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ICYMI: New comics are arriving on June 17! Be sure to reserve your copies of the brilliant new books by TOMORROW:🕷️ Join artist @MikeHawthorne this Tuesday, May 26 for a special drawing lesson in Spanish, featuring Miles Morales…"We're in this together. We need to join forces." #AgentsofSHIELD Director and "Spider-Man: Into the #SpiderVerse" writer/producer @PhilipLord talks Spider-Ham and more on th…
"You can't undo what's been done. That will be with you forever." #AgentsofSHIELD's no eclipsing Moon Knight. 🌙 Vote for Thor. Jean Grey isn’t desperate for the validation of strangers. She knows she’s worthy.
Retweeted by Marvel EntertainmentVote for Thor. He has better hair and hasn't killed a billion people.
Retweeted by Marvel EntertainmentEvery Deadpool comic. Ever.
Retweeted by Marvel EntertainmentA salute to Captain America. Shop the latest comics sale now:
It has been a constant, steadily accelerating feud, but someone's got to win eventually, right?💥 Face front, true believers! See the full list of everything coming to your comic shop this July from the House of…'s what you may have missed this week in the Marvel Universe: users are experiencing issues with the Marvel Unlimited iOS app. We’re working on restoring access for everyon…
Retweeted by Marvel EntertainmentThis is the story of the Green Scar. The Eye of Anger. The World Breaker. Grey and Thor will clash in our #MarvelBattleRoyale championship match! Come back to our Twitter on Tuesday 5/… accomplished! The new Agents of Atlas are assembled! ✨ #APAHM she’s not saving the world, what is Luna Snow’s profession?Who gave Lin Lie the magical sword he trains with to become the Sword Master?In what Marvel game did Crescent and Io make their debut?Ami Han is the last of the Kumiho. What power does the Kumiho have?What major city does Aero call home?Wave clashed with one of her teammates when they first met. Who was it?Shang-Chi is the Master of…As the Spider-Hero Silk, Cindy Moon uses…What is Brawn’s real name?Now recruiting! 💥 Can you assemble the new Agents of Atlas for Agent Jimmy Woo? #APAHM“I would take Storm over Thor all the time. That is me.” - @AgentM The #ThisWeekInMarvel podcast analyzes the… wonders thank you for making me take a shower to do this
Retweeted by Marvel Entertainment"Runaways Vol.1: Pride & Joy" is the Spotlight Title in the @hooplaDigital Graphic Novel Book Club! Visit… look at new comics arriving next week! What are you reading first? a look back at Ron Marz's "Silver Surfer" series from the '90s: rap artist, professor, sound designer, gamer, and much more, @SammusMusic does it all. Listen to her story on the…✨ Things are about to get cosmic in this week's Marvel Games Comic Connection: week, choose your favorite Super Hero and Villain to earn #MarvelInsider points! Terms apply. ✔️:…
Prepare to #SuitUp as the Armored Avenger for "Marvel's Iron Man VR"! message from quarantine...
Retweeted by Marvel EntertainmentFrom Avengers Tower to the Helicarrier, see the new LEGO sets featuring Earth's Mightiest Heroes: comics collections are on their way! Pre-order copies of "Daredevil," "Dawn of X," and more by May 25:…“I’ve lived a life surrounded by heroes. None bigger than all of you.” #AgentsofSHIELD #MarvelBattleRoyale semifinals, presented by @StateFarm, end tomorrow! Are you ready for the final round?… wins! Keep up with all the #MarvelBattleRoyale action, thanks to @StateFarm: 🥊! 🕷️ "Spider-Man: Into the #SpiderVerse" writer and producer @PhilipLord swings onto a new "Marvel Presents: T… the friendly neighborhood web-slinger manage to defeat the God of Thunder in today’s #MarvelBattleRoyale matchu…’s Iron Man VR headlines a new PS VR bundle launching July 3, including a copy of the game, PS Camera, and tw…
Retweeted by Marvel EntertainmentA 'Marvel's Pull List' EXCLUSIVE: Here are all the new Marvel comics coming in August! 📚: wins! Keep up with all the #MarvelBattleRoyale action, thanks to @StateFarm: 🥊 up on the latest and must-have comics now in our digital comics shop: action begins in ONE WEEK. "Marvel's #AgentsofSHIELD" returns on May 27 at 10|9c on ABC. into the worlds of your favorite Marvel characters on @DisneyPlus and @Hulu now: #StreamingDay
A showdown with Hammerhead. The return of Silver Sable. What else will Spidey need to handle?"Marvel Battleworld: Mystery of the Thanostones" arrives from @OriginalFunko this summer! for something to match your mood for #StreamingDay? We've got the perfect Marvel movies and shows to watch…! We're LIVE and swinging through "The Heist" DLC in #SpiderManPS4, featuring Black Cat. 🕸️ #MarvelAtHome #MarvelBattleRoyale semifinals, presented by @StateFarm, start today! Who do you think will make it to the fina… comics are here! 📚 Dive right in and get lost in your favorite Marvel Universe:, boy! Tune in as Randall Park reads “Pied Piper Mickey” from “Mickey & Friends: My First Bedtime Storybook.”…
Retweeted by Marvel EntertainmentHere's EVERYTHING Marvel on @DisneyPlus, @Hulu, and @ESPN+! #StreamingDayWhat's next for Phil Coulson? @ClarkGregg gives us a glimpse into Season 7 of "Marvel's #AgentsofSHIELD"! 💥 The fi… semifinals of #MarvelBattleRoyale, presented by @StateFarm, kick off today! Will Venom be able to take on Jean Grey? Vote now. 🥊Have you been keeping up with the #MarvelBattleRoyale tournament, presented by @StateFarm? The quarterfinals are al… Phoenix Cyclops to Ghost Racers, welcome to Battleworld! a new thing or two about your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man: webheads! 🕷️ Join us as we swing through the streets of Marvel's New York in "Marvel's Spider-Man" LIVE tomorro…
The Man Without Fear. Browse Daredevil comics and collections in the latest sale in our digital comics shop:… be good OR bad when you can be both? 💎
Retweeted by Marvel Entertainment#TodayInMarvelHistory, we won a Webby! ✨ We couldn't do it without you: #Webbys the star-spangled hero! Learn how to draw Captain America LIVE with artist @WillSliney. ✍️ #MarvelAtHome're talking classics and cult favorites on a new #MarvelsPullList podcast, including "Marvel Apes"! Listen: will be LIVE right here with artist @WillSliney at 4:30PM ET as he teaches you how to draw Captain America. Stay tuned, True Believers!Deke explains his timestream theory as our agents find their way around 1931 New York City. The final mission of "M… featured this inevitable clue last night. What's your answer? ❓: Grey wins! Keep up with all the #MarvelBattleRoyale action, thanks to @StateFarm: 🥊 wins! Keep up with all the #MarvelBattleRoyale action, thanks to @StateFarm: 🥊 wins! Keep up with all the #MarvelBattleRoyale action, thanks to @StateFarm: 🥊 #AgentsOfSHIELD Season 7 Premiere Sneak Peek: Could the Team's Trip to 1931 Disrupt the Timeline?
Retweeted by Marvel EntertainmentToday’s #MarvelBattleRoyale matchup is a heavyweight showdown! Who is the strongest – Hulk or Thor? Vote now, thanks to @StateFarm. 🥊New comics. July 2020. Get the info here: @WillSliney will return tomorrow for a LIVE drawing lesson featuring Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America!…
Explore the "What If?" collections in the latest sale in our digital comics shop: will be a story long remembered. 💫 Join @clarkgregg as he reads an epic tale from @StarWars: Myths & Fables. S…
Retweeted by Marvel EntertainmentCan @DonCates sport a mohawk? Find out on the Mornin' Warm-Up with creative director @JoeQuesada, LIVE now:… week on Marvel LIVE! #MarvelAtHome #APAHM with Jimmy Woo's new Agents of Atlas! 💥 in to the Mornin' Warm-Up TODAY at 4PM ET with creative director @JoeQuesada as he welcomes "Thor" and "Venom"… is coming! A new #MarvelMission is here! It's time for your #MarvelMinute with host Ryan Penagos,… the armored Avenger take down the omega-level Jean Grey? Vote now to see who makes it to the next round of… Dawn of X couldn’t have come at a better time for the New Mutants.
ICYMI: Comedian, host, and executive producer @WKamauBell dives into Immortal Hulk, Ironheart, and more on the late…'s time to stop running from the past. Get "Black Widow: Forever Red" by @mstohl for FREE now from @DisneyBooks!…
Get up to speed on the biggest Marvel news from the last week:, but make it 𝒻𝒶𝓈𝒽𝒾𝑜𝓃.
Retweeted by Marvel EntertainmentBruce Banner's cousin She-Hulk is one mean, green, lawyerin' machine. collections featuring Conan the Barbarian in our digital comics shop! Go: empress of espionage Natasha Romanoff has been ruthless as Black Widow (Deadly Origins) in "Marvel… did Broadway star @NikkyWalks get the @HamiltonMusical orchestra to perform the theme for "The Avengers"? Find…'ve got the latest @MarvelGames updates for you, right here! #MarvelAtHome
In the chaos, Matt Murdock must discover what it means to be Daredevil. Get your first look at "Daredevil" #20:'s clobberin' time! We're dissecting two classic "Marvel Two-In-One" issues featuring The Thing on a new…'s not always the shredded purple trousers for the big guy.