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@mhdksafa Yes.
Gee I wonder why. said it best: the status quo is not an effective opposition to a politics of hate. People all over… wholeheartedly agree. @KeedaHaynes didn’t win this time but I’m totally up for supporting her in 2022. I hope she… @FunkyFunky321 I'm glad you're back in the conversation with me, Jim. All these situations are complicated and no o… fabulous when truth and hilarity collide. one of us can take on every problem because the totality is enormous.But if each of us commits to 10% higher lev… @FunkyFunky321 Good economy for who though? With 1% of Americans controlling more than 90% of the wealth, the econo… @EnkiWriter Dems need to do some self-reflection now. It’s true Republicans vigorously perpetrate the corporatist a… wealthy people are covered extensively on MSM tonight about how the situation in America is depressing th… @PaulKotta Very important point.Here is Greenidge’s opinion piece in the New York Times. Urban gardens by the way carry extraordinary potential for… @missieprice I have to delete your post because I had misspelled her name. Please put it back after I have correcte…
@SenWarren @WomanOnFire Yep. That says it all. @KathyStickel @_neppie_ @irenekeller Don't be too hopeful. The strong stuff hasn't started yet.This tweet says something very important. In many cases, the system not only perpetrates a problem but then sabotag… is time for change...I am that change #keedaforcongress #TN5
Retweeted by Marianne Williamson @_neppie_ @irenekeller I don’t know, I think people better monitor it closely😉 @irenekeller Please! @TiffanySoulbird @Jaron2718 There are enough of us who believe these things. What we need are enough people who are… @Iamsock To be honest, the fundamental problem preceded Trump. @irenekeller I’m in that in between state where the pain of the problem is gone and the nerve block from surgery is… @ds_hoffman @Mom3Red Correction: abortion “rights.” And we sure as hell can.I long for the day when a US president says, “We can’t do that because it would hurt the children” and that SHUTS DOWN THE CONVERSATION.No no no no no, @NRA; you’ve been nothing close to a “fierce defender America’s freedom at the ballot box!” You sp…! What a satisfying tweet. @whispernghope So far so good. Thank you! @CornySongs @EdMarkey Please explain. You were against the Iran deal? @snowchi3 @EdMarkey I wrote “sneed” instead of “need”We need @EdMarkey returned to the Senate. We don’t have enough in Congress involved with nuclear non-proliferation… THAT’s code for “Vote for me if you’re anti-Catholic!” ( I can’t even imagine what he would have said if the n… @krystalball I’m in. Great idea. @MichaelUveges Honored. 💗YES; there should be a 24-hr Recovery channel too. People don’t fully realize that the airwaves belong to us. An al… @Nerissa_RDH You’re the good guy. @carys_unity There are extreme voices on left & right, and of course we should reject them. But again, the BLM move… frightening experiment with our CHILDREN!!! @carys_unity I don’t agree with everyone I’ve met in any movement or organization, but the larger cause of BLM is w… @DarisHennen This is not about police or no police. Of course we need law enforcement. It’s about transforming poli… people ask why BLM protests matter (believe it or not some people do ask) tell them what Whitmer is doing in M… will be okay that things are getting worse as long as we ourselves are getting better; more serious, more focuse… @CorsairBlazing I hear you. Yes and no.In some unlikely places (Iowa Gov. on felons voting, Mississippi SC on vote-by-mail, Nevada Gov. on racism) states…’ve been skating on very thin ice in three areas: infectious diseases (obviously), environmental degradation & nu… and fury.
@randarchist But you’re not so cast that thought back into the sea. Your govt has failed, not you. @ChuckMcKnight @maryfiorito @PPact So not.I second that.! @maryfiorito @PPact You’re right, I thought you were saying the opposite. Thank you very much for explaining and no… how much more can we do to alienate black America, eat our young and sabotage our future as a nation? many of these have to happen before we get how fundamentally wrong it is? Mnuchin called the $1,200 “bridge liquidity” I almost ate the television. @maryfiorito @PPact I guess you didn’t learn much at the “Ethics Center.” Not to mention the “Be kind” part. It’s O… @AEvanoff_TheAce Until enough of us love each other. @dudelovebruh I believe it’s a deeply personal moral issue and I trust the American woman to make the moral decisio… can be pigheaded and stupid, loveless and violent and self-destructive. Yet flowers continue to grow throu… @ChrisJu48419530 Yeah we gotta fix that.The more we know about our history the less doomed we are to repeat it. Understanding what led to the catastrophe o… @meraklikoylu But in a negative way, that proves my point. You and I don’t agree with what they believed should be… people who have achieved the most in life, in politics as well as everything else, thought in terms of what sho… hear. @ParkerMolloy Who says that?!?!?This is totally mind-blowing. On the other hand, it’s how the mafia operates so… @janehueymsw Oh, okay. @atomly @Immortan_DJT Ha! 🤦🏻‍♀️ @ReaderAdrift @Mereycat I agree with that. Me too. But just because someone is a person of faith doesn’t mean they’… @dckpetersen How did it go?“People get ready, there's a train comin' You don't need no baggage, you just get on board All you need is faith… @ReaderAdrift @Mereycat Some people think that’s a reason to leave faith out of the political conversation altogeth… isn’t a substitute for political activism; it’s the inspiration for it. It’s the “cosmic companionship” Marti… want hope, do you? Today her name is Cori Bush. Last night she proved what’s possible... tell ‘em, Senator."These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink… is a mean spirit that has infected our government, a soulless callous disregard for the suffering of humanity… @HatchOlea You’re in my heart and I’m praying for you.
@ArashKolahi Unregulated capitalism, absolutely. Capitalism completely untethered to any moral or ethical responsib… could have been any of us. And there are millions more like her.'My mission is to keep the light in your eyes ablaze' 🔥👁️🔥 the video for Ablaze is here. love you. ❤️…
Retweeted by Marianne Williamson @ArashKolahi To me an enlightened society can have elements of both capitalism & socialism. I don’t think either ar… Navajo Nation now has more COVID deaths than 13 states combined. 13 states.
Retweeted by Marianne Williamson @NormBradshaw2 @HelenCaddes @JacobWBaker My efforts and activism in the direction of real world solutions have been… @therealmerkins @teddy_cat1 Please DM me if I can be of any help.Everyone please read this. @NormBradshaw2 @JacobWBaker No it’s not a legitimate question. It’s like asking someone when was the last time you beat your wife.Prayers for Lebanon on this day of their agony. May angels both visible and invisible be with them in this painful… are saying these things a couple of years late in my opinion, but at least they’re saying it... gets even more missed in the conversation is how many people making the decisions on a national level send the…, no problem there... only. @best__ev @ydsnate Hi!! 💗 @ccschreiner It’s a lot of things, but voting has got to be one of them. @sapereaude86 Both/and @meraklikoylu I don’t see life that way. The struggle has gotten harder but the struggle continues. @ChrisJu48419530 It’s not like there’s going to be a blinding flash and then everything is going to be perfect. But… We should demand of our government & only elect those who put economic & criminal justice first, care of the ear… One day all of this is going to shift, and when it does we will have a small window of opportunity to begin agai…