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Martha Roberts @martharoberts Abergavenny, Wales

Smallholder, pig-keeper, northern corporate woman gone rogue in Wales. Small-scale producer of free-range, rare-breed pork via The Decent Company

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@engcountrylife Next door and refusing to cooperate with sitting under the light (can’t see ‘em in the dark) 🤣Piglet-shaped calm 🐽 Eleanor-and-PriscillaPigs to a new paddock this afternoon. And if they want to go the wrong way and then wa…
Retweeted by Martha Roberts @KerryJaneN1 Sugarloaf mountain 🏔 @sixwheeler Thank you oh bearer of weather news 🤣 @fionajbentley So sorry Fiona 😢OMG I love this. 🐽 20th 2020 - a bright new day in the welsh hills
@jo_tapp You can hear mum Nelly in the background chomping her breakfast 😀 @SueArcher6 No floppy ears though Sue!When all around you feels a bit bleak, piglets can provide a much-needed temporary distraction. Here’s some of the… Bear (our #Mangalitsa x #RedWattle boar) down to the sows so he can earn his keep. #pigs #naturalfarming
Retweeted by Martha RobertsOf course not only affecting Wales, but that’s where I am and where know the most people 🙁Feeling so sad and weary on behalf of all my friends in welsh hospitality and small business who are battling to stay afloat this year 🙁 @NesbittF Love you my friend xHettyPig’s little spots out and about early this morning 🐽
@AcWatsDyse They should be with at least one other pig - they’re a herd animal. 🐽 @R_o_s_i_e_H I ran some electric fence around them and left them under an oak tree while I spoke to the builder. 🤣 @R_o_s_i_e_H I hear ya. I was swearing uncontrollably at three wandering sows yesterday morning and looking like a… @R_o_s_i_e_H I find myself cursing and shedding layers as I do similar with pigs who won’t travel anywhere in a str… @adaysadventure Regular sow and weaner pig nuts (16% protein). Huge increase in the amount with this size of litter… HettyPig eating in her doorway, the warm light from the piglet creep behind her. No matter how many time… Pig, Little Pig 🐽🐽 portrait
Retweeted by Martha RobertsLook what I just picked up 🐥 aren't they so cute 😃 10 little Aylesbury ducklings, only a couple of days old 🐥🐥🐥 A…
Retweeted by Martha RobertsSunday breakfast with #TeamHP 🐽
Yes - they are all feeding from mum but also now eating pig nuts twice a day, so nobody going hungry 😀 @pedrodefelicio 13 Pedro! Just approaching 6 weeks old 😀 @longbushpork Pig n mixes 🐽😀🐽 @Jojosolitaire Yeah it’s not too bad at the moment but only because we’ve had a few days without any rain. I also h… @ValerieLemer I put my hand on them (to test how warm they were). Answer - toasty 😍 @Tuttlebees Different kidney function I think. They absolutely love them. @foodborn Most of them will go to other free range homes at 8 weeks old 😀 @ShelbyLynnLFC Yeah - easily distracted 🤣 @Spaniels_Rule 13!Yes. It’s her way of telling them to come and drink. The grunts tend to speed up as the milk flows #PigGeekery 🐽🤓🐽 36 hours old, Hetty’s little ones have discovered the creep 😍 is HP’s fourth large litter. And she’s perfected the art of the standing milk bar (apologies for dodgy camera… @engcountrylife 🤣Hetty’s piglets cuddles up against the warmth of her belly - silky, spotty, snoozy 🐽, Dora and Winnie munching their way through a huge quantity of acorns. Winnie is taking a short break in betwee…
@RowvilleCK Currently, Swagger 😀 @infographicsrme I posted because I spent at least two decades too long being at war with my body. And feeling that… and her puddle of little spots in the corner. It gives you an idea of the size difference. It usually take… has that #FridayFeeling She's got her Old Lady Pig SlowMo MoJo EarFlap ! 🐽😊🐽
Retweeted by Martha RobertsNot sure but believe more than one predator and they carried them but then dropped them at various points when they… time Hetty lost three and we saved five but she was a bit traumatised and was unwell for a couple of days - th… @diggerdansmith Which one was it Dan?This farrowing for Hetty is a bit different to last time when a fox attacked her piglets and carried them hundreds… HP having dinner 🐽 little spots for HettyPig 🐽
@ZambieOverLoad They’re so smart! @ZambieOverLoad Amazing. What a relief! @ZambieOverLoad And doing a good job by the sounds of it? Are the piglets a few days old do you think? @ZambieOverLoad OMG that’s amazing news Jessie!!And NellyPig taking a dinner break from the piglets 🐽 is a fair weather pig. So we had a chat as she ate her dinner #PigChat 🐽 @ErnestPig @lizbrixey Liz is amused by my vocabulary 🤣Perfect. Just perfect 👇
@1unleashed2 @ErnestPig Sounds like our kind of pig 🐽Patience is not a virtue to a pig. #WednesdayWisdom with ErnestPig Old Lady EdiePig wants her tea NOW. #HurryUp 🐽😊🐽
Retweeted by Martha Roberts @ErnestPig Fluffy and stompy 😍
@Jac25369445 Berkshire pigs!And then they return to snooze under the warmth of the heat lamp (well, all but one of them who chances another dri… NellyPig calls to them and they react. There is then a bit of a melee as they all get settled on their own tea… you need a break from the world. And so I give you one whole minute of zen sow and piglet footage… @diggerdansmith Miss Pickle? @theshepherdswi1 🤣
Imagine my surprise. The rank hypocrisy of too many. Next time those MPs who voted this down attempt to tell you th… Peter says... (in response to the channel 4 #dispatches programme) 👇 ponies in politics please 👇 @pmsoc Oh yeah. Anything to be like grandad! @wendymurp Yes! Although you spend the first 48hrs worrying they’re all ok 🤣More pigs in politics please 🐽👇🐽 little squeakers present and correct #NellyTots 🐽🥛🐽 it started... How it's going... @DrDowhittle @RandRFarmingPod @KatrinaDunford @herdyshepherd1 @M_launderfarm Thanks Claire! @antoniab46 Pretty much. Here they are next to mama 🐽 good face. Old Lady EdiePig. #HappyOutdoorOldSpot 🐽😘🐽
Retweeted by Martha Roberts @plumpuddingpigs Nope. Me too! @JeniMorgan Morning Jeni - pigs farrow all year round so we’re on a constant loop.Morning #NellyTots 🐽 Warm inside while mama eats breakfast outside
@Hentherapist 11! @Sooty69672198 11 @RowvilleCK 11!HP and team at nearly 6 weeks old 🐽 @lizbrixey 🤣 @ErnestPig Nicely done EP 😀All tucked up for the night. This is Nelly’s fourth litter and she’s a pro. She’s been out for a big dinner and dri… day at Temple Farm today! Pedigree in-pig #MiddleWhite sows arrive to live as #RareBreed pastured-pork! Huge th…
Retweeted by Martha Roberts @JeniMorgan 11! @candystripe @FreeToChoose73 Almost! @iboogey1 She’s a Berkshire pig 😀All finding their place #NellyTots 🐽 and the #NellyTots 🐽 arrivals for NellyPig #NellyTots 🐽 @longbushpork Slow and steady...MPs vote tomorrow on this - make it clear, flood their inboxes with: WE DO NOT WANT FOOD COMING INTO THIS COUNTRY T…
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Saturday morning is like this 👇 Yawn like an Old Lady Pig. #BeMoreEstellaPig 🐽💤🐽
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If you are a smallholder, a small food producer, a small anything to do with food get in touch. You've a week to te…
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