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MARTYN3024 @MARTYN3024 Washington, DC

Makes music, runs 3024, writes a bit, @NTSlive monthly, MIMF, Pbar, GoodRoom, politics, PSV Eindhoven & Washington Capitals

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Update I played two tunes from the purchase, both in the last half hour @milspex_ @eric_cloutier @Bandcamp You could’ve told your brother at some point!!!As One - The Ladder. (Air Texture VI - compiled by Steffi & @MARTYN3024)
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @KirkDegiorgio Killer @Ripperton @eric_cloutier @Bandcamp No my 3024 stuff is always at bottom that’s why i forget to play any of my stuff @eric_cloutier @Bandcamp “!!! BRAND NEW 2 NEWEST NEW” only to find out the CDJ doesn’t read !!! and the whole folder doesn’t show up @HorsepowerProd @Bandcamp and the decision to take an extra tote bag with 20 extra tunes lol @eric_cloutier @Bandcamp so you mean you dont have to do a “AAAA NEW NEW NEWEST” folder every time ? @eric_cloutier @Bandcamp damn that sounds very advancedAhh that half hour before you go Panoramabar frantic @bandcamp purchase of tunes you will forget to play anywayThe seven-track project features exclusive collaborations between artists who have responded to the work of the lat…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @joemuggs That’s because they are
@jujujordash Man, the more we start judging ourselves on our intentions rather than the results the more we can feel good about ourselves.
Retweeted by MARTYN3024Fact. I’ve never wanted to be friends with anyone because of who they are or what they do, never wanted to advance…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @joemuggs Wasn’t it trendy to have a Maori related tat and then it just morphed into something completely unrelated… at berghain_ostgut Panoramabar tomorrow at noon sandwiched between @koldtP_T and @hunchmusic see you there!…
Playing in Moscow at Gazgolder tonight/tomorrow morning! :) #russianmachineneverbreaks @rooneze2 @DaftLimmy @RadioDEBONAIR Let the hate Flow through you (Palpatine, 1983)We have badman producer DJ Die @dieclearskyz myself & Adam Winchester talking about music, production & creativity…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @appleblim @dieclearskyz !! @HanTenBroeke @eelcobvr @maggieNYT @RonanFarrow @madeleine Dus hij stemt YAY als het Huis impeachment goedkeurt en… @LDLDN @ChemBros Nautica navigates to keep us on course @DaftLimmy @RadioDEBONAIR It’s got Nile Rodgers on it. The guy from Chic. @LDLDN @ChemBros My fav Tip moment is his part on Mobb Deep Drink Away the Pain with all the clothing brands @ChildrenOfZeus @garrisonbeats He goes back there quite often I hear @ChildrenOfZeus @garrisonbeats I read this a couple days ago and thought “ha cool, I like Mark Morrison”. Just now sank in @RickHopkins1970 Oh man that tune is so great
@ScratchaDVA “So, how do you layer drums?” @Russellmania621 @EdFrankovic @1067theFan 8-92-43 @amaan_atd @CasMudde Prepare indictments for when he gets out of office, and focus on winning the election on issues just like in 2018 @amaan_atd @CasMudde you don’t fix that problem through impeachment @amaan_atd @CasMudde What about running on health care, education and jobs, AND presenting a comprehensive anti cor… @Nautiluss Wasn’t ours free @will_lds lol @Alznerheimers “They have more games in their barn than we have in ours, so I’m not worried about their team" @sheepshead__ 5 minute major and a game misconduct @sheepshead__ 2min penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct @hurfyd nice try!New game; guess the record : "Sick" - Toddla T “Simple and effective. What I like” – Distal “Heavy rotation here” – Dubbel Dutch @DanceBitchBK @aquarian @sheepshead__ @mattfx solid gold @sheepshead__ @mattfx @DanceBitchBK I am enforcing an exclusivity period of 23hrs59mins for you @aquarian @sheepshead__ @mattfx @DanceBitchBK 2019 pressure by yours truly, this track is called RECON and it’s on a brand new various artists EP dropping on… @docscott31 Did you See my email3024-FYE3 on my Soundcloud @jacquesgreene @3024world @djoserdc @NKCproductions @EdFrankovic I would like to see a list of all Caps major injuries this season and whether penalties were called. I… 1995 i spent a year producing an album for the Emperors New Clothes for Acid Jazz, The label hated the album, I…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @trevorjofficial I used to have that first album they did on AJ. Keen to check this out! @russianmachine That slingshot aaaaagggghhhhhh
@b_nmrrs he’s still working on a musical adaptation of that lady who had bees living inside her eye @LeahCarey03 @Capitals @JohnCarlson74 @JasonDorrier @NoVa_Caps @russianmachine @ianoland @TedLeonsis @NBCSCapitals @jaydanielwatusi Y E S @control__freq are u colluding with @Sami_Yenigun or obstructing justice on your own @StijnBz @eelcobvr ze hebben toch ook heel erg veel onderzocht dat niet in Muellers jurisdictie viel ? o.a. Cohen/… @BENIBLANCO LOL @BENIBLANCO no im the bass player, looks like Bootsy but plays like Dee Dee Ramone @BENIBLANCO would be a wicked punk band @Panchmazin @Bandcamp where do u see the info ? @peterhassett A B C D E G @grantstern Cos he’s his superiorThis is a really good record @metalheadzmusic @gremlinzdj @BENIBLANCO It’s from the Tao of DNB @Prospects_Watch Like Hagelin one of those players you gotta like wherever he plays
@HudMo @JoeShabadu @LuckyMe LOL @a_cheat LOL!don’t worry this is not gonna be one of those carl craig onesand roll it out for 6minsand drench that weird sample in a delay+reverb bathhhhhhhhmoney can’t buy taste.
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @TekiLatex hahahahahaSlice your breaks by hand @Mensa142 @Lawrence thanks @AaronAzimov @Lawrence isnt that what I just saidRemember when an empty plastic bottle killed the entire Barcelona team?
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @badgoalryry 2019 - great CL run, 2020 - players leave Eredivisie, 2022 - massively underwhelming Holland at the World Cup @DavidIsTalking @_noncompliant_ I thought lyft pays drivers even worse than uber?
@noxnuance @ChrisKuc Ovi has the same birthday as me, most of the season he looks way younger than me, but the furt… @ultraviolet215 @NKCproductions @3024world @jacquesgreene waiting for vinyl delivery - matter of days!
@MARTYN3024 @NTSlive day dreamer is my jam 🙌🏽🔥
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @djsophiecallis @NTSlive I discovered this morning they have this album on @Bandcamp @joemuggs @CTMFestival @driftingcamera @DJKRUST dont apologize Joe - you do amazing and important work and anyone w… @_noncompliant_ Like they’re doing you a great service!last bits from me on @NTSlive thanks so much for tuning in!! all Darkest Light archives are here x @NoVa_Caps well that changed quickly @GWaples @MayHockeyNBCS Actually I think their PP has had some nice variations with 19/92 and some good Ovi attempt… people. Nobody likes giving up power. And they never see the writing on the wall. The new day arrives and no…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @MayHockeyNBCS Crash the Net!!!!Another 60 minute trip through @MARTYN3024's deep jazz collection with Darkest Light, starting now:…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @rccardovillella pls can i use this when i play there next
Retweeted by MARTYN3024My Darkest Light post-RSD edition jazz show is on @NTSlive today at 11am EST / 16.00 UK / 17.00 EU Darkest Light post-RSD edition show is on @NTSlive today at 11am EST / 16.00 UK / 17.00 EU, thanks for all the f… @lindseyclarke @peterhassett Do the bolts have a lot of fans outside of FL? @Mr_Dave_Haslam Dave I've played so many of these records to audiences all over the world. It's a treasure trove. W…
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@_morelian @mikeservito Altho that lockstep is a bomb @_morelian @mikeservito Was repressed!'Massive Attack: Out Of The Comfort Zone' by Melissa Chemam 4.5 out of 5 stars #1 Best Seller in Electronica…
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@CapitalsPR @NoVa_Caps Orpik scoring machine!!!Today for Record Store Day we’re taking you on a city trip! Starting at noon we will be streaming one-hour live se…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024They put us in photos when they want to show our party is diverse. However, when we ask to be at the table, or spea…
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