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Albums: Dream Life, Elytral Soundtracks: Within The Wires, Murmurs Special Interests: Glow Worms, Clouds, Prog, HI-NRG

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I'm going to need someone to tell me what he said because all I can do is laugh at that sound. @vonny_bravo's timed this to coincide with Einstürzende Neubauten's soundcheck.
Retweeted by Mary Epworth @darkentriesrecs So beautifulStunning newly discovered photographs of Sylvester taken by Steven Arnold in 1970, at Arnold’s 17th Street studio,…
Retweeted by Mary Epworthcummings gonna open his speech with klaatu barada nikto
Retweeted by Mary Epworth @Willie__G Nice @petefowlerart @MaxTundra ❤️ @MaxTundra I want a synth with all this #aesthetic @stevetoase I also used to talk backwards as a kid, so I wonder if that's I got it from. @stevetoase We are of the same tribe, my friend.Fao @paulepworth @stevetoase Honestly my bro and I loved it so much. @IAmTimStarkey @Sara_Rose_G So many of my social circle are, and I have a hunch about myself. So shit to know how m… TV! @Imhotep86220534 @BBCArchive Yes to all this❤️ @ccfage Ah I loved it so much @vonny_bravo Only a lot less cuteHnnng more I think about it, the more the autistic son’s needs rumour is the most neurotypical thing ever. Because as…
Retweeted by Mary Epworth @citizenhelene REEEEEAP @maryepworth
Retweeted by Mary Epworth @citizenhelene ❤️❤️❤️Is there a gif of Heather Small singing "You're gonna REAP just what you sowwwwwww" and if not how quickly can I make one? @IsabelOakeshott every time Dominic Cummings tries to drive somewhere
Retweeted by Mary Epworth @andywash @mofgimmers One Bob Marley best of. @andywash @mofgimmers "I've got REALLY eclectic taste" always ends up being a pinch of landfill indie, one singer s… dreamed I did sixty push-ups. I was very smug about it until I woke up. @michaelhogan @braintree_ Sevenlove these. Channelling the political feelings of a nation. They're oolitic fossils - which is a great word in its…
Retweeted by Mary Epworth @mofgimmers I sometimes think about this but with regards to musical influences. Some people are good but everyone… @StephenColegra1 Bodybags JohnsonFor anyone who loves the Dream Life cover art, Matthew Robert Hughes is selling some rare prints of the session.… @Sandboy1 @murray_nyc @sarahcpr Patri(ot) Dish
@ScientologyTV Fuck offFor all the logo nuts, and classic film freaks out there, this is a thread about the creation of the Universal Pict…
Retweeted by Mary EpworthLMAO
Retweeted by Mary EpworthMy own theory is that Dominic Cummings is one of Boris's children
Retweeted by Mary EpworthUncivil more like, etc."I have a cummings plan"
Retweeted by Mary Epworthi do think that for all the valid theories floating around about why the government is backing cummings the easiest…
Retweeted by Mary Epworth
Retweeted by Mary EpworthCan't sit the right way round on the lav without him, can he?
Retweeted by Mary Epworth @ivft And the restIn this week's Sunday lunch, Toyah & Robert are discussing which has more cultural significance.... #Toyah or…
Retweeted by Mary EpworthI emailed my councillor about streetlights a while back. He’s in his 70s and shielding. He won’t stop emailing me n…
Retweeted by Mary Epworth @petefrasermusic @petefrasermusic my favourite is the demo lyrics to Planet Caravan. "The moon, like a big red bun"
@M_Z_Harrison Same!Human brain: Okay, time for sleep now. Goblin brain: but HOW do magic eye puzzles work?? Stay up late! Learn the MAGIC!!
Retweeted by Mary Epworth @MaraWilson XxxJust going to settle down and re-read some of those supportive tweets tory MPs sent out before the second Guardian/…
Retweeted by Mary Epworth @degs01 @fieldmusicmusic Ahahahhahhahha oh mateI got the tee shirt #DominicCummngs #dominicgoings #sackcummings #cummings
Retweeted by Mary Epworthc l a s s i c d o mI’m fuming. All those men who missed their babies being born, all those elderly mums and dads dying alone while the…
Retweeted by Mary EpworthA writer headed to the fridge after revising one (1) sentence
Retweeted by Mary EpworthThe artist and track names here cover a large percentage of my friends' interests on here. Gay Cat Park - I'm a Voc… @CatherineAD Yesterday I tried out an upside down Really Useful Storage box as a cheap Decksaver @debabrata_jr Wow fantastic!Reputation works too. cracking myself up by imagining him as the subject of Bobby O's "She has a way".Dominic Cummings is a Manic Pixie Dream Boy @CatherineAD I'm dreaming of neon perspex stands. Maybe I need to make some. @michaelgove This is a lyric from a shit song @debabrata_jr :) Do you get good skies? @peterjukes @RupertMyers Ohh I've just tested positive, gotta go and try to kill my parents
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Good morning to everyone except this possum whose sleeping bum poked a whole in our ceiling
Retweeted by Mary Epworth @jomacmouse Hehehe @merlinsleeps All catching different lightI have swamped Instagram with sky pics.The sky is trying to murder me with beautyDON AGRATI That is all. @porridgebrain The weather today is giving me life.This is Kosi. If he really concentrates, he can shoot rainbows out of his head. 13/10 magical as h*ck
Retweeted by Mary Epworth @petefowlerart Hopelessly addicted.The sky right now is extremely promising for an eye-popping sunset and some spectacular atmospheric optics. @davidclewis @Dorianlynskey I'm just drawn to any story that's about people having to come to terms with low level… @Dorianlynskey @davidclewis Sort of fascinating as well that "didn't automatically become a massive success with th…!!! This tweet from the Conservatives, a couple years years ago, hasn't aged well!!!
Retweeted by Mary Epworth @Ehproque Ooh! @Dorianlynskey Poor guy. @EwaSR I really love that the Czech is a reference to the feather colours, I wondered if it meant like, embers, but… @EwaSR There was a bit about the Italian and Greek being based on a story about a man calling for his dead brother.… @EwaSR Is a good name for an owl @EwaSR I note this is just Barn Owls but it's still really interesting imo @EwaSR @EwaSR "Cemetery screamer" was one. @EwaSR I have a long thread about this, I'll see if I can find it. There are some fabulous ones. @jetfury @kerryjeanlister I feel like La La Land is impossible to care about if you either play music or have ever dated anyone that does. @M_Z_Harrison I had a massive fly in my room last night and told off the three false widows in the bathroom who have failed to catch it. @M_Z_Harrison Fairies
The time is: NOPE O'CLOCK PASA
Retweeted by Mary Epworth @dollsxx It is! I'm trying to encourage myself to plug gear in and not just go straight to VSTis.