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@dw_learngerman AWe have to elect Joe Biden.
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott @bonnaud_dowell @MattChorley You just don't believe enough. @tomhfh He said France went relatively late. He didn’t say later than us.
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott @craigmitch1991 Obvs."No responsible Prime Minister..." Ha!The delayed press conference makes a lot more sense when you remember Boris Johnson has to write two speeches, one…
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott#lockdown will close business for a month. On their return, with no income, they'll have 11 days to implement new…
Retweeted by Marvin PerrottReally excited about Boris announcing what I’ve read on twitter at 5pm
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@dw_learngerman B @ReutersUK Cue apoplectic fit from the right. @dw_learngerman B @darrengrimes_ Brexit: Hold my 🍺A CNN investigation of 17 Trump campaign rallies finds that 14 of the host counties -- 82% of them -- had an increa…
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott @stephenfarrow Ha!🤣German doctors are sending this around on Twitter. #coronavirus #Covid_19
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott @EamonnCleary7 @BUZZNET But they have sweetie. The fact that you and the press can't resign yourself to that is the… news @dw_learngerman B @dw_learngerman B @dw_learngerman B
@Phil_Lewis_ More like Hufflepuff. @Anastasios_Vou Neither do I. They are awful things. @dw_learngerman C @dw_learngerman A @dw_learngerman B @dw_learngerman C🇨🇦 Calgary. The officer is on trial. #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott @dw_learngerman A
@toryboypierce @realDonaldTrump @Nigel_Farage“This moment is the most important moment of my life.” Eva was sent to Auschwitz at age 14. As a Holocaust surviv…
Retweeted by Marvin PerrottNo she's not: she's seeking summary judgment because she thinks she has a powerful case. A pretty grim untruth from…
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott @BlueLayba @BalancePowerUK @YouGov You don't know a lot of things it seems. @BalancePowerUK @YouGov All of which are valid band news worthy. Who the hell cares about who is the most popular royal. Read the room. @BlueLayba @BalancePowerUK @YouGov Why does that even mean. This vaucous , idiotic faux patriotism. What?! You want… @darrengrimes_ What a load of bullsh*t. You have no idea of what you speak. Crib sheet propaganda again. You need the money, eh? @BalancePowerUK @YouGov Really?! We are in the middle of a crisis and this is the sh*t you are tweeting? FFS!!!NIGEL FARAGE STUMPING FOR TRUMP !?! With his head so far up his ARSE!!!!
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott @Esm60_ Yes.Haha brilliant!
Retweeted by Marvin PerrottShit just got real.
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott @dw_learngerman B @dw_learngerman B @DOPreston @TheAnthonyMark That's the cost of complete meal there according to some Tory ministers. @darrengrimes_ If they were near or in contact with a victim, it is right that they self isolate. What about this d… @BBCSimonMcCoy Oh Dear... on as usual @BrentTerhune @blaireerskine This is brilliant!!!Go home R2D2 your drunk. #starwars #R2D2 #StarWars #funny #robot #drunk
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott @blaireerskine Very funny! @FreeMarket4Life @IsabelOakeshott @Femi_Sorry This is sophistry at its worst. There is a difference to someone dyin… @FreeMarket4Life @IsabelOakeshott @Femi_Sorry This is a nonsense and you know it. Enacting with @IsabelOakeshott wi… @LeaveEUOfficial How do you know they are BLM activists? This sort of nonsense has to stop. I can say. Look at how… @dw_learngerman BThat's some brilliant trolling. Tread lightly though, they may arrest your for disturbing the peace. initiative from @e_nation – if you're a small business owner looking for free expert advice, it's really wort…
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott @archmusicman @nationaltrust @Lucy_Worsley @HRP_palaces I understand and it the pictures of those glorious building… @archmusicman @nationaltrust @Lucy_Worsley @HRP_palaces I completely agree. 100%. However, tweets and messages nev… @archmusicman @nationaltrust @Lucy_Worsley @HRP_palaces It is fantastic that the UK lead the charge on this and rig… @archmusicman @nationaltrust @Lucy_Worsley @HRP_palaces Oli, So sorry to be pain about this. Nothing to celebrate… @FreeMarket4Life @IsabelOakeshott @Femi_Sorry You already have. Have you seen what you tweet? No drugs necessary for you. @2Tone4Real @IanMaher7 @FreeMarket4Life @IsabelOakeshott @Femi_Sorry In other words, you mean that he is usually right in his declarations… @PratingCoxcomb @IsabelOakeshott @Femi_Sorry Really? What were you watching. His points were very valid and his ar… @IsabelOakeshott @Femi_Sorry Femi: hey Isabel there is a mainstream scientific body - the WHO. Isabel: oh dear Femi…
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott💯 deleting a seemingly unused piece of code. What’s the worst that could happen? #DEVCommunity
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Retweeted by Marvin Perrott @justinbarriball Couldn' t make out the brand...Children need to raise their parents better.
Retweeted by Marvin PerrottA great article. Meet the UK's first black female police officer | News UK Video News | Sky News
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott @dw_learngerman B @TiceRichard No you are not. You don't give a f*cm. So don't pretend, you lying git. It just angers people. @DWidnes @Andrew_RFC_1872 I don't think it is fresh either! @TastingHistory1 @huwbbc You're up. @mjhegar @MrWednesday11 They did that for HRC as well. The fight is not over till it's over. GO VOTE!!! #GoVote
And there it is... @JuliaHB1 Hey. You got the Brexit you wanted...#OnthisDay 1979: Frank Prentice, an assistant purser on the Titanic, described how he survived the sinking of the s…
Retweeted by Marvin PerrottHa!!
Retweeted by Marvin PerrottThis fucking destroyed me.
Retweeted by Marvin PerrottWhy is this so funny 😂
Retweeted by Marvin PerrottOne of those rare videos during an election cycle that leaves you quiet and still in the silence after it ends.
Retweeted by Marvin PerrottWOW! Stunned. @mimsdavies. Could you please explain this? Many thanks, Your Constituent.
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@dw_learngerman BNEW: Manchester United to cook and deliver 5,000 meals to local school children during October half-term in partner…
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott @suehard @JamesCleverly He never was clever.Translated: Why can't today's generation survive on the pittance I never had to survive on? Taking credit for shit…
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott15 Mistakes NOT TO MAKE When Visiting The USA. Even if you ARE from the US, this video may help you know what to ex…
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott @archmusicman @timothy_stanley @nationaltrust Nothing in my previous tweet suggests that. I am still not sure of yo… @archmusicman @timothy_stanley @nationaltrust Yes. Let's combat modern day slavery across the board. Noone is askin… @archmusicman @timothy_stanley @nationaltrust If we don't make the connection how can we enact the change? Yes, it… @archmusicman @timothy_stanley @nationaltrust I'm sorry Oli, that's a very weak argument. If this is true, then in…!! love being able to buy a penny of butter at a time. Sometimes I wander into Sainsburys and shout 'Just one egg an…
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott"Global Britain"
Retweeted by Marvin Perrott @JohnSimpsonNews Nice to know. However, it's all for nothing if they don't vote. I wonder what are the stats on the… @charlesTdale Did I leave the kitchen window open...🙄? @dw_learngerman B