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follow for cultural content. Mathemagician, Performance Artist, Alchemist. Owner of @VirtusLiber @VirtusVisus 1st Gen 🇺🇸/🇭🇷 This is my Clark Kent persona.

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oman fresco showing a Flora – goddess of spring and fertility – collecting flowers
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Retweeted by Martina Markota @TennyTennison2 I low key think I’m funny @ChanchoMarudo That was a golden age @heidiandpona @realjaywillz Wtf @docspengIer That’s a good series. I’ve seen a few Dinosaur ones at this levelI love romance novel covers @frog_armored @J_Ladarc Fair enough! @frog_armored @J_Ladarc 😂 was an easy one @frog_armored @J_Ladarc What is happening with fashion is sad. I saw peers in university roll into class in PAJAMAS… @frog_armored @J_Ladarc this is also going hiking in the woods, i dont think its particularly sloppy but it is appr… @tabbybewmbewm @frog_armored @J_Ladarc ecactly @frog_armored @J_Ladarc But i hear ya. i did a video one time about Karl, & his comment about not looking like a ho… @frog_armored @J_Ladarc i was thinking more like robin hood, cinched at the waist with a belt and a proper outfit.… @SeloSlav Sorry it took so long. I have more videos I made just gotta edit! @SeloSlavshort little video making Sausage and Sauerkraut with @SeloOlive from Croatia! Watch more cooking videos on my Yout… @J_Ladarc @frog_armored leggings worn like stalkings or with a top long past the bottom is perfectly acceptable clo… WON!
Retweeted by Martina Markota @FrederickKilner @LibertyHangout Thank you, I figured it was something.
LIVE NOW! ETIQUETTE LUNCHEONS, BREAKFASTS AND SUPPERS ready to stream with a cappuccino @katpinetree They become orbiters of the women they claim to hate @CWendle @GordonRamsay @MartinaMarkota Welcome to the party...
Retweeted by Martina Markota @IndyCosm @GordonRamsay I think you are right. Didn’t make itI got this. Clown world here I come 🤡 🌎 @LibertyHangout Serious question. Is that a skirt?I can’t stop fucking laughing @GordonRamsay @pinochetbelle I need to know what this is from and steal it from you @BillyTucci Happy birthday billy! @freckledme @kimmieg56 @EthanBoyle @PeteHegseth @DeeOShag55 @Xfinity @comcast @GOP BotoxPhysicist. Is there is a physcist in the house? I have a question about Chaos theory I need answered. Anyone have a…
Retweeted by Martina Markota @Rooster_75 @prettyg2626 @PeteHegseth @Xfinity @comcast @GOP I don’t know how anyone takes her claims of censorship… get Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew
Retweeted by Martina MarkotaDid you return the money Weinstein gave you? @SenKamalaHarris How many predators bankroll you?
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@truMalma LIVE NOW! DINNER GIVING WITH LIMITED EQUIPMENT: ETIQUETTE NOW! DINNER GIVING WITH LIMITED EQUIPMENT: ETIQUETTE a short stream tonight on YouTube with my RicDickGoblin t shirt. Get your dick goblin shirt!l It’s actually q… @MartinaMarkota
Retweeted by Martina Markota @noshadowbans So tragic. Life is just so unfair this makes me angryGo Fund Me for little Cannon, shot while riding his bike. Where is the justice? @dianaawakens SameLMFAO
#MATH #LOGIC @almightygenie ACAB gangreal news ensemble, 1890s. The MET.
Retweeted by Martina MarkotaJulie Playing a Violin, 1893 #berthemorisot #morisot
Retweeted by Martina Markotamoshing; headbang study
Retweeted by Martina MarkotaHigh Solar Energy - High T American Revolution 1776 - Masculine Liberty and pursuit of happiness Low Solar energy…
Retweeted by Martina MarkotaHave you heard of this legendary Slavic alchemist 🤣🙃🤣 @MartinaMarkota Baba Anujka: The Alchemist of Vladimirovac…
Retweeted by Martina MarkotaYeah Emma what you're saying is so 1990s... we all know know that! I sure wish these self proclaimed "feminists" wo…
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Retweeted by Martina Markotawe are live now going over kids art. can you vote on the winner? me live with @COMMI3MARK !
The Revolution marches on, join me and super special guest @MartinaMarkota at 8pm GMT for some interesting chat a…
Retweeted by Martina MarkotaLIVE NOW! MIDDLE BYZANTINE ART HISTORY Daphni Saint Mark's, Venice Nerezi Paris Psalter V… @B_WHU00 @stillgray im just kidding. but seriously i cant imagine if i said that shit how my employer would feel about that @B_WHU00 @stillgray im trans now @stillgray And this person still has a job? But I don’t? WtfAny Catholic Croatian women want to get married this year? My Baba and Did won't let me get a dog because "prvo tr…
Retweeted by Martina MarkotaWho wants to be a part of an online show? Do I have any musician friends? @Hayitsviv is amazing. aesirav has comple…! with @COMMI3MARK @guy_next_to_me What is this a church for ants!?Russia to fund small-scale replica Hagia Sophia in Syria that will be used as a church Tactical move comes after Tu… @StudioPetal Hey! Did you message me on insta? I’ll drop back to you tomorrow!“Peeing standing up can also be a feminist act” @ChloePees @im_toxicated I’ve heard great things about that oil. I think from my memory rubbing your gums with it?… @HNR_Media That IS the correct answer actually @hearts_divide damn...i remember that @JJGothkill damn. the wilderness is real @hearts_divide love natalie @igotpaidfriday Thank you!You ever just lay there and wonder if you want to fall asleep, or eat? I’m torn @J_Ladarc @J_Ladarc Ah yes Lady Alchemy? DEGENERACY! Pro Epstein merch? YOU GUYS DONT UNDERSTAND ART! These are the same peopleI forget where I read this, but Nietzsche said somewhere in essence that you should read every book as if you alrea…
Retweeted by Martina Markota @braxsoma @J_Ladarc yes i understand. but that is why i am trying to inform you that this creator is indeed a creep… @braxsoma @J_Ladarc @braxsoma @J_Ladarc no i know the creator. he conned me out of 11k and has been harassing me. he makes merch of wom…
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@chaselonnergan @steveniswho thats him! @MikeHeadly39 @GSquirrelPatton dont know who you are but you got a follow out of me for that response lol @HyperBoraean dont forget the description! mechanized exploitation! COOL! @HyperBoraean yep that is the guy that scammed me out of 11k and fucked up my project then went around slandering m… @HyperBoraean the guy that made this is the same guy that went on the Dick show to slander me. he mentions this is… creator of this merch is the same guy that went on the Dick show to slander me FYI. He mentions it on the show.… @Nitr0Dubz @goodforharriers @heywildrich @GenericTwi Not sure he thought they were burglars, but he was recently ro… this is what we promoting now? Damn, skipped right past my body type @punishedecogirl lol @giantgio Somebody tell those greeks to stop making tragedies. Don't they know they'rd making their audience sad? A…
Retweeted by Martina MarkotaPJW doesnt know anything about art. He stole my art takes from 2015 when we chatted about interviews and content. h… take. Listening to depressing music is therapeutic because it shows you that someone with talent empathizes…
Retweeted by Martina Markota @T0TALVICT0RY @_AntisemiticJew @Aarick20 I think you’ve confused my husband with Malkins husband.Upon creating the 𝒫𝑒𝓇𝒻𝑒𝒸𝓉 𝒲𝑜𝓂𝒶𝓃 the 𝔸𝕝𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕞𝕚𝕤𝕥 is immediately 𝔖𝔱𝔲𝔫𝔤...
Retweeted by Martina Markota @polychotomy @Aarick20 Um I’m like 30 in my avi picture but ok whatever makes you feel better @coulterculture omg im so sorry wtf @JonathanTurley is that pandoras box? @Wrdotti I am 35 my husband is like 27 or something