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mary_russell @mary_russell Oxford and Eastbourne, UK

Theologian, detective. My 16th memoir, Riviera Gold, will be released in June 2020. Sample the first memoir, THE BEEKEEPER'S APPRENTICE,

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I'm pleased. That is a lovely knife. then, tyres on wet gravel sound nothing like the crack of doom. MURD #TheMurderofMaryRussell #MaryRussell comes in many flavours, sweet to bitter. The harshest irony I ever tasted was this: when I was interrupted th…“It would make for an interesting monograph,” he continued. “The significance of a society’s hallmark beverage…”…“It’s a rock, Holmes.” Sherlock Holmes raised his tea-cup to his lips. “Is it the water from our well that makes M… I start posting quotes from Dreaming Spies (DREA) and The Murder of Mary Russell (MUR… have many readers who only "read" the audio versions of my memoirs. I'm pleased no matter what format is used.… was lovely to have my next memoir, #RivieraGold, included on this list. #MaryRussell #SherlockHolmes setting was exquisite, the hosts charming and the other guests a mix of artists and rogues. #RivieraGold
Ms King goes to great lengths as my literary agent and editor to make sure my information and descriptions are corr…"I was reflecting just how, after the business at the top of the stairs, it may be a while before you approach me w… I ought to ask your name?” “Sherlock Holmes. You call me Holmes.” “The name had a distinct ring of famil… I set my hands upon the rope, there came a melodramatic whisper: “‘And noiseless as a lovely dream is gone. / An…“It is true, beauty and reliability rarely go hand in hand.” Which rather trod underfoot the compliment with whic… is the last day of quotes from Pirate King #Pira and Garment of Shadows #GARM the accolades for my first memoir almost bring a blush to my cheek. #SherlockHolmes #MaryRussell die-hard fans of Mary Russell and the continuing adventures of Sherlock Holmes, I give you the ineffable Laurie…
Retweeted by mary_russellI believe this goes until 31, May, so still time to enter. Sorry. U.S. only. #MaryRussell #SherlockHolmes lovely compliment. I am honoured every time I hear that a read enjoys re=reading my memoirs.
"You know him?" “We met in Jerusalem, just after the war. My…Russell and I were in Palestine for a few weeks. Livi…"I have heard of Colonel Lawrence. I do not know that I would have wished him under my command." "Lawrence was a s…“Do you want to see some letters of recommendation or something?” “You speak English and you’re dead sober at two…“Oh how utterly jolly, a life-saver in sensible shoes, you are so very welcome, Miss--- “Er,” I said, retrieving… true, as it happens I did attack him in both #PirateKing and #GarmentofShadows More quotes from both today. your shelter-in-place tea from a Riviera Gold mug while you’re reading #RivieraGold…. And where might you find…
Retweeted by mary_russellI'm always amused when we are advertised as the world's greatest detective and her husband Sherlock Holmes. I'm not… first saw elephants in India and still find them an amazing creature. #MaryRussell #SherlockHolmes #TheGame
It does happen when he isn't occupied by his own endeavours. familiar sight along the Thames of a foggy evening.…for the first time, I noticed a faint indentation around the ring finger of my right hand. I stared at it. I tur…! Aimless urgency blew into open panic. I could not be taken by them, it was essential that I remain free,…"Holmes: no. I have an entire academic year to catch up on. I have no interest whatsoever in the entertainment of h…"It shouldn't take you more than two weeks, three at the most. You'd probably find the solution before arriving in… on to quotes. #MaryRussell and her husband, #SherlockHolmes, venture into the frenetic world of silent films, where…
Retweeted by mary_russellBeing on a list of fictional characters isn't very flattering. I'm as real as #SherlockHolmes #MaryRussell Russell and Sherlock Holmes turn the Riviera upside down to crack their most captivating case yet in…
Retweeted by mary_russellThank you for the RT. and I still play chess. We are evenly matched and enjoy the battle. #SherlockHolmes #MaryRussell
Monte Carlo was a place like no other and held villain and innocent in equal measure. #RivieraGold #MaryRussell than 3 weeks until the launch: #RivieraGold June 9, 2020. #MaryRussell #SherlockHolmes and Mrs Hudson find the…
Retweeted by mary_russellThe shutters hadn't been locked. ...perhaps it meant that my situation was not the source of that feeling of urgenc… broke out all over my body, despite the cold of the room. There was a good explanation, for everything. One t…"It would not be a singing part," he said. I walked out of the room. He raised his voice. "I would do it myself, bu…"Gilbert and Sullivan?" I exclaimed. "Pirates as in Penzance? Light opera and heavy humour" No. Absolutely not." PI… Garment of Shadows. week's quotes are from Pirate King. Sun Sweepstakes Enter for your chance to win a bundle of books that is almost too hot to handle!…
Retweeted by mary_russellWhile you wait (im)patiently for @LaurieRKing's latest #MaryRussell & #SherlockHolmes novel, RIVIERA GOLD (out 9 Ju…
Retweeted by mary_russellA mere sprite. Happy birthday to you. birthday. You are holding your age well.
Which at times has irritated and delighted me, often in equal measure. #SherlockHolmes #MaryRussell #RivieraGold knowledge of where was just beyond my grasp...what had been so urgent it drove me to my feet. Or, my name. Who… light of a candle/the sunshine smell of linen/the slope of ceiling/the soft throat of a young girl asleep/the b…“Although they may decide to place you among the support staff.” “Pirates have support staff?” “Are we talking abo…“You would, of course, be undercover.” “Naturally. With a cutlass between my teeth.” “I should think you would… quotes today from Pirate King (PIRA) and Garment of Shadows (GARM) image brings to mind the story with the last line, "It's turtles all the way down." snorted at me when I told him I would acknowledge the birth of Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle on this day in 18… you for the recommendation. The link is to Ms King's rather charming introduction to the 20th Anniversary edi… out these exciting summer releases, from: @mary_russell, @alicewriterland, @RuthWareWriter, @sharilapena,…
Retweeted by mary_russellI'm rather excited that it will be out in a few weeks also. Thank you for the pre-order., Ms King also sent you one of my cards. I do hope you enjoy #RivieraGold #SherlockHolmes #MaryRussell memory has not failed you as those are all components of that memoir. #GarmentofShadows
Ms King has received the first copies of Riviera Gold from the U.S. publisher. today's weather I have been content on our terrace, but I'm hoping many will wish to join me on the Riviera. sun had moved while I slept. A while later, another thought: Time is passing. And with that, a tendril of urgen… was in bed. A bed, at any rate. I had been flattened by a steam-roller, trampled under a stampede of bison. I ac…, Holmes was right: best to be away if I could. Which circled the discussion around to its beginnings. “Why sho…“How long? I asked. “He thought two weeks.” Fourteen days…of first hand opportunity to revenge himself on me verba… today with quotes from Pirate King (PIRA) and Garment of Shadows (GARM) lovely to be included in the list. Thank you. is beautiful and it would be a shame to miss #internationalTeaDay. It is a lovely day here on the Sussex Downs… that you can share my memoirs with your spouse.
You have until May 31st to enter to win this bundle of books that includes Riviera Gold. Sorry, U.S. residents only. might be a small country, but it was plenty big enough to swallow one young woman. Russell, he thought, w… big man had the brains of a tortoise, but even he was beginning to look alarmed. Sherlock Holmes drew a calming…“You should, of course, feel welcome to remain here.” The words seemed to contain a weight beyond their surface me…“Honestly, Holmes? Pirates?” “Think of it as an adventure, Russell.” “May I point out that this past year has b… I start a week of quotes from Pirate King (PIRA) and Garment of Shadows for Beginners or The Beekeeper's Apprentice might be the perfect books for #WorldBeeDay.… flattering, thank you. of my readers have reported they are doing the same. It is very gratifying. heavens that is intense reading. I am pleased you are enjoying my memoirs. has such a rich history. lovely. As I'm married to a beekeeper this is perfect. #WorldBeeDay
Sorry, this is only open to U.S. residence as it is run by my U.S. publisher. it hadn’t been just my concussion: It would seem that we were actually setting forth into a fairy-tale. GOTH…’d been in charge of this small life less than twelve hours, and I could already feel an ulcer coming on. How did… feel joy, and outrage, and contentment. Bees play, tossing themselves in flight with no point but for the plea… bee has no loyalty to the keeper, only to the hive; no commitment to the place, only to the community. Despite… is the last of quotes from The Language of Bees (LANG) and The God of the Hive (GOTH) as always but the pie was most welcome. King and my reader's artwork make a powerful combination. an auspicious arrival. describe T.E. Lawrence as "...small, shy, awe-inspiring" in O Jerusalem having met him in 1919. #MaryRussell
#RivieraGold is included in this Summer sweepstakes giveaway by my U.S. publisher Random House. You can enter here: Mrs Hudson at 22. #SherlockHolmes #MaryRussell #RivieraGold present circumstances, Sherlock’s mental processes would be fired to a white-hot pitch that would melt the wa…, no… Sooner or later, his mind would cut through solid wall, build a ladder out of information, weave wings out…