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normalize bullying politicians

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quoting before it gets deleted @BigHitEnt read our fanemails🥰🥰 @feelixss army rights!!!taemin and jennie 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩’s days like this where i suddenly like armys againgoodnight i’m gonna sleep well knowing korean army will take care of this 😼
Retweeted by sterre生✿멜라니의 음부에서 젓가락을 깰거야
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@JustinJohnGarza hou je tering muil dicht @JustinJohnGarza stop embarrassing us notmal white people omghad to do it
Retweeted by sterre生✿ @BANGSWlFTNATION DRAG HER @miIflip @V_SNlPPER 💀i heard @MELANIEFONTANA said nicki can’t rap #barbz #NickiMinaj
Retweeted by sterre生✿ @papermagazine WE LOVE YOUbts explaining to melanie why hets arent valid
Retweeted by sterre生✿ @RUELSFRIDGE 💀someone verify melanie @PopBase deserveITS OVER FOR HER AHAHAHAH DESERVE and when is this gonna trend just KNOW she’s one of those "not like other girls" bitches all the quotes and replies have more likes than you how embarrassing 👎 @diojoonysus korean insults hit different @tatas_world 💀I know we all had on her but she made some really good points here
Retweeted by sterre生✿ @lushllino byeee @lheavnly HELPPPPPkarmy wake up we need you 😼when their asses get fired >>> RATIOED SO FAST IM CRYING is the first Korean girl group to earn over 100 million on-demand audio streams in the US this year (@JYPETWICE).
Retweeted by sterre生✿everyone talking about how jimin might have orange hair and that got me thinking about how pretty it is and now i want to dye my hair lmao @MisterLindgren @realDonaldTrump 0 likes @BTSVChartData @MisterLindgren SPILLthat tag😭 so desperate @btschartdata @MisterLindgren A MOMENT FOR THE HISTORY BOOKS @MisterLindgren shut up
Retweeted by sterre生✿what does 4 hours of tracking mean someone help😭 @Sargoblin1 @theboykingsam you proved her point @floralyooni CAKE @floralyooni i think it’s caknot penn... @tmtminho very trashy cakei just don’t believe men are real anymore @joe_lampton not you again stfu @joe_lampton anyways unlike the men in the replies bts aren’t trash, stream your eyes tell’m white and you don’t see me complaining about "i hate white people" either, stfu @chartdata @ArianaGrande @justinbieber ariana and a nobody did that!!i just know chartdata's mentions are a literal hell @BTSPublicity @BTS_twt RUSSIAN ARMY YASSSS @tatas_world me too!!! those were better timesgoing through it I LOVE THEM
Retweeted by sterre生✿ @mellitusmyg LOVE YOU TOO!!! @Rurumadrid8 tastei miss when bruno mars was still relevant @tatas_world YES SHSJSJS @tatas_world THE LAST ONE IS SENDING MEEEseokjin explains to charlie why it’s not okay to be het
Retweeted by sterre生✿ @bestsapphics @quakefilms @cosmicIairo mee eensintroduced a girl at my school to skz and now she’s thirsting over them on her insta story, i hate 14 year old straight people
i’m stealing the beaver one @junenoras @TYZVLA LESBIANS WITH TASTE @ethereaIvivi tasteother boybands could never people in the comments getting mad... why are you so obsessed with shipping two men together just because they’… i did it!
Retweeted by sterre生✿ @danielhowell we want a selfie first 😼 @chartdata @theweeknd @Shazam kingTruly ahead of their time......
Retweeted by sterre生✿ @direction097531 @Bhuvan_Bam @BTS_twt please stop setting your boys up for this one sided beef @danielhowell go off*has oops but it’s fine nobody will see this tweetthe way all of those girls are wearing white... this had to be a cult idc @PopBase send him to jail next pleasei deserve it <3 💕i can't really explain why but this whole video has gay friend group energy
Retweeted by sterre生✿ @btschartdata ITS HAPPENINGthe dutch flag would de so sexy if it looked like this @junenoras @sunnysoIace @annabethperseus HOW DID YOU KNOW @quakefilms HELPSJSJSJSJbeing a lesbian and having adhd are literally my only personality traits this is unfair @VizierOpLinks @zemmelina2 @MieleNederland deactivate loser❤️ @VizierOpLinks @zemmelina2 @MieleNederland a queen @PopBase @billieeilish @justinbieber @taylorswift13 @BTS_twt mustin OUTWHY IS IT ED SHEERAN LMFAOOOOO @btschartdata @BTS_twt how big is the gay omgAHHHHHHHH @YonceSource i hope bts and beyonce collab one day!!!!spotify 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩please play the entire album on my funeral @tatas_world ITS SO GOODi wish i could sing wtfi forgot how much i liked lights 🥺'MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~ THE JOURNEY ~' is out now on Spotify!
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