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There's no escaping those glowing red eyes. Man-Thing arrives in "Marvel #ContestOfChampions": @MarvelChampionsWhy be good when you can be bad like these Marvel villainesses? 😈 legend Rob Paulson (@yakkopinky) joins a new #ThisWeekInMarvel podcast to talk about all things voice act… back on the week's biggest Marvel news with our top ten stories!
A cosmic brawl of epic proportions is on its way in "Guardians of the Galaxy" #11! 💥 Parker is FINALLY back, and the Avengers need his help! Watch a sneak peek of the new episode of "Marvel's Sp… your friends and suit up for a #Marvel experience like no other. #AvengersDamageControl is open NOW at select…
Retweeted by Marvel EntertainmentSpidey and Black Cat are getting...hitched? You're invited! 💍:🐿️ It's the end of an era for the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl! The eat nuts/kick butts hero is ending her solo series… and filmmakers Gillian Jacobs and @PaulScheer will each direct an episode of "Marvel's 616," a nonfiction se… what critics have to say about "X-Men" #1 - the beginning of a new era for mutantkind! 📕:… Releases First Look at IRON MAN 2020!
Retweeted by Marvel EntertainmentNew comics hitting shelves next week: set sail on the high seas with "Marauders" #1, see Thor crowned king in "King…"Avengers: Damage Control" opens today at @VOIDVR! Here's what we learned after trying it out: iconic moment that would change the Marvel Universe forever. See what happens next on #MarvelUnlimited:… an exclusive poster when you step inside #AvengersDamageControl at select @VOIDVR locations this weekend! A…
Retweeted by Marvel EntertainmentAre you ready to join a ghoulish gang of brawlers? Ghost Rider and Elsa Bloodstone join #MarvelStrikeForce!…🦇 Sink your teeth into the vampiric tale of Morbius!
Sometimes your brother will stab you with a sword...or turn you into a frog...or declare war against your entire ki… influenced artist Mike del Mundo as he was growing up? Get to know more about this award-winning cover artist: anyone can take on the likes of Thanos and Galactus with a bushy tail and a positive attitude. Get ready for th… January, the Agents of Atlas enter battle in "Atlantis Attacks" #1 from writer @GregPak! the epic saga! (2/2) 🔥 Dark Phoenix rises in these 40th anniversary Dawn of X variant covers! (1/2) 🎇 this week in #MarvelUnlimited! ❌ "Mutant X" #22 🕷️ "Symbiote Spider-Man" #1 🌈 "War of the Realms: Journey into… asked Marvel writers to weigh in on their favorite X-Men! Who's your #1 mutant hero? mutants of tomorrow get their start in "New Mutants" (1983)! 🗯️ Read the entire saga on #MarvelUnlimited and ge…
🏹 "Hawkeye: Freefall" #1 is hitting the mark this January. Listen to #MarvelsPullList for what we know so far: celebrate the Dawn of X, these exclusive variants and more will be available at "X-Men" #1 comic shop launch par…'s talk X-Men. Take a look back at all of the X-Men's #1 issues over the years! #Marvel80🌺 These five mutants have changed EVERYTHING...even life itself: @BeckyPallack Thanks for reading, and for the heads up - we're on it! 🌙"A favor to ask..." #DawnOfX #MarvelComics's month of seminal X-Moments continues! Enter Apocalypse’s dystopic future with our "Age of Apocal… of X is here! The X-Men find themselves in a whole new world of possibility…and things have never been better.…
There is power in representation. Members from the cast of @marvelsrunaways discuss what #HispanicHeritageMonth mea…
Retweeted by Marvel EntertainmentA new day dawns and the saga of the X-Men reaches new heights! See what it all means for mutantkind:… @JoeQuesada, @definitelyvita, and @delgaduck tell their stories and talk becoming a part of the growing Ma… are mounting. January's comics are coming. Can "Marvel's Pull List" handle the heat? 📚:… HELLS BREAK LOOSE! The Brothers Ghost Rider are back and these pages are catching 🔥. Head to your… #HispanicHeritageMonth with #MarvelUnlimited! From Araña to White Tiger, here’s a handful of heroes that… in 1968, the original Guardians of the Galaxy join forces for the first time in “Marvel Super…
Something freaky's going on...Spidey and Venom have swapped minds! Catch up with the ultimate best frenemies in "Sp…"House of X" and "Powers of X" may be over, but the Dawn of X is just beginning! X-Men, galactic heroes, and more debuted this week in Marvel history! #Marvel80 end of the beginning. See how the truth of the X-Men is revealed in "Powers of X" #6: @theramonperez talks the origins of the intergalactic hero Sam Alexander, AKA Nova! #HispanicHeritageMonth know what we're doing on November 12. #DisneyPlus, sorry. You said Absolute CARNage? We heard Absolute CARVE-age. How to 🎃:"@Marvel_Rising: Operation Shuri" is on the Marvel HQ YouTube channel now! All the @MarvelGames news straight out o…, and if you have 3 hours to spare... check out this special look at #DisneyPlus:
Retweeted by Marvel Entertainment @disneyplus Got any room for a Flerken? 🐱
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Retweeted by Marvel Entertainment @disneyplus True heroes. @disneyplus Chattering cashews! The Secret Warriors were born ready for this ✨ #MarvelRising
Retweeted by Marvel Entertainment @disneyplus THWIP! 🕸
Retweeted by Marvel Entertainment @disneyplus It's clobberin' time! @disneyplus 🎸 Dun nuh nuh nuh nuhhh nuh nuh 🎶It. Is. Time. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to The Mandalorian, check out basically everything coming to…
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What if you could see people's thoughts and words, and harness them in battle? Marvel fan Gustavo transforms into a…
Here are your top must-read Marvel stories from this week! your engines! Artist @AaronKuder is taking you behind the panel to see how the Brothers Ghost Rider leap off th… Man is back, and the Future Foundation will do anything to save him: honor of #HispanicHeritageMonth, White Tiger creator George Perez discusses the special connection he felt with… bit of crying. A bit of carnage. A whole lot of writer @Doncates and artist @RyanStegman. Listen to a new…'s a closer look at Kamala Khan's outfit evolution in the game, "Marvel's Avengers": @PlayAvengers #Reassemble
Make way for Wakandan royalty! Watch "@Marvel_Rising: Operation Shuri" NOW on the Marvel HQ YouTube channel:…⚔️ The War of the Realms begins! Assemble on #MarvelUnlimited to start the massive crossover today:…’s week 2 of #COSTOBERFEST, and we’re spotlighting some more favorites! Want to be featured? Email cosplay@marvel… yourself. Read "Gwenpool Strikes Back" #3 if you wish you had more context: do you stop Venom? Get a sneak peek at the new episode of "Marvel's Spider-Man," airing this Sunday on… of Mischief and brother to Thor, Loki and his schemes wreak havoc across the realms. This week on #Marvel101, i… the #WomenOfMarvel panel at #MarvelNYCC? Look no further! You can listen now on the latest podcast episode: you ready for Shuri? Join us TONIGHT at 4PM PT for the premiere of "@Marvel_Rising: Operation Shuri" on the Mar… nation has enemies, and Krakoa has eyes...everywhere. The mission dossier for "X-Force" has been decrypted: comics hitting shelves next week! Match the emojis to the issue: 1. 🌇 ❌ 🌍 2. 🌱 ☣️ 🌱 3. 😱 😱 😱 4. ❇️ ➡️ ✴️ W… Assemble alongside Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, the Wasp and more in "Avengers: Damage Control," coming to selec…
"'House of X' #1 is, in essence, a world-building issue. It establishes the new status quo for the relationship bet… had the EXACT SAME reaction."A trip to space...what could go wrong?" #DawnofX #MarvelComics this week in #MarvelUnlimited! ⚔️ "War of the Realms" #1 👁️ "Doctor Strange" #49 ❌ "Major X" #1 ⚡ "Ms. Marvel… new generation claims the dawn! 🌌 Here's everything you need to know about the New Mutants before lift off:🎶 Do you hear somebody whistling? One of the snarliest scoundrels in the universe is on a ravaging ride through the… up, step in, and save the world in #AvengersDamageControl. Launching at select @VOIDVR locations October 18.…
Retweeted by Marvel EntertainmentSuit up with James Howell, narrative designer, writer and producer at @Camouflaj, as he shares his favorite Armored…
Natasha Romanoff and Bucky Barnes' relationship is complicated, and that's putting it lightly. the origin stories of the most malicious villains in the Marvel Universe: of Menace. The Fantastic Four’s Most Fiendish Foe. The World’s Greatest Super Villain! What do you know abo… with multiple personalities and amoral inclinations, Marc Spector fights on against all odds as the cloa… for the exciting events of "@starwars: The Rise of Skywalker"! Purchase "Journey To Star Wars: The Rise of…
This week, it's all about clean slates as #MarvelsPullList catches up with Victor Von Doom in "Doctor Doom" #1, lea… she is, America Chavez! ⭐ #HispanicHeritageMonth week in Marvel history, Storm and Cyclops went head-to-head in a battle for X-Men leadership! Whose team would… Alert! #DawnOfX #MarvelComics “Marvel’s #Helstrom” on @Hulu sets fire with official casting news! Get the details: @helstrom‘Marvel’s Helstrom’ Cast Revealed With ‘Homeland,’ ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ & ‘The Royals’ Alum For Fiery Hulu Serie…
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