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Mary Wimbury @MaryWimbury North Wales / Gogledd Cymru

Former @WelshLabour and @CoopParty candidate | Commissioner @LabourTogether #GE19 review | mother and wife | wedi dysgu Cymraeg | Personal a/c | work @CFWMary

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Spent the day with @Keir_Starmer in Darlington. Worth noting: no restrictions on time, what we could film or what w…
Retweeted by Mary Wimbury @lewis_goodall worth pointing out that appeals are free in Wales tooMeanwhile there seem to be problems with BTEC results in a number of places which aren’t getting the same coverage…’ve signed this too. Other colleges should follow Worcester.👏 illustrates some of the mess 👇 was never going to be perfect in the circumstances but keeping ASes and coursework and offering free appeals mea…
@LabourList Congratulations @RuthNewportWestDelighted to have received GMB support in standing for the North Wales regional list, but not surprising to see
Rhedeg y bore ‘ma This morning’s run. Must do this more often #NorthWales #GogleddCymru @davidiancollins @RiyadhIssa @CoopParty Thank you too 👏Diolch 👏
Thank you 👏 party friends - ballots for the NEC are arriving in your inbox now - go and vote 🗳 - especially Welsh ones w… time to sign up for our next workshop "Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast" exploring at how we can create a…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyConservative MPs in North Wales were elected on big promises. It’s now time to deliver
The Labour leader says plans to end the furlough scheme must be reversed to save Welsh jobs
Retweeted by Mary WimburyOn his first visit to Wales since becoming the Labour Party Leader, Keir Starmer will head to Deeside today.
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My latest statement on the number of Covid cases in the #Wrexham area.
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Diolch yn fawr / thank you x
Diolch @CouncillorMike 👏 @AdamH14 Thank you 👏🗳Ballot papers are arriving now for Welsh Labour’s North Wales Regional List 👇Here’s my leaflet and more informat…
Really pleased to be supported in my bid to be on Welsh Labour's North Wales Regional List for the Senedd Elections…
Brilliant 😂 ... @LeightonAndrews 😂 @kathrynjtwigg1 @lesley4wrexham Thank you 🙂Changes to restrictions mentioned is #EnglandOnly but the withdrawal of furlough has significant implications in Wa… @Requiem4aDream7 @hughes3c Too long to fully encapsulate in a tweet - but let’s just say I’m a not a fan of the lis… @deanojones85 @nate_SE3 @northwalescom Diolch yn fawrAs a Conwy resident delighted to have support from Conwy Labour Group to stand for Welsh Labour on the North Wales… useful pointers in here about dealing with Covid-19. NE Wales is currently the Welsh hotspot and borders NW En… @deanojones85 @nate_SE3 @northwalescom It elects four regional MSs - similar to Greater Manchester electing a Mayor… this is right and has profound implications for how we live.
@CaptainMeg Thank youThank you @lesley4wrexham 👏 @Mark_Whitcutt @MaryWimbury Mary Wimbury has my support.
Retweeted by Mary Wimbury @deanojones85 @nate_SE3 @northwalescom It's a regional constituency - therefore a title in this context @nate_SE3 @deanojones85 @northwalescom Thank you 👍Want to know more about why I'm standing to be on Welsh Labour's North Wales Regional List #Senedd21 - watch below…
Good luck to @MaryWimbury - She was an excellent candidate in the Euro elections - I stood alongside her - and will…
Retweeted by Mary Wimbury @MaryWimbury Congratulations @CFWMary You are an excellent candidate.
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2020've been shortlisted to be one of Welsh Labour's North Wales Regional List candidates for next year's Senedd elect… good opportunity for anyone who follows me?
Love this video about the women of the 1945 Labour Government too. grew up with the stories of how the 1945 Labour Government had changed lives for the better. Seeking the trust of…
Do sign up to the @LabourTogether workshops on our General Election Review ✍️ @tphilly1984 Yep - talked to Ryan earlier and we’ve reported @tphilly1984 It looks like someone has hacked @ryanogo 's website? @tphilly1984 Honestly -- I have no idea - nothing to do with me.
@obtownsend @CFWMary Here's another one for you 😉
@wesstreeting @annaturley Sad to look at this list and see how many of the Labour MPs who signed it are no longer M… this is why I signed the petition👇 and the border aside, this was one of the biggest reasons hard Brexit was always moronic. The geopolitics…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyPetition: Impose sanctions on China over its treatment of Uyghur Muslims @MarkBrierley1 Yes - the Rhos Fynach are turn up only as well while it’s just outside - but they have 60 tables and… @MarkBrierley1 Yes - was thinking they don’t have loads of outdoor space apart from the car park! @MarkBrierley1 How busy was it? Been meaning to walk past and check.Some good pubs in here - including my local - the Rhos Fynach - which I may have checked out since the beer garden…
I’m sorry, but what???!!! There’s an old phrase about needing something like a hole in the head that comes to mind…
Me in today’s Leader 👇
@LindaBr31456660 😂Will be on @BBCRadioWales around 5.50 pm talking about the health and care visa that excludes care workers and is a…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyGetting Brexit done ... Taking back control ... 👇
Still hoping ... @Conorpope It’s like the residual guilt I always feel for saying in my primary school playground in 1979 that thatc… @Conorpope Worse than that - when the polish exit poll came in, I said if Leicester win surely the good guy gets to… to me, we are having more contributions from north Wales now everyone has to run remote interviews. One of… council said it was "eager to ensure that cyclists continue to get the respect and space they deserve" as l…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyThis is welcome but the issues go way beyond paid advertising and require new laws. Micro-targeting political messa…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyMeanwhile my facebook feed is full of ads from other parties, that often like to call themselves progressive, but c… checked and an email went out to local party chairs and secretaries on 3 July telling us the national party, w… you’re planning a trip in the sun 🌤️ today to re-discover some your favorite places, please remember to keep Wal…
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Worth reading from @J_Bloodworth - the failures of the Major government shamed us in the 90s and labour people were… @daranhill @ShiptonMartin Don’t disagree, but if there were a Spotify for newspapers, where you paid for articles I… this from @MarkDrakeford - what a contrast to those in charge in London. personal interviews in the last few days with leading @WelshLabour politicians . So sad, although sadly not sur…
@philwoodford And in answer to your original question I think things like RTAs are also down because people have be… @philwoodford Indeed - but doesn’t mean their conclusion is right. Clearly some people’s lives were shortened by a… @philwoodford The other issue that statisticians need to model is -to state the obvious- each individual can only d… @philwoodford It’s definitely something I’m hearing from care homes - far fewer normal coughs and colds
What about all of us deciding to give every £10 we save under the Sunak August meal deal to our local food bank?
Retweeted by Mary Wimbury @IanCLucas @AlunDaviesMS Indeed. The cynic in me wonders whether part of the reason for him saying it was that the… @MaryWimbury @DelynLabour @LabourTogether @RTHondavehanson @pauljontheleft @norma_davies Thanks so much Mary, it wa…
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@MaryWimbury @DelynLabour @LabourTogether @RTHondavehanson @pauljontheleft @rjones_sylvia Thank you @MaryWimbury. G…
Retweeted by Mary Wimbury @norma_davies @DelynLabour @LabourTogether @RTHondavehanson @pauljontheleft @rjones_sylvia Right back at you!Great to have you speaking to us!
Retweeted by Mary WimburyGreat to speak to @DelynLabour tonight about the @LabourTogether report. Lots of enthusiasm and great discussion wi…
🧀 Is this the moment to confess I prefer Lancashire to Caerphilly? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 My favourite welsh cheese is Y Fenni 🇫🇷…
@Rawlinator I know - what was I doing 😱🤣Yep, like half my timeline, I watched Hamilton over the weekend. And currently considering how long to leave it bef…
@WelshGuv Ha - sadly it was in an unrecorded microsoft teams meeting - I was very pleased that at least one person… was wondering whether to do this this weekend or shop online ... feeling slightly amused that I managed to get #regularreliablerhythm into a meeting with Welsh Government yes…
One of the few reads I've managed in lockdown - and it's very good - as you'd expect if you'd read the previous one… to see @UKLabour and @WelshLabour working together on this with @Ed_Miliband and @KenSkatesMS a commissioner from @LabourTogether Election Review to come and speak at you CLP? Apply here