neighborhood wh… @chpublib if a storytime is livestreamed & then deleted DID IT ACTUALLY HAPPEN? 🤔just me & a chicken puppet hanging out in an empty library getting ready for facebook live storytime 🐔 @rhymeswhannah compiling a list of all the people who are voting in favor of the cat bonnet so that puffin knows wh… @mini_memoranda @rhymeswhannah oooh i also love that series! (though yes, a bit depressing. but, yknow, WWII! a depressing time!)i know what you’re all thinking, and it is: “let’s get that cat a BONNET!”rather than focusing on the fact that one of my senators engaged in some casual insider trading, let’s look at a pi…
@frozenfresa @RootLiterary @tayhaggerty yay, welcome!!! taylor is THE BEST! @MollyJGreeley how can my cat attend my virtual book launch without a bonnet?? this is a NECESSARY $8! @RachelM73698843 @kilbourneknight 😂😂😂 @rlynn_solomon YES this is the enabling-of-my-insanity energy i look to twitter for!!! @IndiaHolton society is fraying around us but at least there are cat bonnets!! @MeganBannen @RootLiterary i also just realized i typed "realized" instead of "memorized" in that previous tweet wh… @MeganBannen @RootLiterary but you would have to check the copyright page!!! you couldn't just tell from the spine!… @MeganBannen @RootLiterary okay but AT HOME?? i'm ALSO a librarian but i don't have dewey call numbers memorized! (… @LisaBerne I know, it’s just such a SMART book — so many Austen reimaginings just feel all wrong to me in all the l… love this beautiful, thoughtful book & i am very excited that UK readers can now enjoy it, too!