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@preactjs core developer. I love minimal and clear things 👍

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I'll be at the digitalfuture trade show in Frankfurt tomorrow, at the G11 booth👍 If you love to chat about anything… @hpneo @_developit @spences10 No, we automatically wrap any arrays we encounter with a Fragment 🙃Damn, I didn't know how much I needed this feature! This is incredible 🙌💯 @bm_stschneider Nein gibt es bewusst nicht. Die Funktion `hydrate()` ist praktisch nur ein optimiertes `render()` w… @JoviDeC @rickbrunstedt Htm also leads to quicker parse times. A single string vs lots of little objects. But that… @bm_stschneider @_developit Yeah, by nesting htm objects. You can't pass in html strings directly as that would be… @porfirio @_prateekbh @preactjs Shouldn't be too hard to add to our existing infrastructure @mathias @bmeurer Bummer, looks like it isn't super in chakra edge 😭
@mathias @bmeurer TIL about queueMicrotask. It would even save us 8 bytes 🎉 @bmeurer @mathias Awesome, that was my initial assumption too. It's probably something that only really shows up in microbenchmarks👍 @mathias @bmeurer which one of those scheduling functions are faster or preferable from an engines point of view?… @derSchepp @marvinhagemeist @preactjs setImmediate and requestAnimationFrame both defer enough to allow browser ren…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @preactjs cc @PKodmad This may interest you for your youtube series🙂🏁Wrote up a detailed explanation on how we process components that need to be updated in @preactjs 🎉 We use a neat… @frontend_rm Oh Mist, da war eine Einstellung falsch bei mir 👍 @MSEdgeDev @gregwhitworth Update: The extension has been approved👍 We just added a privacy statement which basicall…
This is why we went with @preactjs for our search on the @algolia docs 💙⚡️
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @muuvmuuv @bm_stschneider Team Marvin² ist schon mal am Start 😃 @bm_stschneider In den letzten 3 Monaten hab ich 8 Talks über Preact gehalten. Bezüglich Workshops hab ich mich noc… @luke_schmuke @preactjs I've come across at least one WASM VDOM lib that attempts this. The problem is that the DOM…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @_developit @bm_stschneider Like Jason said, Preact supports both. No need to transfer anything.That's us at @preactjs 🙌⚛️ Preact 10.3.2 - Love like no otter is here!💕 - 💄TS + ref + styled-components is resolved - 🦕Fix missing index i…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @Paratron @JoviDeC They are both great, seriously 🙌💯I really should finish my minimalist product boilerplate for front- and back-end someday😅 It'll be: - Preact (dom)…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @JoviDeC That's the perfect stack right now imo 👍👍 @AntonK52 Oh how I could I forget custom properties! I think they open up a whole new world of design👍 More focus o… @__jakub_g Love that you and your team checked the data before doing a decision 👍 I worked at places where there we… @Paratron Haha too true🙈😅 Not sure what can be done about that @jenlooper @TimirahJ That's awesome! 👍 Maybe if frameworks would be included it would've chosen vue 🙃 @chris_beef @akoskm That's a solid approach to it👍 Most of the polyfills etc can be dropped by now supporting IE11💯 @AntonK52 That's amazing! I'm new to that feeling so I know exactly what you mean by that 👍 @ManuSchiller I've heard rumors that the browser scope is re-evaluated for the project you're on, but I could be wr… @relang Yeah, I share that feeling. I'm on my first project where IE11 is out of scope and it's incredible how much… @Paratron That's so true about the enterprise market. I'm hoping the new edge will improve this, but I can see how… you still need to support IE11 in your current project?
@mazihe @dan_abramov XSLT 1.0 the one from 1999🙃 @mazihe @dan_abramov Can't name them but when somebody asks about xslt in during any part of the job interview you'll know what's up😉 @bm_stschneider @preactjs Kannst du nen Link zur repo oder so schicken. Der fix dauert wahrscheinlich nicht lange,… @ManuSchiller @dan_abramov @laras126 Would love that👍HTMLFormElement.requestSubmit() in a nutshell. 👇 Spec: MDN:
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @derSchepp @stefanjudis HTML surprises me day after day! 👍 @dan_abramov This may have been years ago, but I know several companies that still bet their whole business on XSLT… @MicrosoftEdge As soon as a Linux version is available I will👍
It's one of the most polished UI I've seen in years! The onboarding experience is perfect too. The UI team definite… I've been trying out @MicrosoftEdge on my mac all day and it's awesome! It's basically the same as Chrome, but p… @_developit @jaffathecake @kosamari It's representative for the bunny having an open mind, not being limited by physical limitations💫 @_developit @jaffathecake @kosamari I'd hang it on my wall in a heartbeat👍 @bm_stschneider @preactjs Can you share more details? I'd love to get to the bottom of this👍Private via DM is possible tooGood news: The @preactjs devtools extension is now available for @MicrosoftEdge users🎉🙌 Styled Components /Emotion with a 1KB alternative Goober Thanks @cristianbote_ for the awesome library
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@hrmny_ @sperosck @johnlindquist Yeah ob Mac you can't scroll the timeline via the touchpad like you'd expect it to. @vannsl @pixari Love this! That's a much more positive spin on it👍 @marvinhagemeist Thanks! I just switched from react to preact in production for our current project and wanted to c…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @marvinhagemeist @Paratron Standalone version of the Preact check (drop into console on any page):
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @Paratron Depending on the way the code is minified it's not always easy to spot it. We ourselves a pretty familiar… @sperosck @johnlindquist To me it seems like they've developed a separate way of usability which may make sense in… thing I've always tried to strive for in my interface design work is something I refer to as "Transformative UI…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @gregwhitworth I don't know what to say. I can't imagine what you're feeling right now, but I want you to know that…
"We're introducing a design system so that when we make a change, it'll go everywhere." "Cool, so we'd like to cha…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @luke_schmuke @fbjest @typescript @code Mad respect, I never got it to work in any project. Need to try this out 👍 @boubiyeah Not officially but I'm morphing more and more into that role on recent projects😅 @addyosmani @ChromeDevTools @hdjirdeh How can other frameworks add their own heuristics? @ManuSchiller Well deserved! 🙌🎉 @PKodmad The update queue is an array of components that need to be rendered. It is here: @PKodmad Hope that helps a bit, I'll try to add more information to our repo later 👍 @PKodmad component._force marks if the update was triggered by forceUpdate(). If it was then we need to skip `shoul… @PKodmad On top of that there are 2 context APIs we have to support: - getChildContext (often referred to as the "… @PKodmad Most editors will allow you to cmd+click (mac) or ctrl+click (win) to navigate to those quickly 🙂 The par… @PKodmad Awesome, just watched through it 👍 The code is pretty much typed through TypeScript's ts-check feature wh… of my job is now: - Have person A and B talked to each other? - Do we all in our team share the same goals? -…
@MSEdgeDev @gregwhitworth Just received an email saying the Preact devtools didn't pass the verification process du… wrote up some notes on how and why we replaced shallow rendering for unit testing UI components in @hypothes_is p…
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So @_developit and I are planning on chatting on the next @babeljs podcast ep about libraries/node_modules/modern…
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@colshacol @phihag That's for sure! @supremebeing09 ist giving a fantastic talk about designer intentions in Frontend layouts 👌 There's so much one can…⚛️ Preact 10.3.1 is here🧚 - ✅Fix issue with Node 13 package exports - 👮Fix empty className not applied with preact…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @JoviDeC @phihag That's my favorite! It'd be a hilarious nod to our family haha @estevesthadeu @phihag Nearly 99% of the code is written by my brother @phihag . Can't take any credit for it :) @abraham @phihag I can already imagine the advice when helping users: "just google for Reality" :D @manucorporat @phihag Rest? - oh wait that's taken... @Njungching @phihag @tomayac @phihag Classic German sayings :D @lukeed05 @phihag These are great!👍💯 @paul_melero @phihag It's so cheesy that it's great😂 something @jviide would surely love @rauschma @phihag This is a strong contender👍👍 @PKodmad Yess, please do!!👍💯 That'd be an awesome way to end the series✌️ @porfirio @phihag I like that! Getting an Asterix & Obelix vibe here 👍 @MaxRovensky @phihag Testinator gives me several ideas for marketing slogans: - Surrender or your tests will fail!… @BrorJoelJonsson @phihag Didn't even cross my mind to check for latin words! That's a really great idea💯 @Jhnnns @phihag That's hilarious :D The last one sounds like we'd written a framework that can also rap👍 @muuvmuuv @phihag That's amazing! The explanation makes it even better💯 @minieggs40 @phihag That's a great one! I like it! @asciidisco @phihag I got that reference :D @_developit @phihag Ohh these are great!🙌 @p9gde @phihag That's creative! 👌How would you name a new end-to-end testing framework? Asking for a friend 🙃 It parallelizes the tests as much as…
@mirjam_diala @coderbyheart @ConfBuddy That was a wild ride from start to finish! I feel like the route from Frankf… solid 10% of being an engineering manager is asking two people if they've talked to each other yet
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