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Author, activist, non-denominational faith leader, founder of @TheWilliamsonI1. 2020 candidate for President of the United States. #marianne2020

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In our personal lives, I think the average American has a sense of right & wrong & we try to do the right thing in… who lack appreciation for the deep & transformative power of love, who laugh at its fierceness & diminish its… it’s integrative medicine folded into our healthcare, more compassion at the border, addressing poverty amo… @jwrentalqueen So I won’t put you down for a house party? @kardoa_rich Simply not true. Seeking asylum is not a crime, it is a statutory right. You are demonizing people who… Luther King Jr. said what was needed was “a coalition of conscience.”’That was true in his time and it is tr… is the moral compass of the United States more broken than on the issue of immigration, and nowhere am I mo… is deeply wrong with the heart of a nation when criminality like this is tolerated. Make no mistake about… the separation of children from their families, to holding the children in cages,to denying them proper health… demonization, even mistreatment of the immigrant - particularly those at our southern border - is one of the d… father was an immigration lawyer and I was raised with a deep appreciation for the plight of the immigrant. All… the spiritual and political on Metaphysical Milkshake routinely hear the argument between single payer & public option, but we must ask other questions as well. It’s… @AhmadMazen93 Uh, no.
The deepest sorrow, my deepest prayers for Jersey City right now. Dear God, May those who suffer be comforted and healed. Amen.Our money doesn’t come from corporate chieftains dropping crumbs from their table in the form of job creation; it c…’m looking forward to being with my friend and colleague Deepak Chopra in NYC on Monday 1216, 7:30PM. We’ll explor… you, Josh... issue of paid family leave encapsulates what’s wrong with America (we don’t have it) to the transition we’re ma… @Myob_Myob We’re both. We’re a republic and we’re a representative democracy.In Judaism it says every generation must rediscover God for itself. Similarly, every generation of Americans must r…’s why any undermining of our democracy - from political gerrymandering to voter suppression to the dominance o… is genius. Why? Because it’s a channel for the emergence of group conscience, a place where the best of… Whole Health Plan focuses on health-creation, providing universal healthcare & incentivizing health. Provides co… @happynflorida @joshfos66286766 As well it should. @Shwako Saudi Arabia and Iran are hostile to each other and Trump has cozied up to Saudi Arabia.Yep. That was me... involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen destroys any semblance of moral authority in American foreign po…
Paying for healthcare and incentivizing health... @noUpside @marknn @cp_elevated @BrandyZadrozny “Misleading statistic”...? Really...? @eldon_wriston @TheRickWilson @quinncy Says you, that it is that. @userIDinfo I would repeal 2017 $2 trillion tax cut, although I would put back in the middle class cut. I would sto… @TheRickWilson @quinncy Read my issues page and tell me I’m a woo woo fortuneteller, Rick. @quinncy @melissachristo1 No. they. didn’t. And by the way, when she and I were doing our groups there WAS no medicine yet.Enjoyed this podcast with Edward Hardy... @quinncy @melissachristo1 You know nothing about my career for the last 35 years. Nothing. You’ve never been to one… @quinncy @melissachristo1 Shoo..? @quinncy @melissachristo1 Not. @phtilton Thank you @melalaminated @RVAwonk I’m sorry. Are you able to find any one place in my 35 year career where I mentioned anythi… @MikeNewell11 @RVAwonk They have no liability. That is the point.Ask Marianne Anything - Live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!
All the Democratic candidates are telling the truth. But this moment is like when you take an oath in a court of la… @balancenature5 Powerful!The FAA should not protect Boeing etc. The CDC and FDA should not protect Big Pharma & food ind. The EPA should not… save lives absolutely. But asking for an independent commission to review vaccine safety is not “anti-vaxx…, what?!? “The most important investment we can make as a country is in the next generation of Americans & we'r… @carlyswell Seriously. That would improve your life how? @Rossfaer Animal factory farms should be outlawed. They are immoral, and dangerous to our health. Compassionate tre… of my favorites: Howie Klein and Pramila Jayapal. Totally in. individualism is a good thing & has led to much creativity & genius in the U.S. But over the last few decade… peace & prosperity, the one principle that should guide all public policy (it’s not not short-term corporate pr… have been mentally trained to expect too little, to ask “Pretty please?” for things that should be consid… defy you to read this story and not cry...and not be overwhelmed thinking how many millions of people thought the… @victoreeah Yes I absolutely do...😞Doing another Ask Marianne Anything tonight! 530pt/830et @diamondin11 @theasscat @Trinitythecat That’s a deep mischaracterization of my beliefs. Of course there is mental i… need to more than fight sickness; we need to incentivize health. Much more focus needed on health-creation, heal… Health Plan mandates patients be fully informed of integrative & lifestyle medicine as well as traditional al… @aetiology @MaryHollywood4 @BrandyZadrozny Yeah right. If you wish to see my responses, you can do so on my Facebook page.
@BrandyZadrozny Just dm’d you my responses. Thanks.Come hear me speak tonight in Salt Lake City at 6 PM at the capitol! me tomorrow for #AskMarianneAnything at 5:30pm PT / 7:30pm CT / 8:30pm ET! We'll be live on Facebook, Twitter… @OneSmartRat1 That theory has been around forever. Hardly new revelations. And it wasn’t about the military-industr… uncle Max Kaplan was a Navy man, his ship bombed at Pearl Harbor 12/7/41. Spent 27 hrs in water before being res… @Bryan19111 No, those are what got us into this mess. An unfettered, deregulated market is what created the problem… @singularity001 Or vote for someone for president who is saying it like it is. Where we need to march is to the polls. @__stephanierae Thanks! @IMIKE721 Back to same issue: the FDA is the agency that should have been overseeing all of that. It was right under their noses. @comradeAcid No it’s not.My experience of the American people is that in our personal lives we don’t like to feel we’re being played. But co…’s not just that a corporate aristocracy has gained power. The issue is how it happened & what we have to do now:… question should not be “Why is a presidential candidate suggesting greater regulatory oversight of Big Pharma?”… the way the FDA was clearly looking the other way when Big Pharma predatory practices led to the opioid crisi… society is currently on a slow & steadily quickening slide toward fascism. That is not a negative comment… @TALLHENRI YesAs a mother I’m heartbroken; as an American I’m infuriated. I cannot and will not accept such heartlessness on the… minimum sentencing has taken power away from judges, imposing sentences without chance of judicial discre… Chopra + Marianne Williamson LIVE in New York. December 16 ~ 7:30PM. One Night Only. Livestream Available. D… corporate interests are untethered to ethical, moral considerations and inadequately regulated, the most deadl…
Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson in Nashua, NH @BrandyZadrozny I adamantly oppose any such harassment, as it is violent and uncalled for. Regarding your other que… @mfow020 We do not have starvation in this country, but we absolutely do have hunger. The fact that someone isn’t s… @BrandyZadrozny Vaccines are important and they save lives; every medical intervention comes with both benefits and…“Polenta elbow is a real thing and Marianne Williamson is the only candidate with the guts to talk about!” Lol again today say that “the economy is good.”When 93 million Americans are near poverty, the economy is not “go… perpetrated against a child more likely to result in violence perpetrated by adult she becomes. Many of our… mindset is very different than the 20th. Far more integrative, with a realization that there are inter…’s full mea culpa for the Holocaust is a model for the deepening we need in the U.S. regarding the history o… Merkel demonstrates how a responsible nation reconciles with its history. As we should do with ours. will it take to wage peace? It will take outer work and it will also take inner work. It will take regulating… shooting, now in Pensacola. May the angels of our better nature rise up and declare “No more.” Let’s do what… deeply saddened by the tragic shooting at joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Praying for the victims, their familie…“That’s what makes New Hampshire unique. We take picking the next president very seriously.” didn’t create America’s underlying problems; our underlying problems created him. Just defeating him in ‘20 w…“If they give it to the rich they call it a subsidy, if they give it to the poor they call it a hand-out.” - Martin Luther King Jr. @Seanyboy619 So those 700,000 don’t matter? @LiliesforLife No amount of private charity can compensate for a lack of social justice. I’ve run a non-denominatio… climate change is the greatest moral challenge of our generation, and we can do it. @mc93823939 Many thousands of what you call “able-bodied adults” are not able to meet the requirements, and $.83 of…