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Dave Eggers: “This is, let’s pray, the final list of Trump’s crimes. 949 assaults on the Constitution, the rule of…
Retweeted by Martha MihalickWell, I just had this thought: If my cats were MWT characters, Pierogi would be Costis and Tess would be Gen. So I have hit peak booknerd.Hanging out right now with Megan Whalen Turner, @Marie_Lu & @hollyblack! You can, too, on @OFirehouseBooks Facebook…
After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit…"Witch Week is a book for the weirdos and the oddballs." What a great piece about an unforgettable Diana Wynne Jone…
Retweeted by Martha MihalickI just got an email about my 20th college reunion and so now I’ve got to go crumble into dust.One week. Let’s vote these petty children out of office and give these jobs to people who actually want to listen t… @Bibliogato I’m so sorry for your loss. @JacquelineMWest 👀The GOP is intent on subverting democracy at every turn. They’ve intentionally broken the postal service and then t…
Retweeted by Martha Mihalick also wanted me to give you a sneak peek at their Halloween costumes.It’s been a rough day. These two send you hugs. is false. Official results have never been completely tabulated and certified on election night. And because…
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In better news, though, the reason I’m up this late is that I wanted to finish KING AND THE DRAGONFLIES, which is a great book. @misskubelik 😬😬😬It’s 1:15 am and I just started thinking about how hard “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” is going to hit this year.
@alison_cherry Mine is Longsdorff Walken. 🤣 @LKLiterary If I responded, I might question why they think any kind of marriage should be excluded from any book. @KtLikesToRead I mean, it said the best and I will never top this!
Time to close your computer and start the weekend! there anything this guy didn’t do to make us less prepared for a global pandemic? @jchristie I realize that I am biased because Greenwillow, but We Dream of Space by Erin Entrada Kelly instantly ma… @helloomabel What an absolute drip of a person @KimmyT22 @hwinkler4real I don’t think we should associate anything as cute as those ‘doodles with 45!I mean when the nicest thing that can be said is “he behaved more like a regular person” and “ he didn’t set himself on fire...”When 45 was writing things down, do we think it was real notes or just loop-de-loops so it seemed like he was taking notes?“I am the least racist person in this room.” It’s a meaningless statement by anybody, anywhere, to proclaim the pur…
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@griffski The lavender one could be Sweet James you owe it to yourself to buy it @griffski OMG THE LABYRINTH ONES @eeberquist Don’t be preposterous. @eeberquist The worst part? I looked up “obtrusive” to make sure it was a word before hitting send because somethin… you use the phrase “not obtrusive” in an email and realize hours later that “unobtrusive” is a word that exist… wants to hold my hand. Or take over writing these emails. Senate Judiciary committee advanced Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination? Seems like a great time to donate to…
@raecarson THIS DOES NOT SOUND SOOTHINGHow many different things is it possible to have open on my computer? I guess today is the day I will find out. @mbrockenbrough I’m sorry, I am not going to give them a click but is his central argument “Maybe you should stop f… all have to reckon with this. And we can’t allow for four more years of these morally bankrupt, inhuman policies. @feegrowsinBK Happy birthday!!!!!! And welcome to 40 it is actually not so bad if you remove the pandemic and gener…
As in, I can’t technically use my laptop with a cat on my lapSorry I am late with your notes, I am experiencing some technical difficulties. am so worried about accidentally not being on mute that I double check it every time I just have to yell “No don’… @runwithskizzers I literally just had this conversation w someone.Author-illustrator Matt Phelan likes the “challenge of making something that is clear and simple, yet can be read a…
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@ConnieSchultz @molly_oneill Very warm and comfy and also the cats like to use the tops as little scratchi…
Stunning — students from the Dance Theatre of Harlem dancing in New York City 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Retweeted by Martha MihalickIt’s so nice to get to just read all day.
I am the Governor's Deputy Digital Director. I see everything that is said about and to her online. Every single…
Retweeted by Martha Mihalick#BidenHarris2020 Democats approve this message. @raecarson Pierogi & Tess are both on my lap right now and both jumped at the meow at the end! 😹
And if you live in WI, vote those jerks out of office.They have been so incredibly careful this ENTIRE TIME. But somehow they were still exposed. People, wear your masks… of my best friends lives in WI, which is the new epicenter of COVID outbreaks, largely bc the GOP legislature k… @LisaYee1 No no no no no no @KtLikesToRead My immediate next thought was LOL WHAT IS A WEEKEND 😂🤣🙃My brain hurts. Is it the weekend yet? @samsanders Mine are the cutest snugglers. cross their fingers that she doesn’t decide the perfect time to get frisky is while I’m presenting at laun… this.
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Are YOU curious about publishing? 🤔 Or maybe you just want to see what kind person has enough chaotic energy to ru…
Retweeted by Martha MihalickWe are now accepting applications for the fifth New to Publishing Information Session and Networking Event! The e…
Retweeted by Martha Mihalick @CaitlinGaring *any fantasy nerd costume contestSeriously considering getting myself a redhead wig and a plastic sword so we can be Alanna and Faithful for Hallowe… read graphic novels? Well, when you read a graphic's like stepping into another world. They use ill…
Retweeted by Martha MihalickThis West Wing trivia event warmed my heart—and I definitely knew more answers than they did. (And it raised nearly…
@runwithskizzers This photo shoot my be my favorite photo shoot. @JessixaBagley which gross, autocratic refusal to submit to anything outside his control is amply rewarded by a network that he…
Retweeted by Martha Mihalick @anamariecox Test run of their Halloween costumes as Hiccup and Toothless. #adorables (And I am voting in person on…*mp is holding a rally in my hometown right now and all I can think about are are those maskless people possibly…
@brainbliss @kathglasgow Pretty close.All the cool cats are running out to get A KINGDOM FOR A STAGE by @heidiheilig today, because it’s out in paperback. morning, time to get to work. @feegrowsinBK I can’t imagine what living in 500 square feet with cats who hated each other would be like. @feegrowsinBK Me too!Good night, sleep tight.
I am very keenly aware that Gary Peters & Pete Buttigieg are the ones getting the most attention for their comments…’s going to be a rough few days of Timehop, with all my photos from the Iceland trip popping up. 😭 Republicans refused to confirm more than 100 Obama appointed judges, including a Supreme Court nominee. They he…
Retweeted by Martha MihalickMy story is one that’s tragically shared by so many Americans. It’s a story of gut-wrenching and complicated decis…
Retweeted by Martha MihalickMike Lee cut his COVID-19 quarantine short to support #AmyConeyBarrett in person. He's not wearing a mask and the…
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I really don’t get the impulse to tag others into someone’s post. Like... I understand how tagging works and would’… you walk 2 miles each way to @greenlightbklyn to pick up some new treasures.
Apparently Tr*mp is planning to visit my hometown on Tuesday. Cool cool cool cool not worried about all the friends… you realize @colleenaf made you the perfect shirt for this week more than a decade ago. cannot wait till you all can meet this EXTREMELY LOVABLE peacock! 🦚🎉 is so tremendously sad, and it's not just Broadway; it's theaters and live performance spaces everywhere. An a…
Retweeted by Martha MihalickMake Mitch cry: donate to 14 of the most closely contested Senate races here
Retweeted by Martha MihalickImagine for a moment, it was me at a rally with people who wanted to kidnap the Governor. The media and public woul…
Retweeted by Martha MihalickFor the first time since its founding in 1812, the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine has taken a stance o…
Retweeted by Martha Mihalick @runwithskizzers Wh wh wh wh wh aaaaaaaaat is this
When your cat likes to get right up beside your ear and purr, but does not necessarily approve of taking selfies in… @Spanish_Broom Omg