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Who Am I is timelessDexta Daps is too coldAlkaline's show not going ahead in Brixton will always bring sadness. That was his moment. He could probably still… is one of the best performers on record. He records like he's performing to a festival crowd. And hes an e…"Afta mi nuh eeedyat" might actually be the biggest dancehall shout along at Notting Hill Carnival 2020UK drill gets its first US #1 album like this Stonebwoy and Alicai Harley songSean Paul "Deport Dem" was originally written for Beenie ManRomie isnt even my favourite Beenie on this riddim. I always preferred Girl Dem Sugar, hence why it took me long to like the ft Mya remixThis Chip and Mavado song was the save on that album. Man had pure Yank features, but the real winner was this one.… did we get from there (Flex) to here (No Letting Go) so quickly? and this 90s to 05 is interesting but its not…"Girl fleeexxxx-uh, time to have sex-uh!" This song was a bit of a trendsetter in terms of dancehall crossover singles #NS10v10Summer 2011 when One Man was out. I was in Jamaica that summer. Vybz Kartel had just come back out of prison. Stree… you imagine?! Pac would never. Someone woulda been put through that table Madda Pot is timeless! @Trinajc_ This about that Chanel bag again?I dont even believe they were separated. She basically admits to grooming a vulnerable man child ("healing") and tr… is what I didnt rate about it. She fully invalidated his feelings. is a fassy. There was a reason I never watched his movies. Only ever liked him for Fresh Prince and "Getting J… but Posh and Becks would never.!!! Sutherland passed? R.I.P big part of black music radio in the UK
Retweeted by Mystic Marvin PKASteve Sutherland Legend In The Game #RIP 😞🖤
Retweeted by Mystic Marvin PKAYeah, she's taken a bit of a reggae turn after Slow Down with Skip Marley innit? Love to hear it some, your point is only as strong as who RTs you or the platform you say it on. Nothing I wrote in this Complex… one with PND is too mucky!This SWV song by Summer Walker and NO1-NOAH is cold.Thats why I love the constant stream of "JA's influence is great" tweets. three of them still follow, one blocked m… of them have no idea about dancehall yet thought they could tackle man like me cos they lacked respect/class.… know i tweet some stuff that is worthy of a debate, but I remember the same 2/3 people would appear in my mention… fully hear this.
@jasminedotiwala Collie Buddz - Come Around? @EPlusOnline really??? I would be so surprised. @l0redanagram her vocals when she goes off on one over the last chorus still amaze meContent I love to see. What a don when J4y€ z£e made the song with him called Guilty Until Proven Innocent lol
“i’m a 90’s baby🤪” but all you know is scrubs and candy rain
Retweeted by Mystic Marvin PKAWhen it comes to black music for black people about blackness, reggae hits a level I don't get from othersThat was a solid selection of music. I dont know who I think won. Buju might've snuck it in the second half but I'm…"Words of Divine, to the princess right away. Tell her to be fine. I dont want her to stray"Buju was in a next bag on Til Shiloh. I'm so glad we were blessed with thatWanna Be Loved. My favourite Buju love song. What a song. True songHills and Valleys!!! "Only Rasta can liberate the people!" I'm gonna get that tatted on some artwork to hang upBig tune! Pure black upliftment. Dont even know if thats an English word but this is a Jamaican ting.And here's Be Strong. *Willie Bounces*"Y's a crooked letter cut it off fi get a fee Woman I'm tellin' you I love you endlessly" - Jamaican man lyrics make the gal dem weak @touchofallright That song. That song @MarvinSparks I think one needs to admit that Sizzla could win against anyone with "No time to gaze" alone
Retweeted by Mystic Marvin PKAOk, here's Bonafide LoveChampion is a fitting end song. Cant believe I didnt hear Untold Stories. Or any song with Beres or Bonafide Love.… Myself Away is spiritual. Sizzla got too many songs. didnt even hear Black Woman and Child, didnt hear Be Stro… Woman And Child its gotta beSizzla is life. Life teachings overload. These man helped raise me and they dont even know itI dont know what song Randy can counter Driver with. Big tune still. Guide Over Us. But it doesnt beat DriverGlad i caught it on camera. What a forward. I will never experience a bigger forward. This one moment was worth mor… always say this but the first time I saw Buju perform Driver in Jamaica. New Years Eve 2006. Camp Fire. First tim… Close and Personal. "Woman look good from head to toe... Woman ah you all man want fi know" misogyny where? Dancehall is for the gal dem"There's nothing in dem system of which they create all around!" Too many truths in this song. I listen to this to… As A Rock. Not many topping this one. I've lost count. I think I'm on 4-2? So this makes it 5-2. But I can fu… is a nice song. "Dry foot Patsy and di one name Ann. Conference dem having, your name dem siddung pon... Dem c… expect this one. This was a big tune. Especially the call and response section in the second verse. RIP Tenor… is spiritual on another level. Cant wait to go to a reggae concert when outside opens up. Get the early warm… start to the second half. Simplicity! Spiritual one. Touches me differentlyPeople that say Buju >>>> People that say Booojoooo.not gonna lie, I cant wait to draw some whines to Gal Policy at carnival 2020Not Gal Policy. Gal Policy is a is this song right now? this is why i cant stand current dancehall. and it aint cos im old3-2 going into the break. I personally got it to Sizzla but can easily be the other way. Solid clash so farBabylon Ah Listen is a banger. But I'm gonna side with Buju on this one. Quality selection and intro though. I Need… to how he made the women them feel great. How they not gonna take the centre of the dance. And they say danc… Rider. Buju rides this riddim til every wheel fell off. He took no prisoners. This song reminds me of a house… is a bad boy tune but that's a potential round winner against a different Sizzla song. I always see this s… Cry is one of the best written love songs of this century. It's soft but its still a wicked man tune. I'm prett… 3-0 to me still. But I can live with a 2-1 (Buju winning with Destiny)Nahhhh, Sizzla's definitely got this round in the bag. Wicked man counteractionListen to how man ride riddim!!! Different style and patterns. Them other Mic Controllers literally cant control ri… Scully's licked off the Wray already.Buju was the top don as an teenage bald head and the man as a Rasta.Big it Up is a tune. Buju sits on this too crazilyThis actually one of the most emotive songs I've ever heard. I just feel this song on a different level. That's a p… it's Thank You Mama. This can only be topped by Untold Stories for me personally. This is the greatest mum song everBlack Woman and Child next?Destiny is the bigger song and probably win but Holding Firm is a song that if you know, you knowHolding Firm! This song touches my soul differently. 1-0 Sizzla#NS10v10 Destiny is a strong opener for Buju. Never knew he reworked a Peter Tosh song for that first verse for yea… x @WrayAndNephewUK: WE LIVE 🔊 Randy Valentine v Shanice @bujubanton 🥊 @SizzlaKalonji Host:…
Retweeted by Mystic Marvin PKA @RiggaRomez 🤣😂🤣🤣 them involuntary kisses of death @MikillPane thats mad interesting. Will listen to some bleek again but I think i get your angle @RiggaRomez lol real talk @MarvinSparks Once Jay made that skit on his album saying Bleek is gonna be "The new and improved Jay Z" he was nev…
Retweeted by Mystic Marvin PKA @MikillPane That's an interesting one. How you mean? @RiggaRomez Yeah I cant think of one Magoo song. Bleek had bangers. Would you say more was expected of him than he… @MarvinSparks Magoo. Bleek had legit solo songs / albums that banged in the streets. & was never on other ppls sing…
Retweeted by Mystic Marvin PKA @robpursey gold in them days wasnt a big achievement imo, espesh coming from that camp. Beans came through after hi… @CouldNeverBeMe thats an interesting point. Bleek got several set ups. Jay blessed him with so many songs and looks @MarvinSparks Magoo was never suppose to buss. Memphis bleek was given the torch on Reasonable Doubt. Dropped it. J…
Retweeted by Mystic Marvin PKAThis was a tuuuuuune!!! Memphis Bleek, DJ Clue - My Mind Right ft. Ja Rule just never ever got it though. Got given big tunes and never really connected the dots. It's a tough oneForever and ever lol. He aint even Jay's hype man any more is he? think this pretty much sums it up tbf