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@DamoneWilliams_ S4! 😭's Convenience is the sweet comfort show we all need right now. 💜 @BeamPaints I hope you'll tweet more! Excited to enjoy your beautiful paints. @therealmsniles @iSmashFizzle @CiaoSamin Oh yess! I got too excited and forgot that part. I like either a sambal or… @iSmashFizzle @CiaoSamin Oh wow I was excited to answer and then saw Samin replies first and obvious pro tip will b…“We need to teach social justice NOW, like we teach STEM” – @hollinq Watch the virtual premiere of @RadMonarchsDoc…
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@CalMorgan 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 @MikeRoyce💜 entire thread! 👏🏾👀 is how I feel about Iranian food. Some of the most unrealistic expectations set upon me come from Iranians whe…
Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈 @_elena So glad you and family are well, Elena! 💜 @its_willyu Good luck! Whatever it is, they're lucky to have you. ✨ @laurenzcollins @HappyFeminist Real. The first month I found a single white eyebrow hair. Couldn't keep that but ha… @janiobi 😍 Researching but maybe a bamboo riser amd wrist guard? I'm wearing a brace at night this week because the… @EbyanEgal @gaystheword *Zooms in for a closer look from California* @audreyalison @janiobi Yes! And I finally had to admit to myself that I have really hard floors. 😂 @ZahraComedy @DoctorYasmin Happy celebrating! @janiobi @audreyalison Same! But laptop ergonomic upgrade and this may help. Thanks for mentioning. 😍 @amandadeibert I'm so sorry, Amanda. I hope you're able to sign off and rest tonight. Praying and hoping for their family. 💜 @audreyalison @janiobi So I'm not alone?? I was thinking this week that I need inside shoes for this reason?! @NicolePacent @Jaxbencam9 @BHH03 @ComingOutPod This is amazing! @alexanderchee Woooow. I cannot wait to read. It's one of the genuines joy of my life to have attended one of her last readings in Berkeley.5 days ago you told everyone they should go out to restaurants? And allowed testing to be shut down...for a baseba…, did your publication recently state #BlackLivesMatter? Support the original LADY A outside of the ot… @RealFThornton @ASCAP @agathakaspar @filmindependent Thank you! Can't wait to listen.✨AMAZING thread
Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈 @PKhakpour @airrickuu Also yes this! I'm 8 years old again and I can almost taste it looking at the picture @PKhakpour Ohhh granola can work! But I would pre-blend if possible if your blender doesn't get fine. Milk/ice crea… @PKhakpour ummm this is a chopped challenge waiting to happen! do you have a blender? cookies of any kind! coconut milk, ice....
@NoahHarald 👀 😭And in typical LA fashion after sending I thought "Oh gosh, oops. I hope that's not his franchise.." @lindsaybits The joy of searching Twitter for culinary solutions. Thanks! @lindsaybits Okay so my kimchi froze in the fridge and I wondered if it was still okay. This is a great idea! @mollfrylock Ooo. Thank you!!So many woman/POC make decisions based on fear of so many things, including the fear of not being liked. Lemme tell…
Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈 @carvellwallace are the women composers we should know about in film? New work music is a bonus. @StephInTeevee It's such a poetic directive. 😭 @StephInTeevee 😂💖😂 @StephInTeevee They are always so sweet! @IndieJenFischer Love to! So excited for you!! 💜💜 @IndieJenFischer @ShayRevolver 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💜Top 10% of revenue-generating authors could band together to demand massive publishing reform. Remote positions. Pa…
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Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈massive march in Brooklyn right now. Been like this for 10 minutes
Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈You really must read @e_alexjung's incredible profile of @MichaelaCoel and conversation with @thandienewton. Incr… am in bits, I am in awe, I am utterly destroyed. Who is the destroyer, @e_alexjung or I? Frighteningly masterful…
Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈 @e_alexjung Alex! I always love following your work but this week is incredible. Your empathy and respect for Michaela and Thandie... 🙏🏾💜If you want to read more about what’s happening to the Diné people.
Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈 @edgarmomplaisir I missed the latest. But you're all brilliant and if that's not being explicitly said, appreciated…"Black lives are beloved." This is a very good response and was surprisingly emotional to read from my local news… was asked to sign this and I didn't. After seeing all of it, I'm really glad I didn't. I appreciate the big pictu…
Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈 @kandacesays @ZahraComedy Thank you both for everything! Amazing resources all around. The night Futuro came today…💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 @burncoryburn 🧐 @ZahraComedy Have you tried pressing the star in the top right corner to change the setting? 💌
@ConStar24 I just replied to Jasmyn. Same love for you. 💜 @JasmynBeKnowing W/ love from a recovering Ms. "So sorry to bother you.." @JasmynBeKnowing The people that are meant for you will never be bothered and/or cultivate trust that they can expr… @JasmynBeKnowing With care, this is a valid experience of trauma if you ever had to navigate any kind of relationsh… @everythingloria So important. And howww they could say no to any of you but especially a legend?! Is it viewers ad… @ericsmithrocks @BeautyBritches I'm so very sorry. Much love to you all. 💜Little Jenna here is exactly why #representationmatters . I am so grateful for this show, that so many young people…
Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈 @MorganJerkins One of the good bits we can retrieve from Buffy. Also, the tile colors also bother me in away I can't explain?
@SouthAsianBuoy I'm so very sorry you and so many others are experiencing this terrible uprooting of your path. I k… @TLynnMichaels 💖 Of course! I've been wanting to say so much on how upset I am about her harm but I wanted to amplify trans voices first."When Coel bargained down and asked to own just 0.5 percent of the copyright, the Netflix executive said she would… is bad. ICE just told students here on student visas that if their school is going online-only this fall, the…
Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈 @thesusanito 💔 I'm holding space for what the stories gave me at a particular time and the impact on global literac…"Who tells your story? I put myself back in the narrative I stop wasting time on tears I live another fifty years..… people are the ONLY authoritative voices cisgender people should be listening to on what is best for th… @Cheryl_CLBP @juliahartowitz @TheJTCList @jehorowitz Wonderful! @juliahartowitz @TheJTCList @Cheryl_CLBP It was great to finally meet you and @jehorowitz there. Love that you're visiting ways to support. @juliahartowitz Hey Julia! @TheJTCList is a great resource to collaborate and organize this with you. We… @krisrehl @gracelynnkung @ZahraComedy @ZahraComedy Thank you! Any tips are most welcome. I used picture on Google but I dunno...Wrist and tingles if I tr… @burncoryburn I really don't know anymore. The last scenes of Annihilation randomly pop in my head. you have a favorite wrist brace to recommend to a friend for typing injuries? @losangelista I see the joy you get from your hikes so it's tough. 💜Please watch @Disclosure_Doc. Executive producer @Lavernecox and the doc team widened my perspective of the nuances…
Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈 @DekedaB Thank you for sharing! She's beautiful. I don't know where I read this but maybe sometimes productions do… thread.💔 I'm committed to staying home for as long as it takes. Most friends I know who also live alone witho…, ER Doc here. If you think wearing a piece of cloth makes it “hard to breathe”, then trust me you do NOT want COVID-19.
Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈 @KristaVernoff Yes, after reading excerpts too, definitely. @losangelista 😔If you want to know what is best for trans people. Listen to trans people. More specifically, listen to black tran…
Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈J.K. Rowling is not a scientist. She is not a doctor. She is not an expert on gender. She is not a supporter of our…
Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈 @karenkho Yes. Completely. And then suddenly extreme need for books from indie bookstores and small care packages t…’s time to put our masks on It’s time to wash our hands So we can beat the virus Is that too hard to understand?
Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈Such a long fight. 💔 Please take it seriously. Books To Nurture Budding Young Activists | #SummerReading 2020
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@naanking Wowww that makes me angry on your behalf. He mansplained parenting your children?! I'm really sorry your… @RealFThornton Laughing out loud! So much joy.Here’s some joy for all of us, but especially for @martinejoelle
Retweeted by Martine Joelle ✨☸️🏳️‍🌈 @RealFThornton I love EVERYTHING about this! Thank you!!! @ZahraComedy 💖 Yes! And the quiet is my favorite too! @Muna_Mire Rugrats was deep! @Muna_Mire “we don’t have any boss here, we all do all the work and we all eat all the cookies. and we all get all…
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