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@StijnBz Wij krijgen altijd Spaanstalige aanbiedingen in de post voor wielrenfietsen omdat ik online fietsspullen s… @v_recordings Lemon Di have screenshots of about $2500 in donations in my IG DMs which warms my heart . If you can’t donate that is chil…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024Stuck up 70s fusion virtuoso who studied Latin for a year: "It's not solos people, it's SOLI"
@musicstudent_ @joemuggs He's not similar to Trump at all and that policy is inspired by down ballot domination is not new. @joemuggs Except those were never 'really' the founding fathers' ideals. But the bar is very low these days, anythi… for the next 2 hours on Twitch! Gemini birthday bash, let’s go!!!
Retweeted by MARTYN3024There is no hiding that black people are constantly profiled. Constantly targeted. I would love to say I am surpris…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @Mukie nou dan snap je waarom geweld wèl nodig is.<3 @stacieannechu 🥰🥰🥰 @raspberryjones @annkpowers I love that record and I wanna know about your project now!! @MarcusJMoore jfc @Mukie Als je blank bent kom je met een vreedzaam protest misschien nog ergens maar noem 1 voorbeeld in de wereld w… @thebigguy667 Jorwt Keldewwr @Massie33346732 @bencoates1 LOLLLL @Massie33346732 @bencoates1 which ones?
@deejaybeige @__SHIGETO like so but it was only cos @aquarian told me it could be done :) so all cred to him. @daanknijn @violetakaviolet Goed gedaan daan! @deejaybeige @__SHIGETO you can do 100 bpm tune into a 133.3 bpm (2/3). @__SHIGETO @deejaybeige This is a weird thread cos it seems almost no one knows what they're really talking about lol @associatedj heheheh proud to be your peer @sinistarr_313 hero! @seidtgeist Thanks man @olliekav large up!Matchy? people I enjoy the opinions of. @Waajeed_ @AshLauryn313
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @SaraCivian turned pro at 10, played til he was 89, reaching a point total of 4420 lol @ShyOneBeats @deviation @kodenine @TheRealBenjiB @JamesMassiah damn if even kode9 is savvy enough to technically se… @JohnRHealey yowww---====>>>> for George Floyd. Anyone can sign this petition ➤
Retweeted by MARTYN30243 years ago we lost an irreplaceable talent, a wonderful person and most importantly our friend. We miss you Marcus…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024The Dutch view of Europe: in the north, smart busy blonde people working hard. And in the south, lazy lotharios dri…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @PaulMcG59 maybe I should finally go for it!London peeps, @SOTUSOHO have the Drexciya book in stock @jilkmusic Loved Talk Talk but same here, discovered Spirit of Eden much later than the rest @E_Gull @thebugzoo very true. tbh im still not a BoC person. My dad used to say "if you hear a record and you reall… @doubledown53 I listen to that at least once a month still @jwzail I slept on Freddie big time !! @RadioNightTrain @YoNelson great record💔 sending love master @barrysmit als ik dat zie denk ik altijd "zal wel in een of andere videogame zitten"List of 50+ ace music books #TimsTwitterListeningParty & a directory of brilliant independent bookshops 📚📚📚📚offer…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @Kidd_er @SonarFestival i dont think that's sampled from there but probably this: @twoc2me Think sketches of Spain was one of the first albums I heard and it confused me even more lolI never thought i'd hear a UK drill tune which samples Japan/David Sylvian, inspired sample, 🔥 from Pa Salieu -
Retweeted by MARTYN3024 @Padraigh_ Holy crap thats GREATWhat album did you discover after pretty much everyone else in the world and you thought to yourself : "How did I…
Retweeted by MARTYN3024
@deckingaround I loved that Emit series. the Woob ones are great @radikaalpodcast Its getting raal! @matoswk75 @_noncompliant_ I looove the dubplate pearl one!LOL @deejaygeejaygee future days used to be my intro tune in dubstep sets :) cos its 140 @ScubaOfficial I wanna know what the last festival was that you went to :) @Toneshiftnet @Eavsounds wait what?! @luc0494 Really wow. Never heard it, maybe it’s time. @ioiflower Do you know Shudder to Think from DC? I feel pumpkins owe a lot to that band. Listen to funeral at the movies and get your goat @cescoferri1984 Funny how both talk talk and frank pop up a lot in this thread. @PD_Mullan Hah one after the other? I think one of my fav records in my metal phase was the first album by Death @Python_Express I know Thomas Dolby but not that album. I’ll put it on my list @drmathys_ Love that record @PederMannerfelt Dang I need my life changed. Will check @craigfraid Solid air is amazing. Have u heard sapphire and an older one called the tumbler? So beautiful @darealhuwston I wouldn’t call that late to the party :) @CHADinAMSTERDAM I have all the last poets records :) @biguskdubs Really? Wow @CedericDuboisch Good one! @SugaMouth English Settlement. Killer @MelonyKlein @richard_nmbrs Have to listen to both these @opiumhum I was inundated with it as a kid but I love that record so much @OmegaAuctions Ohhhhhh man what a record. But everyone was late to that cos it’s from 1961 :)There’s nothing better than reading how much people love music: @Pris_Resin Neptune’s lair was my gateway, after that it was into the drexciya universe to never come back @maryepworth I remixed one of the tracks and even just listening to the vocal stems was amazing, great record @techdef Yeahhhhh great one! @maryepworth I was on the case with that only cos my wife bought the album when it came out.And I’ll sprinkle in Solange and Prefab Sprout Swoon @joel_friesen_ Wow. Will check out! @FutureTiming Man that’s such a good record @callisonic Never heard that, gonna listen @witch_wav Same! But I loooove butterfly
Also Television - Marquee Moon @kristopher_gif Interesting, will check @glorbis me too.. all the time.. Solange, Kendrick, Steve Lacy @metristLSAE yowww @opgreenfly really? wow will have to listen to that @MessrsKickDrum yehhh i can see thatWhat album did you discover after pretty much everyone else in the world and you thought to yourself : "How did I… @geetadayal GCN videos @BAKEGLA @Sorayea @GambleLee For all three friendos: Theres another workshop this thursday… @aquarian @Nautiluss ah thats fine cos I muted them too @aquarian @Nautiluss can't lie, i'd be sad if you blocked me @Nautiluss @aquarian (the joke was I couldn't see what Chris wrote) @aquarian @Nautiluss anyone who doesn't reply has definitely muted you Graham! @DkayRecords @djjjfrost I haven’t watched yet, I am sure it doesn’t cover all bases. But it’s funny how people advo… @tltrostle Fever all through the night @frankiefatgold Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter argument @eelcobvr Ik vind dat scenario best aannemelijk @swizzlekicks It is but will not be out in sept. Next year!