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@preactjs core developer. I love minimal and clear things 👍

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@theKashey I stand corrected 👍 @theKashey Afaik the pipeline is based on Browserlist in CRA. Adding the custom target versions to package.json should do the trick.
@bromann @saucelabs yup, we're in it mainly for SauceConnect. Something where we can just pass a user name and an A… I'm sitting here, watching the newest @YesTheory video and in it they causally walk through the airport in Düsse… @saucelabs Over at Preact we're planning to try out the recently released GitHub actions. Is there something in the… the weekend I updated a website from Preact 1 to Preact X. The only changes necessary were deleting some worka…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪That's why we also have section about going the "no build tools" route for @preactjs 👍 Setting up tooling has alway… @RReverser That's hilarious 😂🤔
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@mirjam_diala Maybe that's something for you? Would love to see you there! I enjoyed your talk a while back about t… wondered what the development process behind @preacjs X was like?👍 This Thursday we'll talking about that in F… @talvasconcelos Check the browser console. There is a mixed content warning. The site is served via https but reque… @_jayphelps @dataschen It's universal. We use the same phrase pretty often in Germany 👍
This something I've seen even the best maintainers struggle with in OSS code reviews. Bad: "Ugh. Why would you do…
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@_column80 @DasSurma I've never seen that layout with the keys aligned in an exact grid-like fashion on the right.… @rawrawrmonstar @DasSurma That looks dope! USB-C is definitely a must these days👍 Thanks for the tipp🙌💯 @naeluh @DasSurma @wasdkeyboards Wow, you can even change the color of the letters themselves. That's insane! They… @naeluh @DasSurma @wasdkeyboards Holy cow, I've no clue why I've never heard of them before. I love that you can co… @jviide @JoviDeC ☝️ @JoviDeC @jviide Back at my old job they were allowed until a dog decided to poop in the elevator💩 From that moment…"Pointless work meetings 'really a form of therapy'" Never thought about it that way🤔😅 @Jitsusama @DasSurma Wow I've never seen that shape. How long did it take you to get used to it? @__florian @DasSurma That's a good one! I remember having an early iteration of that one in my first job👍 They are built like a tank🙌💯Just as an FYI #btconf if you have ideas of devtools features missing in chromium devtools or @code, my new job is…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @MCCoups @DasSurma A colleague just messaged me with the same recommendation. Looks like Das Keyboard has a lot going for it👍 @_reznord @JoviDeC @DasSurma Yeah him and @_developit are unreal. My guess is that they have 3 hands but haven't told anyone so far😉 @JoviDeC @DasSurma Good point! That's definitely something to look out for! @JoviDeC @DasSurma True, I felt the same, but I switched away from apple a year ago because of their keyboard disas… @JoviDeC @DasSurma Is that the one where you get your 100+ wpm score on?💫I'm on the lookout for a new keyboard for my desk. What are you all using? I'm a bit lost in the jungle out here🐶… on to your hats! 👒🎩 In 5 minutes starts the Early Bird Ticket sale for the #ThinkAbout2020 🐦🎉🥳🥂 We have only…
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Did you know you can use the ‘start’ attribute on your <ol> if you want your list to start from higher number? E.g…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @derSchepp @localhost_conf @andygrunwald @milchjieper Tell them that it was a great conf👍 @Saifadin @fajarsiddiqFS @fajarsiddiqFS @Saifadin If it is what I think it is, then it's a lost cause I'm afraid 😅🙈Go check this out if you're close to Lisbon🙌 @porfirio @requirelx @preactjs If we'd known earlier we would've send some stickers to ya⚛️💫 @_developit @porfirio @requirelx @preactjs Same, you'll do great! Speaking is a lot of fun 👍💯
We're excited to announce CodeSandbox CI—a CI service for open source library maintainers! 🚀 It's a GitHub App tha…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪ES modules are available without flags starting from Node 13.2
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Calling all design system users and advocates: we'd love to get your input on this RFC, which proposes a way to pas…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪Google: We care about the diversity of the framework ecosystem. Also Google: NextJS is awesome, if you want better…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @sveltejs I'm here for the potato design system :D @lukastaegert @shellscape @RollupJS bookmarked!Holy crap he's right y|Y|yes|Yes|YES|n|N|no|No|NO|true|True|TRUE|false|False|FALSE|on|On|ON|off|Off|OFF
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪Houssein just announced something I've been working on for a little while: @babel/preset-modules! A Babel preset t…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪With our new preact/test-utils import we made it a lot easier to integrate @preactjs with existing test libraries🍀… doesn't really fit Vue, but it is an interesting (and well executed) approach to funding open source.
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪Exciting.. Friday the 15th of November at 8am CET starts our early bird sales for the #ThinkAbout2020 - limited to…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @derSchepp @m_ott @ddprrt @SaraSoueidan @smashingmag Can vouch for the spotlight 👍
@kosamari These are amazing!!👍Got a question for the Chrome team? Tag your questions #AskChrome on Twitter. @_developit and I will respond liv…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪⚛️Preact 10.0.5 is out🎉 Quick maintenance release before the Chrome Developer Summit officially starts! 🦆 Infer c…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪Sometimes it's the little things..😀 Never promoted the thing, but yeah it is really convenient when developing lib…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @mgechev @StanimiraVlaeva Woa, that's pretty cool🤯💯 @laparisa @RReverser The dino army took over👍 @fabiosantosart I'm interested but I don't think I have the time to contribute anything. I already have my hands fu… @fabiosantosart +1 I feel like a centralised way to specify aliases is long overdue👍 @ManuSchiller @AdamRackis @ts Luckily not, it only supresses the errors originating from the following line🎉 @AdamRackis You can always put `// @ts-ignore ` right above the import statement to Spencer all errors coming from that module
@derSchepp @Huawei That's something I ponder about from time to time. The later batch of analogue photos back then… no I tagged the wrong account in my original message. It should be @preactjs instead! Shame on me :S @derSchepp @Huawei Wow, it's crazy to see how far mobiles have progressed!🔭 Without a tripod I would've expected it… @buckstefan @preact @frontend_rm Oh btw, just noticed that you're the one behind @OctoLinker . It's amazing and suc… @buckstefan @preact @frontend_rm There was some talk about recording it, but I'm not sure if it's final. @WrYBiT knows more about that🤞The talk will include a lot of things that we programmers usually don't talk about, what it's like to work in OSS a…"Never rewrite a system" With @preact X we broke that rule and had a successful launch against all odds. In less t… @lukastaegert That's fantastic 🙌 This would speed up library authoring quite a bit, because we always need to ship… cool that I am working on at the moment: allows you to have per-output @RollupJS
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@porfirio @preactjs @AWSMSoftware For me it's the opposite actually. There are some devices that don't work well (l… @porfirio @preactjs @AWSMSoftware Yeah, I'm on Arch Linux on may main machine although I'm below average when it co… @BudgetMarco @preactjs @AWSMSoftware Can highly recommend it. It's always great to have some company while working😉 @vannsl @preactjs @AWSMSoftware Haha yes, the sound quality is amazing!This talk by @marvinhagemeist was awesome! Good to know a bit more about how you guys got to make PreactX even sma…
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @_reznord @preactjs @AWSMSoftware Yeah I'm a sucker for that. Back in my youth I used to be super messy and never h… view is pretty great too😬 last pieces finally arrived for my desk setup🙌 Because I'm often switching places or traveling, the setup time… @bmeurer @bebraw Option 1 is very attractive too👍 @bumblebeedc @derSchepp Please tell me somebody included that in a talk or even just for speaker announcements before they go on stage🤞 @bumblebeedc @derSchepp That's awesome 👍 Something like that would be unheard of here in Germany 🙈 The Dutch people…
@timneutkens @cramforce @shubhie I like this one the most💯 "Dat" is also valid German for the area I'm from👍 @YouTube I do like the visual refresh, but the video player only works in Chromium based browsers for me. The video…ühwein, #Lebkuchen und #Performance-Quiz: Senior Developer @fraktalisman hat die Highlights des @cgnwebperf
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @cramforce @shubhie - "Das Framework" @derSchepp OMG, did they really get a cathedral for that🤯😃
@Rich_Harris @benadam11 @swyx @RollupJS I think it's just a matter of rollup having grown beyond the initial purpos…'s moments like these where I really wish I could work full-time on on @preactjs ⚛️ I'm hoping we'll have these h… to take a screenshot, but we've just had our first hangout call in months in the @preactjs team👍 It's crazy…!!! I'm so happy to see that @RollupJS is getting more love for app development🙌💯 It's such an underapprecia… @ThisIsJoFrank Agree the team behind it was simply outstanding 👍 I also had some travel issues on my way home and t…👏Do👏not👏swallow👏error 👏stack 👏traces👏 (am i doing this right)
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 @swyx That should be a rule every dev should learn🙌 Just yesterday I had to debug a custom webpack wrapper that exi…
@jon_neal @scriptconf @preactjs That's the way we do it too👍 We ourselves often get golf ideas wrong, no shame in t… @jon_neal @scriptconf @preactjs It's still wrong that our CI doesn't error. Could be the babel stuff because we test on IE11😅 @jon_neal @scriptconf @preactjs You are awesome!🙌 That's so cool to see that the talk inspired you to make a PR🍀 V… @jon_neal @scriptconf @preactjs Thanks for the kind words🙌 I like your thinking 💫 I just checked and it's true for…'m not kidding, @jenlooper is literally the cheese goddess ✌️🧀 Such a great talk and deep dive into the wonderful… @marvinhagemeist revealing the secrets behind our small size is so great to hear! Great job
Retweeted by Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪Shall I change my name? @jviide always manages to make me laugh 😂 @manucorporat @stenciljs But don't break any more parts, even if something good came out of it. We need you👍