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Steady working. #StreamsofThought Vol. 3: Cane and Able coming July 31st. A collaboration with my brother…
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Everytime I hear someone say that Africa "can't code its way out of underdevelopment" because, presumably, coding i…
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@GhanaRL have revealed their new kits by @xilesportswear. This follows a 1-year deal which sees Xile become the fed…
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Announcing AU 2020 Dates and Pricing - Autodesk University Update #MakeAnything #AutodeskAmbassador #AmbassadorHub guys, Link for registration for the zoom discussion on the topic 'Managing your finances as an Entrepreneur/St…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurSocial Distancing, PPE Help Construction Company Stay Essential #MakeAnything #AutodeskAmbassador #AmbassadorHub Your Fusion 360 Data – A note from Stephen Hooper #MakeAnything #AutodeskAmbassador #AmbassadorHub Construction: Collaboration Redefines the Built World #MakeAnything #AutodeskAmbassador #AmbassadorHub
I wrote Artist, Act of Love 5 years ago. At the time, It was nothing but just a hopeless romantic writing a beauti…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurA challenge to all the souls that have the entrepreneurial bug...
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurBold words 💪🏿
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurWow...’t get frustrated — figure out what you’re doing wrong and do it right.
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurIn case you missed it... email to receive all questions and inquiries about investments and personal finance management: askdesmondbredu…
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Grab A Kasa Smart Plug For Only $17 #deals #sales
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurAccording to Microsoft calculations, global unemployment in 2020 may reach a quarter of a billion people.
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurMicrosoft is providing free training to connect unemployed workers to in-demand digital jobs via @MorningBrew
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurHappy New Month 💫💥 #SayRugbyLeague #StaySafe #MaskUp 😷
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurYour GPS just got slightly better
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This week, I talk about having 4 income streams for sustainable finances. #finance #blogpost #money
AI-Based Generative Design Is the Ultimate Collaborator #MakeAnything #AutodeskAmbassador #AmbassadorHub #Autodesk Consumption: The New Norm When the Pandemic Subsides? #MakeAnything #AutodeskAmbassador #AmbassadorHub
Get your reading glasses on! Another insightful one by @MArthurGH
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurThe word is finally out. BLACK IS KING. So proud to have worked with QUEEN BEYONCÉ on this. So honored to contribut…
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Seeing the responses to the social media post by Kuto Imma whose wife died at Ridge Hospital; it seems that too man…
Retweeted by Maclean Arthur"Only dead fish just 'go with the flow'." ---- Sir Graeme Lamb, Former Commander of the UK Field Army ('Land Command')
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurHere's the transcript of Trump's response when he was asked what are his top priorities for a second term.
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurThis man just lost his wife!! His post below, this happened at Ridge Hospital!! It's about time we start recordi…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurNew Blog Post! I share how I maintained a balance between my family and personal financial obligations #finance
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Generative Design: Redefining What’s Possible in the Future of Manufacturing [E-book] #Fusion360 #MakeAnything design for manufacture workflow and shows how to validate models and create the G code, the programming lan…
A client is looking to purchase pictures of people from the different ethnic cultures of African countries like Nam…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurDon't forget to build your life.
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurYou're a code newbie? You're worried that coding is hard to learn? I've been coding for 20 years, and I'm still learning. Don't sweat it.
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurDear developer, ours is a mental activity, and we must put our brains in the best conditions to be able to work we…
Retweeted by Maclean Arthur @VacanciesGh @ProductivityOpt please share 🙏
Retweeted by Maclean Arthur @dxtroo @panjianoff Account was created just this month!
Guys let’s do this 😭😭😭
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurMy daily life as a Software engineer! 1% actually coding 10% in meetings 20% googling errors 50% staring at cowork…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurMay I please get 2 friends to copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurRegister in advance for this meeting: _NB: After registering, you will receive a confirm…
Retweeted by Maclean Arthur#SBWebinars: Financial Literacy Of A Startup/SME Join us today Tuesday 23rd June @15:00GMT for the third episode…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurIf anyone can send a gig or two my way it would be very much appreciated. On the brink of extinction with a famil…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurNew Blog Post! I share how I maintained a balance between my family and personal financial obligations #finance
Inspired Design and Construction Give Felled Trees a Whole New Life #MakeAnything #AutodeskAmbassador medical team of the Rugby League Federation Ghana headed by Dr Philans Cosmos Ankrah PT DPT CKTP met on Sunday,…
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Kindly read this and more insightful write ups by @MArthurGH 🔥🔥
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurOn behalf of Accra Panthers, I wish all fathers the best of the day. Cheers. @GhanaRL @GhSkolarsRugby
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurHydro City Apartments start from GHS 800 monthly for 15years. Sign up this year to own the apartment forever. Ter…
Retweeted by Maclean Arthur @MArthurGH As a Ghanaian man forget about reporting a rape case. The police will even laugh at you. It's sad... a p…
Retweeted by Maclean Arthur @BallerSalim All dey inside wey men dey feel emasculated for reporting abuse... smh.I hear say Ghana law no dey cater for males being raped. Smh. If ebe true deɛ.... week a girl held my ass at the gym while I was squatting. I turned around and asked her will she be okay if I…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurI know my bros @wayne_wealth @dela_delz @readJerome @awuni_adongo @oswaldtheson will do a good job arguing the pros…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurWishing all father's a lovely day. 💞💝 @GhanaRL @Original_Bulls @GhSkolarsRugby @piratesghanarlc #TheGhosts
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J. Cole is so real... how could you honestly hate this man???
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@KwabotweOnline and all botwe boys lets help out. Emmanuel needs financial help for Chemo.
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurI really love this "Public Figures" statue by Korean artist Do Ho Suh.
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurDo you have stories on your finance journey you want to share? Seize this opportunity to be part of the series and…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurI will never work with them again! We go close all my accounts. Nonsense! @CBGBankLtd Spintex is a disappointment. Ahh! Because of ₵50 you are tossing me back and forth for no reason. That… @realDonaldTrump I don't know who needs to hear this but cops aren't supposed to kill guilty people either.
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Check out the course. Introduction to knowledge in CAD, manufacture, and the practical use of CNC machines. Start t… 360 Roadmap Update 2020 #MakeAnything #AutodeskAmbassador #AmbassadorHub #Autodesk #AutodeskEDU
This video is exactly what you need!
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurSolids, Surfaces and T-Splines in Fusion 360 #Fusion360 #AutodeskAmbassador #AmbassadorHub #MakeAnything You. Kidding. Me? I will just assume this is your reality and walk away. Smh! is essentially turning sci-fi into reality
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurListen to J. Cole's new song "Snow on tha Bluff":
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@panjianoff @Uber Them do me the same thing. I dey use bolt now.Tune in at 7pm tonite to a replay of my interview with the brilliant Ghanaian-British architect @dadjaye on…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurLadies and gents, Joy FM and Citi FM and TV3 teamed up to start a football podcast. Sort of. 😉
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Man! @leonbridges... Thank you... gentleman, today women are raising concerns about rape, in light of a very recent tragedy that befell their f…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurLIVEWATCH: ALICIA KEYS performed her classic, 'Fallin'' in a four-track set which included a premier of new track "…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurInjection-Mold Cooling and Generative Design Save Engineers' Sanity #MakeAnything #AutodeskAmbassador Invisible Podcast: History of Face Masks and the Power of PPE #MakeAnything #AutodeskAmbassador #AmbassadorHub today - Be part of the global community of students, educators and other Autodesk fans on the #AmbassadorHub.… always say this: START INVESTING FOR THE FUTURE: How? Open multiple Fixed Income Unit Trust: Name it accordingly…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurOkay here is the breakdown for those who want it. We’re going to call it the #1000CedisChallenge. The goal is to se…
Retweeted by Maclean Arthur5 Insights as Architects Lead Hospital Conversion for COVID-19 Response #MakeAnything #AutodeskAmbassador Holds Many Keys for Emergency Buildings in Times of Crisis #MakeAnything #AutodeskAmbassador the basics of geometry creation and the mindset shift needed to build a #GenerativeDesign with #Fusion360 f… New in Fusion 360: Electronics Edition - #Fusion360 #AutodeskAmbassador #AmbassadorHub #MakeAnything
Dear Creative, Please kindly get the COPYRIGHT ACT. The wording is pretty friendly, read it and have some knowledg…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurINVESTMENT OPTIONS IN GHANA FOR SALARIED WORKERS Like, RT and subscribe 🙏🏽❤️
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@parlenzy77 Awww... it pays to read thoroughly @parlenzy77 Sorry Pareto... didn't see the last pasrt @parlenzy77 Friend?Dave Chappelle has something to say
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurDave Chappelle’s #846 is ... ◻️A Comedy Special ◻️The best Sociology class ever ◻️ My favorite Ted Talk ◻️An amazi…
Retweeted by Maclean Arthur @parlenzy77 Oh I bab. You were recommending a better alternative to just saving your money. Cool. I read it as you… @parlenzy77 But if the PS5 is $600... with ₵350 a month, can't you buy it even if you save directly for a year at ₵7 per dollar?
@parlenzy77 Like MFund? Are there others?Develop other sporting brands aside football – Asantehene directs Kotoko Board. #JoySMS
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Got Cabin Fever? Virtual Tourism Helps With Architectural Walk-Throughs #MakeAnything #AutodeskAmbassador Autodesk Design Academy, students and educators get access to free software and educational resources in manuf…
Even a sch cert can be used to obtain a passport. Ghanaian passports, by *virtue of how they are obtained*, then ar…
Retweeted by Maclean ArthurNew ways to work, for your office and society #Fusion360 #Autodesk #AutodeskEDU #AutodeskAmbassador #MakeAnything