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MARTYN3024 @MARTYN3024 Washington, DC

Makes music, runs 3024, writes a bit, @NTSlive monthly, MIMF, Pbar, GoodRoom, politics, PSV Eindhoven & Washington Capitals

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@seungminkim @myhlee Huh I thought Liz was all outraged by the admins blatant racism, that’s not what this country… two big de la soul samples @TJPShea Hahah it’s easily worth 15 imoIt’s got a massive disco break + PE sample (got my mind made up), an amazing soul ballad (never let it go away), ir… is pretty much the perfect disco/funk LP everyone should own. @ssseannn @LaCheetahClub @richard_nmbrs @SpencerNMBRS @Okwonga That looked friendly pep - aguero @DjTeeBee Ow @richardbramich 4 years old :) @richardbramich Abbrevs for Erosie’s son and my daughter respectively, who also provide the artwork @djlisafrank @GoodRoomBK @juanmaclean Huh so he came up to the booth to ask whether the tune was his own? @MichaelBaltra @russfrumfrunds @SpotifyUK @FaltyDL @project_pablo @CFCFmusic Big up & cheers @russfrumfrundsShout out to @SpotifyUK for having me takeover their Altar playlist: . cc @BRAINFEEDER /…
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cheers bot @Thundercat Can I take a photo of your NECK @milspex_ @nymfoDNB t shirt update cc @shyshyeyez tingz : @milspex_ b2b @nymfoDNB Eindhoven live now @Bobcluness got that :) played some of it on my show! wicked album @Sorayea maybe the rec out volume is all the way down, but you need firmware thingy to change it. maybe just use an… @Sorayea what output u use on the djm ? @AntHearn @FACTmag lol! @rccardovillella yes sir @TMSVmusic @ikbencees @Whities_ @markprtchrd @wejazzhelsinki Top GIF this oneWhy is it every time I make a tune in 10 mins @FACTmag is never there!!!!Next up on 3024, another Various Artists EP featuring sinredzone @gremlinzdj jestajungle noire_uk @parris_dj and yo…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @HugoKijne With all due respect, you say you’re for equal pay, but you emphasize a skills gap (larger than in tenni…! @PuckBuddys @JapersRink (That was part of the joke)
Your mother and I are very concerned about your grades
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @NadiaBouras Ook meteen het schoolvoorbeeld onethisch kapitalisme, werknemers en leveranciers uitmelken, anti vakbo… @NadiaBouras Was het de Bijenkorf dan was het nog OK maar Walmart is meer de Zeeman @BoneyMem @HugoKijne Could look at jersey sales of women's and men's US teams, or TV ratings for comparable games in World Cups for example. @HugoKijne It’s like saying Serena Williams doesn’t have the same power as Rafael Nadal @PuckBuddys @JapersRink Also guys, for hockey: RICOCHET please @PuckBuddys @JapersRink We're gonna see Movistar attacking on the penultimate climb!!!! @HugoKijne they're not playing against men so it doesn't matter. they are reaching a much bigger audience than the… up on 3024, another Various Artists EP featuring sinredzone @gremlinzdj jestajungle noire_uk @parris_dj and yo… @martyn3024 #oddsagainstus #ostgutton #2019 #electronic #drumnbass #techno #rhythmritual 🔊🔥>…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @I_Skream @ElliotAdamson Could’ve said pleaseReal talk DJ booths should hide the DJ’s legs or it’s just extreme ironing.
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@antoniacere @Sami_Yenigun @NPRWeekend This is a BRILLIANT episode. One of my fav Code Switch episodes and I learned a lot!! Thank you! @jacquesgreene Ah here we go that explains it then @tltrostle great example of the Leon Vynehall / Pepe Bradock school f house music :) @AshaRangappa_ You're exactly white!! @thomas_lennon @jacquesgreene And yes, we do deserve probably possibly maybe could potentially should perhaps would… @tltrostle still play that A LOT, all tracks on that record actually @thomas_lennon @jacquesgreene yes but asking for a present needs to be done in a terribly complicated and awkward way @jacquesgreene That’s not very virgo of you @joshsisk @MetalChris @crocken Ballerston @__SHIGETO im readyFoggy Bottom is the best metro station name by a wide margin
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @aquarian @doctajeep horses in the ba..IM GOING FASTER!!!!! @austinatomusic @iskinnylegendz @aquarian @doctajeep No fuss and no fight!! Horses in the back... @doctajeep But good that old town road is the next table so I can vaguely hear it @doctajeep Anti war dub 100%😂
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@alexyoungbased @flyinglotus already gone!! shiittNew fire on our Room 1 🔥Spotify playlist this week includes: @mariedavidsn @HeadieOne & @Skepta remixed by Flo Po…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @HugoKijne Love how they keep saying manhattan prison : those damn Liberal prisons! BAD!!The bit in @jeremydeller ‘s Everybody In The Place where the kids are playing with the equipment & they start getti…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @SianAnderson Ignore him, send every single email cc’d to artist. When he takes artist off cc, put him back on. Rep… @lucchesi_andre @hellahueck Hahaha precies dit! @stepanmella Net Detective was his nick name lol
@eoin_murraye Lols @terrystuckshop @Mr_Dave_Haslam Why go through the trouble of getting that scene authentic looking and then just co… @TmoWInd @Ibrahimwijbenga @volkskrant @BumaStemra @MerlijnKerkhof Zo behandelen ze hun muzikanten ook :)This week's VF HQ Spotify playlist:
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @ClaudeSpeeed Complaining about Berghain is very 2015Great weekend in Berlin at berghain_ostgut !! Shouts to all the ravers that came out on Friday, and a special shout…
@0xshame A couple @HugoKijne Luigi in Jersey ? Dat klinkt als de Sopranos @bennyrodrigues DM @gabrielszatan @DJBarelyLegal Rappers and MC @DJBarelyLegal Roots manuva @apparatofficial Hahah you’re on the wrong website, IG is the one with the sunset and party pics @apparatofficial You already assume “a better future” is a priority for everyone while clearly it’s notBosnians: I wanna swim Croatia : No
Retweeted by MARTYN3024Four hours at Terminal 2. That’s a lot of Yo Sushi
@LDLDN you win by contrasting yourself to the other party - with contrast you drum up excitement with the base - on…“Also, we are the party that’s not lead by a racist” maybe just say that @Jozef_K_DJ Peshay - ViolatorWent to Berghain, played a 170bpm set, went back to the hotel and made a 140bpm hard drum tune. Techno's coming home. #confused @AguilaOfficial Ermmmmm @mladyfuck No idea, but this was put together to try visualize processing techniques
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @CullenDj @mladyfuck Haha the limiter @Si2BadMice @docscott31 @AntTC1 Let’s ask Facebook they prob have the wavs already haha
@jacquesgreene you're welcome @austinatomusic so not Champion Jah Dread. would fit u better @gabrielszatan @fergusmcdonald you don't like a firm banana @gabrielszatan @fergusmcdonald 5 would be my ideal @fergusmcdonald 4-8 @mikeservito its exhausting being a virgo @tacosphere Cheapo & Hymies.! Extremely buzzing to be closing pbar b2b with the one and only 🔥 Special Request 🔥 plenty madness beforeha…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @mikeservito doing other things all day and leaving it til the very last minute to organize everything before going the gig for extra stress @andydaniell I see you on the Rapha mailout!—>>
Retweeted by MARTYN3024Nina Buijsman is spelled with IJ here - but I've also seen her name with a Y. Are Y and IJ completely interchangeab…
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