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Martha @marthaunplugged York, England

French in UK. Bass, photography, gigs, so I have bass, a camera, and I take photos of people and places I love. Expert in tartiflette. Teacher, curriculum lead

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@andraswf @GuitarmoogMusic I'm sure it'll turn out great Looking forward to seeing the result. Ya rock! @andraswf @GuitarmoogMusic Careful, I may ask you to build me one!! @andraswf @GuitarmoogMusic Ooh! Some proper awsomeness then! @andraswf @GuitarmoogMusic You seem to be doing a good job, I certainly would not even attempt!
@thehairyfig I really did thank you, hope you did too. Have a fab week and see you all soon for some amazing coffee! 💚
@HeleneFrenchie Thank you 😊 @moggo_1 Glad they did! Will try to post the remaining ones at some point. Wishing you a great week! XLast ones from my Rowntree series this weekend to wish you all the best week you can have. I'll try and not twitter… @cactus_woman Oh no, what a shame! Spotted a few on my walks, will photograph while it all lasts! 🍁🍂 @misterbumface Aaww thank you, really gorgeous 💛 @OrenShevlin It is yes.Today's colours in Rowntree Park. A quiet bench, kids laughing, playing, dogs, life. think the geese in York are protesting against our newly established tier two. Mass gathering, no mask, no distan… @sabineschutte Xxx @sabineschutte J'ai bcp de mal à commenter car je suis très touchée et les mots ne sortent pas, brouillés par l'émotion. @sabineschutte Surtout en tant que prof moi même, inspirée par mes anciens, cela fait très mal. @MrsAEYFS You can have this one in York, yesterday @TheAtomicCat You are most welcome @veniceangels Thank youTuesday Quote: Senior Leaders should never lose sight of what it is to be a full-time class teacher. Samuel Stri…
Retweeted by Martha @smithsmm @secretHT1 Teach, teach, teach Our expertise and knowledge should be the focus, not the pretty pics and f… @unicornthejayne Yes, it really is nice when you can get a little corner of York to yourself early in the morning. Love it! 💛 @BenTownCrier So sad, this gvt are destroying everything. I am really angry. And sad @offworld2019 Thank you 😘💞 @offworld2019 Hey. I usually use my Android. Then I spend a bit of time editing, and that is it. I have good photo… @Restoreholistic @janeskyn That is gorgeous! @janestevenson68 @VesperUK 🍁💛🍂 @Restoreholistic @janeskyn Yes, these scenes are good for the mind, I look forward to being able to see these all w… @davie5456 Thanks, and you too! @DanielleYorks Me too, a big favourite. 🍁🍁 @TheBassmanUK And thank you 😊 @TheBassmanUK Rowntree is gorgeous! 🍁🍂 @jwahjwah Beautiful scenes in York yesterday! 💛Morning. I was greeted by this tree yesterday in Rowntree park and I thought you should be greeted by it too today.… @unicornthejayne Making Bishy rd even more magical
@richdunleave Thank you! 😊 @DanielleYorks Thank you lovely! 🍁❤ @veniceangels Ty, you too! @KathyKelliott Yes, beautiful scenes today! 🍁 @KathyKelliott And this one is from today too. 🥰 @KathyKelliott @alexbellars @MissL_Amos @aly_sea @shadylady222 @rondelle10_b @CristaHazell @dawson_serena @stowdawn @BrunoAdventurou Thank you so much! @TheAtomicCat Yes, it is a lovely place. My favourite spot, just as you get into the city. @HenryMullen500 @vanillabean Took this last Friday, early evening. It was so peaceful. @HenryMullen500 @vanillabean It is a wonderful place!Autumnal tones in College Street by York Minster. And good night to you all. I'm all cosy and got books. All is wel… @sabineschutte 🦥 @PadraigBelton They always do that in cartoons! 😉 @brawley_anne Thank you so much.Dyls cafe today, on Skeldergate bridge. @TheAtomicCat Welcome. @TheAtomicCat This is Dyls café, right on the bridge. It serves delicious meals and hot chocolates, good gin too. @TheAtomicCat This is Skeldergate Bridge. @davie5456 Thank you @Strickomaster @hendopolis It would not be a two week half term as such. One week would be spent delivering online/… @TheAtomicCat Thank you, I so love it here! @veniceangels Thank you 😊Two from my river walk earlier today by the river Ouse, from Skeldergate to Rowntree. Now in good company with hot… @EileenKaner Merci! 🥰 @ukcitequality Thank you so much. It's been a pain, nearly there, looking forward to the ceremony. Then I can leave in peace and so can he! @wjpme He is 😊 @malakhstudios The britsplaining is really annoying but have to let it go over my head. Much love to you ❣
@FJ731 @IAmMardikins By Wilcock bass, London. Check them out @FJ731 @IAmMardikins Yes, save up. I only came back with a beautiful strap. Back in 2017, I came back with my Music… @stephen501 It has indeed. I'm sorry. @stephen501 I'm proud to be his mum, I am not British but he deserves and needs to be safe in the country he was bo… @FJ731 @IAmMardikins Yes, it is ( only trying it at LBGS last year, a dream) @jocalver Thank you! @Tttovid Me French, his dad British. Why should he punished by a mess neither me or him have nothing to do with? @Tttovid My son was born in the UK @TimboHouston I got it 😊 @Ladywithabass It's an incredible place I live in! @TimboHouston I will keep doing that, don't worry. Take care! @don_hale Merci, vous aussi. @TimboHouston I do hope so. This winter's going to be tough. Trying to keep going, getting ready to ride the storm. @TimboHouston Well, no boozing for me, despite having some amazing pubs at my doorstep. Very fearful, spending the… @thebelgianbun Thank you. And most importantly, good luck to you! X @VisitYorkThank you for posting my photo on your sites. An honour. Really appreciate it. ❤ @Ladywithabass Thank you my Lady 💚Seen as everything is absolute shambles again, here we are. From last December. This should be the only shambles al… @MyOnlySobriquet @MyOnlySobriquet It's still happening. So just dming me telling me I was wrong bec apparently, there is a way to ge… @Nibus Yes, true. Thanks ACH! Tartiflette to celebrate after ceremony @BillMaureen Someone born in this country, and wants to feel safe living in it because it is their homeOne of my favourite photos. Light breaking through the fog. Malham. North Yorkshire.
Retweeted by Martha @VesperUK Thank you so much @moggo_1 Thank you! ❤Wishing us all in tier 2 a very good weekend. Of fun and outdoors interesting activities. Enjoy @MrsJaneRace Thank you! @DanielleYorks Thank you ❣ @edujdw Yes, France allows dual cit @GuitarmoogMusic Yes, more waiting for ceremony now but huge step. Thank you so much. @andraswf Thank you! @sabineschutte Ceremony. Mais il faut attendre. Avec covid, ça va prendre du temps mais bon, ouf. Merci! @andraswf Urgh yes. HO not to be trusted. Good luck! @andraswf Urgh. That's 3 months. Another 3? Oh no. @andraswf Yes, we have 6 months. So what happens beyond it? Start all over again? @FrustratedImmi2 Thank you so much @andraswf Yes, it says on the letter. Due to covid 12 weeks