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Mary Wimbury @MaryWimbury North Wales / Gogledd Cymru

Was @welshlabour and @coopparty candidate for #Wrexham #GE19 | Mum of 3 | Trio siarad Cymraeg

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@martinangus @TomBlenkinsop @UKLabour @PeoplesMomentum And that was after giving the Tories a general election on a… she vote against the Labour NEC imposing candidates on local constituencies in England for the General Election…
I’m standing for Labour’s NEC in the CLP by-election & need your help! 3 things you can do: ✅find out when your CLP…
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Andy Burnham’s office is off to Llangollen.
Retweeted by Mary WimburyThis would involve me moving a Welsh Government office to Manchester... I can see some problems... spotted this account. Can't help but feel they've missed a trick by not calling it Cymru for Keir…
Help spread the word about the next Town of Sanctuary Training on Wednesday 12th February 2.30-5.30pm in #Wrexham.…
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Really pleased to have been asked to join @LabourTogether ‘s Election Commission to look at what we can learn. Lab…
So @UKLabour @WelshLabour will members in north Wales get invited to the Liverpool hustings which is “near” or the… doesn’t need ‘unity’ – it needs a leader who can return us to power. This is brilliant from ⁦@annaturley⁩.…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyLabour’s task is not to make itself feel better – it’s to win power | Tony Blair
Retweeted by Mary WimburyDecided to make the most of the weather and walk across the Poncysyllte Aquaduct but the towpath is closed until 31… @Jimhoey548 @ManUtd @Wrexham_AFC Haha! @IanCLucas @ManUtd @Wrexham_AFC Next time maybe a clean sheet as well!
4-0 to @ManUtd The last match I went to involved three goals for @Wrexham_AFC Who shall I watch next? One-Nil! go along today! meeting with @WRX_Labour last night - great welcome from nice people who are clearly devastated that Wrexham ha…
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Member of a Trade Union, or affiliated Socialist Society like @JewishLabour or @thefabians? Register to vote in the…
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@ALinkToThePasty welcome!The timetable's now out there - and two weeks to join the Labour Party if you want to vote in the leadership electi…
@MrsBurgin @Keir_Starmer I saw him do this with members in Cardiff during the Euros as well - very impressive.This nails it on climate change and Brexit - now we need to work out how to do it sooner. in Government 👇 @Dawn_Bowden Aww - that’s lovely - thank you 😘 @Shallam1 She would. Have been thinking about who she’d support for leader as well!Would have been my mum’s 90th birthday today was the first time in a long time that I have actively wanted to watch the Sunday political programmes - and d…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyI worked with both @Keir_Starmer & @jessphillips in different ways to tackle gender based violence It is the bigge…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyWorth reading. Simplistic categorisation of leadership candidates to be avoided please!
Retweeted by Mary WimburyI’m standing to be the next Labour Leader. Politics needs honest voices. Only when we are honest again, with oursel…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyAnd think about your part in tackling climate change with great initiatives like this clothes swap 👇 think about who needs support in your communities now 👇 you want to be part of rebuilding Labour after our devastating loss in December why not join and take part in th… is important too 👇 @jruddy99 Margaret Beckett and John Prescott stood for both in 1994 but Tony Blair didn’t and in the next simultane… used to stand for both Labour leader & deputy. There are merits to that. But pleased we have a good and tale…
Great to hear from members across North Wales at our meeting with @LabourFirst this evening. Plenty of thoughts abo…
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Today we're launching the #ReclaimingLabour campaign - we need everyone who wants to see a better future for the co…
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@chriswdrew Doh!North Wales meeting tomorrow - Friday 3rd November 👇
Amazing light on the Little Orme yesterday
And this 👇 👇 thread resonates 👇 @NewsatTwm @cathayschris @AlunDaviesMS @MikeHedgesAM @dgarethrichards @FromSteveHowell They knew the choice was JC…
@AlunDaviesMS @MikeHedgesAM @dgarethrichards @FromSteveHowell @cathayschris Every single day during the campaign in… we don't wake up to this insidious prejudice soon we shall reap a bitter harvest.
Retweeted by Mary WimburyThere’s a lesson in Boris Johnson’s jolliness. Liberal miserabilism is a turn-off | Anne McElvoy
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Thank you - arrived today 👏 Let’s banish antisemitism from the Labour Party 💪🌹
@WayneDavid_MP @patmcfaddenmp Saw it two days ago and thought the same! @AllanGPaterson Same back atcha! @jruddy99 And to you 🎄Nadolig Llawen pawb / Happy Christmas all 🎄 #LlysEuryn
@MrsBurgin Good thread. I think it’s also about economic security. Those who are at, or near, the end of their work…
This has had quite an impact. To confirm three possible Deputy Candidates have said they’ll come but no prospective…
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@tfwrail I’ve tried all carriages- currently in next to back one and asked in the buffet car who confirmed it wasn’… @tfwrail ‘Fast’ service from #NorthWales that arrives into Cardiff at 9.58First train to Cardiff in over a month and the wifi is broken - and apparently has been for a fortnight - not good enough @tfwrail
@LukeOHolland @CPJElmore @UKLabour @WalesOnline The worry is you end up in a deputy leader 2015 scenario but no rea… @LukeOHolland @CPJElmore @UKLabour @WalesOnline Forgive me if I'm slightly sceptical at reassurances that the nomin… is fantastic news which will really help all the kids who are hungry at school
Retweeted by Mary Wimbury @LukeOHolland @CPJElmore @UKLabour @WalesOnline Good piece - but this time contenders will need clp or union nomina… but on my leaflet it says £1.2 billion... Are we really surprised?
Retweeted by Mary Wimbury#Labour Sorry if this is already widely known, but William Hague’s Tory polices polled higher than Labour’s before…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyThe voters Labour lost in the north don’t care about the postcode or gender of the next Labour leader. They want to…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyAn issue in the post-election diagnosis is really nagging at me Please take this thread *seriously* - it is an att…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyWho knew?
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Agree with this. Not sure how many other non-MPs were candidates in both 2019 and 2015 but the UK infrastructure su… @SpaJw @JohnRentoul Welsh assembly boundaries currently co-terminus with WestminsterMade me 😢. This should be why the Labour Party exists - and if you haven’t already read the book do so. in Government... apology from 5-times elected former-Durham NW MP Hilary Armstrong to her old constituency’s skilled manual wor…
Retweeted by Mary Wimbury3/3 A Labour Party that talks a lot less about Venezuela and a lot more about how to tackle crime and keep some of…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyIf you want to see the Labour Party return as an effective opposition and alternative government, genuinely able to…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyMy son has been crunching data to inform his labour leadership decision making👇
The office of @lesley4wrexham is open as normal and Lesley and her staff will be on hand to help the people of Wrexham #Wrexham #LabourParty
Retweeted by Mary Wimbury @lesley4wrexham is here for all those unsure of things in the town now. Lesley is committed to this town and it’s…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyDon’t despair: a practical guide to making a difference – from food banks to fighting fake news
Retweeted by Mary WimburyHuge thanks to everyone who has already supported our #StopSchoolHunger campaign so far. Find out how you can help…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyWrexham Night Shelter Project starting soon, we will be supporting it, can you help too?
Retweeted by Mary WimburyWe've worked double hours, our backs are wrecked, we're absolutely shattered, but pleased to say we managed to wrap…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyWe've seen an incredible wave of support today. Thank you so much to everyone donating to help us reach a future wh…
Retweeted by Mary Wimbury @HMorganThompson In 2017 lots of people voted Labour despite him, believing he couldn’t become PM; and others belie… @GloriaDePiero @CarolineFlintMP I didn't agree with either of you on this - but I think the bottom line is a lack o… @KatieCurtis @OnnMel @LordJohnMann I didn't get it either
@lynne_neagle @LukeOHolland Everyone seems to have got this apart from me - not sure what I’ve done specifically th… @TheWildeRobin Thank you so much 👏
This, this and this is what I heard every single session knocking on doors a couple of times a day, every day for o… proud of the campaign run by @MaryWimbury and @WRX_Labour Mary - you were so committed and your cheerfulness a…
Retweeted by Mary WimburyYou were an excellent candidate who worked as hard as it was possible to do. I agree with your analysis.
Retweeted by Mary Wimbury @kathrynjtwigg1 thank you - and thank you and Morris for everything you've done 👏Also massive congratulations to @AnnaMcMorrin and @ToniaAntoniazzi who have never hidden from standing up for what… to @MarkTamiMP and a huge responsibility as the only Labour MP in north Wales. Devastated for… @_MattDaniel Thank you 👏I went to Wrexham at the beginning of the campaign. This is a candid thread from an impressive candidate that is we…
Retweeted by Mary Wimbury @Kev_2507 Thank you so much for everything you did 👏